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Season 3

9 Sep. 1967
The Crittendon Plan
Bumbling British Colonel Crittedon again disrupts Hogan's plans to get out an Allied officer.
16 Sep. 1967
Some of Their Planes Are Missing
The Germans have whipped up a plot to send Germans into England in captured Allied planes.
23 Sep. 1967
D-Day at Stalag 13
To help the allied invasion at Normandy, Hogan convinces the Germans that Klink has been promoted to Chief of Staff.
30 Sep. 1967
Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari
A Gestapo female operative tries to lure secrets out of Sergeant Schultz.
7 Oct. 1967
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London
Winston Chuchill's right hand man Group Captain "Robbie" Roberts, who also happens to be a close friend of Hogan, is shot down, captured and brought to Stalag 13. However, it is all part of a Luftwaffe scheme to assassinate Churchill as Roberts is put in the cooler while an impostor is to escape and head to England to carry out the job. However, Hogan finds out what is going on and makes plans for the real Roberts to escape while the impostor stays in Luftwaffe custody.
14 Oct. 1967
Casanova Klink
General Burkhalter comes to Stalag 13 determined to marry off his sister to Klink. Hogan has to find a German agent in the underground.
21 Oct. 1967
How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis
Hogan tempts a Swedish scientist to defect.
28 Oct. 1967
Nights in Shining Armor
The heroes need to get both a member of the French resistance and some bullet proof vests out of Stalag 13.
4 Nov. 1967
Hot Money
The Germans have set up a money counterfeiting operation in the camp and Hogan is planning on destroying it.
11 Nov. 1967
One in Every Crowd
An American prisoner of war has information on Hogan that he wants to sell to the Germans.
18 Nov. 1967
Is General Hammerschlag Burning?
Hogan takes Kinchloe to Paris to visit a friend of his who might help them get plans for the defense of Paris.
25 Nov. 1967
A Russian Is Coming
A disagreeable Russian pilot wants to escape, but refuses to go first to London. He wants to head east to Mother Russia.
2 Dec. 1967
An Evening of Generals
Posing as waiters, the heroes want to get rid of a room full of German generals.
9 Dec. 1967
Everybody Loves a Snowman
With Major Hochstetter in the camp, Hogan has extra trouble trying to smuggle out a bomber crew especially after they are moved from their usual barracks.
16 Dec. 1967
The Hostage
Planting a fuel depot right outside Stalag 13, a German general is tempting Hogan. Marya the white Russian also shows up again.
23 Dec. 1967
Carter Turns Traitor
The location of a chemical plant is the prize when Hogan gets Carter to become a traitor.
30 Dec. 1967
Two Nazis for the Price of One
A Gestapo officer who knows all about the Stalag 13 operation blackmails Hogan to find out about the Manhattan Project.
6 Jan. 1968
Is There a Doctor in the House?
Klink's illness causes problems for one of Hogan's plots.
13 Jan. 1968
Hogan, Go Home
The Allied Command orders Colonel Hogan to leave and turn over his operations to the bumbling Colonel Crittendon.
20 Jan. 1968
Sticky Wicket Newkirk
Newkirk sneaks a beautiful woman into camp who turns out to be a Gestapo agent.
27 Jan. 1968
War Takes a Holiday
Hogan convinces Klink and the Gestapo that the war is over so that they will release some prisoners.
3 Feb. 1968
Duel of Honor
Hogan helps Klink prepare for a hasty trip to Argentina when he finds himself in a duel.
10 Feb. 1968
Axis Annie
Using the German propaganda radio network, Hogan gets information to the underground.
17 Feb. 1968
What Time Does the Balloon Go Up?
Hogan helps an escapee go out of camp in a balloon.
24 Feb. 1968
LeBeau and the Little Old Lady
LeBeau says that he keeps rendezvousing with a little old lady who is actually young and beautiful.
2 Mar. 1968
How to Escape from Prison Camp Without Really Trying
Hogan has trouble trying to get thirty prisoners out of camp.
9 Mar. 1968
The Collector General
A collection of stolen art comes to Stalag 13 and Hogan decides to steal it.
16 Mar. 1968
The Ultimate Weapon
Hogan makes the Germans think that Schultz has ESP to get them to move their anti-aircraft defenses.
23 Mar. 1968
Monkey Business
Hogan's latest escapee is a chimp from the local zoo who helps them deliver a radio part to the underground.
30 Mar. 1968
Drums Along the Dusseldorf
A German truck carrying an experimental jet fuel is the latest target for Hogan and his men. But when all efforts to sabotage the shipment fail, Carter gets down to business with the remaining weaponry at hand - a bow and arrow.

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