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Season: 1 | 2 | 3
Year: 1964 | 1965 | 1966 | 1967

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep

18 September 1964
General Savage believes that Gallagher, part of a military family, is too quick to abort missions at the first sign of engine trouble. Savage rides Gallagher hard, assigning him a crew of slackers and misfits and ordering Gallagher to paint the name "Leper Colony" on his plane. Gallagher turns his crew is to an efficient outfit but he despises Savage and wants to do anything to get a transfer.

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Paul Burke ... Capt. Gallagher
Joby Baker ... Lt. Blake

Bruce Dern ... Lt. Michaels
Paul Comi ... Lt. Kelly
Burt Douglas ... Lt. Crandall
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joseph Cobb
Christopher Riordan ... Soldier (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: Follow the Leader

25 September 1964
After another failed air strike, Gen. Savage devises a new tactic: "bombing the leader," i.e. having all his bombardiers drop their explosives where his keenest eyed airman, Lt. Mellon, does. When the tactic wipes out a Dutch school instead of the target, Savage's superior Wiley Crowe balks at letting him try again. Young Mellon admits he was torn up from his best friend's dying on the prior mission, but Savage points to evidence that Luftwaffe flak wiped out Mellon's sight on the second attack. Is Savage just covering his mistake, or giving Mellon and the tactic a deserved second chance ?

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Paul Carr ... Lt. Jesse Bishop
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joseph Cobb

Andrew Prine ... Lt. Robert Mellon
Barney Phillips ... Maj. Donald 'Doc' Kaiser

Bert Remsen ... Sgt. Nero

Jud Taylor ... Lt. Harold Zimmerman
Paul Newlan ... Lt. Gen. Bill Pritchard
Dan Barton ... Capt. Gately

Judy Carne ... Jill

Season 1, Episode 3: The Men and the Boys

2 October 1964
General Savage decides to court martial a pilot, Captain Ritchie, who disobeyed a direct order and left the bomber formation to protect a friend, Lt. Lockridge, and his crew who have bailed out of their crippled B-17. Because everyone else considers Ritchie a hero, Savage's severe action instigates a fall in morale and hostile feelings among his men. Savage must convince his troops that while Ritchie's deed may have saved the lives of the 7 men, it also jeopardized the security of the remaining 200 men in the Group. This is especially difficult for Lockridge, who must weigh his gratitude to his friend against the inescapable reality of Savage's argument.

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Glenn Corbett ... Lt. Tom Lockridge
Lou Antonio ... Capt. Wade Ritchie

Sally Kellerman ... Lt. Libby MacAndrews

Hazel Court ... Liz Woodruff
Alan Reed Jr. ... Jonsey
James Noah ... Pete
James Secrest ... Mike
Lyle Sudrow ... Prosecuting Attorney
Lew Brown ... Defense Attorney

Season 1, Episode 4: The Sound of Distant Thunder

16 October 1964
General Savage gets a new bombardier, Lt. Lathrop, a goofy, ungainly kid, who just happens to have a knack for putting the bombs precisely on the target. After Lathrop saves his life, Savage takes a strong interest in the young man and starts pushing him to improve with the goal of acquiring command abilities, but Lathrop is resistant because of his good-natured but naive outlook on life. His rosy world is rocked, however, when he's on the receiving end of a bombardment, resulting in his own personal tragedy that threatens to seriously undermine his dedication to duty.

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Peter Fonda ... Lt. Andy Lathrop

Jill Haworth ... Mary Lean
Hedley Mattingly ... Tom Lean
Barney Phillips ... Maj. Donald 'Doc' Kaiser
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joe Cobb
Charles Kuenstle ... Jeep Driver
John Alderman ... Lt. Smith

Season 1, Episode 5: The Climate of Doubt

23 October 1964
When an old flame, who happens to be a member of the French Resistance, shows up in England asking for help, General Crowe concocts a bombing mission to show American support for the Underground movement. Because of the limited strategic value of the target, however, he can't get approval as a stand-alone operation, so he quietly tacks it on as a secondary target to another mission, much to Savage's consternation. The added objective will significantly intensify the danger to his B-17s for a very dubious benefit. Crowe is adamant, but is it because of his belief in the long-term reward, or his devotion to his Parisian lover?

