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7 Jan. 1968
The Dynasty
Two families are on opposite sides of a kidnapping case. Walter Gretzler and his nephew Norman have abducted John Graham, youngest son of retired industrialist Marshall Graham. Walter, a long-time criminal, used a police car at Norman's garage to cause John Graham to stop along a rural road. Philip Graham, Marshall's estranged, oldest son, is forced to make decisions for the family when Marshall Graham suffers a stroke while returning to the United States from Europe. Philip doesn't want to pay a $300,000 ransom; he feels his brother will be killed the moment any ...
14 Jan. 1968
The Daughter
An Eastern Bloc espionage ring operating in the Los Angeles area is unraveling. One of its key operatives, Jan Anka, has manipulated a draftsman at a missile plant into providing copies of key blueprints. The plant employee's German girlfriend is being held in East Germany -- or so he believes. It turns out the girlfriend has really been dead for eight months. The draftsman attempts to quit the ring but Anka kills him. Now, the FBI has been drawn into the case, led by Erskine and Colby. Things become more complicated. Anka has posed for years as another man. A woman ...
21 Jan. 1968
Act of Violence
Two deaths, 3,000 miles apart, put Erskine and Colby on the trail of Cosa Nostra boss John Duquesne. The first fatality occurred a decade earlier and the body was discovered during a routine military exercise near San Jose. The other is the killing a retired hitman on the other side of the U.S. The Cosa Nostra decides that Duquesne needs to get rid of his ex-wife, who could implicate him in the earlier killing. The FBI tries to connect the two murders and prevent a third.
28 Jan. 1968
Crisis Ground
A young woman is killed on U.S. government property outside a small Illinois city. The leading suspect lives at Camp Newstart, begin by a successful businessman to give young men a second chance. The victim was widely known and popular in the city. Tempers fray and some men in the town, including the man engaged to the victim, want to take justice into their own hands. The real killer is a vagrant. Erskine and Colby try to keep a lip on the town and prevent a riot until they can locate can bring the killer to justice.
4 Feb. 1968
Ring of Steel
The FBI set up an under cover operation after a race car driver is killed in an accident and the owner of the team is under suspicion of a car stealing racket across 10 states. The FBI think there might be a connection between the death and the stolen cars.
11 Feb. 1968
John Streyer, a scientist who defected to East Germany 15 years earlier after participating in an espionage ring, has decided to return to the U.S. Two representatives of a nation "unfriendly to the United States" attempt to detain Streyer at John F. Kennedy International Airport but he gets away. Assistant Director Arthur Ward, already in New York on FBI business, works in the field with Erskine and Colby on the case. Ward had headed the bureau's espionage desk at the time Streyer escaped capture by defecting to East Germany. Streyer is being squeezed by the FBI, ...
18 Feb. 1968
The Phone Call
To pay for an operation for his crippled wife, a man has been trying to extract money from the wives of servicemen by harassing them with phone calls threatening to expose their secrets. During one of these calls one young woman is so distraught she accidentally falls to her death from her apartment balcony. Her husband vows to find the extortionist himself. Erskine and Colby work to find the man first before more violence results.
25 Feb. 1968
Region of Peril
Mrs Daley is kidnapped during a house robbery. The FBI become involved when it seems the criminals are trying to make for Mexico. Mrs Daley realizers her chances of staying alive are directly related to her ability to remain useful to the kidnappers
3 Mar. 1968
Heavily in debt to gamblers, Lawrence Reynolds flies with his girlfriend to Puerto Rico after embezzling nearly $2 million from his bank. A contract man from the gambling syndicate is following them, intending to get the money Reynolds owes them, and not intending to leave him alive. The FBI tries to find Reynolds and his girlfriend before the syndicate man does.
