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18 Sep. 1964
Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep
General Savage believes that Gallagher, part of a military family, is too quick to abort missions at the first sign of engine trouble. Savage rides Gallagher hard, assigning him a crew of slackers and misfits and ordering Gallagher to paint the name "Leper Colony" on his plane. Gallagher turns his crew is to an efficient outfit but he despises Savage and wants to do anything to get a transfer.
25 Sep. 1964
Follow the Leader
After another failed air strike, Gen. Savage devises a new tactic: "bombing the leader," i.e. having all his bombardiers drop their explosives where his keenest eyed airman, Lt. Mellon, does. When the tactic wipes out a Dutch school instead of the target, Savage's superior Wiley Crowe balks at letting him try again. Young Mellon admits he was torn up from his best friend's dying on the prior mission, but Savage points to evidence that Luftwaffe flak wiped out Mellon's sight on the second attack. Is Savage just covering his mistake, or giving Mellon and the tactic a ...
2 Oct. 1964
The Men and the Boys
General Savage decides to court martial a pilot, Captain Ritchie, who disobeyed a direct order and left the bomber formation to protect a friend, Lt. Lockridge, and his crew who have bailed out of their crippled B-17. Because everyone else considers Ritchie a hero, Savage's severe action instigates a fall in morale and hostile feelings among his men. Savage must convince his troops that while Ritchie's deed may have saved the lives of the 7 men, it also jeopardized the security of the remaining 200 men in the Group. This is especially difficult for Lockridge, who must...
16 Oct. 1964
The Sound of Distant Thunder
General Savage gets a new bombardier, Lt. Lathrop, a goofy, ungainly kid, who just happens to have a knack for putting the bombs precisely on the target. After Lathrop saves his life, Savage takes a strong interest in the young man and starts pushing him to improve with the goal of acquiring command abilities, but Lathrop is resistant because of his good-natured but naive outlook on life. His rosy world is rocked, however, when he's on the receiving end of a bombardment, resulting in his own personal tragedy that threatens to seriously undermine his dedication to duty.
23 Oct. 1964
The Climate of Doubt
When an old flame, who happens to be a member of the French Resistance, shows up in England asking for help, General Crowe concocts a bombing mission to show American support for the Underground movement. Because of the limited strategic value of the target, however, he can't get approval as a stand-alone operation, so he quietly tacks it on as a secondary target to another mission, much to Savage's consternation. The added objective will significantly intensify the danger to his B-17s for a very dubious benefit. Crowe is adamant, but is it because of his belief in ...
30 Oct. 1964
Pressure Point
Faced with mounting casualties and aircraft losses, General Savage devises a new tactic for protecting his formations by removing bombs from some of his planes and outfitting them with heavier guns and more ammunition - dubbed Operation Porcupine. Before he can implement the new plan, however, he receives a visit from Senator Johnson, who is not only vehemently biased against the airwar strategy, but also holds a personal animosity toward Savage. Johnson is threatening to campaign to stop all long range bombing, as well as to find any excuse to drag Savage down with ...
6 Nov. 1964
On his final scheduled mission, Major Temple, a good friend of General Savage, is shot down and captured by the Germans along with four of his crew. The commander of the rocket factory that was the target of the raid decides to keep Temple and his cohorts at the facility to dissuade further attacks until he can relocate to a safer site. Because of the importance of the factory, Savage is forced to continue his plan to bomb on schedule, despite the risk to Temple. But thanks to some quick thinking by Temple, Savage is able to devise a risky tactic relying on pinpoint ...
13 Nov. 1964
The Hours Before Dawn
Returning to his base with vital information about a pending mission, General Savage is forced to take cover from a Luftwaffe bombing raid in the home of an attractive widow with a frivolous attitude and a serious self-esteem issue. As the raid ends, he prepares to resume his trip, only to be blocked by a German airman shot down during the attack. Now he must deal with an enemy bent on escape at any cost and a woman who is not particularly sympathetic to his plight. As precious time ticks away, his bomber group prepares to take off on a mission that, without his ...
