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15 Sep. 1965
Oliver Buys a Farm
Oliver Douglas quits his job as a lawyer & moves from Park Avenue to Hooterville. He wants to get away from the rat race of the city. His beautiful wife Lisa doesn't exactly love the idea.
22 Sep. 1965
Lisa's First Day on the Farm
Oliver & Lisa's first day is a disaster due to Mr. Haney moving out all the furniture and then some.
29 Sep. 1965
The Decorator
Oliver wants to start his farming, but Lisa demands he have their house redecorated first. Sam Drucker recommends a decorator from Pixley. Kate Bradley tries to tutor Lisa in the kitchen since she doesn't know the first thing about cooking. Kate starts by showing her how to make something easy: hotcakes. Adding to the chaos is Oliver's mother, who arrives to rescue Lisa from this nightmarish, rustic life.
6 Oct. 1965
The Best Laid Plans
Lisa goes back to New York to get their furniture causing the townsfolk to think that she has left for good.
13 Oct. 1965
My Husband, the Rooster Renter
Oliver is hoodwinked into renting a rooster from Mr. Haney. Of course he will need to rent a hen to make the rooster crow. It is the first of many things he will buy/rent from Mr. Haney.
20 Oct. 1965
Furniture, Furniture, Who's Got the Furniture?
Oliver & Lisa finally get their furniture delivered from New York but it's sent to the "New" Haney place.
27 Oct. 1965
Oliver's Hoyt-Clagwell tractor breaks down & his neighbors come to the rescue.
3 Nov. 1965
Lisa the Helpmate
Oliver's mother doesn't approve of his decision to become a farmer so she sabotages his soil samples.
10 Nov. 1965
You Can't Plug in a 2 with a 6
Oliver plants crops using a bizarre country formula. Lisa can't grasp the principal of electricity.
17 Nov. 1965
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
Oliver finally gets a phone installed but it's placed on top of the telephone pole.
24 Nov. 1965
Parity Begins at Home
Oliver wants to plant all wheat but the local government committee tells him that he's not allowed.
8 Dec. 1965
Lisa Has a Calf
Eleanor the cow is pregnant and everyone thinks that it's Lisa who is expecting.
15 Dec. 1965
The Wedding Anniversary
Olives gets in trouble with Lisa when he forgets how long they have been married.
22 Dec. 1965
What Happened in Scranton?
Lisa starts a beauty parlor and brings in Claude the hairdresser.
29 Dec. 1965
How to Enlarge a Bedroom
Alf & Ralph begin work on the bedroom but their work gets condemned.
5 Jan. 1966
Give Me Land, Lots of Land
Lisa is against buying neighboring property owned by the Watsons until she see their farmhouse. Thinking it's part of the deal, Lisa sells the Watsons' furniture to Mr. Haney and has their things brought over. All of this happens while Oliver is in New York arranging the financing.
19 Jan. 1966
I Didn't Raise My Husband to Be a Fireman
Oliver is allowed to join the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department if he'll play an instrument in their marching band. As Chief Joe Carson explains, they have more parades than fires. Patiotic speeches follow as Oliver takes his new duties very seriously.
26 Jan. 1966
Lisa Bakes a Cake
After Lisa lists Oliver in the new phone directory as an attorney, he fears he'll be flooded with calls wanting his legal advice. Instead, he turns cranky when his phone doesn't ring. Meanwhile, Lisa accepts the challenge of baking a cake. Oliver's first potential customer has the misfortune of facing Lisa's 20-pound pound cake.
2 Feb. 1966
Sprained Ankle, Country Style
While fixing the TV antenna, Oliver falls through the roof and sprains his ankle. Hooterville residents parade through his bedroom to give their regards. They all bring him food, but eat it themselves as they crowd him off his bed to watch "Frankenstein Meets Mary Poppins" on TV.
