The Battle of Algiers (1966) Poster

Plot Keywords

french algerian
independence government
colonel military
torture bomb
fight muslim
algeria shooting
police attack
liberation battle
arrest paratrooper
resistance casbah
criminal restaurant
tapeworm prison
policeman rebel
fear violence
defeat bombing
arab 1950s
revolution epic battle
street shootout city name in title
four word title french military
morale automatic weapon
firearm dead woman carried
army vs civilians north africa
shock troops struggle for independence
man with glasses gasworks
interrogation insurrection
rooftop street market
prayer confusion
blackboard disorderly conduct
chalk air france
milk bar junkie
medal vandalism
liberty van crash
escape defenselessness
smoke flashlight
law and order protest
courage insurgent
execution prefecture
revenge reformatory
dancing jail
playing cards suicide
gun cigarette smoking
screaming trapped
dancer barber
teacher jeep
sadist whistle
drinking reference to god
airport water well
promise trial
soldier marketplace
guillotine blockade
stadium street fighter
news conference classroom
film projector fire
informer guard
cover up motorcycle
jukebox police siren
loudspeaker checkpoint
coca cola drug use
terrace parade
shot point blank uniform
debris infiltration
demonstration head in water
high heels gambling
basket ambulance
reporter barbed wire
le monde hypocrite
friendship police bat
dance hall chaos
self determination duty
underwear explosive
fighting photograph
wound mediation
stoolie raid
marching band beggar
beret running
blowtorch bricklayer
trust megaphone
baby pride
liberator reference to allah
chase vicious cycle
bloodshed hidden camera
jail cell rebellion
binoculars stabbing
mobilization communist
rain traitor
impoverishment gun smuggling
capture destruction of property
beheading brothel madam
underground fighting sunglasses
patient search warrant
wedding poster
burning papers general strike
police station dressing
children agitator
kicked in the butt gang
draft dodger drink
peace hideout
beach coward
french occupation freedom
street life school
punched in the face flash forward
reference to jean paul sartre cafe
martini brothel
commitment electric shock
haircut scaffold
telephone call truck
rifle dignity
umbrella blood
party assassin
doctor weapon
injury loyalty
messenger boxer
dying hair newspaper boy
dock death sentence
algiers algeria tears
street fight helicopter
prostitute ladder
trap donkey
horse race mountain
identification homelessness
propane tank bomb in basket
strike militant
crying search
airplane reading
alley friend
handcuffs standoff
napalm clandestine activity
unity microphone
united nations bread
diagram army
coffee terrorist
police captain bomber
dog running down person with vehicle
veiled woman united nations general assembly
united nations debate tunis tunisia
territorial guard tank
surrender suicide by hanging
suffering streetfighting
street warfare slaughter
shot in the back set up
revolver retreat
religion refugee
pseudo documentary prologue
poverty police raid
planting bomb patrol
newsreel footage murder
murder of a police officer mother son relationship
mother daughter relationship mosque
military parade military intervention
man in woman's clothes lieutenant colonel
husband wife relationship hired killer
hiding place gunshot wound
guerilla general
french history french algerian war
fascism family relationships
documentary style destruction
degradation death of boy
dead body curfew
corruption combat
carrying a dead body breaking down a door
breaking and entering bombmaker
beating battlefield
barricade avenger
assassination ambush
algerian history algerian flag
year 1957 dead woman on ground
flashback algerian war
place name in title french soldier
french army cult film
revolutionary reenactment
prisoner politics
oppression machine gun
guerrilla fight for freedom
explosion death
combatant colonialism
warfare terrorism
terror bombing guerrilla warfare
colonial war

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