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Season 3

11 Sep. 1967
A Barkley ranch hand is murdered. This happens shortly after the man had claimed a newly hired hand was actually an infamous Mexican outlaw.
18 Sep. 1967
Victoria revisits a desert mission. She fights to protect three Indian women from killers and only has a recently reformed alcoholic to help her.
25 Sep. 1967
A Flock of Trouble
Nick unwittingly accepts sheep in payment for a debt. He stubbornly fights off insults and threats to keep them.
2 Oct. 1967
Time After Midnight
Property owners are intimidated into selling by a land baron. When a case is brought against the man, Jarrod agrees to act as prosecutor-even after being blinded.
9 Oct. 1967
Night in a Small Town
While traveling, Heath and Victoria stop in a town that has an overly righteous Sheriff. They find his "devotion to duty" does not include leaving a saloon girl alone.
16 Oct. 1967
An innkeeper's pretty daughter is the bait used to rob and kill visitors. Nick unsuspectingly falls in love with her.
30 Oct. 1967
A recently convicted murderer escapes and returns to town. While he is cornered in the schoolhouse, Jarrod tries to help the man prove his innocence.
6 Nov. 1967
The Disappearance
While traveling Victoria and Audra check into a hotel. When the next morning Audra has disappeared and no one will admit she had even been there, Victoria is forced to investigate by herself.
13 Nov. 1967
A Noose Is Waiting
A new doctor is welcomed to town by the Barkley's. They are unaware he is really a deranged killer out for revenge and with Victoria targeted as his next victim.
20 Nov. 1967
Explosion!: Part 1
A forest fire is heading toward Stockton. The Barkley's and other wealthy landowners plan to hire a "firestopper".
27 Nov. 1967
Explosion!: Part 2
The forest fire continues to advance toward Stockton. With no one else able to help, Jarrod, Nick and Heath prepare to meet the fire with nitroglycerin.
4 Dec. 1967
Four Days to Furnace Hill
Guards delivering prisoners accidently kill one of them - a woman. Victoria, out travelling alone, is taken by the guards to act as a substitute.
11 Dec. 1967
Night of the Executioner
The conspiracy to murder a Congressman unravels due to Heath being in the area at the time of the killing. An old drunkard and then Heath himself are accused of being the shootist.
18 Dec. 1967
Journey Into Violence
Heath is kidnapped by a sect who accuse him of murdering a member.Acting as their own judge and jury,Heath is convicted and sentenced to being a slave to atone for his crime.
25 Dec. 1967
The Buffalo Man
Convict labor is used at the ranch during harvest time. The men are treated sadistically by their guard, especially an ex-slave who served in a special unit during the Civil War.
1 Jan. 1968
The Good Thieves
Two thieves, who killed two men in Stockton and seriously wounded Jarrod, are tracked by Nick and Heath to a distant town. Once there, they find the two men are highly respected and thought of as philanthropists.
8 Jan. 1968
Days of Wrath
After a whirlwind courtship, Jarrod marries. His absolute joy quickly turns to grief and then to relentless revenge.
15 Jan. 1968
A wealthy Mexican Loyalist visits the Barkley's and brings with him a valuable necklace. A female anarchist then shows up at the ranch, plotting to bring the necklace back to Mexico to help fund the Revolution.
29 Jan. 1968
Shadow of a Giant
Nick and Heath join a posse led by a legendary marshall.The problem is the marshall is reckless and endangers all of his deputies lives.
5 Feb. 1968
Fall of a Hero
A man is dead after having a disagreement with Heath,who cannot remember what happened. Despite being on trial for his life, Heath seeks with Jarrod's help to find the truth.
12 Feb. 1968
The Emperor of Rice
An old Barkley friend becomes desperate to corner the rice market. Victoria is kidnapped as part of the plan to force the family to help.
16 Feb. 1968
A played out mine that a Barkley mining partnership abandoned is now occupied by Chinese immigrants. The partnership needs to regain control of the old mine as a means to deliver air to an adjacent, ore rich mine.
26 Feb. 1968
Bounty on a Barkley
A beautiful, aloof woman moves to the area and Nick falls in love with her. She fails to mention that she is married-and to a bounty hunter that Nick has met.
4 Mar. 1968
Devil's Masquerade
Heath's friend, a nearby rancher,sends for a mail order bride. Upon her arrival,some things about her background seem strange and cause Heath to question her identity.
11 Mar. 1968
Run of the Savage
A series of relatively petty thefts lead Nick to an embittered youth who he attempts to befriend. The stakes are raised when Nick finds himself held for ransom while tied up in a cave that is in danger of collapsing.
28 Mar. 1968
The Challenge
A plot is hatched to use an innocent photo in an embarassing way. Victoria and a U.S. Senator are the targets of the smear campaign.

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