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Season 1

13 Sep. 1965
The Onslaught
After being shot and left for dead, a stranger arrives in Leaumont, New Mexico Territory where it's discovered he has amnesia. The doctor who treats the stranger gives him the name, Shenandoah.
20 Sep. 1965
While headed to Dos Minos, Shenandoah's horse falls in the snow and breaks his leg. Shenandoah comes upon a widow being badly treated by two men, then he buys a horse and heads to town. But his trouble is just starting when he's accused of horse stealing and cold-blooded murder.
27 Sep. 1965
The Fort
Arriving at an Army fort just after it was attacked by Apaches, the Major assumed Shenandoah was involved with Sergeant Ryder in the attack. Sergeant Ryder, who was going to be shot for his part in assisting the raid, knew Shenandoah's name.
11 Oct. 1965
The Caller
Shenandoah is arrested for murdering James Burgess when he is found bent over the body. In truth, he was riding up when he heard the gunshots and rushed in to see what was wrong. He had been coming to visit James Burgess, who may know what his name is. The only witness is Burgess' little girl, who is now mute due to trauma of seeing her father murdered.
18 Oct. 1965
The Debt
A boy thinks Shenandoah killed his brother in the war, and the town is split over North and South.
25 Oct. 1965
Obion - 1866
Shenandoah seeks out Fordy Brown (Claude Akins) when he realizes the man recognizes him. He has a little more hope after the story Brown has to tell him. Will he finally get his answers?
1 Nov. 1965
The Verdict
Bruce Dern plays the outlaw accused of killing the Marshall. Shendoah is asked by the townsfolk to act as interm Marshall. Ed Asner plays the lawyer who defends Dern.
8 Nov. 1965
Town on Fire
On his way out of Wade City, disaster strikes as a group of outlaws try to get their revenge on Tom Wade and destroy the town. Shenandoah and Dr. Arnold Shaw are the only two willing to stay and fight against the outlaws, and Shenandoah must explain to Wade's surviving daughter why he can't stay and marry her.
15 Nov. 1965
Incident at Dry Creek
Shenandoah arrived in Dry Creek hard pressed for money and looking for a man named Bart Teller. Come to find out, Teller was a known outlaw. He took a job for the Sheriff to earn some money after gaining the sheriff's trust. Unfortunately, a rather sad incident occurred while he was waiting to go after Teller.
22 Nov. 1965
The Locket
While traveling, Shenandoah was chased by some Indians. After killing one, he found a locket on his body. The locket contained two pictures: one of Shenandoah, and one of a little girl. The locket had been seen in the hands of Frank Abbott, who was wanted by the law for murder. And a bounty hunter (Martin Landau) would fight Shenandoah all the way to find him first. It was a race against time, against the bounty hunter, and against the Indians.
29 Nov. 1965
The Reward
After spending time and making friends in yet another Western town, Shenandoah finds out that there is a "Wanted Dead or Alive" poster with his face on it and a $500 reward. As a result, he is stalked by a bounty hunter. Conspicuously, there is no name on the poster and no clue as to Shenandoah's missing identity. Shenandoah seeks to find out if the poster is valid and who published it.
6 Dec. 1965
A Special Talent for Killing
Shenandoah arrives in a town looking for Ben Daniels, and quickly learns he is not welcome in the town that is more like a ghost town. Two men (George Kennedy and Willard Sage) seem to be trying to keep Shenandoah from finding out some unknown truth, but all Shenandoah wants is to find Daniels or get out of town.
13 Dec. 1965
The Siege
When stopping over in a town for the night, Shenandoah discovers that he had stayed there before. After reading a letter, he learns his possible name and a possible ex-wife. He goes in search of the people that may help solve the mystery of his past.
10 Dec. 1965
The Bell
Shenandoah gets roped into helping a Mexican-American priest move a very large church bell to his parish. As always, Shenandoah has to skillfully fight off the bad guys. When the bell is finally delivered, the parishioners do not appreciate their priest's Herculean effort to obtain it.
27 Dec. 1965
The Young Outlaw
A young wannabe highwayman tries to rob Shenandoah at gun point. Of course, Shenandoah skillfully disarms the juvenile delinquent. It turns out they are both looking for the same infamous outlaw, Adam Clark. The young punk wants to join his gang and Shenandoah, as usual, hopes Clark can help him find his identity. Instead, they find a broken down, sick, scared older man, who swears that he's not Clark. However, when two brutal bounty hunters show up looking for the outlaw, Shenandoah suspects the old man is lying.
3 Jan. 1966
The Accused
While working as the trail boss of a cattle drive, Shenandoah befriends the not so bright cow hand, Will Turner, who obsessively puts his wife up on a pedestal. When Will accidentally kills the jeweler who may have made the locket Shenandoah found in episode 10, he follows Will to his ranch where we find out the sad truth about his marriage.
10 Jan. 1966
Run, Killer, Run
A gunman (Leonard Nimoy) is hired to kill Shenandoah after he takes a job at a wharf. Apparently the person who hired the gunman fears Shenandoah would recognize him and tell the law what he knows. Sally Kellerman plays Shenandoah's latest love interest.
17 Jan. 1966
Rope's End
While Shenandoah is waiting at a stage stop with the judge's daughter, they are held hostage by an outlaw's brother the judge convicted. She will be killed unless the judge agrees to set the outlaw free. Shenandoah must find a way to stop the madman and keep the judge and his daughter safe.
