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17 Sep. 1965
The Informer
The prisoners create an elaborate underground ruse to fool a German spy that has been placed in their ranks.
24 Sep. 1965
Hold That Tiger
Learning that the German army is manufacturing an improved Tiger tank, Hogan and his men are determined to steal one, so they can disassemble it and make blueprints for the Allies.
1 Oct. 1965
Kommandant of the Year
Knowing that the Allies won't bomb one of their own prisoner-of-war camps, the Germans store a secret rocket at Stalag 13 until its base on the Atlantic coast is completed. Hogan creates a phony "Kommandant of the Year" award as a diversion for his real plan to sabotage the weapon.
8 Oct. 1965
The Late Inspector General
During a visit by the Inspector General, Hogan's men try to prevent the inept Colonel Klink from being transferred to the Russian Front. When their plan works too well and Klink is promoted to a position in Berlin, the POWs must get Klink unpromoted.
15 Oct. 1965
The Flight of the Valkyrie
Hogan's efforts to help a German baroness to escape are thwarted by Klink, who has arranged for the transfer of a British prisoner who is senior to Colonel Hogan.
22 Oct. 1965
The Prisoner's Prisoner
When a British commando unit is captured before they can blow up a crucial German ammo dump, Hogan and his men attempt to finish the job.
29 Oct. 1965
German Bridge Is Falling Down
When the Air Force can't knock out an important German bridge, Hogan decides to try to destroy it from the ground, but he's short on explosives. Carter's efforts to manufacture some only destroy some of the tunnels underneath the prison camp, so Hogan decides to steal gunpowder from the German ammunition hut by covering the building with graffiti and then breaking into it while his men repaint it.
5 Nov. 1965
Movies Are Your Best Escape
Hogan wants to get a peek at the documents that a visiting general has.
12 Nov. 1965
Go Light on the Heavy Water
Hogan convinces Kommandant Klink that the heavy water being stored at Stalag 13 is a youth potion.
19 Nov. 1965
Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sights
Using the microphone that Klink has installed in the barracks, Hogan tricks Klink into contacting an underground member.
26 Nov. 1965
Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant
After Klink finds Sergeant Schultz drunk he gets a tough new replacement.
3 Dec. 1965
The Scientist
Corporal LeBeau pretends to be a visiting French scientist while Hogan smuggles out the real one.
10 Dec. 1965
Hogan's Hofbrau
Hogan sneaks out of camp to a local German Hofbrau House to get the details of a nearby German army unit.
17 Dec. 1965
Oil for the Lamps of Hogan
The Germans want to safely build a synthetic fuel plant in Stalag 13, but Hogan convinces them that there is oil beneath the camp.
24 Dec. 1965
Reservations Are Required
During an operation to send out twenty Allied soldiers, one of them escapes early and is captured.
31 Dec. 1965
Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13
The Germans are looking for an escaped prisoner named Michaels who also happens to have made off with a German gun sight. It falls on Hogan and his men to get Michaels and the gun sight to England. To accomplish this Hogan convinces Klink he is fatigued and should have an Officer's Club to relax in. The ploy works and they begin to build it but are actually building a boat with the plan of sailing Michaels out.

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