I Am Cuba (1964) Poster


Plot Keywords

land peasant
police student
cuba peace
wealth rebellion
university friend
children sugar
camera poverty
u.s. sailor revolution
farm prostitution
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
lip synching oriente province cuba
anchors aweigh sun
heat peso
store window stepping stones
star burro
chained lost
sierra maestra cuba fingerprint
almost hit by a car parking garage
shoeshine saxophone player
guitarist flag
tolling bell food
husband wife relationship housing
education school
doll mother son relationship
dead bird blood
political demonstration political protest
shot point blank farmer
flashlight chased by a dog
dog chase
josé marti slavery
explosion bombing
mountain bayamo cuba
march water hose
riot control riot
arm in arm knife
industrialization unemployment
worker injustice
justice radio broadcast
rebel death of brother
hiding behind a waterfall waterfall
turning over a car martyr
cuban flag banana
saxophone guitar
sunglasses baby
hate anger
raid mimeograph machine
listening to music recording
coca cola jukebox
hammock shantytown
slum flowers
street life fruit vendor
drawing horse riding
horse comrade
rock 'n' roll band
nudity checkpoint
convertible police siren
rain costume
mask united fruit company
harvest debt
prayer harassment
newspaper bus
sexism sexist
diary burning a crop
burning a house burning a movie screen
guantanamo bay cross
underwater scene water
swimsuit river
friendship girl
boy begging
beggar taxi
crucifix church
showgirl dancing
dancer drummer
drum prostitute
casino hotel
brothel reference to christopher columbus
boat movie camera
photographer falling off a balcony
shot in the back shooting
reference to lenin communism
communist freedom
liberty tyrant
tyranny nightclub
bar song
singing singer
u.s. navy freedom fighter
guerilla cuban military
drive in movie theatre arson
sugarcane palm tree
cuban cuban politics
cuban history historical event
musician swimming
swimming pool rooftop
sniper rifle
politics police raid
police car cigar smoking
bicycle farming
propaganda brother sister relationship
urban setting rural setting
village father daughter relationship
father son relationship kiss
love money
sex family relationships
machete flashback
montage cigarette smoking
beauty contest bathing beauty
revolutionary policeman
death murder
newsreel footage 4 stories
american in cuba surrealism
fire avant garde
protest havana cuba
decadence fidel castro
fulgencio batista 1950s
long take tourist
political repression marxism
death of child death of son
death of father

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