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Viveca Lindfors ... Nicole Trouchard

David White ... Brigadier General
Carl Benton Reid ... Major General

Bernard Fox ... Col. Charles
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joseph Cobb
Mitzi Hoag ... Dorothy Hall
Ralph Hanalei ... S / Sgt. Joe 'Pineapple' Tanaka
Jacques Roux ... Henri Laui
Jack Powers ... Co-Pilot

Season 1, Episode 6: Pressure Point

30 October 1964
Faced with mounting casualties and aircraft losses, General Savage devises a new tactic for protecting his formations by removing bombs from some of his planes and outfitting them with heavier guns and more ammunition - dubbed Operation Porcupine. Before he can implement the new plan, however, he receives a visit from Senator Johnson, who is not only vehemently biased against the airwar strategy, but also holds a personal animosity toward Savage. Johnson is threatening to campaign to stop all long range bombing, as well as to find any excuse to drag Savage down with it. As if that weren't enough, Savage is also faced with a soldier who is apparently reluctant to marry a British girl who he has put "in the family way".

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe
Larry Gates ... Sen. Clay Johnson
Robert Doyle ... Sgt. Eddie Pryor
Elen Willard ... April Barrett
Paul Newlan ... Gen. Pritchard
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joseph Cobb
Jason Wingreen ... Maj. Rosen

Jud Taylor ... Sgt. Loren

Robert Hogan ... Capt. Mewlay

Bert Remsen ... Sgt. Nero
William Cort ... Lt. O'Leary (as Bill Cort)
Brendan Dillon ... Vicar of Archbury

Season 1, Episode 7: Decision

6 November 1964
On his final scheduled mission, Major Temple, a good friend of General Savage, is shot down and captured by the Germans along with four of his crew. The commander of the rocket factory that was the target of the raid decides to keep Temple and his cohorts at the facility to dissuade further attacks until he can relocate to a safer site. Because of the importance of the factory, Savage is forced to continue his plan to bomb on schedule, despite the risk to Temple. But thanks to some quick thinking by Temple, Savage is able to devise a risky tactic relying on pinpoint bombing that might spare the captives and still take out the target.

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Tim O'Connor ... Maj. Jack Temple
John Van Dreelen ... Gen. Hoeptner (as John van Dreelen)

Jack Betts ... Lt. Kinner (as Hunt Powers)
Kip King ... Sgt. Weinstock
Steve Harris ... Sgt. Nichols

Buck Taylor ... Cpl. Moody
Peter Duryea ... Lt. Peters
Walter Friedel ... Aide
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joe Cobb

Season 1, Episode 8: The Hours Before Dawn

13 November 1964
Returning to his base with vital information about a pending mission, General Savage is forced to take cover from a Luftwaffe bombing raid in the home of an attractive widow with a frivolous attitude and a serious self-esteem issue. As the raid ends, he prepares to resume his trip, only to be blocked by a German airman shot down during the attack. Now he must deal with an enemy bent on escape at any cost and a woman who is not particularly sympathetic to his plight. As precious time ticks away, his bomber group prepares to take off on a mission that, without his information, will be a massacre roughly equivalent to Custer's Last Stand.

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Maj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Glynis Johns ... Jennifer Heath

Fritz Weaver ... Peter Raff
John McLiam ... Doker Drew
Maurice Dallimore ... Maj. Colin
Robert Brubaker ... Col. Meyers
John Zaremba ... Gen. Stoneman
Gilchrist Stuart ... Policeman (as Gil Stuart)
Eric Micklewood ... Sgt. Albert

Season 1, Episode 9: Appointment at Liege

20 November 1964
While touring the States, Major Denver, an exceptional pilot, finds out that his entire crew has been killed in action by anti-aircraft fire over the German occupied city of Liège in Belgium. When he returns to the 918th, it is with a burning resolve to exact vengeance against the Nazis at Liège for destroying the only "family" he has ever known. Unfortunately, he also seems to harbor a self-destructive inclination arising from a sense of guilt, which Savage infers after a rough flight for Denver and his new crew. Savage decides to ground him, but General Crowe is unconvinced and pressures Savage to put him back into the air for a particularly dicey mission - over Liège.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
John Larkin ... Major General Wiley Crowe

Gary Lockwood ... Maj. August 'Gus' Denver

Nancy Kovack ... Lt. Irene Cooper

Hazel Court ... Liz Woodruff
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joseph Cobb
Wynn Pearce ... Sergeant
Burt Metcalfe ... Lt. Col. Chandler
Yale Summers ... Lt. Charley Vale

