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Season 9

30 Sep. 1973
The Confession
Abel Norton, personal manager for diva singer Darlene Clark, snaps. His son has died in an operation. Darlene had told Abel she'd arrange for a top surgeon to perform the operations but -- unconcerned with others -- never bothered to follow through. Now, Abel has kidnapped Darlene's daughter as the singer prepares to open a show in Las Vegas. Erskine and Daniels have to cope with a less-than-cooperative Darlene while trying to apprehend the kidnapper. Meanwhile, Abel has an unusual ransom demand -- he wants Darlene to tell the audience about a hit-and-run accident in ...
21 Oct. 1973
The Exchange
Two men rob a horse racing track of $250,000. They earlier kidnapped the wife of the head cashier to ensure his cooperation and to provide inside information how to accomplish the robbery. Despite their preparation, the heist goes back and the men are forced to hide their haul at the track. They now want the cashier to get the money for them. But the FBI is already on the case and Erskine and Daniels apprehend the cashier. Erskine takes the place of the cashier in a bid to win the freedom of the kidnap victim.
28 Oct. 1973
Tower of Terror
Michael Staley, a mentally disturbed Korean War veteran, is determined to show he is important. His former sergeant in the service, now a criminal, is imprisoned and recently killed a guard trying to escape. Staley plants a bomb in a Minneapolis high rise building and sends an anonymous note to the FBI demanding his former sergeant be freed. Erskine and Daniels lead the bureau's efforts to find the bomb before it's too late.
30 Dec. 1973
27 Jan. 1974
Selkirk's War
Selkirk, a former Army officer, is bitter that he was never promoted beyond major. He breaks out two prisoners from the stockade of an Army base in Arizona. As Erskine and Daniels investigate, it's clear that Selkirk has an impressive collection of weapons. The two prisoners were labeled "incorrigibles" by the Army and their expertise includes demolition. Selkirk's target is a $750,000 Army payroll -- and he has the means and the intelligence to pull off the job.
17 Feb. 1974
The Animal
Ben Sillman, an East Coast hitman nicknamed the Animal, pulls off an escape from a federal courthouse, where he is being tried for income tax evasion. He shoots two federal marshals. Erskine and Daniels head up the FBI's manhunt, working with Tom Colby, Erskine's former partner who now agent in charge of the bureau's west coast office. Sillman is on the outs with the East Coast mob and tries to force a West Coast mobster to help him flee the country. Complicating the FBI's search is the fact Sillman has kidnapped a woman for possible leverage.
24 Feb. 1974
The Two Million Dollar Hit
Erskine and Daniels are on the trail of a gang that has stolen $20 million in travelers checks. The gang has been promised 10 percent, or $2 million, upon delivery to a fence. The fence, however, will now only pay $500,000. The gang's leader has other ideas. The FBI tries to catch up to the gang before the travelers checks can be transported to Hong Kong.
17 Mar. 1974
Deadly Ambition
Ernie Cahn leads a holdup of an armored car near Detroit. Cahn and his confederates had first stolen explosives from a National Guard armory which they then used in the heist. But Cahn, brash and arrogant, traits that will prove his undoing. Erskine and Daniels lead the bureau's hunt for Cahn. But Cahn may not survive long enough to be apprehended by the FBI. Cahn's employers have concluded he's a liability and plan to have to him killed.
24 Mar. 1974
The Lost Man
Erskine and Daniels pursue Greg Jennings, who escaped a federal prison just one year before his five-year term was up. Jennings was convicted of trying to blackmail a congressman. It turns out that the blackmail plan was devised by Mason Hammond, a prominent columnist and author, as a way to get out from under his gambling debts. Jennings wants revenge on Hammond and is determined to get it.
28 Apr. 1974
Erskine and Daniels spearhead the FBI's manhunt for Belson, an escaped federal prisoner. Erskine captures Belson but, just before that, Daniels is critically injured because of a high fall. The Jeep and the radio of the FBI men has been disabled because of rifle shots fired by Belson. Erskine, miles from the nearest town, must try to bring in Belson while keeping Daniels alive. The devious Belson bides his time, waiting for the right time to strike.

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