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1 Jan. 1967
The Raid
A former convict recognizes another ex-con, known as the "Iceman," arriving at a Los Angeles apartment building. The former convict drives to a telephone booth at a nearby drive-in and attempts to call the FBI. The Iceman intercepts him and stabs him with an icepick in the chest. The Iceman flees, but the convict survives long enough to get another man to call the Bureau. Dying, the former convict provides the FBI with information about the Iceman. It turns out the killer is part of a gang of bank robbers led by Scott Martin. The gang has already killed two people, ...
8 Jan. 1967
Passage into Fear
Hanna Crandall, a witness in a trial against an intelligence operative of a Communist nation, panics. She hurriedly disguises herself and buys a train ticket from New York to Quebec. She's not aware that assassins in the employ of that country are on the train with her. Hanna also befriends a male passenger, who realizes something is wrong but has trouble reaching out to Hanna. Erskine and Rhodes figure out she's on the train and manage to get aboard. Now the FBI agents must protect her before the killers can complete their mission.
15 Jan. 1967
The Courier
The FBI, investigating the theft of plans for a new cobalt bomb, comes across a Communist spy ring. One of its members is Juliet Sinclair, who runs an Asian orphanage and also an operative for Red China. She is flying to Los Angeles to take a girl from the orphanage to a couple, the Kenyons. The girl, however, the night before the trip, discovers Juliet Sinclair's secret. What the girl doesn't know is the Kenyons are part of the same spy ring. Erskine and Rhodes must not only recover the missing information but also are in a race to prevent the girl from being ...
22 Jan. 1967
A Question of Guilt
Lt. Frank Harris, a tough plainclothes police officer, questions Joseph Spooner, a junkie informant, to try to break a case. After Harris drops Spooner off, he is beaten and killed by two hoods. Harris was the last person to see Spooner alive and the junkie's death sets off protests about police brutality. Erskine and Rhodes are called in to investigate before a volatile situation turns explosive.
29 Jan. 1967
The Gray Passenger
The Gray Passenger is when death visits a ship. Exactly that has occurred when a former president of a South American country has been murdered on a ship sailing off the Carolina coast en route to South America. The political situation in that nation is explosive, spurring the FBI to send agents Erskine and Rhodes to investigate. Erskine is the lead investigator while Rhodes poses as a sailor. The FBI men face many dangers. The murder is part of a plot that involves piracy and political intrigue.
5 Feb. 1967
The Conspirators
The Caldwell family is part of a Communist Cell in the San Francisco Bay area. The cell plans to blow up a U.S. ship sailing from Oakland to take war supplies to Vietnam. Erskine and Rhodes lead the FBI's investigation, which begins when Lester Milton is found murdered. Milton is a former Communist who renounced the party. John Caldwell, patriarch of the Caldwell family, is really Milton's brother. Milton was spotted by Communist operative Conrad Letterman, who is the mastermind behind the scheme to blow up the ship. The FBI races to apprehend Letterman, not knowing ...
12 Feb. 1967
Rope of Gold
A sophisticated hijacking operation steals specific shipments of vital products and arranges for them to be sold behind the Iron Curtain. Manning Fryes, an executive with knowledge of the shipments, is having an affair with a woman close to the hijacking ring. Erskine and Rhodes lead the FBI's probe. Fryes is under pressure to cooperate one last time, in this instance involving a shipment of $7 million in gold.
19 Feb. 1967
The Hostage
A three-person team of Eastern Bloc operatives led by Major Damian Sava arrives at a U.S. beach. They are discovered by a U.S. sailor. The sailor is killed so the spies can proceed with their mission. The sailor's death brings the FBI into the investigation, with Erskine and Rhodes leading the probe. The target of the spies is Anton Dieter; the spies intend to kidnap Dieter so he can be exchanged for a Soviet bloc operative captured by the FBI, who is now in the Atlanta federal prison.
26 Feb. 1967
Sky on Fire
George Bellamy, married just three months, has gotten another woman pregnant. That woman's brother meets Bellamy in a cabin in a national forest in the middle of a fire alert area. A fight breaks out. Bellamy accidentally kills the man. Bellamy, desperate, starts a fire he knows will set off a broader blaze to cover up the crime. As it becomes evident this was no accidental fire, the FBI is called in to investigate. as Erskine and Rhodes piece things together, Bellamy finds himself in deeper and deeper, especially after his pregnant girlfriend dies in the hospital.
