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3 Sheet1972 Rerelease, A1PetiteQuadStyle B, UK Quad, 40 x 30 Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)From Russia with Love (1963)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Dr. No (1962)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Goldfinger (1964)Still of Sean Connery and Harold Sakata in Goldfinger (1964)Still of Sean Connery in Goldfinger (1964)Sean Connery and Honor Blackman in Goldfinger (1964)
97-144 of 146 photos


Investigating a gold magnate's smuggling, James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve.

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