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2 Jan. 1972
The Buyer
In Chicago, a shipment of platinum from O'Hare International Airport. The three thieves are to meet in San Francisco with a buyer from Europe. The FBI manages to intercept the buyer ahead of the gathering. Erskine goes undercover, taking the buyer's place. Meanwhile, the thieves have found another fence, this one in Denver, who is willing to pay more. The thieves plan to kill Erskine, take the money he has and consummate a deal with the Denver fence.
9 Jan. 1972
A Second Life
In Portland, a city commissioner who was actively involved in the fight against organized crime nearly dies in a murder attempt. The hitman is also injured and flees to California. Crossing a state line brings the FBI into the case and the bureau's investigation is supervised by Erskine and Colby. The hitman ends up in San Francisco, where he and a young pregnant woman fall in love. The FBI foils a second murder attempt on the commissioner. Now, the first hitman is marked for murder for failing to kill the commissioner. and his girlfriend is also endangered.
16 Jan. 1972
The Break-Up
A married couple robs a Norfolk, Virginia, bank of $27,000. Problem: They have stolen freshly minted bills not yet put into circulation and easily traceable. The FBI, led by Erskine and Colby, is on the case. The couple moves to fence the stolen money. But there's a rift. She has developed a taste for the high life and wants to take more risks. Now, she's prodding her husband to take part in a bigger heist.
23 Jan. 1972
Judas Goat
Erskine and Colby lead the FBI's investigation into organized crime's infiltration of popular music acts. The case begins when the manager of an up-and-coming singer is beaten brutally in Indianapolis. The singer thinks he can buy his way out of his contract. But it turns out the interest payments are so steep the singer can't buy his way out at any price.
30 Jan. 1972
The Hunters
A high-ranking scientist at a major company is part of a Communist spy ring. He is about to turn over notes from a top-secret project. Then he discovers his wife has left home. That's a blow to the ego of the scientist, and he goes off looking for her. Meanwhile, the FBI has already arrested one of the scientist's confederates. Now both the bureau, led by Erskine and Colby, and the Communist agents are in a race to reach the scientist first.
6 Feb. 1972
Arrangement with Terror
James and Patricia Laner are in serious trouble. He is an unsuccessful architect who is addicted to heroin. She works at a Chicago brokerage house who has resorted to stealing stock so the couple doesn't drown in their financial troubles. A theft goes awry when a member of the operation is arrested in Cleveland. Because stolen property was transported across state lines, the FBI is now involved. Erskine goes undercover in the Chicago brokerage house. Now, James Laner is being cut off from his heroin supply to force his wife to steal again.
13 Feb. 1972
The Set-Up
Erskine and Colby criss-cross the country as they seek a gang of bank robbers led by Larry Kulhane. In Nebraska, two police officers have been injured trying to apprehend the gang. That's where the trail begins for Erkine, who will travel to Seattle, Atlanta and Charleston, South Carolina, during the investigation. Kulhane's ultimate target is Ardyth Nolan, a wealthy, strong-willed older woman, who has more than $200,000 in her home after liquidating some investments. Kulhane has one man in the Nolan home as the new butler. Another one of his men has gotten friendly ...
20 Feb. 1972
The Test
Logan kidnaps Hale, the man who put him out of business. Logan is demanding a $250,000 ransom from Hale's grown children. What Logan doesn't know is that Hale has suffered his own business reversals. Hale's bank will only loan $70,000 of the ransom. While Erskine and Colby head up the FBI's investigation, Hale's son -- who has always felt inferior to his father -- must deal with the ransom demand and take charge of the situation.
27 Feb. 1972
The Corruptor
Erskine and Colby pursue Dree Victor Foster, the "corruptor" of the title, from Pennsylvania to Arizona. Foster's ultimate goal is to free his younger brother, who's about to be sentenced for murder. Along the way, three runaway teenage boys fall under Foster's sway. Foster, whose crimes include murder, has illegally purchased multiple guns and hand grenades.
5 Mar. 1972
The Deadly Species
Jean Scott commits a series of robberies while simultaneously seeking the whereabouts of her son, who is living with her ex-husband. She is a consummate actress, able to trick and con her victims before robbing them. Jean also can manipulate male accomplices. Erskine and Colby gradually track her to Nebraska, where her son is now living. But the son rejects her and Jean's latest accomplice decides to leave her as well. When Erskine finally reaches her, he finds Jean has snapped emotionally.
12 Mar. 1972
Dark Journey
Jason and Laurie Peale are a father-and-daughter con artist team. Jason is adept as playing the role of a rich big shot to entice his targets. After getting away with one scam, they now travel to Arizona for their biggest con yet. The FBI, led by Erskine and Colby is on their trail. Meanwhile, Jason has made a mistake. He cons the owner of a jewelry store out of a $15,000 ring. The store owner, as it turns out, is in debt to a loan shark. The loan shark knows Jason is a con man - and intends to use him for his own purposes.
19 Mar. 1972
Escape to Nowhere
In New England, two convicts stage a prison escape and cross over state lines into Maine. One of them had been scheduled to testify in a major criminal case. They force their way into a home occupied by a widow and her young son. Erskine and Colby lead the FBI's manhunt. Meanwhile, the prisoner who had been scheduled to testify is also being sought by criminals who want him silenced.
17 Sep. 1972
The Runner
An ex-college football player serving a prison sentence for bank robbery, escapes. He is a runner again, trying to capture a lost love, trying to recapture part of his past. Erskine and Colby lead the FBI's manhunt, which leads to a remote part of Oregon. Erskine and another agent perform a parachute jump as part of the effort to capture the escaped prisoner.
