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While he's supposed to be on vacation, Inspector Frank Dorin [Adrian Hoven] is sent to investigate the deaths of six women. In all cases, the village doctor [Carl Mohner] has ruled the deaths as natural (heart failure), and the only thing suspicious is 1) they were all between the ages of 18 and 22, and 2) each death was accompanied by a one-hour blackout of all electrical power in the village. On the inspector's first night in the village, his car goes dead, his flashlight battery dies, he meets Karin Schumann [Karin Field] who is working as a secretary to Professor von Adelsberg [Wolfgang Preiss] who is conducting blood research in the castle on the hill, the Professor's assistant Maria is murdered in the room next to his at the inn, his infrared viewer is stolen from his car by the village deaf guy, Thomas [Emmerich Schrenk], and he learns of the local superstition about vampires living in the nearby grottoes.

The next morning, on the advice of the innkeeper, Inspector Dorin goes to see Old Nanny , the village witch. Nanny tells him that the vampires were forced by a curse into the grottoes over 200 years ago and that each night they come forth at midnight for one hour minus one minute looking for blood. Nanny gives Dorin a cross to protect him from the vampires and a bag of powdered thorns from mountain roses picked at full bloom on Walpurgisnacht, which will reverse the curse of vampirism if sprinkled on a freshly-made wound.

After his visit with Old Nanny, Dorin is visited by the Professor's manservant John [John Kitzmiller], who invites him to come and stay at the castle. Dorin accepts, but first he investigates the grottoes, with John accompanying him. Other than some loose stalagtites, their search reveals nothing. Upon returning from the caves, Dorin gets a message from headquarters instructing him to get a blood test on Maria. Unfortunately, she has reawakened as a vampire, and her body has disappeared

That night, Dorin moves over to the castle and is pleased to be greeted by Karin. Later, as Karin changes into her nightgown and prepares for bed, she notices for the first time that the professor opens locked doors and casts no reflection in her mirror. As Dorin sleeps, two vampiresses enter his room through a secret passage behind a large picture, but they are thwarted by Nanny's cross around his neck.

The next morning, Dorin notices the picture, which opens up to reveal a passage into the caves. Before he gets a chance to explore it, however, the police drop by to inform him that Maria's body has been found at the bottom of a well. This allows the doctor to get his blood sample, which Nanny pours on a snake. The snake dies, and Nanny acclaims it as proof of vampire blood. Today is also Karin's last day working for the professor. When she gives him her resignation, he asks her to do one last thing--run down to the crypt and bring up an old bible.

On her way down...down...down the spider-ridden passage to the crypt, a gate suddenly swings shut, and Karin is trapped. Fortunately, John notices that Karin has vanished, tells Dorin, and Dorin goes looking for her. In making their way out of the crypt, they happen upon a coffin that looks recently slept in and contains a book of instructions for vampires. As they read the book, the doctor arrives with the news that Maria's body has disappeared again and that the power is out to the whole village. They search for Maria's body but find nothing, so they send Karin back to the castle while they continue to search.

Along the way back to the castle, Karin is attacked by Maria. Her screams bring Dorin and the doctor running, but it is too late. Fortunately, Dorin remembers Nanny's antivampire powder, sprinkles it on Karin's wounds, and she is saved. Nanny then gives Dorin a stake and hammer and explains how to use them on the Master in order to free the village of the vampires' curse. The doctor and the villagers search the village while Dorin, John, and Karin (with her shirt open and black bra showing) search the grottoes. They find the professor lying in his coffin and easily stake him. As he bursts into flames, Maria dies again and Dorin gives Karin his jacket to cover up her bra. As John carries Maria's body out of the grotto, he turns back to Dorin and says, "Vampires...I do believe!"

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