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3 Jan. 1966
Strangers at the Door
Paul meets a resentful young man and is successful in giving him a new outlook on life.
10 Jan. 1966
Carnival Ends at Midnight
At the request of a victim's daughter, Bryan goes to Rio De Janiero to return her father's murderer.
24 Jan. 1966
The Rediscovery of Charlotte Hyde
In Monte Carlo, Paul comes to the aid of an old friend, Ramon de Vega. Charlotte Hyde accuses Ramon of steeling her valuable bracelet, during a romantic encounter.,. Ramon is facing a jail sentence. Paul, as his attorney, finds that Charlotte didn't disclose her real identity and that she has a hidden agenda,
31 Jan. 1966
The Night of the Terror
Paul spends a terror-filled night in a farmhouse with a man who claims the place haunted.
7 Feb. 1966
Keep My Share of the World
While he is making a near fatal test drive of a super car, Paul's girlfriend meets a former lover.
14 Feb. 1966
In Search of April
One night during Mardi Gras is all it takes to obsess Paul with April, a carefree young woman. She vanishes from the French Quarter the next morning, after being spied on by a tiny heckler in a rabbit suit. Paul finds he's not the only man stalking the vanishing enchantress, but each knows her by a different name and met her in a different exotic locale. The dying ex-lawyer has no obligations whatsoever, so he starts on her slowly cooling trail.
21 Feb. 1966
Hoodlums on Wheels
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7 Mar. 1966
Who's Watching the Fleshpot?
Auto thieves and beautiful women on the French Riviera involve Paul in their scheme.
14 Mar. 1966
Sequestro!: Part 1
In Sicily, Paul is kidnapped by brothers who are trying to raise money for a girl's dowry.
21 Mar. 1966
Sequestro!: Part 2
While waiting for Paul's money for dowry the future bride meets another man.
28 Mar. 1966
Don't Count on Tomorrow
Enroute to an Iron Country, Paul is pulled from a train and accused of espionage.
4 Apr. 1966
The Cruel Fountain
Paul attempts to help two crippled women.
11 Apr. 1966
Night Train from Chicago
The syndicate complicates Paul's search for a woman in a nun's dress who vanished.
25 Apr. 1966
The Last Safari
When Paul goes on a trip to Africa, a doctor asks Paul to consult with a terminally ill young woman but finds that the woman is unaware of her circumstance and living with a father with the decision to tell her of her illness.
2 May 1966
The Savage Machines
Bryan risks his life in an auto race though he knows the vehicles are being sabotaged.
16 May 1966
The Sadness of a Happy Time
Paul falls in love with a novelist, but leaves her to protect his agent Mike Allen.
12 Sep. 1966
The Day Time Stopped
Paul tries to retrace his steps to learn what happened during his six-month blackout.
19 Sep. 1966
I Am the Late Diana Hays
Paul meets a woman whose sculptor husband is serving time in prison for her murder.
26 Sep. 1966
The Borders of Barbarism
The daughter of a World War I spy asks Paul's help to get into Yugoslavia to find jewels that her father buried.
3 Oct. 1966
The Committee for the 25th
An ex-politician learns his daughter is a prisoner of an underworld czar and threatens to try to abolish gambling.
10 Oct. 1966
The Dark Beyond the Door
Paul learns his friend's wife committed suicide because of her husband's infidelity.
17 Oct. 1966
The Sex Object
While waiting to meet up with his friend, professional "gigolo" Ramon de Vega, at a resort in Mexico to go on a planned fishing outing, Paul encounters and befriends two young women who have a unique approach to landing a rich husband. When Ramon arrives. he and one of the women mistake each other for wealthy prospects for their respective "games". Paul sits back and lets the game play out to a surprising conclusion.
24 Oct. 1966
Edge of the Volcano
Paul Bryan finds himself in the middle of a revolution, aiding a woman.
31 Oct. 1966
The Grotenberg Mask
On an Alpine ski trip, Paul asks a friend's daughter to return to America with him, but murder detains them.
14 Nov. 1966
The Treasure Seekers
Paul Bryan wins a lottery, and gets some unwanted publicity.
21 Nov. 1966
The Man Who Had No Enemies
Paul Bryan and Neil Trotter are en route to Trinidad to pick up a crew for a sailboat race in Rio when the autopilot they are testing breaks down and forces them to land in Bonaire. When Trotter is murdered Paul becomes the prime suspect and is forbidden to leave the island by Inspector Kronig. After Kronig discovers an American from Trotter's hometown living in Bonaire, he enlists Paul's help to find out what she knows. Soon after, at his hotel, Paul meets another woman from the same town.
28 Nov. 1966
A Game of Violence
Bryan attends the championship bout of his old friend, and is surprised to see him pass out unexpectedly. Of course, a mysterious large wager with unsavory characters raise questions about his friend's honesty; but that argument is best resolved in the ring. With his friend's ring career cut short, can Bryan find a way to help the now down on his luck boxer and his family? Everyone leaves wearing a band-aid over their bruised eyebrow.
5 Dec. 1966
Hang Down Your Head and Laugh
Whilst traveling greyhound, Paul crosses paths with Tina, an abrasive yet enigmatic fifteen-year-old. However, their journey is shortly interrupted by a breakdown, forcing the two to continue via a rental car. However, her problematical attitude soon clashes with our mild manner Samaritan. Infuriating him to the point of abandoning her at the roadside of sparsely traveled desert highway. But being good of heart, he shortly returns to a less hubris Tina. Paul later learns that she is a runaway, awarded custody to the grandparents of her widower father. A small book ...
12 Dec. 1966
Tears from a Glass Eye
A beautiful woman's ex-husband offers Paul a $100,000 to marry her.
19 Dec. 1966
Time and a Half on Christmas Eve
In this Christmas themed episode, Paul Bryan gets stranded when his plane takes an emergency landing and the other passengers grab all the rental cars to get home for the holiday. He ends up spending Christmas eve with a garrulous cab drive and determines to play Santa for his new found friend.
26 Dec. 1966
The Shock of Recognition
A former idol seeks respect by entering the bull-ring in Spain.

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