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9 Jan. 1967
The Greatest Invention in the World
When Roger wishes that he hadn't spilled coffee on Tony's jacket, his jacket becomes impervious to tears, stains, cutting or burning. Dr. Bellows witnesses these miracles and has to prove it.
16 Jan. 1967
My Master, the Spy
Tony is suspected of being a spy when he is at a NASA meeting and seen in Paris having lunch with Jeannie at the same time.
23 Jan. 1967
You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License
Jeannie drives off with Tony's car and Tony ends up in traffic court.
30 Jan. 1967
One of Our Bottles Is Missing
After Mrs. Bellows has Jeannie's bottle copied, she takes home the real one.
6 Feb. 1967
My Master, the Civilian
After Tony accepts job in the private sector, Tony and Jeannie check up on his future and find it very successful. Fooling Tony into thinking things will be horrible, he still takes the job because he feels that the aerospace industry needs him.
20 Feb. 1967
There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had
When Tony learns that he can send back his genie on Haji's birthday he contemplates whether to keep the trouble causing Jeannie or not.
27 Feb. 1967
The Greatest Entertainer in the World
After Tony can't get Sammy Davis Junior for General Peterson's birthday party, Jeannie helps him out by duplicating Sammy so he can be in both places.
6 Mar. 1967
My Incredible Shrinking Master
Jeannie accidentally shrinks Tony and he gets attacked by a cat just as Jeannie's dream prophesied.
13 Mar. 1967
My Master, the Pirate
Tony is sent back to deal with Captain Kidd to prove his bravery.
20 Mar. 1967
A Secretary Is Not a Toy
Jeannie becomes General Peterson's secretary and then becomes accused of being a spy since she can not pass the security investigation. Jeannie only wanted Peterson to make him a general.
27 Mar. 1967
There Goes the Bride
Jeannie puts a love spell on Tony which displeases Haji, the Master of all Genies. Haji makes Tony have several accidents that can only be undone if the love spell is taken off of him.
3 Apr. 1967
My Master, Napoleon's Buddy
Upon Tony's request, Jeannie sends him back in time to talk to Napoleon who wants to execute him as a spy.
10 Apr. 1967
The Birds and the Bees Bit
Learning that genies lose their powers if they marry a mortal, Tony proposes to Jeannie. After Roger and Jeannie learn that their children might get magical powers, Jeannie keeps Roger away so that Tony won't learn that little fact.
17 Apr. 1967
My Master, the Swinging Bachelor
Jeannie mistakes the pretty caterer as the reason for a dinner party she was left out if. The guests enjoy a cake that reverts them to childhood.
24 Apr. 1967
The Mod Party
Tony and Roger makes up excuses to get out of a meeting with Dr. Bellows to attend a Mod Party. Things are fine until Dr. Bellows shows up at Tony's house.
12 Sep. 1967
Fly Me to the Moon
Jeannie turns a NASA chimp into a human.
19 Sep. 1967
Jeannie or the Tiger
Jeannie's sister shows up for the first time trapping her sister in her bottle and plotting to steal her master.
26 Sep. 1967
The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World
A con artist convinces Jeannie that a Hawaiian beach is covered in diamonds.
3 Oct. 1967
My Turned-On Master
Jeannie gives Tony her powers for 24 hours.
10 Oct. 1967
My Master, the Weakling
During a physical fitness course, Jeannie gives the tough Navy trainer the personality of his sweet aunt.
17 Oct. 1967
Jeannie, the Hip Hippie
Jeannie blinks up a music group when Dr. Bellow's wife assigns the job to Tony Nelson.
31 Oct. 1967
Everybody's a Movie Star
A movie is being made at the Space Center with Tony and Roger and Jeannie gets involved.
7 Nov. 1967
Who Are You Calling a Genie?
Jeannie loses her memory while at NASA and Tony has to rescue her from the authorities.
14 Nov. 1967
Meet My Master's Mother
Tony's mother comes to visit and she is determined to marry him off much to Jeannie's annoyance.
21 Nov. 1967
Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale
How does one hide from Jeannie that fact that Tony has to escort a beautiful movie star?
28 Nov. 1967
Tony's Wife
Jeannie's sister tells her that she was born under the sign of the jinx and that she has to leave Tony for 15 years. Jeannie tries to find Tony another woman.
5 Dec. 1967
Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery
Tony tells Jeannie to go help someone else and she unknowingly helps some crooks rob a bank.
12 Dec. 1967
My Son, the Genie
Jeannie has to mentor an inept new genie just when the President of the United States is coming to visit Tony.
26 Dec. 1967
Jeannie Goes to Honolulu
Jeannie follows Tony to Hawaii and finds him seeing the Admiral's daughter.

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