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4 Nov. 1964
In Camera
Three people, a man convicted of cowardice, a Lesbian and a self obsessed Blonde are put in a small, stark room with a few garish modern artworks and three benches. All have died and are in Hell, but instead of devils, fire, brimstone and physical torture, they spend eternity there with each other's loathsome company.
11 Nov. 1964
Pale Horse, Pale Rider
Katherine Ann Porter's story of a young woman's dreams of death. The Pale Rider fills her dreams along with her lover.
9 Dec. 1964
The July Plot
Dramatisation of the failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in July 1944 by a conspiracy of high-ranking German Army officers.
27 Jan. 1965
In Great Britain a reversal of African apartheid comes into place, and the country is governed by black people with whites as the subservients.
24 Feb. 1965
The Confidence Course
Three swindlers advertise a self-assertiveness seminar, lure a dozen victims to a hotel and attempt to persuade them to enroll in their course. However, a man claiming to be the critic-essayist William Hazlitt (1778-1830) attacks the consumerist values outlined by the motivational speaker.
3 Mar. 1965
Campaign for One
Astronaut Osborne is stuck in a malfunctioning capsule. As he goes round and round the Earth, he starts telling jokes and secrets. When the time comes to bring him down to Earth, he can't face it as he feels like a sexual failure.
10 Mar. 1965
Horror of Darkness
Peter and Cathy are initially delighted to see their charismatic, subtly domineering friend Robin. But he outstays his welcome, and that's to say the least of it.
7 Apr. 1965
3 Clear Sundays
A dull witted young labourer from a criminal family is sent to gaol for a minor crime, leaving his pregnant girlfriend unmarried. But while there he is talked into attacking a guard, who later dies, so he's then sentenced to hang for his crime, despite a protest and newspaper campaign for leniency.
28 Apr. 1965
The Good Shoemaker and the Poor Fish Peddler
An account of the shocking Sacco-Vanzetti case of the 1920s, where two working-class Italian immigrants to the US were executed after seven years on Death Row.
2 Jun. 1965
And Did Those Feet?
Lord Fountain hates his illegitimate twin boys as he does not seem to be able to produce legitimate heirs.
13 Oct. 1965
Written for THE WEDNESDAY PLAY (1964-70), which the BBC retitled PLAY FOR TODAY in 1970, ALICE has the earliest airdate (10/13/65) of the Potter productions to survive on tape. After THE CONFIDENCE COURSE (1965), it's the second of the nine Potter plays seen on THE WEDNESDAY PLAY. In this look at Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898), aka Lewis Carroll, Potter mixed biographical drama with a psychological profile to explore the roots of Dodgson's creativity. Dodgson tells stories to ten-year-old Alice Liddell, leading to recreations of scenes adapted from ALICE'S ...
20 Oct. 1965
The Girl Who Loved Robots
Night club girl Victory Ducann is found murdered, the main suspect is an astronaut, but police are prevented from approaching him as he is due to fly off to the Moon.
3 Nov. 1965
Up the Junction
Fragments of the life of three working-class women, and the people around them, in South London in the 1960s. Scenes in homes, streets, pubs, prison and their workplace cover family, friendship, romance, sex, and abortion.
10 Nov. 1965
The Trial and Torture of Sir John Rampayne
An elderly right-wing politician is kidnapped, seemingly as part of a student prank. But his captors have a more alarming agenda.
17 Nov. 1965
The End of Arthur's Marriage
A simple minded man on the outs with his wife and her family must take a large amount of his father-in-law's hard earned money to buy a house, in the belief that home ownership will make him responsible and respectable. Instead he throws it away on a mad spending spree with his daughter.
8 Dec. 1965
Stand Up, Nigel Barton
Semi-autobiographical TV play by Dennis Potter, from the BBC's 'Wednesday Play' series. It deals with the experiences of Nigel Barton, a young man from a poor mining community who wins a scholarship to Oxford University. The villagers accuse him of snobbery, while the rich University students treat him like a peasant. Uncertain of which sphere he should be moving in, Nigel tries to reconcile himself with his proud but stubborn father, and also succeed at University, despite its pretentions which apall him.
15 Dec. 1965
Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton
Candidate Nigel Barton goes from idealism to cynicism as he becomes disillusioned and suspicious of hollow campaign promises.
18 May 1966
Ape and Essence
Eighty years after a nuclear war ravaged the British Isles, a team of scientists from New Zealand come to conduct a survey.
1 Jun. 1966
The Executioner
Follows the assassination of Leon Trotsky.
15 Jun. 1966
A Soiree at Blossom's Hotel
A police raid on Edna Bossom's discreet hotel would be most ill-advised, in the opinion of Superintendent Willow; but one of his younger officers is determined to go ahead with one.