17 Mar. 1968
The Messenger
A Messenger and guard for a Wall Street brokerage firm are ambushed while making a delivery. During the holdup the guard is killed and Paul Thorpe, the messenger with the briefcase, is taken. He is recognized by one of the three holdup men and that,plus the fact that his uncle is a Cosa Nostra crime boss, saves his life. The men get away with $400,000 worth of negotiable securities. The FBI is soon on the case and begin checking out fences who could handle such a big haul. Thorpe has a fiancée and she is also in danger if he talks.
24 Mar. 1968
The Ninth Man
While preventing a robbery Erskine apprehends Oren McKay. He is wanted for his participation in an armored car holdup years earlier in which $2,000,000 was stolen. Seven men have now been arrested for their parts in the crime but the eighth man, Emory Hale, is still at large and only he knows the whereabouts of the money. McKay alludes to a shadowy ninth man who may have been an inside man on the job. The agents and the ninth man all begin circling around Anita Hale, Emory's wife in hopes of locating him. The trail takes them to the small border town of Las Rinas, New...
31 Mar. 1968
The Mechanized Accomplice
A teenager runs away from home, but unwittingly becomes the center of a kidnapping when his father receives a ransom note. The FBI go on the search for the boy while trying not to tip his kidnapper to their actions.
7 Apr. 1968
The Predators
A state investigator is gravely wounded on the docks. The FBI is brought into the case when it's clear the matter is tied to La Cosa Nostra. A vessel has been revamped into being a cruise ship, with illegal gambling. But the mob is after bigger game. La Cosa Nostra has set up a promising politician to be blackmailed, with the intention of gaining control of a state. Erskine goes undercover as a passenger on the cruise ship. But a member of Cosa Nostra's high commission is also aboard -- and he can recognize Erskine.
21 Apr. 1968
The Tunnel
A prison break turns deadly when a sheriff's deputy is murdered by one of the fleeing prisoners. The FBI is summoned. Erskine and Colby discover the case is more complicated than it appears. The key escapee is an expert at digging tunnels to attempt bank robberies. The organizer of the job plans to tunnel to a bank vault in New York City that contains $15 million at any one time.
28 Apr. 1968
The Mercenary
John Whiting is part of a Communist espionage ring. He specializes in blackmailing leading executives of defense contractors. Hugh Zimmerman, one of his targets, balks and the two engage in a vicious fight. By accident, Zimmerman falls out of a hotel window to his death. Whiting's superiors pressure him to come up with an alternate way to obtain information on a top secret U.S. project. Erskine and Colby are assigned by the FBI to investigate Zimmerman's death and end the spy ring's activities.
22 Sep. 1968
Wind It Up and It Betrays You
A Communist Bloc spy turns up dead from a heart attack, putting Erskine and Colby on the trail of an espionage ring. The group's target is four scientists. The spies plan to exert enough pressure on one of them to gain access to a top secret project. Erskine goes undercover as a security official at the institute where the scientists work.
29 Sep. 1968
Out of Control
After a border patrol officer is found dead, the FBI begin investigating the operations of a wildcat oil company. What they discover is way beyond just a simple murder.
6 Oct. 1968
The Quarry
Michael Riley has been running numbers while working on his brother's truck. He intends to cash out and go off with his girlfriend. But he's now a fugitive from the law after the FBI gets a tip about the numbers running. Riley is also on the hit list of the Cosa Nostra, which wants to shut Riley up permanently. Erskine and Colby lead the FBI's manhunt for Riley, trying to get to the young man before the Cosa Nostra does.
13 Oct. 1968
The Runaways
John Evans is on the run after killing another ex-con who told him about a family in Pennsylvania who supposedly keeps a great deal of money at home. The fugitive ends up in the company of Jess Orkin, a 14-year-old runaway. Evans manipulates Jess; the boy breaks into a farmhouse and steals food and medical supplies while Evans tries to recover from a gunshot wound. Erskine and Colby are on the trail of the runaways. They hope to get to Jess before Evans commits his next crime -- which almost certainly will result in fatalities if he succeeds.