9 Feb. 1966
The Price of Apples
Oliver will make considerably more on his apple crop if he gets it to market first. He hires local high schoolers to pick the fruit and uses their old truck to haul them. As the rickety vehicle suffers numerous breakdowns, the apple prices begin to drop. Finally, Lisa's "hotscakes" come to the rescue.
16 Feb. 1966
What's in a Name?
Ralph Monroe is smitten with Hank Kimball, but discovers that he won't date a woman with a man's name. She asks Oliver to file court papers to have her name changed to something more feminine. While in court, Oliver learns that his license to practice law is not recognized by the state. This sends Oliver back to the books to study for the state's bar exam.
23 Feb. 1966
The Day of Decision
Lisa agreed to try out the farm for six months. Today's the day she decides whether to stay in Hooterville or return to New York. Everyone anxiously awaits her decision. In the meantime, Oliver flashes back to their first days on the farm, his physical mishaps around the house, and the lousy products Haney's tried to sell him.
9 Mar. 1966
A Pig in a Poke
Oliver is invited to New York to be the guest speaker at a Harvard alumni banquet but he arrives with an unexpected stowaway. Meanwhile, the Ziffels fear that they'll lose Arnold to Mr. Haney, who's trying to take the pig in lieu of a debt that he claims the Ziffels owe him.
16 Mar. 1966
The Deputy
Sam Drucker's going on a two-week vacation to visit his sister and leaves Oliver to take over his duties as deputy sheriff. Complications ensue when Oliver demonstrates how to use a pair of handcuffs to Lisa before discovering that he's lost the keys.
23 Mar. 1966
Double Drick
Tired of repairing the rickety generator that Haney sold him, Oliver checks on the status of his electricity. Learning that his application was never mailed, Oliver decides to deal with the power company in person. He finds that nothing in Hooterville is done simply--or correctly; he ends up with a meter that runs even when it's disconnected and another pole by the bedroom window.
6 Apr. 1966
The Ballad of Molly Turgiss
Oliver wants to write a folk song about local legend Molly Turgis, a woman so ugly she was run out of Hooterville. Facts are hard to come by, though, because the mere mention of her name causes bad to happen. Lisa feels sorry for Molly and offers to give her a make-over.
27 Apr. 1966
Never Look a Gift Tractor in the Mouth
Lisa wants to surprise Oliver with a new tractor for his birthday. To keep it out of sight, she has it delivered to the Ziffels' farm. The old couple mistakes it for a gift from Mrs. Douglas, leading Doris to think that Fred and Lisa are having a torrid affair.
4 May 1966
Send a Boy to College
Eb's talent for curing sick animals leads the Douglases to send him to veterinarian school. Unfortunately, his college career is short-lived due to one small oversight.
11 May 1966
Horse? What Horse?
Lisa believes that Oliver's beginning to crack under the pressure of running the farm. After he claims to have seen a spotted horse and a zebra, she calls Doc Watson to give him a checkup. Lisa's attempt to slip Oliver a sedative backfires, resulting in her taking a very long nap.
18 May 1966
The Rains Came
A drought in Hooterville has crops wilting in the fields. Oliver is so desperate, he agrees to pay Haney $350 if he can bring some relief. That's when Haney presents dancing Chief Thundercloud. When the rains eventually arrive, Oliver refuses to pay. He claims the Chief's dancing is not what did the trick.
25 May 1966
The "Every Other Wednesday Afternoon Discussion Club" decides to bring culture to the valley by starting the Hooterville Symphony Orchestra. Oliver calls the women "nuts" for considering such a ridiculous idea. Undeterred, Lisa calls her conductor friend Sir Gefforey to come and conduct the orchestra. What he encounters is the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department Marching Band playing the only song they know.
1 Jun. 1966
Uncle Ollie
Oliver's groovy nephew arrives in Hooterville on his motorcycle with long hair, hip lingo and no interest in work. However, Chuck is excellent with motors and proceeds to "soup up" all the vehicles in the valley. The easily influenced Eb is quick to decide he wants to be a hippie beatnik.

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