5 Mar. 1967
Flight Plan
A painting worth $500,000 is stolen from a Washington museum. A former U.S. government official is seriously injured trying to stop the theft. The thief flies to Los Angeles, intending to sell it to a collector the thief has done business with before. The thief, though, gets more than he bargained for when he meets a woman who falls for him. Erskine and Rhodes don't have much to work with. The FBI men begin to put pressure on the collector. Meanwhile, the thief concludes he'll need to kill the woman to ensure her silence.
12 Mar. 1967
The Executioners: Part 1
Leo Roland, one of the chiefs of the Cosa Nostra, invokes the Fifth Amendments repeatedly when called before a federal grand jury in New York concerning a fraudulent bankruptcy. But his attorney, Carl Munroe, has learned the U.S. has turned up a witness that could get the mafia leader indicted. Roland, following a meeting of the Cosa Nostra's council, orders a hit on the witness, which is carried out by Paul Clementi, nephew of Ed Clementi, the other primary Cosa Nostra leader. Ed Clementi is unaware his nephew is Cupid, so named because he shoots his victims twice in...
19 Mar. 1967
The Executioners: Part 2
As Part II opens, Leo Roland is desperate. His close La Cosa Nostra associate, Ed Clementi, has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Clementi is desperate to get out of the rackets but Roland reminds Clementi of the oath he swore to La Cosa Nostra - the La Cosa Nostra comes before family and all else. Roland is prepared to order a hit on anybody Clementi knows who could be a potential witness. Meanwhile, Clementi's nephew, Paul, the hit man known to the authorities as "Cupid," has committed a potential fatal blunder. The FBI has recovered one of his teeth that was knocked ...
2 Apr. 1967
The Satellite
The son of a prominent New England industrialist has been kidnapped. Erskine's investigation is complicated when the father receives two ransom notes. One is genuine, the other a "satellite," an extortion demand by someone not actually involved in the kidnapping. Erskine believes the second ransom note is the real article; its phrasing points to a younger person. But the FBI must cover both ransom drops. Meanwhile, the real kidnapper grows more volatile, endangering the life of the kidnap victim.
9 Apr. 1967
Force of Nature
Operating on a tip, Erskine and Rhodes arrest Charles Burnett and Allen Cole just before they were going to commit murder and kidnapping. The tipster was Burnett's former wife, for whom he still has feelings. The ex-wife flees before the duo can be tried for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Now, the FBI agents and the conspirators are in a race to get to the ex-wife first. She has fled to the Florida Keys, where she was raised, just as a hurricane is closing in. Erskine and a wounded Rhodes are with the ex-wife as Burnett closes in.
16 Apr. 1967
The Extortionist
Avila, a rancher, is being threatened by an extortionist, who wants $200,000 or else he'll spread the virus for hoof-and-mouth disease throughout Avila's herd. The extortionist is being driven by jealousy, hate and bigotry. Erskine and Rhodes seek the extortionist's identity. Avila doesn't realize the threat is closer than he thinks.
17 Sep. 1967
The Gold Card
Paul Nichols, a long-time member of the Cosa Nostra, over 30 years organized the mob's illegal gambling network. He kills Denton, a Mafia member who has been skimming off the top. But the killing was done without a vote from the Cosa Nostra's "commission." Complicating the situation: Nichols has taken possession of "the book," a list of codes necessary to the running of the gambling operation. The FBI learns through an informant that Nichols may be participating in a high-stakes poker game. Erskine recruits Doc Cameron, once a successful gambler who was nearly killed ...
24 Sep. 1967
An Eastern Bloc courier is shot and captured at an airport while entering the U.S. The courier had hidden tape intended for a mysterious operative known only as "Alexander." Erskine goes undercover, taking the place of the courier. He quickly discovers the situation is more complicated than he imagined. The FBI inspector is now in the middle of an espionage ring with conflicting allegiances. Alexander is loyal to Moscow, while other members now are loyal to China. On top of that, the courier Erskine is portraying was hired to kill Alexander. Colby and other FBI men ...
8 Oct. 1967
Blood Verdict
A juror in a trial in Oregon turns up dead. It appears to be an accident. In reality, it was the result of a fight after the juror decided not to accept a bribe from George Owens, desperate to keep his son from being convicted. The FBI is called in at the request of the U.S. Attorney's office. Owens now intends to pressure another member of the jury by threatening the man's wife. With jury deliberations underway, Erskine and Colby move to protect the wife of the juror before it's too late.
