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10 Apr. 1970
The Bond
Newlyweds Chris and Sally are young and attractive, with successful careers and a beautiful home. Their future is rosy. However, trying to make marriage work is not easy.
7 Jan. 1970
The Season of the Witch
A young woman quits her dull job in the typing pool, and goes off on a search for personal freedom.
21 Jan. 1970
The Hunting of Lionel Crane
An army deserter hides out on a country estate but falls foul of the gamekeeper.
28 Jan. 1970
Rest in Peace, Uncle Fred
A tragi-comic study of a Northern funeral.
4 Feb. 1970
Mad Jack
Second Lieutenant Siegfried Sassoon of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers protests the appalling and unnecessary sacrifice of men's lives in the First World War.
11 Feb. 1970
Nathan and Tabileth
A young man befriends an elderly couple, claiming to be their grandson.
18 Feb. 1970
The Italian Table
A junk dealer is caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between a woman, her husband and his mistress when they sell a piece of their furniture.
25 Feb. 1970
The Boy Who Wanted Peace
Two Glaswegian youngsters are caught up in sectarian gang warfare.
4 Mar. 1970
The Cellar and the Almond Tree
A former poet, now a Communist Party official in the German Democratic Republic, becomes entangled in the political machinery of a state about to plunge into a succession of Stalinist purges.
18 Mar. 1970
No Trams to Lime Street
Three young merchant seamen from Liverpool take shore leave in their home city after three years away.
15 Apr. 1970
Wine of India
In the year 2050, advances in medicine have resulted in a need for population control. People reaching the age of 100 must submit to a government controlled euthanasia program. The story centers around a 100-year old couple who must now make plans for their funeral.
22 Apr. 1970
Sovereign's Company
A young man from an army family with a long tradition of honour and distinction goes to a military academy as an officer cadet and finds himself temperamentally unsuited to the life.
13 May 1970
Emma's Time
Emma, who lived with an author for the last two years of his life, is involved in a television film about him.
20 May 1970
Chariot of Fire
A prison visitor becomes involved with a convicted sex offender.

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