Pete Duel ... Lt. Benning (as Peter E. Deuel)

Jonathan Goldsmith ... Radioman (as Jonathan Lippe)

Season 1, Episode 10: Interlude

27 November 1964
Suffering from fatigue, General Savage is ordered to take leave and decides to pay a visit to sunny Scotland. On his way, he repeatedly bumps into a female British officer, Ann Macrae, who is returning to her home - accidental encounters that become increasingly awkward. Naturally, their animosity slowly turns to grudging tolerance, and then to fondness on the way to true affection. Against his better judgment, Savage finds himself falling in love, and Macrae is caught in the same web. Unfortunately, she is hiding a secret that will cast a terrible shadow over their budding relationship.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Major General Wiley Crowe

Dana Wynter ... Ann Macrae

Rhys Williams ... Adam Macrae
Jack Raine ... Dr. Gunn

Arthur Malet ... Macutcheon

Ken Berry ... Captain
Ashley Cowan ... Ticket Seller
Don Spruance ... Dawson
Molly Roden ... Lt. Butterford
Roy Dean ... Sam
James Wixted ... Eddie

Season 1, Episode 11: Here's to Courageous Cowards

4 December 1964
Corporal Lawrence, a mild-mannered desk clerk, stows away aboard a B-17 to try his hand as a gunner and actually turns out to have a good eye. Major Morse, the pilot and group commander when Savage isn't flying, is so impressed, he urges Lawrence to get accelerated training and become a full time crew member. To his dismay, Lawrence balks at the offer, and Morse subsequently learns that he was a conscientious objector before he enlisted. With a distinguished service record and a penchant for driving himself and his crews hard in battle, Morse is infuriated with Lawrence and pressures him to become a combatant. But Morse must also deal with the enormous pressure he has placed on himself as it starts to erode his judgment and cost the lives of more and more men.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Major Stovall

Brandon De Wilde ... Cpl. Lawrence (as Brandon de Wilde)
Gerald S. O'Loughlin ... Joe 'Mac' Morse (as Gerald O'Loughlin)

Dabney Coleman ... Capt. Wilson

Jimmy Hawkins ... Sgt. Smith
John Newton ... Sgt. Meadows
Michael Harris ... Ground Crew Chief

Season 1, Episode 12: Soldiers Sometimes Kill

11 December 1964
Scotland Yard suspects Gen. Savage of murdering a model, when his lighter is found in her flat and he claims amnesia after being felled in a Luftwaffe raid on London. Savage also seemed pretty bombed himself from his night out, but instead of resting up on base eating bonbons or lawyering up, he returns to Berkeley Square to cooperate with the bobbies. The workaholic fly-boy's stout conscience and fuzzy brain struggle for the truth.

Season 1, Episode 13: The Suspected

18 December 1964
While on assignment to the 918th, reporter Clifford Moran is certain that Sgt. Driscoll, an exceptional gunner, is actually an accused murderer who disappeared in the States years before. Desperate for qualified crewmen, General Savage is unconvinced of Moran's allegation and demands concrete proof. In the meantime, Moran continues to hound Driscoll in hopes he'll uncover his charade for a big story and finally goads him into a public confrontation that nearly explodes into violence. Shortly thereafter, Moran mysteriously falls - or is pushed - in front of a subway train, and the circumstances seem to point straight back to Driscoll.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Michael Callan ... Sgt. Driscoll

Edward Binns ... Clifford Moran

Antoinette Bower ... Meg Driscoll
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Jason Wingreen ... Maj. Rosen
John Orchard ... Phillip Fraser
Nicky Blair ... Corporal Wagner (as Nick Blair)

Season 1, Episode 14: An Act of War

25 December 1964
Under heavy pressure to find a well concealed target in France, Savage flies a stripped down B-17 (no bombs, guns, or crew) on a desperate photo-reconnaissance mission. After he is shot down, he is discovered by a Frenchman who tries to kill him, but Savage turns the table, purely in self-defense, and dispatches his attacker. Unaware that his action was witnessed by the man's son, he later meets the boy and pleads for help in getting his vital information back to England. Instead, the boy turns him over to a group of French civilians who despise the Americans for bombing their homeland, and now they want to make Savage pay for those perceived atrocities as well as the death of the boy's father.

