Ghost Stories (1964) Poster


Plot Keywords

tea snow
samurai promise
spirit hair
battle ghost
storm money
writer love
woodcutter drink
water musician
writing temple
snowstorm sea battle
monk monastery
marriage divorce
death yuki onna
supernatural horror bowl
singing dream
crying loyalty
priest wound
slave cliff
suicide lantern
woods guilt
remarriage mouth
food face slap
meiji flashback
poem snowing
rice cake dead body
jumping from a ship boatman
broken dish sandal maker
marketplace cruelty
banner kimono
horse riding omnibus
shot with an arrow drinking
infant emperor balladeer
axe bell
giving a bath governor
forest following someone
leading the blind ping pong
torn off ear serving ladle
orphan lightning
reflection in water bridal chamber
spinning wheel emperor
umbrella forgiveness
storytelling water well
wine game of go
water bearer pity
river commander
selfishness unfinished book
illness ocean
desertion suffering
jidai geki table tennis
soldier boat
felling tree ferryman
storyteller sewing
bathing a baby painting
guard sex
teacup screaming
horse candle
warrior torch
baby rain
intruder incense
game playing song
caught inside a teapot hut
thunder wealth
reading memory
old man children
fan bath
eyes shimonoseki strait
clock radio porridge
peasant tears
kiss witchcraft
stabbing weaver
paintbrush disappearance
washing clothes cemetery
shield armor
ears garden
baby's bath praying
fear paranoia
crab the animal fireball
literature flag
grave sleeping
singer sandals
falling through the floor bridge
apprentice gate
chopping down a tree fishing
blind man servant
new year's day enchantment
stranger tomb
betrayal paint
spear publisher
ship cuttlefish
pledge blood
mass suicide prayer
street life target practice
reflection kakamigahara japan
voice over narration village
vampire terror
teenage boy sword
supernatural power skin painting
skeleton shot in the eye with an arrow
sea of blood poverty
painter musashi province japan
murder mother son relationship
mother in law daughter in law relationship mother daughter relationship
madness kyoto japan
jumping into the ocean insanity
illusion haunting
graveyard ghost ship
freezing to death flash forward
father son relationship father daughter relationship
family relationships edo japan
ear ripped off demon
decomposed body dan no ura japan
child murder calligraphy
buddha brother sister relationship
bow and arrow battle of dan no ura
apparition amidaji temple
abandoned house 4 stories
1900s writing on a body
surrealism very little dialogue
japan japanese
19th century 17th century
13th century 12th century
11th century husband wife relationship
folk tale buddhist
tale of the heike blindness
anthology based on book

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