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4 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11242
Brawlers Nathan and Philip spent New Years Eve in a police cell, disputing whether Melanie should elope or whether questioning that is unfair to Stephanie. Philip is bailed out, but Stephanie tears up the forms when she learns how much Nathan apparently still cares for Melanie. Victor throws Justin out of the mansion after catching him kissing Hope, actually to cover up searching Vivian's room. Brady visits totally disheartened Nicole on jail and pleads against giving up the fight for freedom.
5 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11243
Elvis manages to talk Sami out of informing Rafe, who got good and bad news from an FBI friend, about a code letter from Sydney's kidnapping, which he deciphers so they can contact her by phone to learn it's a mother and the first demand is $5,000,000 cash, which he withdraws. Troy hires hit-man Al to eliminate Arianna, who is taking stock, can't keep Gabi home to help but gets it offered by pub-visiting lover Brady.
7 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11245
D.A. Woods fails to talk adoptive son Chad out of attending Nicoel's trial. She confesses and accepts 'any punishment', but Elvis and Sami nearly incur contempt of court convictions when they cry out against Brady's testimony, the minimal sentence for 'exemplary contrition' and judge Goldberg's sneering at their own colorful to criminal records. Elvsi pays the ransom, but tracks the calls to brother Tony's widow Anna.
8 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11246
Rafe proudly resumes work as FBI agent. Will has had enough of victim-playing Mia's double games and dumps her as just too troublesome. Elvis visits Anna, whom he actually instructed to secretly keep Sydney for him. While packing for a dream cruise with Maggie, Mickey died from cardiac arrest. Justin openly has had enough if playing nice gay and excuse for pig-headed Bo and Hope messing up their own marriage.
11 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11247
Having failed to persuade rival Philip, Nathan tries to talk Melanie out of 'eloping' to Vegas. Vivian finds out, accepts that 'son' Philip refuses her wedding planner services or any part in his life but gets him to accept an heirloom jewel as 'something old'. Troy instructs his hit-man to find a silencer to eliminate Arianna. Victor and Brady scold each-other for consorting with bitches Nicole viz. Vivian. When Nathan an Melanie here about Mikey's demise, he offers to move back in and she to cut her honeymoon to support Maggie, but she insists not to waste precious ...
12 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11248
Elvis assures Anna he'll soon be able to take Sydney home for good. Then he goes to Sami, and allows her, against reason, to tell Rafe about the ransom note, but that changes her mind to following his advice to keep the FBI out of the case. Nathan senses that the surprise kiss with Melanie proves they're not over, but she denies that and tell nothing to Philip, who lets her decides whether to cancel their honeymoon, against family advise. Rafe encourages Will at least to be friends again with Mia now they both mourn Maggie. Hope tells her father Doug it's probably too...
13 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11249
Troy stalks Arianna even in the pub, but Brady assures people he's harmless. She overhears Chloe tells Daniel her theory that Brady will only be interested in her while she needs a savior, just as happened to them in Europe and he became addicted. Philip and Stephanie sense that Nathan and Melanie are hiding something, but let her appease them. Lucas's hug clams Maggie's panic over Mickey's last message being deleted, but Hope screams to the gathered kin when she sees Carly with Bo, so the adultery is outed.
14 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11250
Elvis is not impressed when Stefano questions why he sold shares beneath value, just snaps he's paying the ransom but won't allow the grandfather access to Sydney once she's returned. Rafe overhears them, amused. Vivian tells Victor Carly has a daughter in Salem, presumably Mia, who already disapproves strongly of her part in Bo's marriage breakdown. Nathan is somewhat relieved that Melanie and Philip delayed their honeymoon plans.
15 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11251
Elvis spares no emphasis to talk Sami out of informing Rafe at the last moment, yet when they go deliver the cash ransom, the FBI agent appears there too. Chad can invite three friends to his parents' Vancouver holiday house, so he asks Will, Mia and surprised, hesitant Gabi. Victor isn't impressed when Vivian calls it near-certain that Mia is Carly's daughter, but considers it all the worse given her past with Nicole and orders Vivian to make sure and deal with them 'now'.
18 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11252
Elvis realizes that Rafe guessed about the ransom and comes clean, tries secretly to warn Znna but can't reach her by phone. Roman calls Arianna from bed fun with Brady to warn that her undercover deal is about to be canceled an he can't prevent that. After two failed attempts to killer her, Troy calls off the hit-man, hoping to do it himself at a trap, so he promises her a meeting where the drug lord may attend himself. Vivian, slapped with a restraining order by Bo, urges Gus to find out if Mia is Carly's daughter and take over tailing her. Melanie openly despises ...
19 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11253
Nathan is puzzled when Stephanie arranged his hospital shift to be covered for a pub meeting with her, pleased when it's to hand him a prize for saving Chloe which grandpa Mikey still got to admire just before his cardiac demise. Philip waves an effort from Vivian, whom Gus can't bring proof so fast, to have him inform 'mother' about Carly, but Brady dares not simply refuse.
20 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11254
After the ransom is collected, only a note delivered stating the FBI was warned, so Sydey isn't returned. Elvis's fears as a woman was arrested give way when Rafe must acknowledge her alibi, so he scolds the FBI for 'ruining the exchange'. Preparing for the winter Olympics holiday with Tad, Chad seems happy with Gabi and to leave Mia to Will, but she wines at Grace's grave, feeling wickedly guilty for still desiring both lovable boys. Overheard that Melanie now wants a grand wedding, Philip again turns down Vivian's services as wedding planner. Hope absurdly considers...
21 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11255
Elvis is delighted that his plan works, surprising Anna that they don't keep the ransom but Sydney. Rafe is bitter over Sami's lack of trust, she because the FBI may have messed up the ransom transfer. Nathan claims to resign to Melanie marrying Philip. Vivian starts bonding with Melanie over the bridal dress choice but still wonders who is Carly's daughter and if her enemy perhaps returned to Salem just for Bo.
22 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11256
Troy's attempt to strangle Arianna is foiled by passing-by Elvis, who pretends not to know Troy. Carly's absurdly-vehement hostility to Vivian for approaching Melanie, whose wedding dress gets coffee-stained in the turmoil, only arouses suspicion she may by Carly's bastard daughter, so Gus is instructed to make sure. Brady is not amused when Chloe insists that jailed Nicole, who told him to stay away, needs his comfort.
25 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11257
Troy is facing jail after cocaine was found is his car, but he promises EJ to keep quiet if protected inside. His outcry that Arianna, whom he saw whispering with Roman, must be a narc, aimed at Elvis, arouses suspicion, notably from Brady, about her savior's part. Kate fails to appease Stefano's anger at his son's 'treason' and rekindles Philip's bitter attitude by suggesting he shouldn't allow his bride to consort with 'poisonous' Vivian. Voctor is not amused with the latest theory about Carly's daughter and warns Vivian he'll take over unless he gets results fast.
26 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11258
Rafe sadly reproaches Sami to have wrecked the ransom surveillance by being unable to truly trust him. To Philip's relief, Victors nearly chokes in laughter when asked if he loves seemingly inseparable Vivian. Informed that Roman can't prevent Arianna being jailed again now her undercover mission fell trough, Rafe blackmails the FBI to undo that or face a public scandal. Finding baby medicine in Elvis's coat, Stefano suspects foul play, but Sami helps him by confirming they use it for Johhny. Victor's mood turns grimly gloomy when Vivian shows proof, found by Gus, ...
27 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11259
Rafe bitterly complains that Elvis's and even Sami's mistrust of the FBi, including him, caused the ransom note to be cleared off fingerprints except EJ's, but he retorts his people checked it and found nothing. While Carly has nightmares of Vivian executing her to avenge Lawrence, he appears to Vivian to insist on cruel revenge, not simple elimination as Victor demands for Bo's sake.
28 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11260
Elvis is delighted, playing the worried-sick father, while the kidnapping causes a breakup between Sami and Rafe, who moves out after she reproaches him to help his drug-dealing sister, over whether the FBI had to be brought in. Nathan assures Stephanie ho no longer cares about Melanie or her marriage with Philip, nor objects to her meeting them. Daniel assures Melanie, to little avail, that he knows Carly as good and Vivian as dangerously evil. Chloe makes Stephanie promise not to tell Daniel she wants his baby desperately.
29 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.11261
Elvis is furious when he finds Arianna, who came to the mansion to thank him for preventing Troy from strangling her, answering his secured phone. Afterard, Anna is reprimanded for having identified herself. Rafe swears he won't rest until Sydney is found and hopes he and Sami may get back together afterward. Victor, after pulling from her that Melanie is Carly's daughter, forbids Vivian to carry trough the planned execution of, after all, Philip's bride. Brady demands that Roman saves and protects Arianna, won't listen and vows to do so himself. Carly wins Melanie's ...
1 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11262
Chad thanks his father for the Olympic Vancouver trip with friends, but after jealous Mia pretends to the DA to of that party, startled Chad hears it's canceled. Indignant ex Nathan finds Melanie unable to stand his touch long enough for a medical examination of his hand. Vivian confides in amused Gus she plans to take revenge on Carly at Melanie's wedding.
2 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11263
Elvis pulls rank on Anna, warning she must obey him blindly. Gus prepares Vivian's revenge plans. Nathan's stress makes him waver in surgery. Roman tells Arianna Rafe got her off the hook, even officially commended, for the undercover operation, she mentions his ex Anna is back in Salem, but when he calls she pretends still to be in Spain. Justin laughs at Victor's warning not to compromise Bo's wedding, since Hope left before he even arrived. Snooping in Vivian's room, they find proof that Carly has a daughter.
3 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11264
Elvis serves an eviction notice to Stefano, who still assures Kate things will return to normal once Sydney is found, which Rafe prays and vows to do. Stefano tells Kate to make up with Philip, who demands she shares the maternal place at his wedding with Vivian, who, trough Gus, orders from Mr. Lee in Chinatown a lethal wedding gift. Daniel rebukes Carly's meddling in Nathan's private life and finds it's Melanie she's oversensitive about. Roman is not impressed by Anna's improvised excuse and calls her bluff about visiting Sami.
4 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11265
Rafe wonders why Anna is in Salem and kept that secret, gets an evasive response from Evis, then finds her visiting Sami and obviously skittish. Vivian boasts about her wedding gift to Melanie but decides against handing her the poisoned silver comb before the wedding, only to found it stolen by jealous Kate. After initial protest, Sami agrees to let Elvis take Johhny on a pirate island weekend trip.
5 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11266
Rafe senses that probing about Anna hits a raw nerve with Elvis, who afterwards furiously orders her to leave Salem, unpaid and without Sydney. Caught by Melanie with Vivan's wedding gift, Kate pretends to have made up and chipped in for it. Vivan arrives just in time to stop them opening it and deny, which sets the bride running. Kate overhears Vivian discuss plans with the package over the phone with Gus. Nathan is relieved that Stephanie prefers discussing their ski trip rather then the wedding. Father Matt warns infertile Chloe against hoping for a pregnancy ...
8 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11267
After Rafe admits still loving her, he and Sami kiss up straight into bed, he moves back in. Elvis orders 'incompetent traitor' Anna to hand Sydney over to a goon and leave Salem penniless, but lets her persuade him the baby bonded with her, hoping Rafe is off track and Sami duly punished with loneliness. The wedding eve, Nathan overdoes drinking away his sorrow, sort of slips out he still loves the bride and is brought home by her and Stephanie. Melanie now gets ice cold feet. After talking to Kate, Carly guesses that Vivian found out.
9 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11268
Lucas firmly turns down Chloe's request trough Daniel for playing with his daughter as disruptive. Gus helps Vivian prepare the toxic gift trap after she and Philip's arrival convince the bride not to cancel the wedding on account of her feelings for Nathan. Brady proposes to Arianna. Kate's warning to Philip about Vivian only earns her a warning to shut up or be banned from the wedding.
10 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11269
Nathan wrongly believes to have calmed down Carly by promising he'll pass a message to the wedding, but before she can slip out, Gus intrudes, disguised as orderly, to drug Carly and wheel her out. Stefano retracts his initial refusal to accompany Kate to the wedding, anticipating an enjoyable disaster. Victor promises Philip, who waved Lucas's fraternal warning against precipitously marrying like he did, unconditional support, having accepted his choice of bride out of paternal love. Vivian insures that her poisoned comb gift will be worn, but the bridesmaids prevent...
11 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11270
Whiling wedding guests fill the church, Nathan arranges to be rostered in so he doesn't have to attend. Bridesmaid Stephanie doesn't give him the bride's note and pretends he wasn't even interested. So Melanie prepares for the altar, with Vivian's poisoned comb. Gus is overpowered by Carly, who tricks Vivian to come to them and calls the police. Vivian assures her it's too late to save her daughter.
12 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11271
Philip's wedding finally goes ahead. Lucas bickers with Stephano, Nathan hesitates at the church gate. Gus wakes up, observes Vivian being held at gunpoint by Hope and Carly, pushes a heavy pile of crates over them and thus turns the tables. Hvaing heard Viuctor switched the poisoned comb, Vivian rushes back to murder the bride another way, but meanwhile Carly wrestles loose and takes unconscious Hope's gun. Elvis is furious to see that Rafe won back Sami, who refuses to acknowledge Rafe is to blame for the loss of Sydney or even that it's probably final.
16 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11272
Lucas clearly dislikes Will's crush on Mia, who is delighted by his gift, but the kids ignore him and leave, like Nathan and Stephanie, who go to a ski lodge for a new start together. Elvis is determined that Sami must be utterly unhappy, not consoled by Rafe, who arranges a precinct interview with Anna. Brady nearly proposes publicly to Arianna, but she stops him shyly. After agreeing they want to know the baby's gender, Daniel must confirm the grim echo finding: Chloe isn't pregnant after all. By the time Carly arrives with Hope's gun, Vivian has lured Melanie to ...
17 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11273
Daniel operates on Melanie, uncertain if her life can be saved. Philip is stunned to learn that not Vivian but Carly shot his bride, and claims to be her biological mother. Oblivious of the drama, Nathan and Stephanie enjoy the romantic mountain lodge, mostly in bed. Rafe questions Anna after Elvis preps her to give nothing away. Victor scolds Vivian but still sides with her by demanding murderer Carly be arrested. Daniel explains painstakingly to Chkoe, in desperate denial, that she's the honest victim of an imaginary pregnancy.
