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A state of war exists between two tribes. The Circassi are led by Ursus (Reg Park) and the Kirghisi under the reining prince Zereteli (Furio Meniconi). The conflict has continued for many years, following the death of the old Khan.

These turbulent lands are tormented by the bloody raids of a monsterous being called The Vulture, who assaults peaceful caravans of passers-by, spreading panic and death. The scheming daughter of the murdered Khan, Aniko (Mirille Granelli) is making her claim to the throne. Seeing that the death of Ursus would serve this purpose, Aniko sends an assassin to kill the hero, but Ursus escapes the attack.

The arrival of the shrewd Ido (Ettore Manni), the brother of Ursus, provokes a battle between the two communities. One night, when Ursus is absent because he has kept an appointment with Aniko, Ido is resting in Ursus tent, only to be attacked by the Vulture, only just managing to save himself. Later, Aniko tells Ido of her secret relationship with Ursus and about her future marriage to him which will be a prelude to their crowning at Sura, the capital of the kingdom.

During a hunting expedition, Ursus is attacked and wounded by the Vulture. Meanwhile, the Kirghisi, taking advantage of the act that all the towns warriors are away, attack Meliva (the Circassi village) killing all the remaining inhabitants. The Vulture is accused of this massacre, while Zereteli and his med drag Ido to Sura, and imprison Aniko in a cave where the monster dwells. While he is in prison, Ido discovers everything about Zeretelis schemes and, after escaping, he warns the Circassi, who attack Sura to avenge the massacre of Meliva. After having captured Zereteli, the force a confession from him in which he reveals that Aniko is not the heir to the throne, a right which is due to the real daughter of the Khan, Katia (Maria Teresa Orisini), now Ursus servant who had lost her memory after the death of her father.

It turns out that Aniko is in fact a cruel witch who control a potion which causes her victims to transform into the monster; the Vulture is in fact Ursus, or whomever drunk the potion. The perfidious woman thus spreads panic in the region, destabilizing the power of Zereteli and provoking the clash between the Circassi and the Kirghisi. Exposed by the astute Ido, Aniko commits suicide by throwing herself into the void.


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