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6 Jan. 1966
The Calico Kid
Parmalee sends Chad and Joe to Guarded Wells to wipe out the Ramirez gang. Once the job is done, the people of the town provide free hospitality. Not wanting to leave it, they make up a story about the Calico Kid which goes out of control.
13 Jan. 1966
Above the Law
A innocent man is convicted of murder. A man is hired to find the real killer. He plots the escape of a second man who hopes will lead him to the guilty party. Reese, however, almost messes up his whole plan by nearly catching the escapee.
20 Jan. 1966
That's Noway, Thataway
Two young stranded British actors are rescued from the law for being unable to pay their bills by Chad. When one decides to play the part of a minister as a con, he is forced to marry a couple putting them in a perilous situation.
27 Jan. 1966
Limit of the Law Larkin
New ranger Cotton Buckmeister is assigned to return documents to Uvalde County but included in the documents is one for his arrest for Breach of Promise. He was to marry the sister of the crooked Judge there.
10 Feb. 1966
Meanwhile Back at the Reservation
While rounding up a gang of horse thieves, Joe stumbles across a young boy who is working for the outlaws. Joe and Chad take him under their wing and the boy proves his worth when a laid-off gang of gunslingers decides to take over Laredo.
17 Feb. 1966
The Treasure of San Diablo
Reese and Cotton rout a couple of gringos terrorizing a small Mexican village. One of the owlhoots threatens to return with a gang of gunfighters so Reese agrees to teach the villagers how to defend themselves.
24 Feb. 1966
No Bugles, One Drum
Reese has a plan to use Joe as bait to catch Linda Little Tree but Parmalee doesn't want to try it. Being upset the Rangers ignore Parmalee's orders and botch his own plan for catching Linda Little Trees. Joe tracks them but is caught.
3 Mar. 1966
Miracle at Massacre Mission
After Reese leaves two nuns near Massacre Mission, Joe and Chad must go there to remove the nuns. They find the threat from the Comanches to be non-existent but find outlaws are an issue plus they have to do manual labor for a change.
10 Mar. 1966
It's the End of the Road, Stanley
Reese and later Joe try to go undercover to catch bandits at a remote bar. However, Reese is recognized leading to his capture and later Joe's. A battle develops between two two women over one of the bandits giving the Rangers an opening.
17 Mar. 1966
A Very Small Assignment
Reese is ordered to find an English schoolmaster who was detained en route to Laredo. An ex-con who Reese arrested several years ago spots him and determines to settle the score with the Ranger and his British charge.
24 Mar. 1966
Quarter Past Eleven
Company B's plans to celebrate Captain Parmalee's 4th anniversary in charge are interrupted by the loss of the town baker and an enemy from Parmalee's past issuing a challenge on the day in question.
31 Mar. 1966
The Deadliest Kid in the West
After the Morgan gang, the Rangers catch a wounded member and his teen daughter. In helping the wounded man, they come to worry about the girl as they await the rest of the gang. After killing the gang, what to do with father and daughter.
7 Apr. 1966
Sound of Terror
A sailor looking for his brother and a traveling show on past murders arrive in Laredo on the same day. A new murder occurs each day with various people implicated including Joe and the sailor whose brother died earlier.
14 Apr. 1966
The Would-Be Gentleman of Laredo
Reese rescues a man and sister during an ambush. Their dying father rewards Reese with an equal share in their land grant - for Laredo County. Parmalee does not trust them while Reese is taught to be a gentleman by Joe and Chad.
28 Apr. 1966
A Taste of Money
Reese's close but eccentric friend is an inventor and mechanical genius. When a group of bank robbers see him open a jammed safe, they decide he should become a member of their gang. To persuade him, they capture and threaten Reese.
16 Sep. 1966
The Legend of Midas Mantee
The four Rangers are after Midas Mantee who wants revenge for being crippled and sent to prison. Erik is trying to work undercover but Reese continually fouls up Erik's plans as Mantee robs several banks with crafty planning.
23 Sep. 1966
The Dance of the Laughing Death
Chief Tohpay plans to take back the lands for his people by driving the Army and settlers out. He has the help of John Garth who is training Tphpay's braves to use Army techniques and weapons with great success.
30 Sep. 1966
A Double Shot of Nepenthe
Jake Murdock wants Parmalee dead so he hires Dr. Duvain to use a mind control drug on Reese to have Reese kill Parmalee. However, others accidentally trigger Reese's response to the drug making them think Reesee has gone crazy.
7 Oct. 1966
Coup de Grace
The four Rangers allow a Mexican rebel under US protection to be kidnapped and taken to Mexico for execution. Parmalee forces them to go to Mexico and rescue him. Getting him out of prison requires going "undercover".
14 Oct. 1966
The Land Slickers
Reese's enlistment in the Rangers is up. He decides to use reward money to buy Texas land and leave the Rangers. The land is covered by water filled with deadly alkali. The Rangers decide to help Reese recover his money.
21 Oct. 1966
Based on a clue from a citizen, Parmalee sends Reese and Chad to Dry Wells to investigate. They find a new sheriff and a changed town with several known outlaws from Oklahoma. Erik and Joe go undercover while Reese is "killed".
28 Oct. 1966
Any Way the Wind Blows
A circus seems to be at every town where banks are robbed via mysterious means. Erik decides to go undercover as a magician with the circus. The other rangers are sent to help but the robberies continue unabated and no money is found.
4 Nov. 1966
The Sweet Gang
A payroll is to be delivered with only one way to the mine which the Sweet family is watching. Erik scouts for a second pass but is captured by the Sweet family. The rangers decide to use a sick wagon but it is carrying more than money.
18 Nov. 1966
One Too Many Voices
Reese's voice is identical to a wealthy gambler. When the Rangers learn he may be kidnapped they decide to use Reese in his place to protect him and catch the kidnappers. The plan nearly fails when the kidnappers learn who Reese really is.
25 Nov. 1966
Road to San Remo
Nine year old Gussie Smith hires three Rangers who are broke to take her from Laredo to San Remo. Joe is worried as he believes Indian Pete tried to kill Gussie when they were on the stage. They find he has reason to worry about her.
2 Dec. 1966
The Last of the Caesars: Absolutely
Select people are disappearing while others are being left dead. The Rangers learn a man is trying to recreate a Roman empire as Hannibal Rex. Joe and Reese become slaves while Erik and Chad impersonate an architect and sculptor.
9 Dec. 1966
A Prince of a Ranger
Prince Lazlo came to Laredo to sign a treaty. After multiple attempts on his life, Parmalee decides to have Chad take his place as they look like identical twins. The Prince loves western life while Chad embraces the Prince's bride to be.
23 Dec. 1966
Oh Careless Love
The Rangers are called to rescue a wagon train trapped in a valley by Indians. Parmalee decides the only option is to bargain with the Chief. Joe and Reese negotiate at their camp where the Chief's robust daughter wants a husband - Reese.
30 Dec. 1966
Leave It to Dixie
The Rangers are after the Dixie Gang - two of them. Reese is told to solve small time robberies in Laredo - committed by Matt Dixie and friends while the other Rangers are after the Sam Dixie gang which is holding up several banks.

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