18 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11274
Rafe concentrates on his FBI search for Sydney, after the discovery of blooded cloths planted by Elvis, which finally stirs Sami's emotions to disgust for 'cold cop' Rafe. Daniel reports Melanie's surgery was a relative success, but the blood-loss may still have lasting consequences. Kate fears Philip's revenge, not just on Carly, if he looses his bride, yet Victor makes clear he now hopes as much to eliminate Carly.
19 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11275
Still oblivious of the shooting, Nathan enjoys sharing the bed with Stephanie, uninterested when she tries to come clean about Melanie's letter to him. While Philip is startled that Carly shot his bride, she violates her terms of release from police custody into Bo's care, to slip into Melanie's room. Daniel wants to convince desperate Chloe she doesn't have to bear his children.
22 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11276
Rafe wonders about Elvis's hostility. Philip furiously scolds Vivian a virtual murderer, Victor approves and passes a desperate interrogation by Bo easily. Melanie, having regained conscience, is not amused but at Daniel's suggestion allows a sneak-in visit from Carly, who tries to explain it was all Vivian's fault. Brady rebukes Ariana's repeated objections to his concern for Nicole.
23 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11277
Elvis arranged fake passports so he may take Gianni and Sydney away and leave Sami desperate missing both. He enjoys stirring Sami to push Rafe away as 'insensitive' for focusing on missing, presumed-dead Sydney, but ignores that she happens to see Rafe in tears while working the case. Philips hears Melanie screaming near-hysterical, as Carly refuses to leave, and comes to the rescue, while Daniel calms her down and later admits to Chloe his child-wish probably makes him side with the rejected parent. Lawrence's specter convinces Vivian to risk whatever it takes to ...
24 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11278
While reconciled Rafe and Sami comfort each-other in bed and Stefano is already in tears over Sydney's presumed death, Elvis snaps his trap by announcing he's taking Johnny away from him, having cued only Anna he's leaving Salem forever with both kids. Philip reluctantly calls Carly to Melanie, who wants to know 'who she is', but hearing about Lawernce and Trent not being her biological father only adds to her tearful despair. Victor warns Hope she would better mind her marriage and help eliminate Craly, not Vivian.
25 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11279
Will is delighted to see Rafe back home, Elvis so frustrated to see Sami comforted in his arms in bed that he breaks a vase and reconsiders leaving with the kids, fearing she won't be miserable enough for life. Stefano agrees to have the DiMera men respect the territory deal with Victor. Melanie, feeling a loser and curse for her loved ones, tells Carly to go away forever when she refuses to divulge her biological father's identity, only to confide in startled Daniel it's him.
26 Feb. 2010
Episode #1.11280
Finding Sami happily in bed with Rafe when he comes collect Johhny to disappear, Elvis decides she won't be miserable enough and decides to break the couple up first, so he fakes a ransom to convince her Sydney may be alive but the FBI may not know. Gus is arrested and threatened with long incarceration unless he testifies against Vivian, who meanwhile mentally abandons revenging Lawrence at Melanie's expense. Daniel is shocked by Carly's admission he's Melanie's father and bitter he and his daughter were separated all her youth.
1 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11281
Elvis convinces fickle Sami, with great and skillful effort, to withhold the new ransom from Rafe, who is bound to get suspicious now both refuse to go trough with the planned informal memorial for Sydney at the docks. Daniel decides against telling Melanie yet he's her father, fearing she's too weak, and bitterly scolds Carly's secretiveness. Maggie hides what probably are the symptoms of a cardiac problem.
2 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11282
Elvis is delighted to see that Sami believes the video he had Anna shoot of Sydney to render the fake ransom claim credible and is eager to see if she'll confide in Rafe, who is frustrated that Roman agrees to let him check records of all people who knew what the kidnappers needed to but warns they were checked sixfold before. Chad cheerfully invites Gabi to an action movie, yet accepts instead jealous Mia's diversion invitation to 'devise a way to cheer up Will'. Brady is disappointed when Roman inform him Nicole's refusal to see him is final and rebukes Ariana's ...
3 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11283
Nathan and Stephanie consider prolonging their cabin holiday, dreaming of country life, until he notices urgent messages from Caroline. To Elvis's relief, a virus downloaded with the ransom video proves that Sami doesn't confide it to Rafe, who clearly smells foul play from them. Chloe is shocked when Carly, who stupidly assumed she knew, tells that Daniel is Melanie's father. He warns Carly her life will be hell if anyone tells his daughter before him.
4 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11284
Nathan finds out and returning to hospital duty, Stephanie when meeting Philip, about Melanie's shooting, and worry about her viz. their relationship. Daniel and accidentally informed Chloe commonly scold Carly's secrecy, which now also rocks their marriage over his 'exhausted' child-wish. Vivian assures Victor to have abandoned her murder plan.
5 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11285
Will's arrival calms Rafe and Sami down. Elvis tells Anna to pack to leave for good and pays her the ransom, yet returns Sydney home. Philip can barely control Melanie's rage over a hostile interrogation by Bo, who still tries to prevent Carly being charged for attempted murder and is delighted by Hope's unexpected offer to help. Daniel can't stand by and confides just having learned he's Melanie's father.
8 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11286
Failed mother Carly is firmly told off or scolded by Nathan, whom she dared question for his absence during the wedding, Daniel, who refuses to discuss his parenting with her, and Melanie, who refuses to speak to her at all. Elvis enjoys his savior hero role and brings Sami and Sydney home to the mansion. Rafe and Roman however insist to investigate the 'ransom exchange' and openly consider him uncooperative.
9 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11287
When Rafe gets Sami to admits she didn't confide in him about the ransom, Elvis and she expect a row, but he assures them Sydney's safe return is the important thing. Brady proposes to Arianna with a ring in champagne in bed, but she swallows it. Hearing Nathan ignores about the letter on her wedding day, Melanie wonders if and why bridesmaid Stefanie lied about delivering it. Elvis warns Stefano that nothing changed between them.
10 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11288
Rafe calmly but smugly supervises Elvis's questioning by a menial cop, even c controls himself when Sami considers to let EJ spend the night with them and the reunited kids. Nathan is worried about Melanie, suspecting she never got over him. Stephanie is scolded for withholding the letter but blackmails Melanie as it could now compromise her marriage to Philip. Brady grudgingly accepts that Ariana turns down his proposal as premature.
11 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11289
Rafe remains calm as Elvis moves in for a while. Brady and Arianna enjoy a probably long engagement. In jail, Nicole terrorizes her weaker cell mate Tiffany, but having overplayed her hand with the name DiMera, agrees they may better come to terms, albeit hers. Anna greedily packs to move with the cash ransom. Daniel still ignores how to handle Melanie and learns about Maggie's condition.
12 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11290
As Rafe hopes, Sydney's kidnappers leave traces: Anna fails to pack all her belongings. Victor is startled to hear Daniel has a daughter, appalled to hear Carly is the mother and urges to remove her from the equation. Chloe visits Nicole in prison to tell Sydney is safely home.
15 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11291
Max visits Salem, on his way to a medical conference. Even her only trusted family (albeit adopted) can't talk her out of testifying against Carly as attempted murderer. Rafe has found a lead to the cabin, but Elvis's cleaning crew gave it an utterly abandoned appearance. Elvis acts annoyed when asked to inspect it with eager Sami, searching for clues about the kidnappers. While her flight to Costa Rica is delayed, Anna realizes that she left Sydney's picture behind and contact Elvis vaguely. In jail, Nicole endures punitive teeth brush cleaning chores and remembers ...
16 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11292
Nathan is shocked and disgusted to hear from Stephanie that she destroyed Melanie's letter to him, 'unread'. While Daniele argues against Melanie's request to cut Carly out of their lives, Philip sides with her intent to testify she attempted murder, Justin is forced to accept her guilty plea. Nicole rudely waves mother Fay's counsel while waiting anxiously for her bluff-blackmail to work on Anna, who leaves the flight to visit her in jail.
17 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11293
Kate convinces Will to babysit Sydney so she can visit her. Stefano comes along and begs some time with his granddaughter, but Elvis saw trough the tricks and breaks them up. In Will's absence, Chad is seduced again to kiss Mia and tells disappointed Gabi it's not fair to give her false hope, never having had closure. At Carly's trial, Melanie tells the judge having loathed her more after every meeting, yet not believing she mean to shoot her, so it's a homicide acquittal. In jail, Nicole and Anna bluff-duel whether the abduction theory is plausible enough for Roman ...
18 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11294
Victor hosts a fund-raiser for the governor but warns Vivian not to attend, which she ignores in a cheerful mood over Carly's presumed conviction, until Kate enjoys shattering that illusion. Nicole's bluff-blackmail, despite utter lack of proof, scares Anna into promising she'l attend and try to get her ex, the governor, to grant a pardon within 24 hours. Just after the trial, Melanie warns Carly she still hates her and wants no contact. Philip delights her by arranging they'll move in with Maggie, who needs discrete help due to her condition which otherwise only ...
19 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11295
Elvis asks Arianna to work for him permanently. Victor is in no mood to let Anna crash his political fund-raiser, but governor Jim Ford arrives and takes her along. Informed by Kate that Carly isn't convicted, Vivian switches from festive back to vindictive mode and warns her mark it isn't over.
22 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11296
Returning a ring found by Gabi to Mia, as proof she sleeps around and cheats on everyone, Will dumps her warning she'll end up alone. Confiding in the gym to Rafe, who judges he's better off without such a two-face, the knave sighs it still feels miserable. Unable to stop Theo telling Lexie too that according to Johhny, Sydney 'never left her parents' during the kidnapping, Elvis can only support the theory that Stefano had her. Rafe refuses to write a letter of recommendation for Sami, pointing out applying to the FBI with her criminal record is absurd, and calls her...
23 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11297
Handcuffed to the bed for staged kinky pictures, furious governor Ford has no choice but grant blackmailer Anna the pardon for Nicole, just before she was to tell unamused, highly mistrusting Rafe the kidnapper's identity. Afterward, Jim Ford chooses to enjoy the kinky toys for real, then gets a visit from Rafe, questioning the pardon's motivation. Melanie dismisses the nurse Philip hired to mind her and Maggie before that host even notices. Nathan makes clear to Stephanie she ruined a lot by withholding Melanie's letter and goes ask her about the content.
24 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11298
Barely pardoned and release, Nicole impersonates a business contact to work out Brady is in a Domican hotel, ignoring it's for a secret wedding and honeymoon with Arianna. Rafe refuses to believe the governor but is told his superiors won't tolerate federal meddling in his pardon, being a state privilege. Hearing of the pardon, equally furious Elvis comes question him, startled to hear it was demanded by a DiMera: Anna. After Melanie pretends the letter was meaningless, Nathan even apologizes to Stephanie, who pouts about being second choice. Told by Bo he'll do '...
26 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11300
Elvis takes Rafe to Stefano as next suspect of kidnapping Sydney trough Anna, but his denial is credible, so Rafe decides to track her and her presumed blackmailer Nicole down. Will returns the 'bribe' gift to Kate and Stefano, warning them he's trough being the meat in the sandwich when they plot against his crazy mother. Chad counters Mia's gloating at Gabi by dumping her for playing him and Will. Despite Nicole's arrival and a local hotel maid fussing about the broken pearl string as 'terrible men', Brady convinces Arianna to get get married and finds an ...
29 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11301
Philip warns Carly to leave Melanie in peace, in vain, and warns Chloe she'll probably try trough her husband. Daniel's presence can't prevent Carly's arrival and refusal to leave her daughter alone infuriate her. The announced arrival of a hurricane decides Brady and Arianna to return home for a more traditional wedding. Nicole however is convinced that Brady still loves her, Fay agrees but protests he has chosen another bride.
30 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11302
Daniel goes after Melanie, who stormed out screaming Carly must leave her alone, but slips on the ice and hurts his head? Elvis enjoys playing family with Sydney and Sami, but after seeing how she misses Rafe regrets having caused her so much grief. Rafe is not amused when Roman suggests he should apologize to Sami 'now she needs you most', while her misplaced lack of trust broke them up. On the flight home, Brady is asked for the ex-Titan pilot, Ariana and Nicole take turns taunting the other, each claiming Brady as her own. Victor startles Chloe by offering to help ...
31 Mar. 2010
Episode #1.11303
After his fall, Daniel's concussion causes blurry eyesight, maybe lasting. Chloe blames Carly, but he and Melanie stress it was a mere accident. Nathan offers Syephanie, who still hides she new Melanie hoped he would stop her wedding to Philip, a date with completely clean slate. Elvis regrets having rendered Sami so unhappy and fears Nicole may work out he instructed Anna. Bumping into Nicole, Sami starts a hefty cat fight.
1 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11304
Realizing Rafe's investigation for Anna may lead to him, Elvis warns and pays their henchman Benny to leave Salem permanently. Rafe however already identified the goon from baby store videos and drags him from the airport o the precinct. Nathan tells Steohanie at their 'first date' it's not fair to start over, as he can't forget Melanie. Vivian triumphantly tells startled Philip Victor will 'reunite his parents' and Carly that establishes a power base to crush her.
2 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11305
Benny is pressured to tell who is the brains behind Anna, as DNA proves him her accomplice, but remains scared of the DiMeras. Will hopes to reunite his family by mediating between mother, who finally admits still to love Rafe desperately, and him, but shattered confidence makes him wonder if she ever truly loved and trusted him. Elvis worries about covering his tracks now Benny is arrested and unleashes his secret weapon on Anna: Stefano, who already tracked her down with a studly trainer-masseur. Nicole is questioned by Rafe but tells him nothing new. Victor already...
5 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11306
Rafe furiously attacks DA Woods for 'sabotaging' his investigation by releasing on bail Benny, who already fled the country. Stefano meanwhile found Anna and spares her life, literally in strangle-hold, only when she promises to disclose the kidnapping mastermind: Elvis. Daniel discharges himself from hospital early, but promises Carly to have his eye impairment monitored first; Chloe observes them jealously. Brday and Arianna tell Rafe and Melanie their forcedly-postponed wedding will be in Salem after all.
6 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11307
When Sami dares scold Will 'irresponsible' for letting Nicole say goodbye to Syndey, he duly scolds her for consistently ruin everybody's lives and moves out, Kate invites him. Elvis hopes to leave the DiMera mansion to start a new life with Sami and their kids. Stefano lets Anna go with the ransom and considers her suggestion to make up with Elvis or loose his while family, but EJ's refusal to talk over the Phone embitters Stefano again. Brady grants Nicole a loan and assures Arianna it's a one-off.
