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1 Jan. 1966
Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet
A British husband and wife scientists disappear while on holiday on the English coast. The suspicion is they have been kidnapped and sent to Haiti, and Drake is sent to investigate.
8 Jan. 1966
A Very Dangerous Game
Drake is sent to Singapore is to infiltrate the local Chinese spy ring. He impersonates a man who was going to defect to the East and his task is to find out as much about the foreign agency as possible, including the local spies.
15 Jan. 1966
The Mercenaries
An M9 agent infiltrating a group of mercenaries is killed, supposedly in an ambush. Drake is sent to Africa to join Colonel Coote's mercenaries and to find out what happened. He finds a plot to overthrow the government. a government.
29 Jan. 1966
Judgement Day
Returning home, Drake finds himself diverted to Bir Azhad to pick up a doctor. However, he is very nervous as somebody tried to kill him with a book bomb. Drake realises that there is something in the doctor's past he wants to keep hidden.
22 Jan. 1966
The Outcast
A WREN is murdered and Drake is sent to investigate. Her body is found with some top secret signals and he is to find out how and why she has the secrets. The only clue; a radio operator who disappeared just after she was killed.
5 Feb. 1966
To Our Best Friend
Drake is sent to Bagdad as there appears to be a leak coming from one of his best friends. He sets a trap for his friend, which is sprung. When his friend vehemently denies his involvement, Drake must go looking for somebody else.
19 Feb. 1966
The Man on the Beach
Drake claims to be under orders to seek out a double-agent but the person who is meant to have given him the orders can't be found. Drake himself ends up under suspicion of having changed allegiances.
12 Feb. 1966
Say It with Flowers
An agent that is sometimes used by M9 has disappeared and Drake is sent to Switzerland to find out what has happened. He finds that he is supposed to have died 3 months, ago but someone has withdrawn money out of his account recently.
26 Feb. 1966
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
An M9 agent has been captured in Sofia and is being tortured to make him identify local agents, which threatens M9's operations in the area. Drake frees him but, still being affected by the torture, he mistakenly kills another agent.
5 Mar. 1966
Someone Is Liable to Get Hurt
An M9 agent is murdered in the Caribbean while investigating illegal arms deals. The deals are supposed to be the precursor to an armed overthrow of the government. Drake is sent to take his place and investigate the dealings.
12 Mar. 1966
Dangerous Secret
Two children end up in hospital after they stumble into a government germ warfare research unit. This troubles the chief scientist's conscience and he flees to France. Drake is sent to bring him back to England.
19 Mar. 1966
I Can Only Offer You Sherry
In a Muslim country, Drake must investigate a British girl who's been giving sensitive information to a mysterious local man who's seduced her, but now holds her in check by lies and intimidation.
26 Mar. 1966
The Hunting Party
Investigating leaks seemingly from the House of Lords, Drake becomes manservant to the wealthy Jordans; Claudia and Basil - a very disparate couple, at their chateau in the Loire Valley of France.
2 Apr. 1966
Two Birds with One Bullet
John Drake steps into a murder trap set for him by a beautiful double agent in the Caribbean and is accused of the killing she commits.
9 Apr. 1966
I Am Afraid You Have the Wrong Number
When an agent's death is faked in Geneva, Drake must find and retrieve him while avoiding the authorities finding proof that he or the missing agent are spies.
16 Apr. 1966
The Man with the Foot
After his cover is blown in an operation, Drake heads for "sunny Spain" to hide out for a while. With an apparent enemy arriving and Drake's friend telling the hotelier he intends to shoot Drake, it becomes a puzzle as to who can be trusted and who is really up to what. One of the lighter-hearted episodes yet still intriguing.
23 Apr. 1966
The Paper Chase
A British diplomat in Rome leaves some secret papers in a briefcase in his car. While he is having a drink, a man steals the briefcase. The diplomat calls in Drake, who goes on a chase and finds that the briefcase has been on-sold.
30 Apr. 1966
Not So Jolly Roger
The Jolly Roger is pirate radio station on an old sea fort. A DJ is killed just as he sends a message saying that the station is sending coded messages to foreign submarines. Drake goes undercover as a DJ to find out what is happening.

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