Season 1, Episode 15: Those Who Are About to Die

1 January 1965
Savage's elite squadron is picked for a dangerous, top secret bomb run, but his men start to crack waiting for fog to lift over the English Channel, while they are confined to base. One of his best pilots, Lt. Lockridge, is recovering from hepatitis, waiting to complete his 25th mission, which will get him sent back to the U.S. Gen. Savage, the medical officer, and the nurse who loves Lockridge debate: is Lockridge malingering, pretending to be A-OK, or is he too ill to fly on the mission in which 1/3 are expected not to come back from ?

Season 1, Episode 16: In Search of My Enemy

8 January 1965
Due to illness and injury, including his own bum knee, General Savage finds himself short of qualified pilots to lead bombing missions. Help arrives in the person of Major Peter Gray, a highly experienced man with just the right credentials, but also some lingering pains from his own earlier mishap. Complications arise when Savage discovers that Gray's wife, Ann, is his former fiancee and that he still has strong feelings for her. Stressed by the awkward situation, he assigns Gray to command a mission that is supposed to be a milk run, only to discover too late that the Luftwaffe is laying in wait. The mission turns into a slaughter, and though he survives to return, Gray is convinced Savage is trying to get him killed so he can have another chance with Ann.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Major General Wiley Crowe

Frank Overton ... Major Stovall

Steve Forrest ... Peter Gray
Barbara Shelley ... Ann Gray

Hazel Court ... Liz Woodruff

Roy Thinnes ... Major Hays
John Milford ... Lt. Macall
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Don Penny ... Capt. Butcher
Burt Douglas ... Lt. Grenfall
Bob Kanter ... Lieutenant Fowler
Jo Helton ... Corporal Weatherby
Robert Dornan ... Lt. Porter (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 17: The Albatross

15 January 1965
Lt. Kane is a dashing young film star who has completed his 25th mission and is ready to rotate back to the States and his movie career, when Gen. Savage, short on crew, asks him to fly one more mission. During the flight, Kane suffers severe burn damage to his face. Confronted with the prospect of suddenly being "ugly", he loses his composure and retreats into a cocoon of self-pity. Savage feels responsible and tries anything to rekindle Kane's confidence, not realizing the true source of his resentment.

Season 1, Episode 18: The Lorelei

22 January 1965
Every series deserves at least one good spooky episode, and this is it for 12o'H. The Lorelei is a bomber that returns from a mission and lands intact, but with its entire crew dead. Gen. Savage assigns the plane to his new 2nd-in-command, Col. Royce, who he's supposed to evaluate for assignment as a group commander. Royce is a highly-experienced, decorated, and well-liked pilot with one apparent flaw; he's decidedly superstitious, and he's just been handed command of a Flying Dutchman that seems to have a mind of its own. The Twilight Zone visits the 918th.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Major General Wiley Crowe

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Rip Torn ... Col. Herb Royce
Diana Van der Vlis ... Carol Royce (as Diana van der Vlis)
Barney Phillips ... Doc Donald Kaiser
Lew Gallo ... Major Cobb
Paul Sorensen ... Sgt. Cryder
Barry Russo ... Lt. Myrowitz

Bruce Dern ... Lt. Danton

Season 1, Episode 19: Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson

29 January 1965
Gen. Savage returns from a mission mortally wounded, requiring a delicate operation to remove shrapnel endangering his heart; an operation Dr. Kaiser doesn't feel confident to perform. While waiting for a specialist, Savage is placed in a ward next to Sgt. Aaronson who has just lost his lifetime friend to battle wounds and is also quickly losing his faith in God. Savage tries to talk him out of his closing shell, but the Sergeant slips deeper into melancholy, that is until he meets someone who could use a little of his disappearing faith.

Robert Lansing ... Brigadier General Frank Savage
John Larkin ... Major General Wiley Crowe

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Sorrell Booke ... Sgt. Aronson
Phyllis Love ... Nurse Jenkins

Antoinette Bower ... Ivy Wescott
Barney Phillips ... Major Donald 'Doc ' Kaiser
James Frawley ... Sgt. Gruenwald
Lew Gallo ... Major Joe Cobb
Joseph V. Perry ... Sgt. Sol Barstein (as Joseph Perry)
Charles McDaniel ... Sgt. Fry

Season 1, Episode 20: To Heinie, with Love

5 February 1965
General Savage gets a sharp new navigator for the Picadilly Lily, Lt. Kurt Muller, but he starts out a bit cool to his crew-mates' efforts to welcome him into the fraternity. They soon learn why when, quite accidentally, they discover that his father was a member of the American Nazi Party prior to the war. Even Savage is disturbed by this revelation, but he's willing to live with it because of Muller's proficiency. Things get much worse, though, when Muller makes a navigational error that ruins a mission and costs the life of the bombardier. And the situation threatens to explode when it is further revealed that Muller might have been able to save the man's life.