20 Nov. 1964
Appointment at Liege
While touring the States, Major Denver, an exceptional pilot, finds out that his entire crew has been killed in action by anti-aircraft fire over the German occupied city of Liège in Belgium. When he returns to the 918th, it is with a burning resolve to exact vengeance against the Nazis at Liège for destroying the only "family" he has ever known. Unfortunately, he also seems to harbor a self-destructive inclination arising from a sense of guilt, which Savage infers after a rough flight for Denver and his new crew. Savage decides to ground him, but General Crowe is ...
27 Nov. 1964
Suffering from fatigue, General Savage is ordered to take leave and decides to pay a visit to sunny Scotland. On his way, he repeatedly bumps into a female British officer, Ann Macrae, who is returning to her home - accidental encounters that become increasingly awkward. Naturally, their animosity slowly turns to grudging tolerance, and then to fondness on the way to true affection. Against his better judgment, Savage finds himself falling in love, and Macrae is caught in the same web. Unfortunately, she is hiding a secret that will cast a terrible shadow over their ...
4 Dec. 1964
Here's to Courageous Cowards
Corporal Lawrence, a mild-mannered desk clerk, stows away aboard a B-17 to try his hand as a gunner and actually turns out to have a good eye. Major Morse, the pilot and group commander when Savage isn't flying, is so impressed, he urges Lawrence to get accelerated training and become a full time crew member. To his dismay, Lawrence balks at the offer, and Morse subsequently learns that he was a conscientious objector before he enlisted. With a distinguished service record and a penchant for driving himself and his crews hard in battle, Morse is infuriated with ...
11 Dec. 1964
Soldiers Sometimes Kill
Scotland Yard suspects Gen. Savage of murdering a model, when his lighter is found in her flat and he claims amnesia after being felled in a Luftwaffe raid on London. Savage also seemed pretty bombed himself from his night out, but instead of resting up on base eating bonbons or lawyering up, he returns to Berkeley Square to cooperate with the bobbies. The workaholic fly-boy's stout conscience and fuzzy brain struggle for the truth.
18 Dec. 1964
The Suspected
While on assignment to the 918th, reporter Clifford Moran is certain that Sgt. Driscoll, an exceptional gunner, is actually an accused murderer who disappeared in the States years before. Desperate for qualified crewmen, General Savage is unconvinced of Moran's allegation and demands concrete proof. In the meantime, Moran continues to hound Driscoll in hopes he'll uncover his charade for a big story and finally goads him into a public confrontation that nearly explodes into violence. Shortly thereafter, Moran mysteriously falls - or is pushed - in front of a subway ...
25 Dec. 1964
An Act of War
Under heavy pressure to find a well concealed target in France, Savage flies a stripped down B-17 (no bombs, guns, or crew) on a desperate photo-reconnaissance mission. After he is shot down, he is discovered by a Frenchman who tries to kill him, but Savage turns the table, purely in self-defense, and dispatches his attacker. Unaware that his action was witnessed by the man's son, he later meets the boy and pleads for help in getting his vital information back to England. Instead, the boy turns him over to a group of French civilians who despise the Americans for ...
1 Jan. 1965
Those Who Are About to Die
Savage's elite squadron is picked for a dangerous, top secret bomb run, but his men start to crack waiting for fog to lift over the English Channel, while they are confined to base. One of his best pilots, Lt. Lockridge, is recovering from hepatitis, waiting to complete his 25th mission, which will get him sent back to the U.S. Gen. Savage, the medical officer, and the nurse who loves Lockridge debate: is Lockridge malingering, pretending to be A-OK, or is he too ill to fly on the mission in which 1/3 are expected not to come back from ?
8 Jan. 1965
In Search of My Enemy
Due to illness and injury, including his own bum knee, General Savage finds himself short of qualified pilots to lead bombing missions. Help arrives in the person of Major Peter Gray, a highly experienced man with just the right credentials, but also some lingering pains from his own earlier mishap. Complications arise when Savage discovers that Gray's wife, Ann, is his former fiancee and that he still has strong feelings for her. Stressed by the awkward situation, he assigns Gray to command a mission that is supposed to be a milk run, only to discover too late that ...
