Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) Poster


Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Bullets asks Bonehead if he lives in a cave, Butch can be heard saying "You're close" but his lips don't move.


When Von Zipper falls through Sugar Kane's window, the rest of the bikers suddenly appear behind him in the next shot.
As Buster Keaton chases the beach girl along the shore, the number of rows of footprints in the sand varies from shot to shot.
When Bonehead sees Lorelei on the beach with her legs, in the front view shots her hands are behind her back and in the back view shots her hands are down at her sides.
When Eric VonZipper crashes into the club and lands head first in the aquarium of gold fish, the view from inside looking out, shows a street scene with buildings and exterior stairs, but moments before the view outside is of a parking lot and the beach.
When Frankie takes his first jump from the airplane he is wearing a red helmet. The first shot of him leaving the airplane shows a jumper with a white helmet then back to a red helmet.

Revealing mistakes 

Frankie can be clearly seen waiting for his cue behind the attic window of the "bubbie house" before he finally jumps through it and punches South Dakota Slim.
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When the gang is dancing at Sugar's, Animal stops dancing and turns toward the direction the Rats will come from several seconds before they actually do.
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In almost all close-ups with characters in water (particularly in the scenes between Bonehead and Lorelei) the water is obviously blue chlorinated pool water.

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