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Season 1

9 Oct. 1965
Trick or Treatment/Loot Pursuit/Zelda the Zombie
Goo Fee hopes to trap Fearless Fly in a super-adhesive flypaper. Flukey Luke attempts to stop Spider Webb from stealing the Hopeless Diamond. Milton, Heebie and Jeebie court Zelda the Zombie.
12 Mar. 1965
Horse Shoo Fly/Gogh Van Gogh/Boy Meets Ghoul
Goo Fee engages Fearless Fly in a deadly game of horseshoes. Muggy-Do, Boy Fox, steals an organ grinder's monkey to create modern art. Professor Weirdo tries to marry Milton off to a wealthy spinster.
Fatty Karate/You Auto Be in Pictures/Monsters for Hire
Fearless Fly battles the flyweight judo champion, Fatty Karate. Muggy-Do is a publicity agent who gets a job at Paranoid Pictures. Professor Weirdo hires out his monsters in order to pay his rent.
Captain Fligh/Muggy Doo or Die/Who Do Voodoo?
Fearless Fly battles Captain Fligh. Muggy-Do is a vacuum cleaner salesman who ends up as a counter-espionage agent. Professor Fruitcake makes a voodoo doll of Professor Weirdo.
The Goofy Doctor Goo Fee/From Riches to Rags/The Pot Thickens
Gung Ho captures Horsey, mistaking him for Fearless Fly. Muggy-Do, working as a bellboy, makes a dishonest buck off a movie-star guest. Professor Weirdo tries to prevent his Aunt Hagatha from seeing Milton.
Sly Fly/From Wrecks to Riches/Medium Undone
Goo Fee forces Gung Ho to try and blow up himself and Fearless Fly. Stuffy Durma, the Millionaire Hobo, gets a visit from an old friend. Professor Weirdo conducts a séance.
Throne for a Loss/Missin' Masters/Monster Mutiny
Goo Fee tries to bribe Hiram into betraying Fearless Fly. Flukey Luke chases down the masterpiece-stealing Spider Webb. Count Kook leads a revolt against Professor Weirdo.
27 Nov. 1965
The Bomb's Rush/There Auto Be a Law/Ghoul School
Goo Fee pretends to be dying in order to lure Fearless Fly into his trap. Penny Penguin causes trouble between her father and a mechanic. Aunt Hagatha visits to teach the monsters some manners.
Fly Hijack/Tired Gun/Hector the Protector
Goo Fee steals Fearless Fly's matchbox, falsely believing the super-insect to be inside. Spider Webb hires a Mexican bandit to stop Flukey Luke. Prof. Weirdo sells Milton to a gangster running a protection racket.
Si Si Fly/Palace Malice/Horrorbaloo
Goo Fee hires a ruthless Mexican hombre to destroy Fearless Fly. Flukey Luke thwarts a plot to steal money from a royal prince. Two monster clubs fight over the Marlon Brando-like Fangenstein.
The House-Fly Guest/Fortune Kooky/Goon Platoon
Goo Fee promises his servant the throne if he captures Fearless Fly. A Chinese astrologer honors Muggy-Do. Milton, Heebie and Jeebie are inducted into the army.
Invincible vs. Invisible/Suit Yourself/The Dummy Talks
Doctor Goo Fee sprays his servant with an invisibility formula and sends him to steal works of art. Stuffy Durma joins a boys' baseball game. The family's shrunken head wants revenge on Prof. Weirdo.
Fly by Might/Hobo Hootenanny/A Pie in the Sky
Fearless Fly must stop Prof. Weirdo from turning small animals into monsters. Stuffy Durma tries to sneak Ash Can Annie into the mansion. Prof. Weirdo and Prof. Fruitcake engage in a deadly game of tit-for-tat.
The Sphinx Jinx/Penny Ante/Monstrous Escape
Goo Fee tricks Fearless Fly into building a sphinx in the evil wizard's honor. Penny Penguin squalls for a bigger allowance. Prof. Weirdo tries to sell Heebie and Jeebie to Prof. Fruitcake.
The Spider Spiter/Sickened Honeymoon/Abercrombie the Zombie
Fearless Fly battles Professor Weirdo's giant spider. Penny Penguin ruins her parents' second honeymoon. Prof. Weirdo sells Milton to Professor Fruitcake.
Fearless Fly Meets the Monsters/Crumb-Bumming/V for Vampire
Prof. Weirdo's new monster, George, proves too nice to battle Fearless Fly. Muggy-Do harasses Osh at his new bakery. Prof. Weirdo sets a trap for a vampire.
Monster vs. Mobster/Martians Meet Their Match/Witch Crafty
Two mobsters kidnap Milton. Fearless Fly battles the Martians. Witches holding their annual convention catch Heebie and Jeebie spying on them.
Camp Gitchy Gloomy/Lets Phase It/The Hearse Thief
Prof. Weirdo sends his monsters to a day camp. Fearless Fly battles an out-of-control computer system at an automobile plant. Prof. Weirdo accuses Milton of stealing his hearse.
Boo to You/Under Waterloo/Kid Stuff
Heebie and Jeebie pretend to be the ghosts of their ancestors. Fearless Fly battles Barry Cuda and his giant clams. Prof. Weirdo takes in an underprivileged child.
Horror Scope/Lady Deflylah/The Flying Cup and Saucer
Prof. Weirdo has Milton bury him alive in order to subvert a curse. A seductress learns the secret of Fearless Fly's power. Moon-men arrive and eat Prof. Weirdo's furniture.
Monster-Sitter/Robinson Shoesole/The Moon Goons
Mike, the mechanical man, monster-sits Milton. Goo Fee and Gung Ho get marooned on a tropical island. Milton attempts to use his retro-rocket head to propel himself to the moon.
Think Shrink/Private Fly/Skullgaria Forever!
Fangenstein kidnaps the shrunken head, who knows the location of buried treasure. Goo Fee employs a private detective with a secret-revealing computer. Two spies brainwash Milton.
Crumby Mummy/Stage Plight/Fort Fangenstein
A lightning bolt brings Prof. Weirdo's mummy to life. Goo Fee produces and directs a movie with Fearless Fly. Fangenstein and Abercrombie the zombie build a mummy corral.
Safari Harry/Nuggets to You/Batnap
Goo Fee invites Fearless Fly on an African safari. Stuffy Durma meets Grubstake Greeley, the gold prospector. Professor Fruitcake kidnaps Blackie the Bat.
Dunkin' Treasure/Ferocious Fly/Monstrous Monster
Milton's pet crocodile finds sunken treasure. Fearless Fly battles the wrestling Sultan of Fly-geria, Ferocious Fly. Prof. Weirdo's evil spirit solution turns Milton into a rampaging beast.
2 Apr. 1966
Napoleon Bonafly/Violin Violence/The Mummy's Thumb
Goo Fee instigates war between Fearless Fly and a French general. Flukey Luke guards a Stradivarius. Milton finds the Mummy's Thumb, which turns anything it touches to gold.

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