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(1965 TV Short)

Alternate Versions

Original uncut telecast version featured sponsor plugs within the context of the film. During the main title sequence we see Snoopy tossing both Charlie Brown and Linus during the opening "Christmas Time Is Here" song. Charlie crashes into a tree as the main title credits are seen (as we have all been familiar with over the years). However, all current prints do not show us what happens to Linus...in the uncut version, Linus crashes into a Coca-Cola sign (indicating the show's sponsor). Also, after the final credits (while the Peanuts gang sing "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"), there is a subtitle that says "Merry Christmas from your local Coca-Cola bottler". Due to subsequent FCC laws precluding sponsor plugs in the context of children's programs, these two elements have been edited out of all current prints (even in the so-called "uncut" versions shown over the past three years on CBS, as well as all home video releases from Paramount and Warner Bros.).
The 2015 "50th Anniversary" broadcast on ABC inserts credits for Peter Robbins (voice of Charlie Brown), Christopher Shea (voice of Linus), and Tracy Stratford (voice of Lucy) at the end. Prior to this, none of the voice actors received onscreen credit for their work.
For some reason there is one scene after the 'tasting of the snowflakes' that has been cut out of all subsequent CBS airings but is retained for the home video release. The scene shows Linus using his blanket as a whip to knock a soup can off of a fence. Lucy then turns to him and says, "You think you're so smart with that blanket! What're you gonna do with it when you grow up?". "Maybe, I'll make it into a sports coat!" Linus replies.

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