15 Jan. 1965
The Albatross
Lt. Kane is a dashing young film star who has completed his 25th mission and is ready to rotate back to the States and his movie career, when Gen. Savage, short on crew, asks him to fly one more mission. During the flight, Kane suffers severe burn damage to his face. Confronted with the prospect of suddenly being "ugly", he loses his composure and retreats into a cocoon of self-pity. Savage feels responsible and tries anything to rekindle Kane's confidence, not realizing the true source of his resentment.
22 Jan. 1965
The Lorelei
Every series deserves at least one good spooky episode, and this is it for 12o'H. The Lorelei is a bomber that returns from a mission and lands intact, but with its entire crew dead. Gen. Savage assigns the plane to his new 2nd-in-command, Col. Royce, who he's supposed to evaluate for assignment as a group commander. Royce is a highly-experienced, decorated, and well-liked pilot with one apparent flaw; he's decidedly superstitious, and he's just been handed command of a Flying Dutchman that seems to have a mind of its own. The Twilight Zone visits the 918th.
29 Jan. 1965
Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson
Gen. Savage returns from a mission mortally wounded, requiring a delicate operation to remove shrapnel endangering his heart; an operation Dr. Kaiser doesn't feel confident to perform. While waiting for a specialist, Savage is placed in a ward next to Sgt. Aaronson who has just lost his lifetime friend to battle wounds and is also quickly losing his faith in God. Savage tries to talk him out of his closing shell, but the Sergeant slips deeper into melancholy, that is until he meets someone who could use a little of his disappearing faith.
5 Feb. 1965
To Heinie, with Love
General Savage gets a sharp new navigator for the Picadilly Lily, Lt. Kurt Muller, but he starts out a bit cool to his crew-mates' efforts to welcome him into the fraternity. They soon learn why when, quite accidentally, they discover that his father was a member of the American Nazi Party prior to the war. Even Savage is disturbed by this revelation, but he's willing to live with it because of Muller's proficiency. Things get much worse, though, when Muller makes a navigational error that ruins a mission and costs the life of the bombardier. And the situation ...
12 Feb. 1965
The Clash
Gen. Savage is shot down over the North Sea between England and Nazi-occupied Norway. He manages to make it to a life raft only to find he's sharing it with a downed German fighter pilot, Col Dieter. Savage has an emergency radio and Dieter is wounded, but he has the only gun in the raft, the current is pushing them toward Norway, and Allied search-and-rescue operations are seriously hampered by foul weather. For a few long hours, the war is reduced to its most basic equation, man versus man.
26 Feb. 1965
The Ticket
Lt. Paul Stiger is a top-notch pilot, and because he comes from a poor background and believes he has a meager future, he is also fearless to the point of being foolhardy. His audacity makes him the perfect candidate for a daring, potentially suicidal mission to bomb a German dam in a solo attack flying nothing more than a P-51 fighter plane. While he accepts the mission with his usual cavalier attitude, a winning lottery ticket makes him a rich man overnight - changing his whole outlook in the process. His new lust for the good life threatens to undermine the ...
5 Mar. 1965
The Trap
A pilot's worst nightmare - buried underground with no guarantee of ever seeing the open sky again. Gen. Savage and a group of Londoners are trapped in a cellar during an air raid, while the only man who knows they are there is wounded and incoherent. Savage has to deal with an elderly widow facing true fear for the first time, a young coal miner with a phobia about being buried alive, a charlatan confronted by the lies behind his life, and a girl about to become an unwed mother. Oh, and there is one other occupant of this hell under earth - an unexploded, ticking ...
12 Mar. 1965
End of the Line
Joe Gallagher returns to the storyline of the 918th with a promotion to Major. Wracked by guilt for the death of a friend who took his place on a mission, Gallagher volunteers for a dangerous assignment to support commandos deep behind enemy lines. He also accepts responsibility to notify the intended wife of the dead man, an assignment that may prove even more dangerous as she turns out to be a manipulative schemer bent on snaring him in her web of deceit.