2 Nov. 1966
Where the Buffalo Roam
BBC TV play from the 'Wednesday Play' series. Hywel Bennett plays a mentally disturbed Welsh teenager obsessed with Wild West films. His volatile temperament loses him the few people who might have been sympathetic, and helped him. Instead, he spirals down to inevitable destruction.
28 Mar. 1969
Cathy Come Home
From the BBC's influential 'Wednesday Play' series. This tells the bleak tale of Cathy, who loses her home, husband and eventually her child through the inflexibility of the British welfare system. A grim picture is painted of mid-sixties London, and though realistic the viewer cannot but realise that a political point is being made. One of the consequences of this film was the enormous public support for the housing charity 'Shelter', whose public launch came shortly after the programme was first shown.
1 Mar. 1967
In Two Minds
In a series of small vignettes, we follow the course of a manic-depressive girl through high and low instances, slowly following her disintegration as she deals with her doctors and family, especially her hot headed, unimaginative father. Eventually she is brought back to a mental asylum where she'd been committed before.
3 May 1967
Message for Posterity
BBC TV play, from the 'Wednesday Play' series. An elderly painter, once radical and confrontational, is given a final commission - to paint the portrait of the elderly establishment figure who represented a totally opposing set of values when they were both young. Both men are now old and of little consequence to the modern generation, but the painter sees his opportunity to make an artistic statement by means of the portrait.
11 Oct. 1967
Sleeping Dogs
A black barman upsets a colonial Governor who has just retired and returned to England. He locks the barman in the cellar and treats him like an animal.
1 Nov. 1967
Pitchi Poi
A French peasant struggles to reunite a young Jewish girl, whom he took in during the Second World War, with her mother when the war is over.
3 Apr. 1968
Light Blue
An African-American trumpet player spends a few hours in an English provincial town, with a girl who happens to be white. As a result, each learns to care for the other, not as a "cipher of a divided society" but as a vulnerable human being.
10 Apr. 1968
Let's Murder Vivaldi
Two couples, one fights all the time and the others let tensions in their relationship build until one stabs the other, the ones that fight end up saying oh well let's murder Vivaldi they pick up their violins and play together.
4 Sep. 1968
The Gorge
From of the BBC's 'Wednesday Play' series. A comedy in which a teenage boy reluctantly accompanies his ghastly family on a coarse bank-holiday day out to local beauty spot and tourist trap, the Cheddar Gorge.
16 Oct. 1968
Hello, Good Evening and Welcome
A talk-show host is required to examine his conscience and also the ethics of "good television".
20 Nov. 1968
A Beast with Two Backs
Part of the BBC's celebrated 'Wednesday Play' series of the 1960s, this early work by Dennis Potter is set in an isolated New Forest community in 19th Century Britain. A young local girl is murdered by a mentally disturbed youth, but the villagers blame a stranger, an Italian traveling showman and his bear, rather than see the rot in their own camp.
19 Feb. 1969
The Big Flame
Dock workers under the threat of redundancy, work day and night in an attempt to keep employed by running the workforce themselves.
16 Apr. 1969
Son of Man
Dennis Potter's controversial reading of the life of Christ, with Jesus portrayed as a hearty, fiery, well-meaning carpenter who believes that people should try to love their enemies rather than fight all the time, but who is racked by self doubt as to whether or not he is the popularly anticipated Messiah.
1 Oct. 1969
The Last Train through Harecastle Tunnel
A shy clerk suffers from his colleagues petty office politics and contemptuous treatment of him, but this weekend, as a deeply involved train spotter, the closing of an old tunnel is his big adventure. On the way up, he encounters a well off couple with a daughter that hates them, and an Army Sergeant whose men hate him. The hotel he stays at is run by a fellow railway enthusiast, with a gay son that hates him, and he meets a famous signal designer with a daughter that hates him.
22 Oct. 1969
Close the Coalhouse Door
History of the mining industry in the N.E. of England told by means of family drama, comedy sketches, and song !
12 Nov. 1969
26 Nov. 1969
Double Bill: The Compartment/Playmates
In the first part, an insane man boards a quiet railway coach and starts to annoy a patient man trying to read a paper with incessant small talk in an increasingly menacing manner until he finally pulls out a gun and screaming class hatred bile, humiliates the man until his stop is reached. In part two he breaks into a lonely house and proceeds to terrorise a spinster woman who lives there.
7 Jan. 1970
The Season of the Witch
A young woman quits her dull job in the typing pool, and goes off on a search for personal freedom.
4 Feb. 1970
Mad Jack
Play dealing with the life of British Army lieutenant Siegfried Sassoon, and his protests against the inhumanity of the First World War.
15 Apr. 1970
Wine of India
In the year 2050, advances in medicine have resulted in a need for population control. People reaching the age of 100 must submit to a government controlled euthanasia program. The story centers around a 100-year old couple who must now make plans for their funeral.
20 May 1970
Chariot of Fire
A prison visitor becomes involved with a convicted sex offender.

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