7 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11308
Elvis believes to have won when Stefano asks him to the mansion for a 'final meeting', but after theatrics about the villainy of staging an infant's murder is slowly told that he has been identified as Sydney's kidnapping mastermind. Will has Kate escort him to collect his things from Sami's but leaves disgusted when after screaming he can't mean that she can't even stay in the room to discuss that rather then answer a phone call. Chad rushes to hospital when told his father had been beaten up, but vehemently rejects Rafe being pointed out as culprit on account of his...
8 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11309
When Stefano threatens to expose Elvis's fake kidnapping, he's laughed away and threatened to risk internment for dementia, until Stefano produces proof from Anna. Chad is furious to be scolded like an ignorant infant for gently asking his father in hospital if he's quite sure Rafe mugged him. Philip needs a TV presenter and offers the job to Chloe, who worries that parenting Melanie seems to bring Daniel too close to Carly. Sami's stupid attempt to be Rafe's false alibi only convinces him further they are incompatible, despite love.
9 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11310
Stefano's threat to disclose Elvis's kidnapping at least to Sami, so as to get her sole custody, drives Elvis to despair and a failing threat to eliminate his father. Will grudgingly accepts to move in with Kate in Stefano's mansion, but abhors trading homes with Elvis. Bitter over his adoptive father's ever-abusive brute barking, Chad refuses to stop seeing Gabi, but fears having lost her and considers returning to boarding school. Philip offers Chloe, who is now jealous of Carly bonding with Daniel trough Melanie, who refuses to resume nurse training, the TV ...
12 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11311
To desperate Elvis's stunned relief, when Stefano has him on his knees, the master of the game promises not to expose him and commends a true Dimera's well-played, merciless revenge plot. The men agree to cease their conflict, hugging. Brady offers Nicole a generous loan, provided she builds her future far from Salem.
13 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11312
Elvis's relief over Stefano's olive-branch crumbles when he hears the price: bringing Gianni and Sydney back to the mansion, within the hour, as good as impossible to obtain from Sami, as Kate also warns her elated husband. Justin has been knocked down in the docks, same MO as DA Woods. Chad puts similarity theories to his mother, judge Madeline Peterson Woods, who passes them on to Roman. Stephanie objects to Melanie's return to nursing, but during the ensuing scolding match Philip overhears them mentioning Melanie's letter to ask Nathan whether she should wed his ...
14 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11313
Elvis can barely get Sami to accept their children visiting Stefano by exaggerating his diabetes condition, but the patriarch warns he won't play sick for long and expects daily access to his grandchildren, whatever it takes, or he will expose the kidnapping. Philip gives Malanie ample opportunity to come clean about the wedding day letter but isn't convinced he can trust her pledge of exclusive marital loyalty. Rafe is released, but remains a suspect and no longer believes he and Sami can match. Nathan erasures Stephanie she mustn't feel threatened by Melanie ...
15 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11314
Nathan and Stefanie are happy to share the bed and determined to 'forget' about Melanie. Philip however can't trust his wife to be over hospital-colleague Nathan. Brady drops by on Nicole, whose job hunt seems hopeless due to her kidnapper rep, yet she returns this loan check, which he reproached Arianna delivering behind his back, and refuses to leave Salem. Justin is released home. Daniel is relieved that Carly moves from his and Chloe's apartment across the hall to lonely Adrienne's.
16 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11315
Stefano repeats to desperate Elvis that bringing his grandchildren 'home' for good in exchange for non-exposure as Sydney's kidnapper is not negotiable, and sneers at his son's obvious infatuation with snake Sami. Brady and Ariana insist that Nicole must leave Salem, but she has no intention to give him up and accepts to talk to reporter Cece Chavez. Although Nathan and Melanie swear to be happy with their partners, Philip can't trust them to collaborate in hospital. Rafe disagrees with Gabi's claim that closing the kidnapping case would reunite him and Sami.
19 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11316
Despite scolding Elvis again for taking any notice of Sami, her threat to take his grandchildren away forever and Kate's commiseration make Stefano retract his ow, cryptic threat. Rafe hopes finally to solve the case when Anna is reported caught in Morocco, but as Stefano tells only Elvis, it's just a decoy. Nathan lost a patient and insists to take full responsibility, shielding Melanie, and face the grieving family. The lawyer-mugger strikes again, but now at mayor Carver.
20 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11317
The mayor's mugging stirs spreading speculation and worries throughout Salem. Daniel is openly dismayed that Chloe confides in Nicole, who applies for the TV presenter job she turned down, rather then in him. Gus is asked to help Vivian find and recruit allies against Carly, as fiancé Victor won't let her attack his potential daughter in law directly.
21 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11318
Father Matt's arrival allows Chloe to escape Vivian. Gus finds a hospital staff member in debt open to bribery, to make sure she finds out Daniel keeps secrets for her. It's his eye surgery, which Carly is assisting Dr. yang at, despite, Victor's objections. Brady is as stunned as them to find that Arianna's new job as production assistant means working under Nicole, the new reporter, who interviews mugging victim Abe in a hostile way, stressing how it ridicules his police department. Justin is as good as new.
22 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11319
Nathan kisses Melanie when she confesses the wedding day letter's content. Philip sees them, unnoticed, and bitterly leaves, thus missing how she tells Nathan it's too late and his acceptance. Johnny won't go to sleep without daddy, so Elvis works his paternal magic and seizes the opportunity to tell Sami it's in their kids' interest if they all go live together, in the DiMera mansion. The male nurse and motel clerk whom Vivian bribed convince Chloe that Daniel, who actually just regained clear eyesight in surgery, is cheating her with Carly. Dr. Baker, whom everyone ...
23 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11320
Will actually enjoys Stefano's lavish hospitality almost as much as step-grandfather extending it, yet respectfully puts he can't imagine Sami allowing his small siblings to stay in the DiMera mansion, which Elvis is still pleading masterly, to surprise-visitor Rafe's puzzled dismay. Believing themselves cheated on by their spouses, drunk Philip and furious Chloe decide to commit adultery together, but are called away by text messages from both partners, who now seem actually faithful after all. Dr. Baker is interested in armed Hope's vague offer of financial help.
26 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11321
Will is startled to hear that his mother is suddenly actually considers moving in at the DiMera mansion for his kid siblings' sake. When Elvis bumps into the surprising duo, Hope knocks him down and asks Dr. Baker to shoot him, which he refuses, then they share his cash. Sami finds him. Daniel, whose eye surgery seems a success, senses that Melanie is hiding a secret, not however with Chloe, who like feels guilty about their adulterous faux-pas but keeps quiet. Gus mistrusts Vivian's proxy plans with Chloe as weapon against Carly.
27 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11322
Rafe obliges Stefano's invitation but tells him he doesn't believe Elvis just made up with him. The police being clueless, Stefano vows to avenge EJ's mugging. Dr. Baker tries to sell and plunder Elvis's credit card. Gus is duly worried that Vivian may not be able to wriggle out of her plot using Chloe, who meanwhile hides the truth for Daniel, like Philip for Melanie. .
28 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11323
Chad is delighted to be finally given a car, yet immediately finds it his mother's blackmail bait to stop him meeting Will in the DiMera mansion. Will agrees to meet as study group in Java Café, although neither knave likes common ex Mia being there. Warned by Arianna about Nicole's hostile interview with previous mugging victim Abe, Elvis still consents and states on camera there were a male and a female assailant. Dr. Baker is found and threatened by ruthless debt collector Bernie. Mother Woods goes warn Kate to stop Chad meeting DiMeras 'or else'.
29 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11324
Chad nor Will is fooled when common ex Mia flirts with sweet café colleague Eli and slaps him as if 'fresh' in an attempt to render them jealously chivalrous. Unable to talk Sami out of moving into the DiMera mansion, Rafe is even more determined to solve the kidnapping and hopes to track down Anna. Stefano and mother Woods warn each-other to stay away from Kate viz. Chad, Will is puzzled when grandmother pleads with him to stay clear of Chad. Nicole destroys her own interview after Elvis states he expects her to behind the muggings and promises she won't get away ...
30 Apr. 2010
Episode #1.11325
Stfeano cynically-cheerfully dismisses Elvis's plea to help him win over Sami, who agrees to cohabit with him and the kids but rejects Stefano's grandfatherly input. Daniel organized a small drink to celebrate his successful eye surgery and discards the signs of Chloe's vandalism in their apartment, but Carly declines and Philip and Melanie leave hastily. Stfeano firmly dismisses Nicole's demand to help her against Elvis.
3 May 2010
Episode #1.11326
Philip mistrusts Chloe, whose furious hostility to Carly might betray their adultery, Stephanie senses Philip is in some relational trouble and assumes it may harm Nathan and her. Daniel ensures Nathan he trust him with ex Melanie and encourages him dating Stephanie. Brady and Ari were planning intimacy by the pool, alone in the mansion, but she's called away to help Gabi with homework and he gets a visit from Nicole, who wants his help against Stefano and attempts to sabotage his betrothal. In urgent gambling debt, Dr. Baker hesitantly lets crazy Hope drag him into ...
4 May 2010
Episode #1.11327
Brady is mugged by Baker, who looses his cash and silver money clip in a poker game, and Hope, who brands his chest but thinks it's just a nightmare when she wakes up. Bitching with Gabi happens to provide prime suspect Nicole a tight alibi. Nathan and Stefanie happily dream about Paris in bed. Daniel finds Chloe raging at Carly, calms her down, assures her the rumored affair is a cruel game, but when they find the motel clerk, he denies knowing either of them. Philip tells Mel, who discovers he's Chloe's confident, that it's about her frustrated child wish and envy ...
5 May 2010
Episode #1.11328
Brady's chest branding worries and puzzles everyone, but Hope, whose cop persona can't remember anything, believes to recognize it as a Celtic divine triad-symbol, which might suggest a female culprit. Stfeano nor Victor consider her capable to protect their mugged family, so they consider a joint alternative. To Elvis's horror, bickering with Kate makes Sami want to leave the mansion already. While Stefano assures Elvis Rafe can't find Anna, she's already confiding in her South American retreat spa to old friend Calliope Jones Bradford, who reports to Rafe.
6 May 2010
Episode #1.11329
Will makes crystal clear he refuses to let Sami back in his life, as she always wrecks everything for everyone, as lately by dumping Rafe and moving n with Elvis, who questions if Kate is really her motive for changing her mind about moving in, then convinces her to stay and pester Kate together. Rafe learns that Calliope's cover isn't very convincing and orders pressed calliope to wear a wire on her next meeting with Anna, who failed to charter a flight off the spa island. Chad refuses to be just told to stay clear from Will on account of the DiMera family and tells ...
7 May 2010
Episode #1.11330
Rafe's plan seems to work: once Calliope confides in Anna about her tax troubles, she gets a flood of secret confessions about Sydney's kidnapping. Elvis is happy with Sami, Nathan with Stephanie, who meanwhile bickers over the pre-wedding letter with Melanie, whom maggie warns not to bottle up the crucial past.
10 May 2010
Episode #1.11331
After playing with Gianni in the mansion pool over-strained his arm, Elvis enjoys Sami's massage, however torture-like inept, until Will finds them and scolds her for once more chasing a good man, Rafe, and wrecking everyone's lives by falling for EJ again. Brady wants to hunt down the mugger, realizing the police's incompetence, but Aria insists to accompany him 'as only men alone were attacked', which scares him for now. On the South American island resort, Anna gets suspicious about Caliope's nosiness, which is only overcome by feeding her so much alcohol she falls...
11 May 2010
Episode #1.11332
Daniel fails to threaten the truth out of the sleazy motel clerk. Gus informs Vivian this may be the time to fully turn her against Carly and indeed she overhears Daniel telling her he just can't get head or tail of the incompatible stories. Dr. Baker is equally surprised as Nicole when hey bump int each-other and must admit he staged his alleged death.
12 May 2010
Episode #1.11333
Cued by Gus, Vivian starts to convince Chloe that Carly is poisoning her marriage with Daniel. Despite his practical protestations, Nicole blackmails Dr. Baker into helping her to set up Arianna as the mugger, hoping Brady will then take her back. Philip warns Chloe to remain discrete about their adultery, but she still resolves to owe up.
13 May 2010
Episode #1.11334
When Elvis sees Johhny's joy over an FBI vest sent by Rafe and hears how Sami's ex is missed, he fears his son will disown him for not being such a 'good guy'. Judge Madeline Peterson tries to convince D.A. Woods they should prevent any Dimera contact by sending Chad to a college out of state, even just four months before his legal majority, but after hearing from Mia she plans to study dance in New York, he tells his parents he wants to stay in Salem. Rafe's plan seems to work perfectly, but Anna gets suspicious enough to pull off Calliope's bugged broach. ...
14 May 2010
Episode #1.11335
Stefano assures worried Elvis that he can prevent Will's rift with Sami from driving her away with the younger kids and accepts reluctantly that Johnny keeps the FBI vest Rafe sent. Will and Chad confer and confront Kate viz. Madeline about why they should be kept apart on account of their family, while the ladies were apparently good friends. Brady and jealous Arianna bicker over Nicole's hostile solo-interrogation of Dr. Baker. On the island resort, Anna catches Calliope's wire, but Rafe seems able to convince her she can't run from him but will be left alone, like ...
17 May 2010
Episode #1.11336
Elvis tells baffled Stefano that he undid his water pipe sabotage, refusing to trick Sami into living with them. Johnny's romping in Rafe's FBI vest spontaneously brings his parents and even big brother Will together, laughing. Rafe frustrates Anna's attempts to escape or have well-tipped waiter Diego call the local police, but despite conceding to reveal the mastermind, she first claims it was Sami to spite Elvis, then faints. Brady fails again to side with Arianna against Nicole, who now also targets her former pub management and collects her fingerprints for Dr. ...
18 May 2010
Episode #1.11337
To Rafe's shocked surprise, Anna isn't faking but actually poisoned, presumably by impostor waiter Diego, possibly fatally. Stefano is pleased to hear from an accomplice she won't be talking for a while. Elvis is embarrassed by Sami's excessive praise for his paternal excellence and special bond with Sydney. Having found out that Arianna went to bed and shut off her phone after a row with Brady, she urges Dr. Baker to set her up with stolen fingerprints at the next mugging. Evil Hope overhears them and picks as next victim Roman. Magie talks Mia out of leaving Salem ...