Season 1, Episode 21: The Clash

12 February 1965
Gen. Savage is shot down over the North Sea between England and Nazi-occupied Norway. He manages to make it to a life raft only to find he's sharing it with a downed German fighter pilot, Col Dieter. Savage has an emergency radio and Dieter is wounded, but he has the only gun in the raft, the current is pushing them toward Norway, and Allied search-and-rescue operations are seriously hampered by foul weather. For a few long hours, the war is reduced to its most basic equation, man versus man.

Season 1, Episode 22: The Ticket

26 February 1965
Lt. Paul Stiger is a top-notch pilot, and because he comes from a poor background and believes he has a meager future, he is also fearless to the point of being foolhardy. His audacity makes him the perfect candidate for a daring, potentially suicidal mission to bomb a German dam in a solo attack flying nothing more than a P-51 fighter plane. While he accepts the mission with his usual cavalier attitude, a winning lottery ticket makes him a rich man overnight - changing his whole outlook in the process. His new lust for the good life threatens to undermine the heedless courage he'll need to carry out the plan.

Season 1, Episode 23: The Trap

5 March 1965
A pilot's worst nightmare - buried underground with no guarantee of ever seeing the open sky again. Gen. Savage and a group of Londoners are trapped in a cellar during an air raid, while the only man who knows they are there is wounded and incoherent. Savage has to deal with an elderly widow facing true fear for the first time, a young coal miner with a phobia about being buried alive, a charlatan confronted by the lies behind his life, and a girl about to become an unwed mother. Oh, and there is one other occupant of this hell under earth - an unexploded, ticking time bomb.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Hermione Baddeley ... Lady Constance

John Leyton ... Bert Higgs
David Frankham ... Lewis Glenway
Dinah Anne Rogers ... Eleanor Nichols
Jack Raine ... Air Raid Warden
Ashley Cowan ... Civil Defense Worker
George Pelling ... Civil Defense Worker

Season 1, Episode 24: End of the Line

12 March 1965
Joe Gallagher returns to the storyline of the 918th with a promotion to Major. Wracked by guilt for the death of a friend who took his place on a mission, Gallagher volunteers for a dangerous assignment to support commandos deep behind enemy lines. He also accepts responsibility to notify the intended wife of the dead man, an assignment that may prove even more dangerous as she turns out to be a manipulative schemer bent on snaring him in her web of deceit.

Season 1, Episode 25: The Threat

19 March 1965
Espionage casts a dark shadow across the 918th. The Nazis try psychological warfare by singling out Gen. Savage for assassination and then broadcasting a warning about the plot through radio propaganda with clues on how and when it might happen. The tactic works to a degree as suspicion runs rampant on the base, and the General's ability to do his job effectively is threatened. The question; is it just psychological, or is there really an assassin stalking Savage?

Season 1, Episode 26: Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet

26 March 1965
After returning from a rough mission, Gen. Savage reacts harshly (possibly on purpose) to a pilot that has cracked under the pressure. Lt. Kerr, a conniving opportunist looking for a way out of the fighting, sees his chance and concocts a scheme to methodically convince his fellow crew members that Savage is also cracking up. As co-pilot, that would leave Kerr free to take control of the Picadilly Lily and fly her to neutral territory, effectively taking them out of the war.