24 Jan. 1966
The Lost Diablo
After months of searching, Shenandoah finally finds the lock box his key fits. Inside, he finds a map that leads to hidden gold. Jake Roberts (James Gregory) announces to Shenandoah that they know each other, and he can help lead Shenandoah to the gold. Of course, things aren't as easy as they seem, especially when they meet up with the ruthless Manuel Rojas (Robert Loggia).
31 Jan. 1966
A Long Way Home
Literally, just as Shenandoah comes into yet another Western town, he is shot at and slightly wounded by an escaping bank robber, who obviously recognizes Shenandoah's face. The local sheriff begrudgingly agrees to let Shenandoah lend his considerable tracking skills to find the man who just cleaned out the town bank and who may be able to finally tell Shenandoah his true name.
7 Feb. 1966
End of a Legend
Following up on a tip that he got in episode 20, Shenandoah visits the town of Santa Fe looking for the famous gunfighter, Jason Brewster. However the local sheriff and saloon girl insist that he doesn't live in Santa Fe anymore. Eventually, Shenandoah does find the gunfighter and learns more about his missing past.
14 Feb. 1966
Run and Hide
Shenandoah comes to yet another western town, this time looking for Dave McWaters, who of course may have a clue to his identity. Unfortunately, McWaters is locked in a deadly love triangle with his finance Josie and Tad Kern, whose father Harley runs the town. The triangle becomes a quadrangle as Shenandoah gets caught in the middle of the dangerous dynamics of this small town.
21 Feb. 1966
The Riley Brand
While traveling through a town, Shenandoah meets a man (Elisha Cook Jr.) who recognizes him. He was holding a saddle that he claims Shenandoah had brought in to have fixed over a year ago. The saddle has the Riley brand on it, so Shenandoah goes to the ranch to find out what it's all about. Julia Riley believes he may be her missing brother. Her ranch hands (DeForest Kelley and Warren Stevens) decide they need to stop him from making any claims.
28 Feb. 1966
Muted Fifes, Muffled Drums
Shenandoah searches through army records for clues and finds his picture. Apparently he served as a lieutenant in 2nd regiment in Fort Smith. The regiment was deactivated after an Indian Raid. Unfortunately, Shenandoah learns that he may have been the only survivor of the raid and is arrested.
7 Mar. 1966
This time Shenandoah is in search of Sam Waters, the man for whom the locket from episode 10 was made. Instead he finds his frightened daughter and a U.S. Marshall (Pat Hingle), who is also looking for Waters. Apparently, he just finished an 8 year prison stint for stealing gold from the federal government. The Marshall seems to suspect that Shenandoah is one of Waters' partners. They grudgingly agree to go in search of the missing ex-convict.
14 Mar. 1966
Shenandoah comes to town with a photo of himself and an attractive woman at a regimental ball. The woman turns out to be the local sheriff's (John Ireland) wife. For some reason he is extremely reluctant to even let Shenandoah speak with her.
21 Mar. 1966
The Death of Matthew Eldridge
As soon as Shenandoah arrives in the town of Eldridgeville, he is accused of and jailed for the four year old murder of Matthew Eldridge, for whom the town is named.
28 Mar. 1966
Aces and Kings
While looking for a man he may have met once, Shenandoah finds everyone is interested in the ring he wears. He also ends up in a high stakes poker game with Strother Martin.
4 Apr. 1966
The Imposter
Following up on a lead from yet another photograph from his time in the army, Shenandoah is told that his name is Timothy O'Rourke. Apparently, he is the long lost son of wealthy cattleman Andrew O'Rourke (veteran character actor Jay C. Flippen). The two had a major falling out, and now the dying father wants to see his son one more time. Shenandoah also meets his sister Paula (Juliet Mills). It's almost just all too good to be true.
11 Apr. 1966
An Unfamiliar Tune
When Shenandoah arrives at a Western town whistling a tune from his lost past, he is confronted by the lovely Nancy Pruitt. She insists that she knows the tune and that his name is Dan Lawson, her former boyfriend. The only problem is that she is now married to Jason Pruitt, who is twice her age and ten times as jealous of any man who even talks to her.
18 Apr. 1966
The Clown
When a clown (Frank Gorshin) performing in a tiny traveling carnival seems startled to recognize Shenandoah, the carnival pulls out quickly, with Shenandoah in pursuit.
2 May 1966
Requiem for the Second
Scully, from episode 24, finds Shenandoah to let him know he's found Neal Henderson, the man who should have been court marshaled.
9 May 1966
Care of General Delivery
Shenandoah goes to a town near El Paso looking for a biographer, Frances Xavier O'Connell, who may have clues to who he is. There he meets the local Post Mistress, Miss Matilda (Jeanette Nolan), who eventually promises to introduce Shenandoah to O'Connell (James Doohan). However, when he finally meets the biographer, something doesn't add up.
16 May 1966
Macauley's Cure
Seeking a cure for his amnesia, Shenandoah is treated by the kindly Dr. Macaulay. The good doctor uses hypnosis to reveal some strikingly, deep dark secrets from Shenandoah's lost past. Unfortunately, the town sheriff, and friend of Dr. Macaulay, has some deep dark secrets of his own that would be revealed if Shenandoah finally regains his memory.

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