24 Sep. 1972
Edge of Desperation
Alan Graves stages his own kidnapping, extorting money from his father-in-law so he can run off to Europe with a younger woman. Erskine and Colby head up the FBI's investigation and figure out the deception. Graves, meanwhile, is running into trouble. He is robbed when attempting to buy fake passports. His girlfriend also has attracted the attention of an old flame who intends to make his own score at Graves' expense.
1 Oct. 1972
The Fatal Showdown
Erskine and Colby travel from New York to Atlanta, leading an FBI investigation of a gang specializing in theft of expensive art items. The gang's M.O. includes a woman who becomes friendly with a guard, permitting her to find ways for the robberies to occur. However, the gang is also a pawn of others who have their own agenda.
8 Oct. 1972
The Franklin Papers
A man and woman specialize in a certain type of con. She seduces rich men while he prepares elaborate forgeries of historical documents that's also part of the bait. Their latest con involves phony papers supposedly written by Benjamin Franklin. Erskine and Colby are on their tail. The woman is falling in love with her latest target. But the man has been joined by his estranged wife -- and she has her own ideas how to proceed.
15 Oct. 1972
The Gopher
A "gopher," angered by the treatment he has received from the head of a mob loan sharking operation in New York, takes a book containing key records. This happens just before a raid by the FBI. Now both the bureau and the mob are seeking the records. The gopher has to grow up fast to stay alive. The question is whether Erskine and Colby can catch him before the mob does.
22 Oct. 1972
End of a Nightmare
Erskine and Colby lead the FBI's cross-country chase against an escaped federal prisoner. Their quarry seeks revenge against various people he blames for separating him from his estranged wife. The FBI men travel to Los Angeles to Tampa to Peru, Indiana. The escaped prisoner has injured people everywhere he has stopped. It's clear the escaped prisoner obsesses about his estranged wife.
29 Oct. 1972
The Engineer
An unemployed aerospace engineer participates in a bank robbery but is double crossed. Desperate, he plans a new robbery where he will call the shots. He recruits one of his former co-workers for assistance. Meanwhile, Erskine and Colby, who are investigating the first robbery, are now on the engineer's trail.
5 Nov. 1972
A Game of Chess
Plans that are part of a top secret U.S. government project are stolen. An independent operator intends to sell them to an Eastern Bloc nation. But the two sides don't trust one another and each is out to gain any advantage it can. The FBI gets a break when a visiting Eastern bloc scientist - who wants to defect to the U.S. - informs the bureau he has been contacted to help verify the plans. But the scientist is injured in a lab accident before he can see the plans. Erskine takes his place and goes undercover. This time out, things will be even more dangerous for the ...
12 Nov. 1972
The Wizard
George Barrows successfully embezzles a large sum of money from the bank where he has worked. But that's only seed money for Barrows' next caper, which he has been planning for an extended time. Erskine and Colby have been assigned by the FBI to track down the fugitive. The question is whether they can catch up and prevent the larger robbery that Barrows has planned.
19 Nov. 1972
The Loner
Erskine and Colby are on the trail of a loner who has committed robberies across several states. The loner travels to Georgia, where his sister has just died. Other criminals believe they can take advantage of the loner. But a trail of violence ensues instead.
26 Nov. 1972
Canyon of No Return
Three men rob a Northern California resort of $200,000 in currency and jewels. They cross the state line into Oregon, bringing the FBI into the case. Erskine and Colby take charge of the investigation because they're already in the general area. The airplane the men fled in has been disabled. They split up and two of the men abduct a couple rafting on a remote -- and hazardous -- river.
3 Dec. 1972
Holiday with Terror
Kidnappers con the daughter of a rich couple into going out of town. In reality, the young woman has been kidnapped. They are holding the young woman for a ransom of $200,000. One of the kidnappers is the maid of the rich couple. Erskine and Colby take charge of the case. The FBI men need to figure where the kidnap victim is. The mastermind of the plot doesn't plan on the victim saying alive for long.
10 Dec. 1972
The Jug-Marker
The FBI is after the "Jug-Marker," the mastermind behind a series of robberies across the Southeast United States. The Jug-Marker relies on a band of men to perform the robberies, led by the unstable Murzie. The Jug-Marker and Murzie don't trust each other, but they need each other. The Jug-Marker provides the brains and cunning to successfully plan the jobs while Murzie keeps his men in line. As Erskine and Colby follow the gang's trail, the FBI men look to separate the unlikely partners.
17 Dec. 1972
The Outcast
A member of the Organization has supervised the hijacking of a load of whiskey. But the job didn't go smoothly, leading to a severe injury to the driver. The FBI is assigned to the case because the shipment has crossed state lines. As a result, the Organization wants such hijackings to end until things cool off with the law. The organizer of the job is also told by his superior that his fiancée doesn't meet with the Organization's approval. So the organizer decides to moonlight and do a job on his own, to give him a stake so he and his fiancée can go off on their own.
24 Dec. 1972
Dark Christmas
Hitman Stuart Tilden seriously wounds a businessman in Chicago while seeking the whereabouts of his intended target. The FBI launches an intense investigation, seeking to prevent Tilden from succeeding, and even Assistant Director Arthur Ward will make an arrest in the field as part of the effort. The target is Richard Ghormley. Ghormley formerly worked for a criminal. While Ghormley wasn't involved with illegal activities, the criminal fears that Ghormley knows too much. Ghormley is desperately trying to get home on Christmas Eve from a business trip to San Francisco...

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