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7 Jan. 1973
The Rap Taker
The FBI gets a break in its investigation of loan sharking by the Organization. In Denver, the son of a key Organization member has been arrested for assaulting a loan shark victim who was slow on his payments. A family friend of the Organization father and son agrees to take the rap, accepting $25,000 as an initial payment with the promise of more to come after he serves his sentence. But the son isn't satisfied and wants to tie up all the loose ends himself. Erskine and Colby try to break the conspiracy before harm comes to anyone else.
14 Jan. 1973
A Gathering of Sharks
A priceless diamond has been stolen from a retired millionaire in Oregon. When evidence emerges the thieves have fled to Northern California, the FBI enters the case. Erskine goes undercover as an associate of the retired millionaire. He is to negotiate for the return of the diamond for a ransom. But when other criminals begin to gather, the situation becomes more complicated, and dangerous, for the FBI man.
21 Jan. 1973
The Disinherited
A bitter man, whose father was crippled working for mining companies, decides to seek revenge. He appears to be extorting mining executives. In reality, he intends to kill them. Erskine and Colby head up the FBI's investigation. Erskine takes the place of one of the executives and comes face to face with his quarry.
28 Jan. 1973
Desperate Journey
Erskine and Colby are bringing John Omar Stahl, a Ten Most Wanted fugitive, back to the United States. Their aircraft is forced to crash land and Stahl escapes. An injured Colby remains with the plane's passengers while Erskine, nursing his own injuries, tracks down Stahl. The fugitive knocks out a ranger and contacts his brother and a meeting is set. Stahl's brother, meanwhile, has a relationship going with Stahl's former girlfriend. Assistant Director Arthur Ward, already in the San Francisco area, arrives to supervise the search for Erskine and Stahl. Erskine must ...
4 Feb. 1973
The Double Play
Erskine and Colby are on the trail of two confidence men, who've conned victims across several states. For each caper, the pair recruit a beautiful woman, who they then ditch before she can collect her share of the proceeds. But their latest woman partner may be more than they can handle.
11 Feb. 1973
The Wedding Gift
Della Marot leads a double life. On the surface, she appears to be the respectable owner of a bar and restaurant in New Orleans. But she is really the mastermind because of a series of bank robberies and other thefts. Della, however, is tired of the criminal life and wants to retire and be with her 12-year-old daughter, who is off at boarding school. Erskine and Colby investigate a Baton Rouge bank robbery, which puts them on a trail that eventually leads to Della.
25 Feb. 1973
The Detonator
A member of the Organization, Albert Dirks, has a grudge against a county prosecutor, William Sanders. Sanders was responsible for sending Dirks to prison, during which time his wife died. So Dirks has put out an unauthorized contract on the prosecutor. Dirks has hired Alex Tanner, who likes to kill his victims with bombs. Tanner's first attempt injures another man instead. Because the murder attempt took place on federal property, the FBI is assigned to the case, with Erskine and Colby spearheading the investigation. The Organization wants no further attempts made on...
4 Mar. 1973
Sweet Evil
Beau Parker, a Ten Most Wanted Fugitive for bank robbery, and Cass Linden have teamed up for a series of thefts. The pair make a stop at the Tennessee town where Cass grew up and visit her little sister Mary Ann. Mary Ann opts to leave with them. It turns out Mary Ann likes the criminal life - and may be more than willing to kill. Erskine and Colby track the group across multiple states. Meanwhile, Beau is planning his biggest job yet.
11 Mar. 1973
Memory of a Legend
Gus Benderson, a colorful safe cracker, has been recently released from prison. He participates in a jewelry heist that goes bad when one of the three participants is wounded. Benderson then visits his son, Robert, who hasn't seen his father for years. The younger Benderson is just starting a life of crime -- and refuses to listen to the warnings of his father. Erskine and Colby are on Benderson's trail, which leads to Southern California, where the younger Benderson lives. Father and son are going to do a big job before Gus retires.
25 Mar. 1973
Night of the Long Knives
Catering a syndicate wedding: all in a day's work for Erskine, out to get the facts behind an upheaval in the organization.
1 Apr. 1973
The Loper Gambit
The son of a rich South Florida contractor befriends people who, in reality, plan to kidnap him. Erskine and Colby supervise the FBI's investigation. Things are complicated when, during a ransom drop, a motorcyclist spots the ransom and takes it. The motorcyclist isn't involved in the kidnapping and is apprehended by the bureau. Now, the kidnappers are on guard more than ever.
16 Sep. 1973
The Big Job
Inspector Lewis Erskine has a new partner, Special Agent Chris Daniels. The FBI men lead the bureau's investigation of the robbery of more than $4 million in cash and negotiable securities in Dallas. One lead is an ex-con who tipped Erskine that a big job was being planned. One member of the gang who pulled off the robbery had tried to recruit the ex-con but he refused. After the robbery, there is an attempt on the ex-con's life. Another clue is one of the robbery participants cut his hand and has a rare blood type. Erskine and Daniels criss cross half the country in ...