19 May 2010
Episode #1.11338
To concerned Daniel's dismay, Chloe refuses to continue therapy, which even made her feel worse, won't open up to him and can't have sex. Dr. Baker protests when he finds Roman hardly carried any cash and contests evil Hope's lead, to little avail. The branded victim is found, without grave injury, as well as the planted fake evidence. To Nicole's delight, Arianna left bed just to late to have an unexpected alibi and is indeed identified by her fingerprints as prime suspect. When Stephanie tells Nathan she stopped drinking, Melanie realizes she's pregnant, but later ...
20 May 2010
Episode #1.11339
Kunitz, Aaron & Kunitz, Griffin Johnny DiMera)Philip worries that his misled adultery with Chloe will be exposed after learning Nathan knows, who in fact pleads with Chloe to tell Daniel herself. She refuses, confident she has pulled the wool over her dearly-concerned husband's eyes, but just that bickering is accidentally overheard by Carly, while Melanie is getting suspicious again about Philip's calls with his ex. To Brady's startled dismay, Arianna's fingerprints and DNA match, so she's arrested as multiple mugging suspect. Nicole plays concern to get back into ...
21 May 2010
Episode #1.11340
Will is far from amused that Sami, source of all his practical problems, dares lecture and grounded him for a slipping grade, as she chased his ideal tutor Rafe, yet Elvis and Stefano appease the knave. Dr. Carrillo grants Rafe's urgent request to try an extremely potent stimulant on Anna. Daniel tells father Matt he feels responsible for Chloe's condition. Nathan nor Carly can get the adulterous truth out. Stephanie publicly fights off Melanie's attempt to search her purse in hospital for the absence of birth control.
24 May 2010
Episode #1.11341
Dr. Carrillo refuses to administer the potent stimulant massively enough for Rafe to question Anna. Stefano reinforces his grip on Elvis by pointing out Anna nearly betrayed the kidnapping and asking if his help is wanted, then arranges by phone for Rafe to be arrested as sole suspect, in a country which broke off diplomatic relations with the US, so his FBI status is no trump. Nicole arranges for the police the 'stumble upon' research into Arianna's past, including a closed file about a violent robbery conviction as a teenage junkie, which she claims was a set-up by ...
25 May 2010
Episode #1.11342
Philip stops Nicole's sanctimonious attempt to plead on air for giving even Arianna the benefit of the doubt, Dr. Baker warns stopping his senior mugging partner while she's jailed may be impossible. Brady can't convince his jailed fiancée that he doesn't doubt her innocence. Victor makes clear to Vivian that their wedding plans practically ruin his family life.
26 May 2010
Episode #1.11343
Stefano enjoys playing step-grandfather for respectful Will, who even accepts the unwelcome advice to catch up with maths despite Sami's absurd punishment, which even she realizes was unfair. When Chad arrives, Will presents him to equally polite Stefano, but mother Peterson bursts in to 'ressue' her son, who refuses to accept such utterly unexplained public embarrassment any longer and leaves. Vivian's surprise wedding, to which she tricked the family into attending by faking messages from the butler that Victor be gravely ill, backfires as the unamused groom cancels...
28 May 2010
Episode #1.11344
Rafe's anxiety when warned by the somewhat sympathizing prison guard for his new cell mate, accused of attempting to kill the president and subjected to rough 'interrogation', turns into delighted interest when he recognizes the 'hired gun' as Sami's uncle , who claims to be framed. Victor is touched that his clan decides to attend his farcical second wedding to she-devil Vivien, just intending to sabotage her presumed intent to isolate him, then makes sure none of it gives his bride any more satisfaction then his openly disapproving exes and loved ones.
31 May 2010
Episode #1.11345
Given stacked evidence against Arianna, her fingerprints and juvenile criminal record, she remains arrested. The pro-bono lawyer warns her case looks hopeless, but mugging victim Elvis decides to defend her. The Kiriakis kin keep wondering what drove Victor to remarry Vivian, whose bride's bouquet lands with Carly just when Hope arrives. In South American jail, Rafe is warned against the duly beaten-up alleged hired gun to kill the president, who turns out to be a Salem Brady relative and secret investigation veteran Shane Donovan.
1 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11346
Elvis assumes jailed Ariana's defense, however dismaying to Brady. Insisting her best bid to get out quick is an alibi for one mugging, he learns that Nicole can provide one for Justin's case and guesses he must have a hidden agenda. Learning Daniel plans to wed Chloe the next day, Carly gives her an ultimatum to owe up her infidelity, but the bride convinces Daniel instead to go marry somewhere else that very evening.
2 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11347
Elvis confronts Nicole, cleverly forcing her to admit she received Brady's check from Arianna, who she thus must provide an alibi, yet tells her smugly he plans not only to free his client but also to send the real culprit to jail, suspecting that's Nicole. Philip is startled when Daniel asks him to give Chloe away, but accepts as Melanie drops her objections to the hasty wedding. Only Gus knows that Vivian extends an invitation to Chloe, whom she recommends a helpful mystery man to solve the Carly problem if she lures her nemesis into an elevator for a ride to hell.
3 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11348
Nathan ponders in bed how to spend more time at home, maybe moving in with Stephanie, but is called away, like Melanie, for a regular cancer boy patient. Victor grudgingly parts on honeymoon with Vivian, after warning her if Carly comes to any harm in their absence. Chloe considers coming clean to Daniel before their wedding rather then having Carly murdered, but of nightmarish vision of Daniel dumping her rules out truthfulness.
7 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11349
Rafe and Shane Donovan set a trap to overpower their jailer and escape. Nathan is shocked when Stephanie finally owes up she has 'missed the pill a few times', insisting on a pregnancy test. Nicole arranges for D.A. Woods to overhear Brady doubting Arianna's alibi, which thus falls trough. Johnny asks both his parents to sleep with him. Chloe can't decide whether to hope she ca stop Carly from telling Daniel about her infidelity or let her die in the hospital elevator which Vivian's henchman 'Otis' already tampered with.
8 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11350
Rafe and Shane were roughed up as due punishment for their violent escape attempt, but consider it worthwhile as reconnaissance. Brady finds the Hernandez sisters incapable of appreciating his help, being obsessed by his former infatuation for Nicole. Elvis now enjoys Sami's almost-loving gratitude for his perfect fathering, so they consider becoming a regular full-time family. Chloe has fallen into Otis's sabotaged elevator-trap for Carly, whom she prevented from entering, but survives and may pull trough. Victor wonders openly, rudely what renders Vivian so nervous.
9 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11351
Chloe is recovering well, but Philip worries even more that Carly, who ignores his part, may still betray her infidelity to Daniel, who sort of overhears them. The demise of Hope's beloved grandmother paralyzes the mourning Horton clan. Mother Madeline Woods's obsessive opposition against Chad befriending Will again confronts her with Kate.
10 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11352
Philip helps fast-recovering Chloe cover up lies to Daniel by picking up an 'anniversary' gift, but is seen by nosy Adrienne. To her delight, Daniel offers to wed her in the hospital, but Carly insists he must learn the truth first. Nathan is furious at apparently jealous ex Melanie when she tells him about Stephanie's birth control cheating.
11 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11353
While Elvis enjoys warning Nicole he's going to free Arianna and jail her again for the muggings, his charge in prison finds courage in Melanie's pep-talk that Brady will not forsake her and Nicole, wound-up enough, shall commit a crucial error. Victor tries to cheer-up Brady by replacing his money clip, which neither expected to attract a poker gang member's attention and thus put Brady on a trail which may lead to Dr. Baker, who gambled his first clip away as mugging loot.
14 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11354
Elvis finally feels on top again, reconciled with Stefano while Giovanni draws Sami completely to them. She has nightmares about Rafe telling her he'll never return, while in fact he's rightly suspicious about a new guard offering to help him escape, as in fact Stefano is instructing his henchman to deal first with Rafe, then with Anna. Father Matt arrives to wed Daniel and Chloe at her sickbed, likes witnesses Philip and Melanie, but seeing Carly enters, she calls it off in panic.
15 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11355
Daniel is puzzled when his bride 'interrupts' their wedding for a confession, but after she tells father Matt the truth, the priest refuses to mediate or continue the nuptial. In island jail, the fake guard overpowered by Rafe is examined by the real one who returns Shane from torture, enabling Rafe to overpower him too, so both Americans can escape. Anna regained conscience and attempts to abscond. To Elvis's delight, his efforts to have Sami's home repaired convince her to stay in the mansion with the kids, to live like a family. Brady takes his new money clip to ...
16 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11356
While Chad bitterly tells his mother the endless parental sermons without justification to avoid the DiMeras add to insensitivity concerning his feelings, including towards his and Mia's baby, Stefano and Kate plan to steal the blackmail evidence the Woods couple holds against them by impersonating Madelin in the bank. Drunk Brady is arrested on the street by officer Conway, who feels threatened, to Dr. Baker's satisfaction as this masks the memory wiping drug he also had mixed in his drink. Nicole commiserates and plans to tell Brady the truth. Daniel isn't satisfied...
17 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11357
Will reacts bitterly when Sami announces her intention to stay with Elvis and the kids 'a healthy while' longer, without consulting him, the whole DiMera mansion arrangement worries Hortons visiting Alice's deathbed. Chad tells his parents he won't even consider studying elsewhere the Salem University, to stay close to his friends, especially Mia, but accepts to dine with them 'for a surprise', while in fact he and Will plan to find out why their (grand)mothers want to keep them apart. Stefano hands Kate Madeline's bank locker key to impersonate her and steal the ...
18 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11358
Father Matt promises Chloe to respect the seal of confession, tells her he must attend a Chicago retreat but urges her to tell Daniel the truth before Carly does. Nicole urges Chloe instead to convince Daniel to wed her without minster instead, but now he's really suspicious. Aside Alice's deathbed Horton clan gathering, Daniel tells Maggie in confidence that she's in remission and Nathan enjoys meeting his prospective mother in law Kayla, kin he didn't see since childhood, who assures him her former doctor colleagues are impressed with his residency. Brady discharges...
21 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11359
Now he has the video tape, which shows how destitute would-be-law-student Madeline, then Kate's prostitution colleague, hired by Stefano to blackmail a Congressman, semi-accidentally murdered him, Stefano answers her call to meet only to make crystal clear her blackmailer privileges are over. Meanwhile Kate does a surprising find among th rest of the judge's locker content, a document. Daniel ends up agreeing to wed Chloe that very evening after all, but Melanie gets infidelity-informed ex Nathan's explicit support to oppose that. Lucas is finally back from Hongkong, ...
22 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11360
Stefano promises Madeline all her belongings back, except the homicide tape, and orders Kate to oblige when she questions if that's wise, but she holds back a document. Lucas inspires Will to consider moving out of the Dimera mansion to set the Horton clan at ease, but Stefano argues Alice just doesn't realize how well they get along. Daniel agrees to a civil wedding by his friend the judge of the peace, but he's called away urgently and Chloe worries if he's truly committed. Chad delights Mia by announcing he's studying at Salem, which his parents accept 'for now'.
23 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11361
Daniel's wedding party must handle another delay as Carly bursts in and demands to see the happy couple alone, to announce virtually infertile Chloe's pregnancy test was positive, yet the bride scolds the miracle messenger for another 'delay trick'. Will is delighted to see aunt and ex-guardian Carrie at Alice's deathbed, but Mike fails to see her a last time as Lexie sticks to tedious protocol after his minor accident. Brady assures jailed Arianna he believes in her innocence and refuses to just trust Elvis to get her out. Mia accepts a bribe from Madeline to get her...
24 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11362
Will firmly turns down Lucas's offer to move with him to the magazine's new Hongkong HQ, refusing to leave behind his school, friends and other kin, assuring father the DiMeras and Kate take great care of his siblings too. While their families, mourning Alice with the reminiscing Horton clan, wonder if they'll ever be reunited with Rafe and Shane, the men are on the same flight to Salem, hoping to patch things up.
25 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11363
Mike is furious that his spleen injury prevents him seeing Alice at her deathbed, and now from attending her funeral, where rekindled memories abound and Horton clan members consider their own relationships. Kate sits by sick Johnny. Rafe and Shane's unexpected return startles Sami v. his wife, who reacts dismissively.
28 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11364
Rafe's return delights Sami, his assurance never to have stopped loving her even more, but as soon as he sneers at her staying with Elvis, she starts a row which chases him. Chad is bitterly surprised by Mia's move to New York, yet Madeline seems able to talk him out of contacting her 'yet'. The Horton clan reminisces on, now in Alice's home, where Nathan finds a video. Shane's wife Kim refuses to reconcile, regardless of his hardship abroad and ignorance of her cancer ordeal.
29 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11365
Daniel won't listen to Chloe's confession, utterly stoked about her pregnancy, while she probes for the time, fearing the miracle baby might actually by Philip's. Rafe isn't surprised that Elvis wants him to leave the mansion, Stefano pretends the DiMeras' fury is because he failed to extract the truth from Anna. Kayla scolds Philip, cued only by Stefanie claiming he keeps ruining peoples lives. Rafe promises Arianna to get her out of jail but demands she fires Elvis.
30 Jun. 2010
Episode #1.11366
Rafe promises Arianna to get her out of jail, but when Elvis arrives to prepare her impending court appearance, she still refuses to dump the lawyer. Philip convinces Melanie he's good for children, despite the Pocket affair, and they agree to have their own 'when the time is ripe', not soon. Daniel's questions about her veracity worry Chloe, who is relieved to find it's only about medical risks. Shane startles his wife Kim by showing his resignation as spy.
5 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11367
Will, Chad, Tad and some girls try out wake-boarding, a lot of innocent fun and an excuse to see Gabi in her bikini, which she asks Will to straighten. Will overhears Madeline mentioning her prostitute past to Kate, not grandma's reluctance to risk keeping her even darker secret from ever-perceptive Stefano. Rafe and Brady, who hired a PI to track down his money clip, team up when they realize both want to free Arianna, without Elvis, who nevertheless triumphs by obtaining bail and telling shivering reporter Nicole he expects the real culprit to pay the price 'soon'. ...
6 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11368
Will scolds Chad for moving on Gabi before Mia is half-forgotten. Chad sneers his mother isn't worthless but got him into Ivy League, Will furiously replies his never was a whore. Stefano overhears Madeline imploring Kate to tell him her secret. Dr. Baker refuses to mug again now Arianna is released. Playing with greedy Ciara, Justin learns that Hope had his mugger-stolen wallet.