Robert Lansing ... Brig. General Frank Savage
Larry Blyden ... Lt. Tony Kemp

Robert Brown ... Sgt. Stewart Reese

John Kerr ... Lt. Ray Thacker

Hazel Court ... Liz Woodruff

Jesse Pearson ... Sgt. Coleridge (as Jess Pearson)

Lee Meriwether ... Lt. Ann Patterson
John Zaremba ... Gen. Stoneman
Barney Phillips ... Doctor Donald Kaiser

Stuart Margolin ... Lt. Murray Epstein
James Dobson ... Maj. Andy Towson

Season 1, Episode 27: The Mission

2 April 1965
While preparing for a top priority mission, Gen. Savage replaces a sick crewman with a hotshot gunner, only to discover too late that the man has a bad reputation as well as a negative attitude. Joe Waller is a washed-out pilot trainee who takes out his resentment on his fellow crew members. The resulting friction threatens the integrity of the crew, even before Waller is forced to replace the fatally wounded bombardier, making him the most important man in the entire mission.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Burt Brinckerhoff ... Joe Waller
Chris Robinson ... Lt. Gunther

Bruce Dern ... Lt. Michaels
Rudy Solari ... Sgt. Maglie

Robert Hogan ... Lt. Farrell
Forrest Compton ... Capt. Dirkson
Ted Gehring ... Willie
Ray Kellogg ... Sgt. Cord
Don Eitner ... Radioman

Season 1, Episode 28: The Cry of Fallen Birds

9 April 1965
An English Lady fights Gen. Savage's mission to bulldoze her ancestral home, to clear the 918th's flight path. After Savage's own bomber almost crashes into the manor house, he confronts Lady Diana directly, but beats a humiliating retreat after her only servant, an old maid, fells him with a broom. The single, always testy commander becomes a jumble of mixed emotions because the never-wed Lady Diana's the last of her line, gorgeous, and housebound with fright as her country defies the constant Luftwaffe blitzkrieg.

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage

Dana Wynter ... Lady Catherine Hammet
Lloyd Bochner ... Group Capt. Evans
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joseph Cobb
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
John Zaremba ... Gen. Stoneman
John McLiam ... Maj. Hickey
Nora Marlowe ... Bridget Foote
Don Spruance ... Cpl. Smith

Season 1, Episode 29: V for Vendetta

16 April 1965
Gen. Hoagland, a strictly by-the-book desk jockey, visits the 918th to evaluate Gen. Savage's performance, but he arrives with a headstrong bias because Savage has a reputation for improvised tactics to deal with the randomness of war, as well as an apparent obsession with an especially dangerous target deep within Germany. Sparks fly from the moment Hoagland lands hellbent on getting Savage fired. In an effort to show Hoagland the vagaries of combat, Savage invites him to tag along on a mission. And then the unthinkable; Hoagland is killed in a manner that casts suspicion on Savage. If the looming inquiry is not enough of a distraction, Savage also has to deal with a mentally unstable pilot who has lost confidence in himself and his commander, and may provide information that could cast a very dark shadow on the investigation.

Season 1, Episode 30: P.O.W.: Part One

23 April 1965
Gen. Savage's luck has finally run out. His bomber is shot down over enemy territory and he and three crewmen are captured. They are shipped to a POW camp run by a crack Luftwaffe officer, Col. Max Richter, who has never had a successful escape against his record, as the crowded prisoner cemetery attests. Richter is delighted to see Savage arrive as he looks forward to a lively battle of wits with the renowned American. But this will be a fight to the death, as Richter is quick to use deadly force to protect his unblemished record, and Savage thinks he has the perfect plan to outsmart the cunning German.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage
Alf Kjellin ... Col. Max Richter

Donald Harron ... Group Capt. Brail
John Van Dreelen ... Capt. Staufman (as John van Dreelen)

James Farentino ... Moxey
Peter Haskell ... Doc
James Forrest ... Flight Lt. Forrester
Don Penny ... Lt. Regis
Jim Shane ... Baby
Stephen Brooks ... Lt. Smith
Sasha Harden ... Guard
Rico Cattani ... Guard (as Henry Rico-Cattani)

Season 1, Episode 31: P.O.W.: Part Two

30 April 1965
Thanks to a carefully planned diversion, Savage and several others are able to effect a successful escape from the prison camp, even using Col. Richter as a hostage to make good their getaway. However, their effort to flee Germany takes an ominous turn when Richter is wounded in a shootout with pursuing soldiers. If the escapees leave him behind alive, he will give away their plans, but now he appears to be too badly hurt to travel and Savage's chivalry precludes the most obvious alternative. With a definite strategy in mind, and help from the local underground, Savage must find a way to implement his plan without allowing Richter to become a liability.

