Goldfinger (1964) Poster


Plot Keywords

gold fort knox
pilot hat
smuggling british agent
mute machine gun
henchman murder
british smoke screen
ejector seat surname as title
scale model mobster
pool table action hero
assassin gadgetry
red chinese agent two sisters
red china golden gun
bond girl male bare feet
female bare feet camera shot of feet
playing footsie while in bed playing footsie
1960s gold ring
talking killer cliche third part
exploding airplane evil man
geneva switzerland alps
swiss the beatles
bikini scuba diving
destruction of statue butt slap
one word title villain turns good
lesbian death of title character
terrorism tension
spy sister
robbery race against time
organized crime nuclear weapon
millionaire miami beach florida
gambling disguise
conspiracy cheating
asian silent henchman
captured by enemy odd job
mute villain korean
knocked unconscious bowler hat
kentucky fried chicken fried chicken
colonel sanders woman's neck broken
naked dead woman dead woman on bed
white cat cult figure
cult film urban legend
decapitation of statue ford mustang
covered in melted gold prologue
loss of sister jamaica
double cross dirty bomb
crime boss bathtub
official james bond series baltimore maryland
rifle nightclub
automobile arch villain
airport espionage
broken neck paint
reverse footage handcuffs
exploding car rolls royce
parachute mass murder
binoculars airfield
tuxedo tracking device
surveillance poison gas
gas mask famous line
cia agent bullet proof automobile
british secret service british intelligence
nuclear bomb criminal mastermind
atomic bomb sequel mentioned during end credits
hiding on the ceiling megalomaniac
kentucky blockbuster
karate revenge
airplane shootout
cheating at cards wrecking yard
car chase explosive decompression
motor car crusher escape
nerve gas reflection in eye
army gadget car
switzerland trash compactor
hotel laser
flamenco dancer martial arts
famous song invincible henchman
airplane accident sequel
horse farm electrocution
dungeon miami florida
judo flat tire
cia secret agent
peep hole famous score
sniper gin rummy
womanizer wager
nude woman murdered london england
golf chase
eavesdropping oil slick
gadget body painting
based on novel title spoken by character
character name in title actor shares first name with character

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