20 Oct. 1968
Death of a Fixer
A Cosa Nostra "fixer" is hit in Newark for bungling an attempted bribe. But the killing is witnessed by a teenage girl. She narrowly escapes but left behind her yearbook. Erskine goes undercover in Florida to gather evidence against the Mafia official who ordered the murder. Meanwhile, the Cosa Nostra "high commission" orders that the girl be liquidated. If Erskine falters in his assignment, the good is as good as dead.
3 Nov. 1968
The Enemies
Erskine and Colby investigate the theft by a spy ring of a material important to the U.S. space program. The operative who committed the theft, Ralph Stuart, was wounded. Bleeding, Stuart seeks refuge at the home of an old Army buddy, who had been a medic.
10 Nov. 1968
The Nightmare
Howard Converse, deep in gambling debt and with a wife in an iron lung, has embezzled $250,000 from the bank where he works. He flees as bank examiners begin their review of the bank's books. Erskine and Colby lead the FBI's search for the fugitive bank officer. Meanwhile, Converse is in danger for his life. Part of his getaway plan calls for riding with an ex-con and his child bride. The ex-con learns who his passenger is -- and he intends to kill Converse and keep the money for himself.
17 Nov. 1968
Vincent Gray, just before being released from prison, is given the kiss of death from La Cosa Nostra. Erskine sees an opportunity for a breakthrough in the bureau's ongoing war with the Mafia. If the FBI can pressure Gray successfully, it can gather information to put away Mafia officials. Meanwhile, La Cosa Nostra intends to make good on the kiss of death that Gray has received.
24 Nov. 1968
The Harvest
In Pennsylvania, two of three bank robbers are slain and the haul is stolen. The third robber is taken into custody and admits he was part of the robbery but isn't able to provide Erskine many details. Meanwhile, George Wilson and James Reed, who killed the robbers, have traveled to northern California, intending to pull another job. A third man, who set up the killing of the banker robbers, tries to flee the country but is captured by Erskine and Colby. At the same time, Wilson, who has gotten a job at a winery in California, has fallen in love with Lisa, who runs ...
1 Dec. 1968
The Intermediary
A major jewel collection has been stolen in New York by a group of thieves who had detailed knowledge of the security precautions used to safeguard the collection. But the caper goes awry when one of the men is photographed leaving the upscale jewelry store where the robbery took place. Erskine will risk his life to bring the thieves to justice.
8 Dec. 1968
The Butcher
A former Nazi with the nickname "the Butcher" surfaces in New York. One of his former victims tries unsuccessfully to kill him. Erskine and Colby are on the man's trail but soon encounter more, including Dryden, a wealthy man who is financing neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. The Nazi, meanwhile, is able to blend in with those he hates the most, making it especially difficult for the FBI men to catch him.
15 Dec. 1968
The Flaw
Glen Parmenter is a brilliant KGB spy operating in the U.S. He has one flaw: he's deaf and relies on lip reading to understand what people are saying. Erskine goes undercover to smash the spy ring Parmenter is operating. Erskine's undercover identity also has a flaw: the make-believe identity has a deep secret that would attract spies to blackmail him. The question is whether Erskine's cover identity will hold up long enough to complete his assignment alive.
22 Dec. 1968
The Hero
Daniel Sayres, son of a war hero, pretends to be an Air Force officer to seduce well-to-do women into marrying him for their money. One such scam has gone badly, with the new bride confronting Sayers only hours after they were married. In a rage, he kills her and the case attracts the interest of the FBI. Sayers is forced to seek a new target. Erskine and Colby begin to put the pieces together. The question is whether they can solve the puzzle in time to prevent another death.
29 Dec. 1968
The Widow
Three people - two men and a woman - prey on soldiers. The woman, Joyce Carr, entices a sergeant to marry her while one of the men kill him. The new widow then cashes in on the sergeant's insurance. Erskine and Colby are sent to oversee the case. In the interim, the two men unsuccessfully try to rob a bank. Now, they plan to lure another soldier to his doom for the insurance.

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