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Season 3

13 Sep. 1967
Who's Che Guevara?
A soldier of fortune commandeers Paul's plane to rescue an anti-Castro prisoner held in Cuba.
20 Sep. 1967
The Inhuman Predicament
Paul Bryan tags along on a cruise, with his gigolo pal Ramon and two beautiful women targeted by Ramon. Target number 1 on her royal yacht, is Princess Ingrid, immediately smitten with the irresistible dying attorney. The secondary mark, Rachel Pike, is repulsed by Paul's macho smugness. Paul discourages the vulnerable princess, who the sensitive Ramon agrees to let down easy, per his usual MO, pretending to be a wealthy Andorran sheep baron, who will suddenly have a cash crunch.
27 Sep. 1967
Three Passengers for the Lusitania
A strange friendship forms between Paul and two men who seem to also have a short time to live.
25 Oct. 1967
At the End of the Rainbow There's Another Rainbow
Alex Ryder (Bruce Dern) is in a car accident, survives but fakes his death. His wife, thinking he's dead, collects the insurance money. Paul arrives to console her.
6 Dec. 1967
The Mustafa Embrace
A woman wants her necklace back from her ex-husband, and enlists Paul's aid.
20 Dec. 1967
It Could Only Happen in Rome
Paul meets a beautiful but mysterious and elusive woman in Rome.
22 Dec. 1967
Fly by Night
Paul Bryan helps out a man unjustly accused of a grisly murder.
17 Jan. 1968
The Rape of Lucrece
Paul is accused of attempted rape by an eccentric, troubled author. A Rashomon-like trial ensues.
1 Feb. 1968
The Killing Scene
Bryan attempts to find a man and persuade the man to report his knowledge of a murder to save a death row inmate that Bryan helped convict but now believes is innocent.
2 Mar. 1968
Beware My Love
A mysterious scuba diver drags a beautiful woman underwater to her death, and Paul Bryan is asked by her twin sister to investigate, because the Milan polizia rule the death accidental, though the victim was a strong swimmer. Bryan poses as an insurance investigator, because the woman's policy has a double indemnity clause, and she was in the midst of a divorce, planning to wed an industrial titan. Her estranged husband, philandering playboy Chips Harley, claims they were going to reconcile, so it wasn't him, but he happened to also be in Milan that day.
9 Mar. 1968
An expectant young Mother seeks surgery after she learns her husband won't honor their Mexican marriage.

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