7 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11369
Will and Chad's row over their mothers escalates until a cop threatens to arrest Chad, but accepts to let them go for Will's cop family's sake. Elvis laughs away Stefano's warning that Sami is bound to find out about the kidnapping if he keeps a virtual lovers attitude and spends too much time together. Elvis is even delighted to accept a family picnic. Stefano helps Elvis convince Nicole he has -imaginary- hard evidence to jail her, so she'll slip up. Her attempt to probe Sami yields nothing, so she sneaks into the mansion.
8 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11370
Elvis greatly enjoys the family picnic with Sami, who admits harboring some romantic feelings for him and spills oil so he must take off his shirt, Johnny and Will, who withdraws his objections to them living almost as a couple. Stefano hover urgently calls Elvis home, unaware that Nicole is snooping on the prowl for mugging evidence, and thus overhears them saying there's none and Elvis was Anna's evil genie. Daniel is delighted by Melanie's promise to be a non-jealous big sister for Chloe's baby. Carly's arrival stops Vivian grilling Chloe over the failed lift ...
9 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11371
Elvis only accepts to meet aggressive-sounding Nicole to toy with her threat to 'ruin his entire life', but ends up startled when she reports having overheard him and Stefano discuss how he orchestrated Anna's kidnapping. Nathan treats Stefanie to a romantic riverside picnic, so Philip and Melanie, who intended the same, return home to change for the gym. Philip panics secretly when he discovers Chloe is pregnant, but meanwhile Daniel's gesture to dig up his heirloom baptism gown decides Craly to keep quiet is a paternity test show it's Daniel's baby.
12 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11372
Rafe bumps into Sami, still wet from a swim, helps her find Johnny's beloved cuddly penguin, his gift, and tells Gabi they are over for good. Elvis is startled to learn that Nicole overheard him and Stefano discuss Sydney's kidnapping trough Anna, furious when she plays the recording after bickering over whose kidnapping was morally worse. Philip visits Chloe, to discuss Carly's paternity test condition for silence. Daniel, who rudely forbade Vivian access to either of his loved ones, finds them discusses a secret they keep for him.
13 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11373
It's Brady's turn to go swim in the river, bump into Rafe's sisters and bicker whether he broke up with Arianna, whom he reproaches having accepted Elvis's legal help, because of Nicole's machinations or her own fear that he just doesn't trust her. Elvis tells Nicole her recording isn't admissible as evidence in court and Sami wouldn't believe her over him when he claims it's doctored. She still scares him by announcing a live TV scoop in front of his whole picnic party. Philip agrees to look for a house with Melanie, and big enough for offspring later. Daniel scolds ...
14 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11374
Elvis grabs Nicole's microphone to tell the TV audience she's an incurable mythomaniac, next the live report is canceled by Titan TV's new media consultant Ethan, who decides to give priority to breaking zoo news: snow leopard kittens were born. Only Brady wonders why Elvis is so keen to stop her talking unless he hides something. Sami also reacts suspicious when Elvis proposes to take her and the kids on a holiday to a DiMera overseas property for the summer. Dr. Spaceman renews Hope's sleeping pills prescription for another month, mislead as if she had no ...
15 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11375
Chad first probes evasive Kate about her past with Madeline, then confronts his shocked mother with her prostitute past. Father Woods senses that her call for utter discretion on the family and plea to send Chad to college early while she's being checked out as candidate for an Appeal Court Judge post means she fears some secret being exposed. Elvis can't convince Sami to go on any holiday with the kids, loses his cool a moment with Johhny out of frustration and warns Nicole to leave them alone, then has her thrown out of the mansion. Brady questions Nicole about her ...
16 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11376
Chad confronts his mother with her brothel past, cuts trough her denial lies and claim it's all the Dimears' fault by threatening to inform his father and ends up accidentally causing her to fall down hard. Elvis makes henchman Marco drag Nicole to the mansion, only to be told she decided instead of exposing him, which he points out would expose her too, to 'let him and Sami stew'. Stefano is brought to hospital, however not mugged but just failed an insulin shot. Brady tells a delighted Nicole he sees no reconciliation with Arianna possible. Dr. Baker is not amused ...
19 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11377
While swimming in and sunbathing at the river, Nathan gives delighted Stephanie an engagement ring. Bickering over the Woods threat with Kate while being discharged after his insulin incident, Stefano is startled to see Chad bring in his mother, and worse: when his father arrives, Madeline's head fall is found fatal and the knave has mentioned a row with her, which the DA wants to know all about. After talking Melanie out of throwing a baby shower for Chloe 'yet', Philip visits her and is appalled to hear father Matt also knows about their adultery, albeit under seal ...
20 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11378
Father Woods stubbornly keeps blaming poor Chad for 'murdering' mother Madeline, despite the medical diagnosis that she had another aneurysm, at worst triggered by the fight-induced fall, and refuses further contact. Stefano offers Chad support, but he can't accept it from the family his mother hated most. Kate fears the vault secret may still cause more havoc. Nathan commits, after confirmation of their spur of the moment agreement, that he's moving in with Stephanie now her roommate is moving to New York. Daniel looses his patience with Chloe's endless fickle ...
21 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11379
Elvis patiently talks Arianna out of 'firing' him as lawyer against Nicole, whose promise to blackmail him eternally is however insufferable. Rafe calmly and cynically counters Sami's claim to be happy in the DiMera mansion and sneers at her usual excuse to be thinking of the children. Brady assures Nicole to be over Arianna, yet committed to her acquittal. Dr. baker draws the line at helping Hope, who drugged Bo, robbing him, when he finds she plans arson to burn him alive, actually despite an offer to leave Carly to mend their marriage, but she goes ahead alone.
22 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11380
Dr. Baker won't stand by as evil Hope commits arson after drugging Bo, so he calls Daniel, who arrives just in time. Rafe bitterly waves Sami's absurd insinuation that he would be romantically involved with his FBI assistant, pointing at her monumental betrayal and exposure to crime, also for her children, at the DiMera mansion.
22 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11381
Rafe lures Nicole to the docks, pretending to by Elvis, whom who half overheard 'plotting' with, so he can search her room. Bagging on 'jealous' Nicole together, Elvis gets to kiss Sami, who almost admits falling in love with him again. Gus encourages Vivian not to get just depressed about Victor caring more for Maggie -who actually refuses to 'wreck his marriage'- then his wife, but somehow get even. While Bo recovers in hospital, his police colleagues are clueless and evil Hope, who sneaked in, promises him the kiss of death, regretting only it's less agonizing then...
26 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11382
Chad reassures Will not to blame him for contributing to Ladleine's fatal stress, but refuses to let her secrets rest. Stefano nearly catches Kate watching the last proof of the big one: Chad's birth certificate. Nathan moves in with Stephanie. Philip celebrates Melanie's nurse graduation with a fancy picnic and jewelry, while worrying Chloe's baby may be his.
27 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11383
Stefano is delighted with Will's business studies work and promises him a DiMera internship, no need to tell Sami. Nicole thinks the intruder failed to notice her diary, with vital evidence to blackmail Elvis, but Rafe copies the coded page to use FBI cryptology. Stfeano forbids Kate to sympathize with 'family enemy son' Chad, but when he calls by, she kindly makes him reconsider digging into his mother's brothel past. Philip talks Chloe out of confessing their adultery to Chloe, until the paternity test hopefully proves her baby is Daniel's.
28 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11384
Rafe and Johnny enjoys a visit at his FBI post by the bright, doting boy, who fetches a fingerprinting machine for a class presentation, but Sami rudely leaves when told she can't have Rafe back and reside in the DiMera mansion. Elvis is amused that his son plays his parents against each-other. Decyphering Nicole's codes diary data leads Rafe to a locker.
29 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11385
Elvis grudgingly asks Nicole for her blackmail terms, hearing it's cash promises only a single payment, and warns her when he finds the recording. Dr. Baker fears evil Hope's revenge. Hypnosis probes for Bo's memories of the arsonist, which remain vague and partial for now. Bo hears about Hope's hidden 'treasures' being stolen wallets, like the mugging victims'. Victor drives Vivan to despair by calling their wedding a meaningless business transaction.
30 Jul. 2010
Episode #1.11386
What seems Elvis's clumsy attempt to try angling turns out a brilliantly staged surprise-proposal to marry Sami and thus give the children the true family life they crave, but as she told grandma Caroline, she still lusts for Rafe. Blackmailer Nicole surprises EJ by demanding the services of his minion Marco. Rafe cracks Nicole's diary code and follows the trail to Fay. Ciara may finally put Bo on the trace of mugger evil Hope.
2 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11387
Rafe searches fay's locker and pressures her to tell the whole truth. Elvis is shattered that Sami turns his romantic proposal down on account of unforgettable Rafe, yet helps reassure Johhny. Brady brings Nicole to happy tears by sharing her pauper bed.
3 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11388
Rafe convinces Fay to cooperate, but she burned the blackmail evidence Nicole gave her to keep. Philip bonds with Nathan over a project to modernize the hospital's pediatrics equipment. Daniel gets ever more suspicious of Chloe's excuses to attend Salem's other hospital for her paternity test, and he's called there for an expert diagnosis. Her alias is mixed up with a real patient by the novice receptionist. Brady finds Nicole persists in her poverty pretense after Brady finds she received millions recently, so he duly dumps her after a passionate 'last night'. Roman ...
4 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11389
Dr. Baker has been arrested, so he calls Nicole, who even leaves the love nest with Brady, who searches it meanwhile, to see to her accomplice's release as he might betray her too. Daniel gets suspicious about Carly's 'research' interest in Melanie's genetics. Hope fails to stab Bo, who overpowers her and realizes her medication causes a Hyde personality, as she admits wanting to punish men and ultimate kill him 'for Ciara's sake'.
5 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11390
Due to the clueless hospital receptionist's mix-up of similar names, Daniel finds himself locked-out by his supposed burns patient, actually paternity test object Chloe, until Carly finds out the swap and pretends it's her allophone immigrant patient. Dr. Baker is recognized by Rma and arrested, Nicole dragged in as Brady forces her to report her overseas bank income to the police just then.
6 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11391
Roman can't believe that Hope confesses she, not Dr. baker, whom he recognized as Nicole's baby switch accomplice, is the mugger-arsonist. .When he takes them aside, Bo ends up admitting it's true and showing evil Hope's confession video. While they bicker whether to let Baker take the whole blame anyway, Nicole hopes to wriggle out altogether. Brady takes her home, but bitterly scolds her an incorrigible liar-manipulator and refuses, after she fails to confess about the hidden fortune, to have anything to do with her again. Chloe and Carly hope that her lies totally ...
9 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11392
Elvis offers mistrusting Dr. baker his services as lawyer, with the startling condition that he doesn't incriminate Nicole. Sami's furious arrival prevents further agreement, seeing them a couple Baker even warns her against any affair with a DiMera, just as Roman did, to no avail, stating her children are bound to suffer too. Disgusted by Nicole, Brady goes get drunk in the pub, Arianna and Melanie try to stop him. Hope refuses Justin as defense counsel, determined to plead guilty 'to spare Ciara'.
10 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11393
Elvis, already enjoying more river bank quality time with Sami and the kids, is extremely delighted when she accepts his proposal after, although she won't go public yet. Rafe passes by, only to be dismissed by Sami, and later overhears Elvis telling Stefano the news Rafe dreaded most. D.A. Woods tells disappointed Chad he's leaving to Chicago on an indefinite legal mission and leaves it to him whether to move to college in South Carolina, bailing on the promised trip and family visit. Stefano happily gets Will started on his internship, but firmly refuses to allow ...
11 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11394
Rafe duly scolds the absurdity of Sami's attitude when she intrudes the FBI locker-room to demand he takes the blame for their relationship going to the dogs, and her planned marriage 'to the devil', before kissing her to prove she isn't over him. Will refuses to debate her engagement to Elvis, which he considers absurd as she isn't over Rafe and proof she never pits her kids first for real. Elvis makes bribed cop admit him to police jail so he can personally promise Hope a merciless trial, regardless of all to forgiving other mugging victims, like Brady. Laughed away...
12 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11395
Elvis remains triumphant now Sami has accepted his proposal, ignoring that she already cheated on him passionately kissing Rafe, who comes warn him aggressively. Even though Nathan turned down a great job offer out of state to remain with Stephanie, the ingrate wines to Adrienne that she fears Melanie will steal him back as soon as Philip, whom she suspects of some unspecified stunt, wrecks their marriage. .
13 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11396
Elvis gets Sami to agree to settling a date, but not a shotgun wedding, it has to be planned and grand, celebrated by father Matt in St.Mary's. Stfeano cheerfully-sanctimoniously pops the best champagne, Kate manages with more effort to control a gagging reflex to a rerun of the worst (step)daughter in law she can imagine. After a refreshing dive, Brady waves Victor's concerned warning about Nicole, yet doubts her latest story, to have obtained her Caymans fortune as 'exposure' bait' from a corrupt contractor. Rafe finally found and decoded the evidence copy Nicole ...
16 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11397
Elvis enjoys informing the Brady's of his impending wedding as much as Sami resents their disapproval, Stefano even warns him not to appear smug, while telling Will he trusts in the healing power of family, and hopes for grandchildren as great as him. Rafe consults Victor a Nicole's weak spot to sabotage the wedding. Brady gets drunk and tells thus despairing Nicole he's trough with her, regardless where the money came from. Daniel treats Chloe to 'opera jewelry'. Stephanie asks school hacker Ian to help her to Chloe's paternity test.
17 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11398
To trick Nicole into helping him sabotage Elvis's wedding, he must win her confidence, which turns into a seduction game when she demands frisking him for wire. Nathan was just in time to stop a junkie from taking Melanie hostage at the free clinic to demand drugs, but took a painful beating in the process. Ian makes progress intruding the hospital records so Stephanie can see Chloe's paternity test first. Hope takes the public defender, despite family and himself suggesting an experienced lawyer.
18 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11399
Elvis gets Sami completely in the wedding mood again by kissing, but in his absence at Hope's muggings trial, with only Arianna pleading for severe 'blind justice', the attending victims and character witnesses for leniency, judge Fitzpatrick lets Hope off with the minimal two years prison sentence. Rafe continues seductively winning Nicole's trust, but after Arianna bursts in and scolds them, he must agree to strip for the siren.
