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donwtimmons20009 August 2007
I am biased, I suppose, as I got to be an extra in this movie which was filmed at Anchor Point, California. I was an Airman, stationed at the Point Arena Air Force Station. Us Air Force guys got into the act because the Universal production company was seeking local native Americans to play the part Indians in the movie. They were to play the part of poor, starving people but the local natives were of large stature, and they could not get a full compliment of Indians so they came to the Airbase and enlisted some of us poor,staving G.I.'s to be Indians. We met at Anchor Point, where we went into tents and were sprayed with brown stain, given dark, long haired wigs, and loincloth es. I have a picture standing next to the female lead, Celia Kaye. By gosh, I really looked like a native. I really enjoyed my experience as an extra as the production crew was ever so nice.

When the Aleut ship shot it's cannon and blew up all the Indians, I wanted to be able to see myself from amongst all the other bodies, so I didn't die instantly, as I was supposed to, but rose up on one elbow, before dying. This trick allowed me to see myself when I got to see the movie. I don't think anyone noticed but me.

Many years later I got a chance to be an extra in Fire in the Sky, a story about an alien abduction. In this one I was a Doctor, and got about 15 seconds of film time, plus a 1/2 second full face shot. Another company, but still all very nice people. I have never worked in any job to this day that treated everybody so well and these people from Hollywood.

Don Timmons

Dillingham, Alaska
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Very Sad
Noel-2415 December 2000
I Remember watching this when I was very young in the Philippines. It would be shown for weeks at a time.

I just learned the tragic true story recently. She was the last of her tribe. Every one of her tribe died when the ship she missed sank. Karana's fate was just as sad. Seven weeks after she was rescued she died from illness, contracted from the White men.
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Check out the real story of Juanna Maria
havasucs25 August 2007
The ship that took her people went to Mission Santa Barbara where they all died of illness and are buried there. After several years they returned for her and she also died shortly after her arrival at the mission where she was buried under the name the missionaries gave her Juanna Maria. The island that her people lived on is San Nicolas Island 60 miles off the coast of Point Mugu,California. Her story is not much like the book or movie.Look it up on the web under Juanna Maria or island of the blue dolphin. The Navy now owns it and uses it as a missile test range.They do not allow visitors to the island but there is a lot of info on the web about the island and Juanna Maria.
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It's been a long time.
ofpsmith12 February 2015
I saw this film once when I was in 6th grade (over 3 years ago) as part of a class project. We were reading the book so my teacher brought this in to watch. Even though it's been 3 years since I've seen it I'm ready to go back and review it. The story is of a young Native American Girl who was abandoned by her tribe (accidently) and left on her island. She befriend wolves and other wildlife as she makes her solitary life on the island for over 18 years until she was discovered. The film and book are both based on the real story of Juana Maria. The film's acting is decent and the story id great so I can recommend it. It's hard to find on DVD but it should still be available somewhere.
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* * * * out of 4
Bleeding-Skull16 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the popular children's story by Scott O'Dell, this family movie tells of the true adventures of a young Native American girl. After her father is killed by a malevolent white trapper, Karana (Celia Kaye) joins her community as they leave their island home in the Pacific to live on the mainland. Upon her departure, Karana realizes that her brother has been left behind. She immediately swims back to be with him and the two remain on the abandoned island. Though Karana is able to domesticate a wolf, her brother is not so fortunate with the animals and is killed by a pack of wild dogs. She is left to survive against the odds for several years before she has a chance to journey to the mainland herself.

The greatest family ever movie ever made! The acting and ending is a WOW!!!!
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It's OK....
hckygrl425 October 2006
I liked the movie well enough, considering it came from 1964. I felt that they didn't depict the passage of time very accurately and I was surprised when all of a sudden, the movie was over. I know that books and movies are usually very different, but I think this movie could have been a far better representation of the book. Add some more details, don't change some of the details from the book. But hey, I'm not the director or in charge of the budget. That is the other thing to consider, budget. They didn't have big budgets back then and this was what they got for their budget. All in all, I enjoyed the movie well enough. I would enjoy seeing a remake with some better details, more representative of the book. Still an OK movie though.
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Sad, but true
meloda7 June 2003
I remember seeing this movie years ago. It was based on the book, which was a true story. However, it is true that when Europeans came along, they did bring along diseases, and sadly enough murdered innocent natives. Those people tried hard to defend their territory, but were outnumbered. This movie tells the story of a girl who survived after her tribe left the island. It's too sad to think about much more. I would only recommend it if you like true stories about history. Otherwise, all you will see is a lot of people dying, and sad stuff along the way.
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Island of the Blue Dolphins story by Vijay Woods
aprilfennell2 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Island of the Blue Dolphins movie is about a girl named Karana. She and her brother Ramo are on a Island with their tribe . They saw a boat in the middle of the sea so Karana told Ramo to telltheir father about the boat.

I thought the movie was sad because her brother died then she lost her dog and her friend went away to the man that killed Karana dad
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Where`s The Devilfish ?
Theo Robertson18 August 2004
ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS by Scott O`Dell was a novel that my class had to study for a project when I was eleven years old . We had to come up with things like " What would you have as a food menu if like Karana you were stuck on an island " and we also had to write a story as to how we thought the novel would end . Being a massive fan of monsters I wrote an ending that featured a great battle with the " Devilfish " which is - While not referred to in the book as such - in reality a giant squid

The giant squid features in several passages in the book and I looked forward to seeing the movie version simply because I wanted to see how realistic the special effects team could handle this endevour , I mean a convincing giant squid is very difficult to realise on screen especially before the technique of CGI . Unfortunately when the end titles ran I was still excitedly waiting for a giant squid to turn up and was slightly disgusted when it didn`t appear . You could argue that the producers had the right idea by not attempting the difficult task of bringing a squid to screen since its appearences in the book don`t affect the plot , but this movie version of ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS is very bland , slow moving and in need of some excitement , an excitement that would have been helped by a giant squid
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Great for insomnia
darthbob-326 August 1999
We rented this video because my 10 yr old son read the book and loved the story. The only redeeming part of the movie was watching 23 year old Celia Kaye (playing a 15 year old who doesn't age or wear out her clothes over the course of 5 years) in her fake-Indian leather outfit with the slit skirt. Hubba hubba. Wooden acting, stupid ending. The kids liked it. I liked Celia's skirt.
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