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Sandokan alla riscossa,part 2

Author: dbdumonteil
14 July 2005

What can be said of this flick?

First it is the second part of "Sandokan alla riscossa" ;a short summary tells us about Sandokan's fight for recovering his well-deserved throne and doing away with the-British -usurper .But as the scenarists know it ,when an uncle is a hateful tyrant,then the niece is as sweet as it can be .And the damsel in distress becomes Sandokan's fiancée.

Alas !The tyrant's son (hence the fiancée's cousin)wants the throne back.And he abducts the beautiful soon-to-be -Sandokan's wife and holds her hypnotized in caves with a little help from an evil wizard. Sandokan gets angry...As the Italian title of the first film says ,he comes to her rescue.Will he save her?

These are childish adventures with two particularly cruel scenes:

-A whole family is slain,including the sick child.

-A torture scene where one of the good guys (a British)seems to take a mischievous delight in watching a prisoner who is refused some water.

(For the first part ,read the comment "don't touch the animals")

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Oriental adventure with Sandokan , Lord of Malaysia , along with Yañez battling the leopard of Sarawak

Author: ma-cortes from Santander Spain
24 December 2013

Exciting story of love and adventure , the complete romance and the exotic events about the famous hero Sandokan (Ray Danton) based on novels by Emilio Salgari . Samoa (Franca Bettoia) is abducted and held captive in caves by her cousin Charles Druk (Mario Petri) , whose father has been killed by her future husband Sandokan , lord of Malaysia . Samoa is hypnotized by a magician and Sandokan sets out in pursuit enemies and rescue his lover accompanied by his European friend Yañez (Guy Madison) and Tremal Naik (Alberto Farnese). Along the way Sandokan takes on a tiger , piton , jungle moors , quicksands , jumping cliffs and finally a spectacular battle against the Leopard of Sarawak and his hoodlums .

This is an entertaining oriental movie , full of action, thrills ,romance , double-crosses and of course , a lot of duels and fights . Decent production by Ottavio Poggi with adequate gowns , evocative sets , right cinematography and powerful score . Lots of intrigue , treason, exotic scenarios , twists and turns . The picture contains rousing action , romantic adventure , mayhem and a fine cast doing a fine job . Sympathetic performances by main star cast such as Ray Danton , Franca Bettoia and Guy Madison and enjoyable secondary cast , as the marvelous main actors are completed by a stellar cast full of veteran Italian players as Mario Petri as Sir Charles Druk , Alberto Farnese as Tremal Naik , Aldo Bufi Landi as Rajani and the usual Franco Fantasia as Kuron . Splendid color from 16 mm by Bitto Albertini and imaginative as well as thrilling soundtrack by Carlo Rustichelli in oriental style . This was the third part in Sandokan saga ; the first was "Sandokan, La Tigre di Mompracen¨ or "Sandokan the Great" (1963) with Steve Reeves as Sandokan, Geneviève Grad as Mary Ann and Andrea Bosic as Yanez and the second was "Sandokan : Pirate of Malaysia¨ (1964) by Umberto Lenzi with Steve Reeves as Sandokan , Jacqueline Sassard as Princess Hada , Mimmo Palmara as Tremal-Naïk , Andrea Bosic as Yanez , Nando Gazzolo as Lt. Clintock and Leo Anchóriz as Lord Brook .

The motion picture was professionally directed by Luigi Capuano . He was a good craftsman who directed all kind of genres , and especially adventure movie . Capuano directed Spaghetti Western such as "Il Magnifico Texano" , Peplum as ¨Revenge of Ursus¨ ,"Revenge of the Gladiators" , "Hercules and the Black Pirates" and of course Adventures such as "Zorro in the Court of Spain" , "Zorro, Rider of Vengeance" , ¨Zorro and three musketeers¨ ,"Tiger of the Seven Seas" , ¨leopard of Sarawak¨ , ¨Vengeance of Sandokan¨ , "Terror of the Red Mask" starred by Lex Barker and "The Lion of St. Mark" set in Venice and starred by Gordon Scott .

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