19 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11400
Will tells Chad, who already guessed Stefano is the reason and assures him he's too worried about his lousy father anyhow, that they can't collaborate on the business internship project. Kate ponders whether Stefano should know that the neglected knave is his biological son, but decides to keep Madelin's brothel period secret. After seeing Rafe kiss Nicole, ignoring it's his master ruse to win her trust and expose EJ, Sami is ready to commit fully to Elvis and tells him to waste no more time, Johnny surprises them kissing. To Victor's surprise, Vivian offers to get ...
20 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11401
Will can't understand any more then Stefano why Elvis and Sami, whom he duly scolds, rush their marriage, but delights the couple by accepting to 'give her way', albeit just in front of the Judge. Rafe forces Nicole to confess after finding her uncorrupted recording of the DiMeras' unwitting confession. Daniel spoils Chloe on her birthday, ignoring this disables her to receive the paternity test results with Carly. Stephanie forces Nathan to get his bruised elbow x-rayed so she can receive Ian and persuade him to hack the hospital computer on Nathan's notebook.
23 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11402
At Elvis's wedding, Roman turns up with handcuffs to arrest Sami just to stop her stupid plan, but is talked over by her claim both have changed and its' best for the kids. Rafe must rush when Will inform her trough Gabi, leaving Nicole an opportunity to try a second run, even now she met her witness protection FBI handler Lou Cooper. Hacker Ian finds that Daniel isn't Chloe's baby's father and lets Steffy convince him to falsify the result, but by then someone else already did, just after Philip and Daniel each instructed something by Phone, after the birthday party.
24 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11403
Rafe arrives just in time to stop Elvis's so-far flawless wedding, but demands to tell Sami about his objection in private, she insists the groom must be there too. While hacker Ian and Steffy wonder who changed the paternity result, Nathan returns home, sees them together again and demands an explanation for her secrecy. Carky suspects nothing and reassures Chloe, who now can enjoy Daniel's birthday treats.
25 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11404
Rafe braves Sami's fury over what Elvis claims to 'FBI-manufactured evidence', admitting Nicole's testimony that EJ masterminded Sydney's kidnapping lacks credibility, but insists to play the actual recording, which she accepts. Nicole runs to Brady, expecting his protection, but he's trough with her, to Victor's delight, and with being mister nice gay. Gus warns Vivian, in vain, against the plan to entomb her rival Maggie alive, Victor accepts her choice of a sarcophagus for Isabellla senior uninterested. At Dr. Baker's trial, the reputed soft Judge denies dismissal ...
26 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11405
Elvis can't stop Sami from listening to Rafe's recording of him and Stefano discussing Sydney's kidnapping and Anna's part, nor make her doubt if its' manufactured, but makes his clear his motive, which she bluntly discards. Despite abusive Bo, Dr. Baker confesses and spares Hope testifying. Vivian appeases Gus's worries about the tomb plan but saying Maggie's disappearance won't be noticed as she plans to leave Salem on a quiet cruise.
27 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11406
Although Elvis's true story clearly got to Sami, she cruelly explains she 'only accepted' after seeing Rafe kiss Nicole and takes the children away, to the pub, where Roman triumphs despite Rafe realizing Dimera lawyers may well avoid a judicial punishment. Even Kate's loyalty wavers when she learns Sefano knew, they bump into Chad. Daniel and Chloe take Victor's jests and questions about artificial fertility the wrong way when they come announce the pregnancy. Vivia assures Gus, who already ordered a sarcophagus, the plan is going well, as she finds out Maggie ...
30 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11407
Leaving Elvis and Stefano shocked, Sami takes the kids away, despite Johnny's refusal to leave daddy, to the Brady pub and runs to Rafe, applauding his tireless pursuit of the truth. Will hears about the canceled wedding from Chad, who bumped into Kate, who snaps at Stefano she can't handle the endless disastrous DiMera secrets. Victor is delighted with Nicole's misery now even Brady refuses to help her, eager to point out his part in helping Rafe trick her, but sorry that Daniel can't handle any hint of suspicion concerning pregnant Chloe. Nicole nearly hits her ...
31 Aug. 2010
Episode #1.11408
Rafe finally gets Sami to admit she always wanted him and resume their love life. Elvis is devastated by the loss of face and, worst, his son, admitting he's in a murderous mood towards Nicole, who now compromised every single aspect in his life, and tracks her down, alone after FBI guard George lost he trail. Nathan is too nervous to slide trough his first 'solo' surgery due to his elbow bruise and an obnoxious chief nurse, but pulls trough with Melanie's moral support. Kate warns Stefano that her spousal loyalty couldn't stand the loss of Will's trust once he learns...
1 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11409
Will refuses to question Stefano's reformed good will, Kate repeats to unamused Stefano her marriage now depends on her grandson's trust. It looks hopeless now he learns from Elvis both their voices are on the recording, so Elvis rushes to take revenge on Nicole, but is stopped just in time by Daniel and George, who convinces the doctor he must take Chloe's friend in. Even in bed, Rafe can't appease Sami's fear that Elvis will take her kids by claiming a custody trial threat will suffice, so when Kate calls to warn he's about to abduct them, she rushes to the DiMera ...
2 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11410
Rafe ignores that Sami, who returned in bed with him, actually shot Elvis in the head. Nicole wakes him to demand help against a DiMera murder attack, but accepts moving with Daniel, who warns her that means no more antics in his home. Stefano promises incredulous Kate damage control. Vivian's plan to lock Maggie alive in Bella's new tomb is compromised when her son Brady furiously opposes it.
3 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11411
Ignoring she just shot his suspect, Rafe appeases Sami's nightmarish shivering in bed and proposes, which she accepts after catching her breath. Maggie suggests Brady should prevent slipping into alcohol as alternative addiction by moving out of Victor's mansion. After a docks meeting where Victor warned him against breaking their 'business agreement', Stefano notices Elvis's split whiskey pitcher and finds his son i his room, shot in the head, at first sight fatally. Gus delivers forgeries for Vivan's tomb plan, but Victor orders her on 'safe holiday' to Tahiti due ...
7 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11412
Stefano is desperate over Elvis's condition, which Daniel manages to stabilize in surgery, but also for vengeance. Kate realizes she cued Sami but dares not come clean, so when Nicole has an alibi Kate hints at Victor. Stefanie abuses Nathan just for inquiring about Chloe's paternity test and gets Ian to hack again and see who changed the results.
8 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11413
As Stefano suspects Sami of shooting Elvis, even Bo realizes 'sleeping' with overprotective fiancé Rafe is no airtight alibi. Stefano's most pressing rage is against EJ's pre-wedding-amended will, giving bride Sami, not him, power of attorney when he's medically incapacitated. Daniel congratulates Nathan on his first surgery and is tickled pink with Chloe's pregnancy, receiving congratulations. Philip becomes suspicious about nosy Stephanie.
9 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11414
While Stefano wallows in grief, fatherly devotion to Elvis and lust for revenge, checked by Rafe, and Sami seeks Daniel's advice on life support termination, Elvis wakes up from coma. Nathan gets even more annoyed and suspicious when he finds Ian again in his apartment with Stephanie, ignoring he found out the paternity test wasn't changed from Titan. So notoriously loose-lipped Chloe moved up their 'suspect' list, who meanwhile confesses to Craly her murder plot with Vivian. Philip rages at Vivian's very presence in the mansion and her tomb plan, which even Gus finds...
9 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11415
Will comes grill Sami, duly dismissing her absurd excuse to 'do it for the kids' now the switched groom again, and warns he saw her in the DiMera mansion, hence knows she must have shot Elvis, whose condition remains most worrisome. Gus finds testing Vivian's coffin torture to drive Maggie insane all too terrifying, Carly gets suspicious finding them in the crypt. Even Ian can't prove whether Chloe had the paternity test changed.
13 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11416
Will grills Sami till she admits having shot Elvis, duly scolds her excuse 'for the children' pointing out he's Johnny's father, yet agrees to keep quiet, also to spare Rafe. Kate dares not expose her to Stefano, who wouldn't forgive tipping her off, but threatens with 'war at any cost' if he persists in suspecting Will. After Brady turns on Vivian's tomb plan and gets suspicious of the in-built screen, Gus refuses to go trough with it, resigns and is replaced. Rafe can barely believe that Arianna sits by Elvis.
14 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11417
Brady slowly works out that Vivian's tomb 'for Isabella" is for a live victim, notably Maggie, but she manages to knock him down. While Nathan collapses from exhaustion after a triple shift, Ian works out Chloe didn't change the paternity test results either. Induced in prison, Hope is assigned 'reliable' cell-mate Tina, but she freaks out when the Brady name rings a cop and mugger bell.
15 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11418
Will bitterly scolds Sami's murderous pinnacle of irresponsibility, yet pledges to keep her secret for his siblings' sake. Kate part-overhears him at Elvis's sickbed, wonders whether he's the killer or Sami and how she can use that against Stefano. Will commiserates when Chad tells him his unforgiving father ships him to a faraway college while holding him responsible for Madeline's 'fatal' aneurysm-related stress. Brady gets up after the blow on his head, goes trough Vivian's bag, finds out she reburied his mother's remains at a pet cemetery and promises due deserts.
16 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11419
Will warns Kate not to ask him about the shooting. Brady gives Vivian a taste of the tomb nightmare she prepared for Maggie, complete with witnessing Victor eagerly entertaining her rival. Rafe senses that Will hides a burden. Torn between compassion and dominant hatred for Elvis, whose condition worsens again, Nicole bitches at Arianna that devotion to him can only end up as his next victim.
17 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11420
After talking to Will, Rafe tells Sami he realizes the knave's concern for hated Elvis means he killed him or protects someone, so she admits having shot her ex. Brady enjoys further copying Vivian's plan, only with her in the 'isabella' tomb meant for Maggie, e-mailing to everyone she left having realized being unfit for Victor. After Elvis has a cardiac episode, Dr. Ben Walters concludes his binding will implies it's time to pull the plug. Rafe warns that life termination would aggravate the charge from homicide to murder.
20 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11421
Despite that EJ breaths autonomously again, only Stefano believes in his prospects of real recovery, yet alone he murmurs his attacker's name. Rafe takes Will to the riverbank to inquire about his whereabouts during the shooting, but gets nowhere. Stefano lets only Kate witness him telling Sami the only person who knew where the kept the presumed, missing murder weapon without an alibi -accepting Rafe as hers- is Will. Brady overcomes Victor's initial doubt about Vivian's Dear John-mail, then grandfather erupts in elated joy and presides cheerfully over the Isabella ...
21 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11422
Rafe keeps questioning Will, kindly but firmly, convincing the knave he'll protect him, Sami and his siblings at any cost, but Sami refuses to come clean to him or let him risk everything by perjury for them. Elvis is regaining conscience and trying to denounce Sami, but not yet understood. During the Isaballa memorial service at 'her' tomb, inside which Vivian must silently witness everything, Brady helps Victor -in party mood- discard any suggestion his undesirable wife didn't just give up, yet Carly convinces Bo to investigate her disappearance.
22 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11423
Stefano finds out that Elvis is recovering and speaking, and gets a report from his private investigator on the possibility that Will be the shooter. Will admits to worried Rafe that he would prefer Elvis never to wake up, Ari's arrival and unconditional defense of her savior scares the knave away. Philip senses how worried Kate is, but she only says it's about Stefano and prefers to deal with him chemically now he may turn on Will. Now Victor is courting unwilling Maggie again, Brady brags to Vivian he has no remorse and is confident to get away with burying her ...
23 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11424
Stefano tells relieved Kate the fingerprint search shows Will can't have stolen the murder gun, unlike Sami, whose alibi Rafe would surely lie for her. Ian gets an arm injury attended by Daniel, hoping to check his computer. Nathan joins them, fleeing a surprise visit from Stephanie's nosy mother. Feeling he got away with entombing her, Brady tells Vivian she may stay there forever.
24 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11425
Will isn't fully relieved, unlike Stefano and Kate, now he's off the shooting suspect list, fearing for indeed fingerprints-fitting Sami, whom Stefano promises Elvis to make pay as soon as his suspicion is checked. After Ian ascertains Chloe and Daniel didn't change he paternity tests, Melanie moves up the suspect list. Nicole nearly spilled Chloe's secret at the baby-shower and is hence disowned by Melanie, who wants details on whatever hurts her father Daniel, and deeply disappointed Chloe. Rafe and Ari don't see eye to eye over Elvis.
27 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11426
Elvis wakes up completely but suffers from amnesia leaving hims supposing to be wed to Sami, whom he asks to see. She shies away, so EJ only gets to see Rafe, who still openly worries about Will. Nathan can only answer evasively when Daniel asks why his kind, bright protégé seems so hostile towards his pregnant bride. Brady smugly tells Vivian he's ever more convinced keeping her entombed is a service to Salem which may only meet gratitude, then leaves for 'more pressing business': retrieving mother Isabella's remains from the pet cemetery, where sycophantic manager ...
28 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11427
Elvis is awake and can't remember what happened since his wedding. Lexie claims stress can wreck his recovery, so Sami must play along. Rafe stands by bitterly, but when EJ, already suspicious about her missing wedding band, demands and gets a visit with the children, Johnny tells they moved to Rafe's place. Kayla talks to Daniel but keeps quiet about the paternity test and explains to Stephanie it may just be an internal hospital error rectification, in which case Philip, who meanwhile buys a house near Maggie's, isn't the father.
29 Sep. 2010
Episode #1.11428
Despite Rafe's unfairness protestations, Lexie's claim that stress could even call Elvis forces Sami to play along as EJ's devoted wife, pretending the kids are in the pub but Rafe visits Ari there. Only Stefano learns that Elvis already regained his memory and is planning to play Sami all the way. Kate seeks insurance in case Stefano turns on her for informing Sami and hopes revealing he has another son would do the trick, so she promises incredulous Chad a DiMera internship.
1 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11430
Rafe shows stunned Sami their new apartment, proof he never gave up on them. To both's delighted relief, Will loves it too and spontaneously adds he always hoped for Rafe to join his family. Elvis explains to Stefano that he's faking amnesia to punish Sami, even before father disproves EJ's idea to have shot himself, leaving her and maybe Will as suspects. Philip and Melanie discover that Victor has bought every house they bid on, and call his bluff by moving into the Kiriakis mansion, depriving him of an excuse to visit Maggie. Hvaing followed Brady from the pet ...
4 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11431
Elvis confers with Stefano on suitable revenge on Sami, braving head health risks, whether she or Will be the shooter. Both ignore that Rafe is already planning to wed her and Roman promises to help bring down the DiMera 'kidnappers'. Brady allowed Nicole, who found out his secret, to lure him from entombed Vivian, whose foul mouth ruined any hope of sympathy from the fellow vixen, into bed. When he returns to oversee his mother's remains returning into the crypt, Justin finds him, most suspicious.