19 Mar. 1965
The Threat
Espionage casts a dark shadow across the 918th. The Nazis try psychological warfare by singling out Gen. Savage for assassination and then broadcasting a warning about the plot through radio propaganda with clues on how and when it might happen. The tactic works to a degree as suspicion runs rampant on the base, and the General's ability to do his job effectively is threatened. The question; is it just psychological, or is there really an assassin stalking Savage?
26 Mar. 1965
Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet
After returning from a rough mission, Gen. Savage reacts harshly (possibly on purpose) to a pilot that has cracked under the pressure. Lt. Kerr, a conniving opportunist looking for a way out of the fighting, sees his chance and concocts a scheme to methodically convince his fellow crew members that Savage is also cracking up. As co-pilot, that would leave Kerr free to take control of the Picadilly Lily and fly her to neutral territory, effectively taking them out of the war.
2 Apr. 1965
The Mission
While preparing for a top priority mission, Gen. Savage replaces a sick crewman with a hotshot gunner, only to discover too late that the man has a bad reputation as well as a negative attitude. Joe Waller is a washed-out pilot trainee who takes out his resentment on his fellow crew members. The resulting friction threatens the integrity of the crew, even before Waller is forced to replace the fatally wounded bombardier, making him the most important man in the entire mission.
9 Apr. 1965
The Cry of Fallen Birds
An English Lady fights Gen. Savage's mission to bulldoze her ancestral home, to clear the 918th's flight path. After Savage's own bomber almost crashes into the manor house, he confronts Lady Diana directly, but beats a humiliating retreat after her only servant, an old maid, fells him with a broom. The single, always testy commander becomes a jumble of mixed emotions because the never-wed Lady Diana's the last of her line, gorgeous, and housebound with fright as her country defies the constant Luftwaffe blitzkrieg.
16 Apr. 1965
V for Vendetta
Gen. Hoagland, a strictly by-the-book desk jockey, visits the 918th to evaluate Gen. Savage's performance, but he arrives with a headstrong bias because Savage has a reputation for improvised tactics to deal with the randomness of war, as well as an apparent obsession with an especially dangerous target deep within Germany. Sparks fly from the moment Hoagland lands hellbent on getting Savage fired. In an effort to show Hoagland the vagaries of combat, Savage invites him to tag along on a mission. And then the unthinkable; Hoagland is killed in a manner that casts ...
23 Apr. 1965
P.O.W.: Part One
Gen. Savage's luck has finally run out. His bomber is shot down over enemy territory and he and three crewmen are captured. They are shipped to a POW camp run by a crack Luftwaffe officer, Col. Max Richter, who has never had a successful escape against his record, as the crowded prisoner cemetery attests. Richter is delighted to see Savage arrive as he looks forward to a lively battle of wits with the renowned American. But this will be a fight to the death, as Richter is quick to use deadly force to protect his unblemished record, and Savage thinks he has the perfect...
30 Apr. 1965
P.O.W.: Part Two
Thanks to a carefully planned diversion, Savage and several others are able to effect a successful escape from the prison camp, even using Col. Richter as a hostage to make good their getaway. However, their effort to flee Germany takes an ominous turn when Richter is wounded in a shootout with pursuing soldiers. If the escapees leave him behind alive, he will give away their plans, but now he appears to be too badly hurt to travel and Savage's chivalry precludes the most obvious alternative. With a definite strategy in mind, and help from the local underground, ...
7 May 1965
The Hero
After flying a desk in Washington for the first months of the war, Col. 'Pappy' Hartley, a decorated fighter ace of the First World War, arrives in England. He also happens to be one of Gen. Savage's most revered flight instructors from his training days. With the formation of a new bomb group needing an experienced commander, Savage is only too pleased to recommend Pappy as a candidate for the job. Full of freewheeling fighter pilot blood coursing through his veins, Pappy chafes at the regimentation of bomber duty. Blinded by his admiration for his mentor, Savage ...

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