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1 Jan. 1967
The Creature
While on a routine scientific expedition Capt Crane encounters a strange hybrid seaweed humanoid creature. Crane is captured by the creature and the crew of Seaview launch a desperate attempt to rescue Crane before his air runs out.
8 Jan. 1967
Death from the Past
The Seaview encounters a strange structure on the sea floor. Investigating they discover a German submarine from WW2. Surviving Germans on-board think the war is still being fought. And they have weapons on-board of unimaginable destructive power.
15 Jan. 1967
The Heat Monster
A Norwegian scientific installation makes contact with an alien intelligence. The Seaview goes to investigate and ends up in a life and death struggle after the alien invades the sub.
22 Jan. 1967
The Fossil Men
While on routine patrol the Seaview begins to hear strange noises coming from an undersea canyon. Investigating they discover the source of the noise and the power behind the destruction of a British fleet in the area 200 years before.
29 Jan. 1967
The Mermaid
Captain Crane discovers and captures a real mermaid. Everyone is interested in what the specimen might reveal until its mate turns up looking for revenge.
5 Feb. 1967
The Mummy
The Seaview is tasked with transporting a Mummy from New York for special secret testing. It becomes apparent very quickly not all is as it should seem, and soon a terrible threat is unleashed on the crew of Seaview.
12 Feb. 1967
The Seaview is tasked with attempting a space probe launch from sea. To avoid interference a skeleton crew is manning the ship. While en route the ship encounters a strange object that unleashes a threat that could destroy Seaview and all on board
19 Feb. 1967
No Escape from Death
While on patrol the Seaview is attacked and badly damaged by an unknown submarine. As the crew frantically work to save the vessel and themselves an even greater menace appears.
26 Feb. 1967
Doomsday Island
The Seaview is following up reports of a strange island being sighted when it discovers a strange egg on the ocean floor. Everyone is puzzled and excited by the find until it hatches on board.
5 Mar. 1967
The Wax Men
The Seaview is tasked with moving a series of crates supposed to contain statues dating from the time of Atlantis. Something far more sinister is in the crates and Capt Crane is the only one in a position to save the ship.
12 Mar. 1967
Deadly Cloud
The Seaview investigates a strange cloud that seems to be the source of immense destruction around the world. The world has only 24 hours to live unless Seaview can crack the secret.
19 Mar. 1967
Destroy Seaview!
Crane and the Admiral are on a mission to secure a new element that could be used to control the world. While exploring an undersea cave events occur that leave the admiral as the only survivor of the expedition and a changed man.
17 Sep. 1967
Fires of Death
The Seaview is sent to stop an active volcano from erupting and causing a catastrophe. Accompanying them is Dr. Turner who's suppose to help them. But it turns out he has a different plan and that is to make the volcano erupt so he can acquire something that will make him immortal.
1 Oct. 1967
The Deadly Dolls
A puppeteer comes on board to entertain the crew. But it is later revealed that his puppets are alive and they plan to take over the sub. That's when they replace the crew members with duplicates. Only Nelson and Crane are left to try and stop them.
8 Oct. 1967
Cave of the Dead
When four capital ships vanish, Admiral Nelson and Commander Van Wyck are sent to investigate. They find an island where Nelson removes a dagger from a skeleton which happens to be the captain of the Amsterdammer, the Flying Dutchman, and is then cursed. Van Wyck is in reality the first mate who killed the Captain. His plan is to kill Nelson with the dagger so that he can be free and Nelson will take his place.
15 Oct. 1967
Journey with Fear
Aliens from the planet Centaur bring a capsule containing Commander Morton to Venus. They want to keep earth from invading their planet and kidnap Captain Crane in an attempt to bring the Seaview to their planet.
22 Oct. 1967
Sealed Orders
When a top secret Neutron Bomb begins leaking radiation, Seaview crew men begin disappearing and those who haven't begin seeing things. The Seaview is racing the clock to fire or disarm the missile before it explodes.
29 Oct. 1967
Man of Many Faces
Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane are shocked to see a scientist shot to death during a live televised news conference viewed from the Nelson Institute. Especially shocking is that the killer appears to be Admiral Nelson. Both Nelson and Crane are eventually able to overcome efforts to stop them from boarding the Seaview. The submarine races to stop an earth-threatening project set in motion by the radical scientist, who may not really be dead after all. In the meantime, a very dangerous master of disguise causes mayhem and confusion as he tries to stop the Seaview ...
5 Nov. 1967
Fatal Cargo
A scientist friend of Nelson has developed a device to control a rare white ape. The scientist's jealous assistant causes the beast to kill the scientist and the ape runs wild after being brought aboard Seaview causing destruction.
12 Nov. 1967
Time Lock
A man named Alpha from 2823 sends 2 Collectors to bring Nelson to his time to add the Admiral to his collection of military officers. Chief Sharkey goes to the future to help while the Collectors wreak havoc on the Seaview.
19 Nov. 1967
Captain Crane is attacked in the Flying Sub while looking for a mysterious sub pen. The Seaview's rescue attempts are hampered by a spy pretending to be one of the crew men.
26 Nov. 1967
An alien plant takes over Admiral Nelson in a plan to turn the Seaview into a giant greenhouse where it can take over the world.
3 Dec. 1967
A Time to Die
The crew of the Seaview encounter Mr. Pem who can control time. Pem sends Nelson back in time to force the Admiral to let Pem use the reactor to power his device.
10 Dec. 1967
Blow Up
While trying to stop a leaking nuclear missile, Nelson undergoes a personality change which endangers not only the Seaview, but the 11th Fleet.
17 Dec. 1967
Deadly Amphibians
While trying to find the cause of some underwater pressure blasts, the Seaview encounters a race of Amphibians and Kowalski is transformed into one of them.
31 Dec. 1967
The Return of Blackbeard
The original Blackbeard takes over some of the Seaview crew including Kowalski to blow up a ship carrying King Solomon's Golden Throne. The remaining crew try to find a way to disable Blackbeard's power source.

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