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13 Sep. 1965
The Onslaught
After being shot and left for dead, a stranger arrives in Leaumont, New Mexico Territory where it's discovered he has amnesia.
20 Sep. 1965
While headed to Dos Minos, Shenandoah's horse falls in the snow and breaks his leg. Shenandoah comes upon a widow being badly treated by two men, then he buys a horse and head to town. But his trouble is just starting when he's accused of horse stealing and cold-blooded murder.
27 Sep. 1965
The Fort
Arriving at an Army fort just after it was attacked by Apaches, the Major assumed Shenandoah was involved with Sergeant Ryder in the attack. Sergeant Ryder, who was going to be shot for his part in assisting the raid, knew Shenandoah's name.
11 Oct. 1965
The Caller
Shenandoah is arrested for murdering James Burgess when he is found bent of the body. In truth, he was riding up when he heard the gunshots and rushed in to see what was wrong. He had been coming to visit James Burgess, who may know what his name is. The only witness is Burgess' little girl, who is now mute due to trauma of seeing her father murdered.
18 Oct. 1965
The Debt
25 Oct. 1965
Obion - 1866
Shenandoah seeks out a man when he realizes the man recognizes him. He has hope after the story Brown has to tell him. Will he finally get his answers?
8 Nov. 1965
Town on Fire
On his way out of Wade City, disaster strikes as a group of outlaws try to get their revenge on Tom Wade and destroy the town. Shenandoah and Dr. Arnold Shaw are the only two willing to stay and fight against the outlaws, and Shenandoah must explain to Wade's surviving daughter why he can't stay and marry her.
15 Nov. 1965
Incident at Dry Creek
Shenandoah arrived in Dry Creek hard pressed for money and looking for a man named Bart Teller. Come to find out, Teller was a known outlaw. He took a job for the Sheriff to earn some money after gaining the sheriff's trust. Unfortunately, a rather sad incident occurred while he was waiting to go after Teller.
22 Nov. 1965
The Locket
While traveling, Shenandoah was chased by some Indians. After killing one, he found a locket on his body. The locket contained two pictures: one of Shenandoah, and one of a little girl. The locket had been seen in the hands of Frank Abbott, who was wanted by the law for murder. And a bounty hunter would fight Shenandoah all the way to find him first. It was a race against time, against the bounty hunter, and against the Indians.
6 Dec. 1965
A Special Talent for Killing
Shenandoah arrives in a town looking for Ben Daniels, and quickly learns he is not welcome in the town that is more like a ghost town. Two men seem to be trying to keep Shenandoah from finding out some unknown truth, but all Shenandoah wants is to find Daniels or get out of town.
13 Dec. 1965
The Siege
When stopping over in a town for the night, Shenandoah discovers that he had stayed there before. After reading a letter, he learns his possible name and a possible ex-wife. He goes in search of the people that may help solve the mystery of his past.

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