5 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11432
Nathan barely stands a questioning by Daniel why he obviously dislikes bride Chloe, but afterward Melanie hears him explain to Stefanie that he didn't tell Daniel about Chloe's latest infidelity, pretending it's still about cheating on Lucas, and ignores her partner. Justin finds Brady in the tomb with Isabella's old coffin, questions the story, but Nicole helps him, so Vivian's hope of release is crushed again. In jail, Hope wines, despite a spoiled regime in infirmary, over burdening the family and giving Bo his freedom back.
6 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11433
Vivian hopes to summon Gus, who holds the tomb live support system and monitor spare remote control, to rescue, but he can't hear her while trying to make out with a girl who is turned off by portraits of madame. With Daniel's wedding impending, Melanie first urges to speak him first, then turns to Nathan, whom she demands to 'set right his secrecy' concerning Chloe's infidelity. Kayla tells Stephanie the paternity test won't be checked in time, she resolves to come clean to Nathan but stops at having kept a secret too. After a night with Nicole, for whom he claims ...
7 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11434
Nathan is deeply hurt by Melanie's tirade against him for not disclosing Chloe's infidelity. Daniel happily prepares to get married in the park. After Gus's date leaves, he finally discovers the remote and hears Vivian's plea for help, but decides, still vexed, she only has herself to blame and seems unwilling to come to her rescue. Brady assures Victor that he only allows Nicole to move in with him to be used.
8 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11435
Stefano supports Elvis's intent to take sneaky revenge on Sami malingering, and applauds the idea to use grateful client Arianna as spy to find out whether she or Will shot EJ. Kate calls Chad to tell him he got the well-paid DiMera internship, but the knave can't believe it's suddenly offered, behind Stefano's back, without couch casting-like impropriety. Will warns Sami that as long as the DiMeras have no other prime suspect, he's likely to be executed for her murder attempt. Leaving Nathan with a needless huge guilt complex, which Stephanie tries desperately but in...
11 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11436
On his wedding day, Daniel looses his patience with Victor's incessant cracks at bride Chloe, yet an heirloom wedding gift restores the wedding invitation. Philip must leave them, called by Chloe in panic over Melanie, who found out about her infidelity, only not the partner, and is grilling Carly about her silent complicity.
12 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11437
Elvis is angry to be diagnosed well enough to be released by Dr. Ben Walters, yet reacts stoic when Rafe, Sami and Roman barge in to 'reveal' his marriage never went trough, already planning his revenge. While Daniel wonders why Melanie insisted to see him before the wedding but can't be reached, she remains deaf to Chloe, Carly and even Philip's warnings not to ruin several lives, especially the baby's, for a done deal. After Rafe announces he resigned from the FBI to devote himself to defending Sami's family, she finally admits not Will, as he expected, but she shot...
13 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11438
Rafe assures Sami that even though she shot Elvis, not Will, he's still devoting his life to protecting their family. Arianne however overhears both suspects discuss the remaining DiMera danger. Melanie goes tell Daniel the truth, but explaining about Nicole's lies and Henderson needing burns attention make them run out of time and Nicole makes Chloe rebook an earlier honeymoon flight, but Daniel refuses to get wed without his daughter. Hearing how bitterly Brady talks to Vivian, Gus promises to come rescue her despite karma.
14 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11439
To Philip's, Chloe's and co-conspirators' relief, Melanie is persuaded at the last minute not to tell Daniel the truth, so his wedding can go on. Stefano is happy to welcome Elvis home, puzzled how he intends to take revenge on Sami and recuperate the children. Victor worries about Brady having taken Nicole back, even Maggie agrees he should step in.
15 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11440
Elvis has a short semi-relapse when bugged by Kate again about suspecting Will, scaring off Arianna for the time being, expected by kid sister Gabi anyhow. While Victor grows more anxious about Brady 'hosting' Nicole, Gus returns to Salem and forces the mausoleum's lock to get in. While Rafe and Sami enjoy quasi-marital life, which he claims to prefer to FBI work, Daniel senses and probes his bride's remaining unease. Despite Philip's efforts to assure Melanie her silence is for the best, she bitterly wails about Carly having destroyed her recently-found ...
18 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11441
Eager to get his children back, Elvis can't wait for Arianna to bring him her news, but she first goes to Rafe, who dismisses her warning, having overheard Sami discuss her guilt with Will, against the incurably criminal siren, he keeps spoiling Sami. Nathan is miserable, feeling somehow guilty for Chloe's deceit. In hospital for a checkup, Elvis finds Lexie minding Sydney and grabs her, only to suffer more abuse from Sami, leading to scolding match who hurt their daughter worst.
19 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11442
Chad reports to be confirmed as DiMera intern but bows out confronted with Elvis's hostility and amused Stefano's aloofness. Elvis rages about Arianna failing to contact him, Stefano reveals he had her tailed and summons the henchman, who saw her visiting Rafe, so they speculate Hernandez family loyalty may win out, while in fact Ari only rages at shooter Sami deserving incarceration, despite Rafe's misguided, disastrous love and the lack of actual proof, rendering Will desperate when he hears Sami expects the game is up. Victor visits the mausoleum and discovers that...
20 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11443
Rafe is confident, as he assures Will, that he can stop Arianna from telling Elvis that Sami shot him, or even if she does provide and alibi and convince the police there's no hard evidence. Victor makes Brady tell his and Vivian's plans, agrees she can't be let off, hence not even out of the tomb for now, and goes interrogate her. Sanctimonious Bo arrest Elivis and questions him without allowing Stefano's lawyer, only to be told crisply how Sami makes the perfect shooting suspect and hence is the unfit parent, not her victim. Sami calls Aria to talk her over, but ...
21 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11444
Rafe assures shivering Will he can handle his sister, who can't do real damage for lack of hard evidence, ignoring Sami meanwhile wrestles, in vain, to seize the recording. Victor taking over Vivian's entombment, shocked by the fate prepared she for Maggie into promising her much more atonement, delights Nicole, who worries as Brady is hard to talk out of guilty wavering in vindictiveness. Will meets Arianna to plead touchingly against wrecking Rafe's and his siblings' lives, whether Sami can be somewhat excused or not. When Elvis arrives, she runs off, with a damning...
22 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11445
Will and Sami expect Ari's recording to be with her in hospital, but despite his well-played diversion, she's caught going trough Ari's handbag, talks herself out of it and rushes back to the crash site, in case the recorder fell out. Nathan and even Stephanie are relieved when Melanie apologizes for blaming him for Chloe's secret. Kayla overhears sister Anne lecturing Carly, who can only beg con consideration for the family repercussions now her use of a false name for Chloe's paternity test is found out, but isn't promised secrecy.
25 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11446
Will works around Gabi's arrival while he searches Ari's purse, but finds the recording isn't there either. Rafe and EJ can't restrain from physically fighting over access to Ari, who still tries in vain to tell Elvis the truth, while Dr. Ben Walters still can't give a final prognosis. Victor sends Nicole to trick Maggie to the mausoleum, but meanwhile realizes he can't keep Vivien entombed, who dreams of revenge while courting the moralist, so Victor sacrifices his love.
26 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11447
As Ari slips away, so badly that father Matt administers last rites, Rafe is consumed by guilt for neglecting her, Elvis ad Stefano commiserate about her poor life and really that her evidence isn't with them. Will gets blamed by Gabi for 'scaring her sister to death'. Kate sneakily prepares informing Stefano that he's Chad's father, by anonymously sent birth certificate. Vivie expects sweet revenge, hearing Victor tell Brady he's prepared to buy her silence about the entombing by resuming their mack marriage.
27 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11448
Guilt, the search for the evidence and accumulated frustrations cause Rafe and Elvis to clash again at Ari's sickbed. After a failed appeal to Rafe's sense of justice and respect for Ari's apparent last will, EJ tells Will he knows the knave is innocent but helps Rafe cover for Sami, and terrorizes the already guilty-feeling kid to hot tears by swearing he'll stop at nothing to get his children back from her. Vivien despairs after failing to bribe Nicole into freeing her by promising the oil revenues she claims having been gifted by the 'pasha of Tangiers', with a ...
28 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11449
Now Arianna is dead, Rafe consents, as she asked in writing, to have her heart harvested by Dr. Ben Walters to save a girl's life, despite Gabi's headless wining. Elvis fears Will takes to Lucas, so may show brains, conscience, loyalty and backbone, unlike Sami. Stfenao counts on his henchman who kept following Arianna, but he lost her trace. Will and Sami realize she visited the kids in the pub shortly before her accident, so she rushes there to look for the recording. Kate learns about Vivien's entombment and comes to the crypt. When she finally seems to show some ...
29 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.11450
Elvis arrives at Aria's room in the pub just in time to stop Sami from getting away with a jewel box, the only thing that might contain the proof she killed him. They struggle, it breaks and proves irrelevant. Will hopes the evidence may be lost forever, but someone has received it. Philip comes scold Nathan over the paternity secrecy, but is told off by Stephanie, whom Nathan rewards with a proposal. After bitterly scolding Carly's complicity with Chloe, Melanie goes to Daniel, once more determined to tell the truth, but hesitates. Kinsey ignores how sensitive the ...
1 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11451
Nathan's proposal is eagerly accepted by Stephanie and celebrated in bed. Melanie tries to tell Daniel the truth, but gets no further then 'Chloe is no good person', told to consider carefully. Victor and Kate confer how to handle maddening-fume-exposed Vivien, who has a nightmare about live cremation. Kayla is stunned when Caroline forbids her to disclose the paternity test was forged by admitting she did it, abusing her hospital accountancy volunteer ICT access.
2 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11452
Elvis searches Rafe's apartment while he's out of town, but Sami returns early, EJ can't resist greeting Sydney and finds nothing. Victor reacts only amused at anything Vivian says. Philip is unamused that no room at the mansion is available for him and Melanie to move into 'due to renovations' and gets suspicious about Victor repeatedly visiting the crypt. Despite Nathan's proposal being announced, Kayla refuses to put off betraying Caroline's paternity test falsification. Nicole bribes greedy Kinsey to help her see Sydney again, even promising a TV station job.
4 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11453
Stefano learns that the custody judge may well rule against Elvis, scolds his unwillingness to fight Sami for his kids by all means, apparently still dreaming of winning her back, and instructs henchman Marco to handle the obstruction whatever it takes. While Vivien's latest nightmare is joining Lawrence in the afterlife, Victor shows anything but sympathy and Philip fails to discover her being entombed when he comes question why he and Melanie aren't welcome in the mansion after Brady confirms the renovations are a very recent project. Nathan's proposal celebration ...
5 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11454
Stefano gets EJ to admit he would prefer to win Samantha back as well as his kids. In the crypt, Philip finds out from Brady that Vivien is entombed, yet considers that deserved. Rafe is back and can barely resist beating Elvis for demanding the proof Arianna wanted him to have, but Justin arrives to announce he, as lawyer, bares her legacy
8 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11455
Chad is furious when he receives his birth certificate stating Stefano as his father, and tells startled, yet supportive Will it must be forged, being a year off his birth date. Brady initially refuses the jewel box Arianna left to him, but after Elvis steps up and Sami fights for it, he's forced to take it home. It seems to contain only papers and a strong box key, but stooping the content, Nicole discovers a camera, containing Sami's murder confession. The witness proves a dead end when questioned by Roman, Rafe and Elvis. Gus helps Vivien lock Maggie into the tomb ...
9 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11456
Victor finally discloses the macabre truth to Philip, who is amused and agrees to share the secret with him, Brady and Kate. Justin presides over the reading and, mainly, video of Ariana's testament and last will. It seems irrelevant despite Rafe, Brady and Elvis being invited to receive stuff, none of which seems likely to contain the crucial evidence. Gus finally finds Vivian in the crypt and liberates her, but regrets the horrible experience hasn't cured her intent to lure Maggie into the tomb trap as originally planned. A witness of Arianna's accident is reported ...
10 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11457
Gus explains to Vivian that he laid a false trail so Victor will believe he fled to South Africa, yet warns her to caution, in vain, she enjoys promising Maggie a miserable death to punish 'traitor' Victor, who meanwhile learned about Gus's escape but falls for the ploy. Elvis refuses Stefano taking over the evidence chase, but he still instructs Marco to go behind RJ's back. While Rafe thinks the proof won't pop up anymore, Nicole ponders using the recorded confession to force Sami to let her back into Sydney's life. On the island, Chloe's baby won't wait even long ...
11 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11458
Having delivered the baby, with Daniel and Philip arriving just in time to save it, she bonds to her baby brother, who is named Parker, Daniel's late mother's maiden name, and vows to keep Chloe's secret for its sake. While Rafe laughs at Elvis's promise to prove to shot him, Nicole shows Sami she has the confession recording and demands a godmother part in Sydneys life or it goes to the police, but is turned down and is attacked while leaving, incurring a head injury.
15 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11460
Rafe and Will assure Sami she's in the clear as Arianna's proof is lost, but Elvis remains determined to find it, wrongly assuming they have it. Jennifer wines about Jack 'deserting their family' to go on an Australian dream voyage, like doctor Ben Walters.
16 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11461
Rafe comes 'supervise' blackmailer Nicole's extorted visit from Sydney, but uses special software to remove possible evidence from her laptop and install a virus that should even delete the original when it reaches that device. Elvis meanwhile intruded Rafe's apartment and used chloroform on Sami to get his kids, but learns then from elated Johnny that Sydney isn't home and has to abandon what may be his only shot. Overworked Nathan, who fills in for Daniel, and impertinent nurse Melanie examine Javier Rodriguez, who contracted a worrying disease as volunteer in ...
17 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11462
Just when Elvis despairs, Nicole drips by to propose him a sweet deal: the evidence to jail Sami in exchange for some regular role in Sdney's life. Rafe, assuming Sydney's absence frustrated EJ's 'abduction' attempt, calls the police, against Sami's scared objections, only to be visited by EJ, who plays the incriminating video. Dr. Ben Walters hastily tries to take full precautions when informed that patient Javier, who was infected mysteriously in Guatemala, died the next evening. Unfortunately, Nathan examined him and now suffers sudden symptoms. Daniel suspects ...