Robert Lansing ... General Frank Savage
Alf Kjellin ... Col. Max Richter

Donald Harron ... Group Capt. Brail
John Van Dreelen ... Capt. Staufman (as John van Dreelen)

James Farentino ... Moxey
Peter Haskell ... Doc
James Forrest ... Flight Lt. Forrester
Don Penny ... Lt. Regis
Jim Shane ... Baby
Stephen Brooks ... Lt. Smith
Oscar Beregi Jr. ... Doktor Erlich (as Oscar Beregi)
Sasha Harden ... Guard
Rico Cattani ... Guard (as Henry Rico-Cattani)
Norbert Siegfried ... Merchant Seaman
Kurt Landen ... Guard
Chris Anders ... Guard

Season 1, Episode 32: The Hero

7 May 1965
After flying a desk in Washington for the first months of the war, Col. 'Pappy' Hartley, a decorated fighter ace of the First World War, arrives in England. He also happens to be one of Gen. Savage's most revered flight instructors from his training days. With the formation of a new bomb group needing an experienced commander, Savage is only too pleased to recommend Pappy as a candidate for the job. Full of freewheeling fighter pilot blood coursing through his veins, Pappy chafes at the regimentation of bomber duty. Blinded by his admiration for his mentor, Savage wrestles with the growing realization that Pappy is not cut from the right cloth, but is he too late to prevent a calamity?

Robert Lansing ... Gen. Frank Savage

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

James Whitmore ... Col. J. Paul 'Pappy' Hartley
Lew Gallo ... Maj. Joseph Cobb
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
John Zaremba ... Maj. Gen. Stoneman
William Cort ... Lt. Mason
William Arvin ... Capt. Franklin

Pete Duel ... Lt. Ditchik (as Peter E. Deuel)
Jimmy Hayes ... Lt. Hearn
Glenn Sipes ... Lt. Miller
James Beck ... Capt. Wayland
Nigel McKeand ... Radio Operator

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: The Loneliest Place in the World

13 September 1965
When Gen. Savage's plane is shot down by a German Trojan horse (a captured B-17) pretending to be a straggler, Joe Gallagher, by now a colonel, takes over temporary command of the 918th. As a reluctant candidate for permanent status, he must face the withering scrutiny of General Britt, as well as his own feelings of inadequacy. As if that's not enough to handle, he also has to deal with Sgt. Komansky, a resentful and defiant former member of Savage's crew, and a burgeoning romance with Mlle. Arnais, a French journalist. And that dreaded Trojan horse is still lurking out there, triggering dangerous suspicion and ready to claim another unsuspecting victim.

Season 2, Episode 2: R/X for a Sick Bird

20 September 1965
Something nefarious is afoot in the 918th. Stricken by a series of mechanical mishaps that have already cost several planes, Col. Gallagher's group is tasked with ferrying a beautiful spy to a parachute drop over Nazi-occupied Poland. Once again, the bomber assigned the mission is struck by gremlins that bring her down with the loss of a popular pilot and co-pilot, but the spy survives for another try. With this latest disaster, tensions between the air crews and ground crews explode into mayhem. But evidence starts to appear that indicates the miscues may not be accidental, and suspicion runs rampant through the base, endangering the spy's mission and the confidence of the troops.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky
Gia Scala ... Ilka Zradna

J.D. Cannon ... Brig. Gen. Dave Creighton
Tige Andrews ... Master Sgt. Tony Podesta
Don Quine ... Sgt. Hansen
Tom Stern ... Sergeant Pete Pierson

Eric Braeden ... Capt. Zoller
Charles Kuenstle ... Sgt. Garnet

James Brolin ... Sgt. Thibideaux
John Crowther ... Captain Langgaard
Paul Comi ... Maj. Adams

Season 2, Episode 3: Then Came the Mighty Hunter

27 September 1965
New recruits arrive at the 918th, and one of them, a young gunner with a stellar training record, Cpl. Steve Corbett, is chafing at the bit to get into combat so he can kill some "krauts". On his first training mission, however, he panics when his gun jams, and Sgt. Komansky steps in to settle him down and teach him the ropes, which pleases Col. Gallagher because it is the first time Komansky has shown anything but a "me first" attitude. Unfortunately, Corbett's actions become even more erratic in subsequent missions, leading to the unearthing of a secret that may embarrass the Army Air Corps if it becomes general knowledge. And all of this on the eve of a particularly tricky mission on which Corbett could be a major asset.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Beau Bridges ... Cpl. Steven Corbett