15 Oct. 1967
A murder at a baseball game is the starting point for an intense FBI espionage investigation led by Erskine and Colby. Steve Ramsey, on the surface, is the successful president of a major corporation. He is really a traitor to the U.S. and under the control of the woman posing as his administrative assistant. Before the case is over, the death toll will increase and Erskine must solve a puzzle that extends back to World War II.
22 Oct. 1967
By Force and Violence: Part 1
Max Griswold has been on the run from the law for years and has established a new life for himself. But David Spiers, one of his former confederates, has identified him while plotting a robbery that could yield $3 million. To ensure Griswold's cooperation, Spiers has set up a kidnapping of Griswold's estranged son. Meanwhile, the kidnapping of the younger Griswold has come to the notice of The FBI's Inspector Erskine. The FBI man believes there's more to the kidnapping of the young Griswold than appears on the surface. Meanwhile, the gang that Spiers has recruited has...
29 Oct. 1967
By Force and Violence: Part 2
Max Griswold, desperate to save the life of his kidnapped son, has figured out how to stage a robbery that could yield at least $3 million. Erskine and Colby, meanwhile, diligently follow up leads as Erskine figures out the plot. The FBI needs to capture the gang while trying to save the life of Griswold's son.
5 Nov. 1967
A Sleeper Wakes
An Eastern Bloc nation seeks to prevent the defection of Gerald Salzman, one of its key officials, to the U.S. Salzman's wife has already flown to the U.S. with forged papers. Sylvia Prince, who acts as a messenger and coordinator of espionage operations, has activated a sleeper agent who supposedly defected to the U.S. six years earlier. The plot of the conspirators is to kidnap Mrs. Salzman to force him to go back to his homeland. The FBI is on the case after a U.S. State Department official, who knows Salzman, is murdered. Erskine and Colby race to rescue Mrs. ...
12 Nov. 1967
Former boxer Charles Nyack is paroled after serving two years in prison for assault. He is planning revenge against the woman whose testimony but him behind bars. When his friend who is driving him from prison objects to his plans, Nyack knocks him out and leaves him by the wayside where he later dies. A massive power blackout complicates the FBI's efforts to find Nyack before he kills his intended victim, who is staying with her mother in a remote house.
26 Nov. 1967
Line of Fire
In Los Angeles, an FBI stakeout goes awry. The bureau is on the lookout for Judson, a hitman who is part of the southern Florida syndicate. As Erskine leads the FBI's arrest of Judson, the hitman's partner, Macklin, drives up and begins shooting. Judson is hit amid the crossfire. Macklin flees and forces his way into a car driven by a nurse. Judson dies on the operating table. It turns out the syndicate has ordered both Macklin and Judson be killed. Now, the FBI must take Macklin alive to try to obtain information about the syndicate. The nurse, meanwhile, has a ...
3 Dec. 1967
Blueprint for Betrayal
Karl Reiman, an Eastern Bloc spy posing as a journalist, has been assigned to seduce Julie Kipp, who works for a U.S. security agency. Reiman's estranged wife shows up, threatening to expose him. Col. Frederic Maas, an official at the U.S. embassy of the Eastern Bloc country, orders the murder of Mrs. Reiman to get her out of the way. The killing brings the FBI into the case. Reiman's mission is to obtain intelligence about what the U.S. would do in the event of a war between the Soviet Union and China ahead of a diplomatic conference in Toronto. Erskine decides to ...
10 Dec. 1967
False Witness
Lynn Hallett has been implicated in a bank robbery, including an eyewitness identifying her as one of the participants. Erskine isn't convinced and presses on with his investigation. After a wounded bank guard dies, Lynn flees in the company of her boyfriend, Mike James. But James intends to participate in robbery in Long Beach, causing Lynn to reconsider. Erskine and Colby track down the real bank robbers and try to catch up to Lynn before it's too late.
31 Dec. 1967
The Legend of John Rim
John Rim, on the run after killing three men in a barroom bombing, returns to his homeland, a swamp area where both the land and the locals are rather inhospitable to strangers. Erskine and Colby decide that just a few FBI agents would have better luck with the locals than a large platoon would. But the locals refuse to believe that John Rim is a murderer, though he has now also killed an old man in the area that found him in his house. Erskine tries to persuade Rim's wife, who is now in love with John's brother Frank.

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