18 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11463
Rafe tells Bo, who already realized her guilt, that Sami has no defense and accepts his suggestion to get married so avoid being forced to testify. Elvis tells Sami he'll have her jailed, as he found the murder weapon in Salem river. Nathan and Melanie each faint and are hospitalized, lab samples are sent to the CDC in Atlanta while they're quarantined, nobody else seems contaminated. The paternity matter is thus sidetracked.
19 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11464
Elvis spells out to Sami that his only mercy is the choice whether to be jailed, probably with Rafe and Will, or hand over his kids without any future contact and concoct an explanation for the world. Rafe assures her nothing is lost but they must wed immediately. Isabella's specter nearly makes drunk Brady go liberate Vivien out of guilt, but Kate talks him out of opening Pandora's box. Nathan and Melanie desperately wait in quarantine as the news of their infection spreads. Chad strides to the DiMera mansions, where Kate questions his intentions now he knows Stefano...
22 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11465
Will is rightly suspicious when Sami claims she can't wait any longer to wed Rafe, that evening, yet helps prepare his kid siblings. Rafe can't convince Gabi to attend, as she mourns Arianna and blames Sami. Chad bursts into the DiMera mansion, demanding to verify his anonymously delivered birth certificate. When Stefano arrives, Chad wields a knife to demand a hospital DNA paternity test, which is granted as the document looks authentic. Elvis is far from easily convinced whether Nicole earned the right to return in Sydney's life, feeling he only was the snake's last...
23 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11466
Will got Gabi to attend Rafe's wedding after all, while he minds the kid siblings. Elvis is furious to hear about it after firmly rebuking Nicole's claim that he 'needs her' as stabilizing maternal element to raise his kids. Brady arrives in the crypt in time to save Victor from Vivien, so he can freed Maggie, who already fainted from the tomb fumes.
24 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11467
Just after Rafe's wedding is concluded, Elvis arrives with Nicole, whom he has designated to mind Sydney, to claim his kids instantly: Sami has forfeited the opportunity to prepare them. Victor has Vivian charged for entombing Maggie, but she denies everything point blank to Salem PD detective Hansen and tries to blackmail key witness Brady, who will only take the blame for her boxed days alone, not even Nicole.
26 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11468
Even Roman is left in the dark by Rafe and Sami about why they let Elvis take Johhny and Sydney, whom he doesn't intend to let 'maternal' Nicole care for. Victor bribes Brady out of tearing up his initial testimony against Vivian to the police, sanctimonious Bo fires detective Hansen for believing his father. Nathan and Melanie's lethal fear for a pathology even Daniel can't handle, strengthens their bond admitting still to be in love.
29 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11469
Will is clearly not prepared to accept that Allie sin't given any explanation why their siblings left to Elvis, who meanwhile finally gives Nicole permission to see Sydney regularly, for the kid's sake. Daniel has analyzed the virus and concocted a counter-agent, but Nathan and Melanie's condition allows no elaborate testing, so he plans to inject himself. Carly realizes the young father is too great a risk and takes his place, putting herself in quarantine. After a scolding match with Elvis, who found out she tipped off Sami, Kate promises her and eager Rafe a way to...
30 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.11470
Rafe pleads in vain for Elvis to allow at least Will and the siblings to visit each-other, but is told on top Johnny and Sydney will believe Sami is dead until they're old enough to be shown every birthday the tape of her shooting EJ. Nicole catches Sami sneaking in to hold Sydney, can't convince her to leave unseen and calls EJ. Daniel is horrified that Carly stupidly injected herself without proper adjustments and knocks down a security agent to intrude the quarantine, where all three patients are worsening fast. Stephanie tells Philip he's baby Parker's father, ...
1 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11471
Daniel triumphs as his anti-viral treatment protected him and apparently cures all three patients fast. Elvis crushes Nicole's relief that Brady doesn't chase her from his bed for having helped Elvis taking his children away from Sami and Rafe, by making her choose between carnal love and Sydney. Stefano, just back home, is delighted to find his grandchildren back in the mansion, yet worried about EJ's fickle attitude toward and obsession with Sami.
2 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11472
Will leaves a cocky Brady family war council on the unacceptability of the loss of his siblings to EJ in dignified desperation, as the usual tough talk offers no perspective. Rafe brought in a crack diver to search the murder weapon in Salem river, but Elvis calls they can spare the trouble, he already locked it safely away. After Elvis denounced Kate triggering the shooting by informing Sami he planned to take the kids overseas, Stefano bitterly scolds her lack of marital loyalty. When the hospital calls, Chad is summoned to the mansion to learn if he's Stefano's ...
3 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11473
While Stefano gives Kate marching orders for keeping serious secrets which might cost him offspring, Chad arrives to hear the DNA results are conclusively positive. Stefano offers Chad a check for all college expenses and/or a home, but gets both thrown in his face, bitterly told Chad already has a family he doesn't want to belong to. Melanie enjoys Philip's warm welcome home, keeping silent about the intimate bonding with Ntahan in quarantine. Philip is relived how easily she 'forgives' him having known about Vivien's entombment, which Maggie insisted on being ...
6 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11474
Gus doubts if Vivien can pull off a revenge plan, however brilliant, against the Kriakis clan plus Nicole. She however feels even surer about it after overhearing Victor and Kate, and as Stefano arrives, her causing renewed mistrust between both tycoons. Dr. Ben Walters needs a donor heart for a young mother of three and calls his prison contact.
7 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11475
Stefano test disloyal Kate, who wants to be taken back, by making her personally deliver dinner invitations with abject apologies to Daniel and Chloe, which she does, but Vivien is a bridge too far. Elvis takes his kids Christmas shopping and after bumping into Rafe and Sami refuses any further contact with grandmother Caroline. Nathan, seeing Stefanie tormented, asks not why but changes her mood to elated by proposing.
8 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11476
Elvis stands his ground, forcing Sami to make Johnny, who clings to her, return to him without proper explanation, and warning Nicole that meeting Brady again means no more visits to Sydney. Rafe warns Sami against any solo stupidity and promises he'll deal with EJ. After Stefano blocks Kate's credit cards, she comes complain about his pettiness and see if a reconciliation is possible. As they agree that despite mutual love the breach of DiMera loyalty in his eyes is unsurmountable, she accepts to move in with Victor, who is calling a war council to prepare for Vivian...
9 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11477
Rafe hopes to get a grip on Elvis by spying on him and Stefano waiting for a Thai shipment at the docks, but EJ looses his patience and returns home alone. Against his better judgment, Will let Sami use his mansion key to intrude and comfort Johnny, who is confused whether she still loves and wants him. Brady wants to fool Elvis by faking a public breakup with Nicole, but she dares not risk losing Sydney. Dr. Ben Walters stars as transplant surgeon, but worries when the prison warden calls the next organs are delayed due to Bo, who worries only about Hope, calling the...
10 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11478
Rafe arrives just in time to prevent Sami being caught in the mansion by Elvis, who bumps into Kate, who warns him that his method to keep his kids away from Sami and their siblings can only backfire tragically for all. Confused after Sami's visit, Johhny demands her back and turns on startled EJ. Back home, Will and 'study mate' Gabi get on kissing terms. Meeting close Titan colleague Sabrina in the pub, with her boyfriend Ted, Philip is surprised when she steals a kiss. Daniel saw them and worries for Melanie, but for now must concentrate on soothing Chloe ...
13 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11479
prior to joining Salem PD, Rafe makes a pact with Victor to bring down Elvis. Despite a mayoral injunction to do his job as commissioner impartially, uncle Bo takes prime murder suspect Sami's word that Rafe won't be charged as her accomplice. Will assures shy Gabi he wants to build up their relationship. Nathan is surprised that Stephanie won't wait for her parents return from Africa to wed, in fact she abuses it, hoping to avert Kayla stirring up Caroline's paternity test result switching. Worried by Johhny's nightmares and tantrums calling for mama, Elvis summons ...
14 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11480
Brady and Nicole enjoy theatrically fighting in front of Hendrson and, even more, 'making up' in his bed. After checking the oddity Will spotted on his wedding pictures isn't a technical glitch, Rafe urges Elvis to take his boy to the doctor, but is ignored. Dr. Ben Walters warns Nathan that his marriage plans may delayed as the former quarantine patients can't be definitely cleared yet given the unprecedented infection. Daniel grimly confronts startled Philip, who firmly and convincingly denies any inappropriate relationship with Titan's man-eater Sabrina behind ...
15 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11481
Elvis gives Nicole a cold welcome, getting her to admit she's keeping secrets for him, but chooses to believe her lie that she's staying in contact with Brady 'to confer against Vivian'. Rafe worries as EJ didn't take his warning about Johny's health serious and overcomes Lexie's fury against snake Sami to make her pull Elvis to order and diagnose a potentially serious eye condition. After Daniel physically attacks 'adulterer' Philip at the docks, Chloe gets help from bystanders to pull them apart and gets him to promise he'll at least examine the facts before ...
16 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11482
)Elvis agrees to have Johhny's eye condition properly examined in hospital by specialist Dr. Kim, but the boy keeps crying for his mother, so Rafe promises to get her. That overrules his former instruction of silence to Will, luckily, as Sami already overheard him and Gabi worrying about his half-brother. Philip talks Chloe out of confessing the truth to Daniel, whom Mel implored to make up with the other beloved man in her life, but he still demands to meet for a confession.
19 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11483
Given Johnny's panic cries for mama and the diagnosis requiring a specialist, Elvis reluctantly agrees to let Sami back into the boy's life at least so long, but finding out about the secret hand sign, bitterly reneges on that. Daniel promises Chloe to keep silent about Philip's affair and even swears Stephanie to secrecy, ignoring it wasn't with Sabrina. Nathan gives Stephanie a free hand for the wedding details, greatly relieved when she jumps at leaving state for an East Coast job he has been offered.
20 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11484
Dr. Kim's diagnosis is shocking: Johnny's eye tumor requires an urgent amputation. While Sami just rages in denial, Elvis quickly realizes time is of the essence, agrees on Dr. Ben Walters' advice and even concludes a truce with Sami. Will keeps strong for Johhny, then minds Ally and seeks home solace with Gabi. Nicole, who is denied spending time with Sydney in EJ's absence, still enjoys it by having sex with Brady.
21 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11485
Despite Rafe and Elvis's best efforts to work out a truce so Johnny get full parental support now his eye must amputated, the boy senses and furiously scolds their bickering and gets the terrifying news. Gus delivers to Vivian all the papers she needs to unleash her revenge over the 'crypt conspirators', so she assembles them in the Kiriakis mansion by sending e-mails in Victor's name, then announces they are now all minions, having bought a controlling portion of Titan shares.
22 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11486
Elvis is greatly relieved when Dr. Kim states that Johnny's eye cancer doesn't seem to have metastasized and orders Sami to take her indefinite leave again. Rafe asks Daniel, who insists on broad family support, to keep the boy is hospital rather then releasing him to the DiMera mansion. To Victor's crypt gang's horror, he admits that Vivian's control of Titan also gives her the mansion, which he declared the company HQ for tax purposes, yet they must all stay there to avoid the impression that nobody supports Victor's legal challenge of the takeover. Nicole hopes to ...
23 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11487
Vivian intensely savors sugarcoating her reign of terror at the Kiriakis mansion. Exposing Nicole's persisting affair with Brady to Elvis is suspended, as he can only think of Johnny after Stefano pleaded against pointless revenge on Sami, whom EJ suspects of somehow causing the eye tumor. Rafe, just recruited by the Salem PD, is asked by Roman as interim commissioner in stead of Bo, who is declared a fugitive, to be hunted down by state police, since he impersonated a jailer to help Hope escape from prison, where warden Smith and her violent trustee are desperate to ...
24 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11488
Cosily in bed, Philip and Melanie almost enjoy 'hiding' for Vivian, until they here broadcast the startling news that Bo broke Hope out of jail. Stefano snaps at Nicole's presence at Johhny's sickbed, but Elvis puts to him that the alternative mother figure is the best way to eliminate Sami. She informs Brady that Vivian is about to expose them to EJ. Rafe finds the warden unwilling to help him find Bo, Carly unable.
27 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11489
Johnny is released from hospital, so he can join he DiMera Chrismas Eve presents party, where Nicole's maternal performance pleases even Stefano. Rafe and his family must do with a mass, from which Sami slips away to spy on Elvis. Nathan announces under the Horton Christmas tree that he is moving shortly to Baltimore with Stefanie. Victor takes the fun out of lording over his mansion Christmas party for Vivian.
28 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11490
Nathan and Stephanie prepare for their move to Baltimore, but her hope the distance between them and the family will bury the paternity lies may fall trough as Kayla has returned to help prepare for the wedding and grills Caroline on the delicate matter. Daniel and Chloe prepare baby Parker's christening but Elvis pulls Nicole's reins: she must instead help bring Sydney to hospital to be checked for a possible congenital eye problem like Johnny. Roman congratulates Rafe with his promotion and as only husband able to handle Sami. The spreading news of Bo being fugitive...
29 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11491
Elvis enjoys witnessing a cat-fight in hospital between Sydney's sidetracked and would-be mothers and orders Nicole to file a complaint against Sami, swearing to Stefano he'll get rid of Sami by exploiting her own unruly stupidity. Nathan flies to Baltimore to pick a home with Stephanie, who is cheerfully unaware that Kayla already found out that Caroline kept the paternity secret. Daniel beams at Parker's christening, Philip the baby's resemblance to his 'father' while his almost jealous child-wish grows with Melanie's.
30 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11492
Elvis's proposal to Nicole marry him to become Sydney and Johnny's official full-time mother is received cynically, yet accepted. Brady hopes to bluff Vivian out of denouncing his secretly persisting affair with Nicole to Elvis by showing Photoshopped pictures starring her, but she isn't daunted. At Parker's christening, Kayla gets her disastrous wish: Caroline admits having switched the paternity test, wrecking both Daniel's and Philip's marital bliss, to the kin's fury, then has a cardiac crash.
31 Dec. 2010
Episode #1.11493
Shown the pictures of Nicole's affair with Brady in his mansion, Elvis pretends throwing her out of home and kids' life, then offers her a last chance to commit fully to them in marriage. She accepts, to Brady's fury, yet he accepts to kiss again. Daniel hits Philip hard and pieces together the puzzle of lies and betrayal, bitterly making Chloe confess how she kept lying and got ever more people to cover for her. Philip blames Victor for only scolding him sanctimoniously Daniel forgiving only Melanie, who refuses to consider Philip's mislead reasons at all, or most ...

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