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Season 2

2 Apr. 1966
Crime Passionel
Mann investigates how and why a soldier murdered his sergeant in the middle of a crowded mess tent, and gets conflicting accounts from the witnesses.
9 Apr. 1966
The Pride of the Regiment
Mann is sent to sort out a pub brawl which got out of hand. Not only is his list of suspects huge, but this problem is compounded when he discovers that they are all due to ship out to the Middle East in the next few days.
16 Apr. 1966
The Killer
A member of an elite commando unit is accused of killing his own fellow soldiers while on dangerous missions.
23 Apr. 1966
Buckingham Palace
A barracks room card game called "Buckingham Palace" has only matches for stakes, but soon turns to Murder,blackmail and espionage when a shady local club proprietor is involved.
30 Apr. 1966
Rough Justice
Mann is sent to Cologne to investigate a potential case of fraud in a Sergeant's Mess, where the monthly allocation of alcohol is regularly exceeded. But as well as fraud there is also blackmail.
7 May 1966
The Moneylenders
Investigating a series of mysterious beatings-up at a regimental dinner, Sgt Mann is amazed to discover that when each of the victims is questioned their response is that they all tripped over.
14 May 1966
Strictly by the Book
Military Policemen are dislike. It's a fact that Mann and his colleagues live with. But why should several people be so eager to show their dislike in such in such a violent fashion? Mann investigates - and reaches a surprising conclusion.
21 May 1966
Paterson's Private Army
Sgt.Mann visits a tough Scottish regiment in jungle training and tries to stop a massacre.
28 May 1966
Stag Party
Investigting a grenade attack on British forces in Cypress, Mann finds that a hard-nosed sergeant's wife has been cheating on him with other soldiers, among them supposedly the fiancé of a local girl.
4 Jun. 1966
An Ambush Among Friends
Why should the Chinese be so helpful when Sgt Mann is investigating an ambush in Singapore? What have they to hide? Suspicious, the SIB officer digs deeper - and uncovers a startling bunch of facts.
11 Jun. 1966
The Alibi
Mann is brought into conflict with the local CID when a corporal is picked out of an identity parade and arrested for a theft that occurred in a radio shop the previous evening.
18 Jun. 1966
The Proper Charlie
When an inept private soldier is viciously beaten unconscious in a street fight, suspicion falls on Sergeant Cole - a domineering NCO who has 'personal issues' with the unfortunate private.
25 Jun. 1966
Information Received
In the final episode, hundreds of cans of petrol are being stolen at the German base. A mysterious note arrives accusing an old friend of Mann's, who is presently a security officer overlooking supplies.

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