30 Sep. 1973
The Confession
Abel Norton, personal manager for diva singer Darlene Clark, snaps. His son has died in an operation. Darlene had told Abel she'd arrange for a top surgeon to perform the operations but -- unconcerned with others -- never bothered to follow through. Now, Abel has kidnapped Darlene's daughter as the singer prepares to open a show in Las Vegas. Erskine and Daniels have to cope with a less-than-cooperative Darlene while trying to apprehend the kidnapper. Meanwhile, Abel has an unusual ransom demand -- he wants Darlene to tell the audience about a hit-and-run accident in ...
7 Oct. 1973
Harlan Slade, with a record of plotting bank jobs, escapes from prison and goes on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List. Erskine and Daniels take the lead in the bureau's investigation. Their main lead is how Slade has a number of family members in Kansas. But Slade already is planning his next caper. He is targeting Scottsdale, Arizona, near Phoenix, one of the wealthiest American suburbs. He has a bank in mind and his plan is underway.
14 Oct. 1973
The Pay-Off
In Detroit, an agent for the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization is gunned down while investigating the Organization's smuggling of illegal immigrants. He survives but because a federal officer has been assaulted, the FBI assumes command of the case. Erskine and Daniels lead the FBI's probe. Meanwhile, the main witness to the shooting has been bought off. But an Organization boss decides the witness should be silenced -- permanently.
21 Oct. 1973
The Exchange
Two men rob a horse racing track of $250,000. They earlier kidnapped the wife of the head cashier to ensure his cooperation and to provide inside information how to accomplish the robbery. Despite their preparation, the heist goes back and the men are forced to hide their haul at the track. They now want the cashier to get the money for them. But the FBI is already on the case and Erskine and Daniels apprehend the cashier. Erskine takes the place of the cashier in a bid to win the freedom of the kidnap victim.
28 Oct. 1973
Tower of Terror
Michael Staley, a mentally disturbed Korean War veteran, is determined to show he is important. His former sergeant in the service, now a criminal, is imprisoned and recently killed a guard trying to escape. Staley plants a bomb in a Minneapolis high rise building and sends an anonymous note to the FBI demanding his former sergeant be freed. Erskine and Daniels lead the bureau's efforts to find the bomb before it's too late.
4 Nov. 1973
Fatal Reunion
Hamilton is the leader of three men who have stolen a large amount of bonds from bank messengers. Hamilton, while waiting for a deal to fence the bonds, goes back to his home town. There, he revisits his high school sweetheart, Margaret. Meanwhile, Erskine and Daniels lead the FBI's investigation and are running down the three participants in the robbery. Hamilton's two confederates are apprehended and the FBI men are now tracking down the leader of the operation.
18 Nov. 1973
Rules of the Game
Tully, a small cog in the Reno branch of the Organization, is in legal trouble. The feds have a witness who can put him in prison. Tully's son attempts a hit on the witness, who is severely wounded. The Organization is not pleased and its operative, Brimmer, tells Tully he wants the son to take the fall. The Organization concludes the son needs to be eliminated. Erskine and Daniels lead the FBI's efforts to bring the son in alive.
25 Nov. 1973
Fool's Gold
In St. Louis, a gold cross dating back to the Crusades is stolen. Erskine and Daniels oversee the FBI's investigation of the crime. Meanwhile, a series of double crosses take place. The FBI men must move fast because one ex-con, who has become involved after the theft, intends to melt the cross the down.
9 Dec. 1973
The Killing Truth
Ten years after a controversial espionage trial, the son of one of the defendants tries to kill the judge. Erskine and Daniels head up the FBI's investigation of the attempted killing. The FBI men want to prevent a second attempt on the judge's life. But the bureau investigators must delve deep into the earlier case to find the clues they need.
16 Dec. 1973
The Bought Jury
Mario Dracus, a New England boss for the Organization, is on trial. He expects to be convicted but, suddenly, is free when a mistrial is declared. Dracus is among the most surprised people in the federal courtroom -- this is not his doing. The FBI investigates whether the jury has been tampered with. Erskine and Daniels, in the course of the probe, confirm that some of the jurors have been threatened. The FBI concludes the bought jury was a way for the Organization to get Dracus out of the way so younger members can take over.
30 Dec. 1973
Erskine and Daniels lead the FBI's investigation of a kidnapping case in North Carolina. The FBI men quickly discover nothing is as it seems. The target isn't as rich as he's supposed to be. The kidnap victim isn't as innocent as she's supposed to be. The kidnappers are aware of personal information they shouldn't have. As the FBI press forward with their investigation, it becomes clear the suspected kidnapper is mentally unstable and dangerous.

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