Andrew Duggan ... Brig. Gen. Ed Britt

Ted Bessell ... Cpl. Smith

Tom Skerritt ... Sgt. Ben Rodale
Carol Booth ... Gillian Denby
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Nora Marlowe ... Mavis Denby

William Christopher ... Patient
Robert Dornan ... Co-Pilot
Will Sage ... Major Percy (as William Sage)
Jane Wilde ... Annabelle

John Garwood ... Gunner
John Hanek ... Abbot
Rick Newton ... Beegeebird

Judy Carne ... Floy

Season 2, Episode 4: The Idolator

4 October 1965
Lt. Josh McGraw, a boyhood friend of Col. Gallagher, arrives at the 918th with his crew and bomber as replacements. Gallagher is glad to see him, but McGraw pulls some reckless stunts because he has always felt overshadowed by Gallagher and wants to make a name for himself. As his exploits grow to ever more dangerous and defiant levels, Gallagher struggles with how to handle his old friend and still get his missions accomplished. But this only seems to inflame McGraw's resentment and rebellious attitude even more.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Gary Lockwood ... Lt. Josh McGraw

Andrew Duggan ... Brig. Gen. Ed Britt

Lee Meriwether ... Capt. Phyllis Vincent

Robert Hogan ... Lt. Guy Kelly
Albert Szabo ... Russian Major
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Robert Fowler
Jerry Ayres ... Lieutenant
Paul Mantee ... Lt. Nick Constantinius

Season 2, Episode 5: Big Brother

11 October 1965
As part of a brand new strategy called "shuttle bombing", the 918th lands in North Africa at the end of the first leg of the flight seriously short on fuel. Unfortunately, they are forced to use an airfield that has only just been liberated from the Germans by a motley group of Allied units commanded, by chance, by Col. Gallagher's older brother, Preston. Now the Nazis are determined to take the field back in a massive counterattack. Not only are Preston's forces badly outnumbered and out-gunned, but he is suffering from battle fatigue and on the verge of a breakdown. To make matters worse, he has commandeered his brother's fuel for his own plan to retreat, leaving Joe's planes and his mission in grave danger.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Jack Lord ... Lt. Col. Preston Gallagher

Julie Adams ... Lt. Betty Russo
Robert Colbert ... Lt. Col. Frank Bailey

Bernard Fox ... Maj. Dutton
Douglas Henderson ... Maj. Lecroy
Harry Millard ... Captain Strader
Robert Sorrells ... Staff Sgt. Webhorn
Robert Biheller ... Sergeant Bessy
William Swan ... Lieutenant
Ted Markland ... Sergeant
Trevor Cuming ... Scout Officer
Hans Heyde ... German Officer
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Johnson

Ken Lynch ... Master Sgt. Orland

Season 2, Episode 6: The Hotshot

18 October 1965
The tables may be turning in the air war in Europe. The P-51 has arrived, with the promise of providing escort to the B-17s all the way to the heart of Germany. The first 18 are assigned to Gallagher's 918th, but his gunners manage to accidentally shoot one down on the very first mission. This sets a very bad tone between Gallagher and the fighter commander, Col. Troper, who are thrown together to make the new system work. Troper, already an ace with 22 kills, chafes at the need to protect the bombers at the cost of being able to hunt down the Luftwaffe fighters, and his resentment builds to a dangerous and destructive intensity.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Warren Oates ... Lt. Col. Jerry Troper

Jill Haworth ... Fay Vendry

Andrew Duggan ... Brig. Gen. Ed Britt

Jill Ireland ... Alyce Carpenter
Walter Brooke ... Roy Saxon
George Brenlin ... Lt. Bukich
William Bryant ... Maj. Greentree
Charles Kuenstle ... Sgt. Garnet

Seymour Cassel ... Capt. Johnson
Tom Symonds ... Waiter
Gunnar Hellström ... Col. Falkenstein (as Gunnar Hellstrom)
Jim Jacobs ... Lt. Bobo Heath, Co-Pilot

Season 2, Episode 7: Show Me a Hero, I'll Show You a Bum

25 October 1965
Sgt. Komansky lands Col. Gallagher's plane full of wounded crew members after Gallagher is incapacitated with a concussion. Komansky is now up for a Silver Star and a possible promotion. The ambitious Susan Nesbit wants to turn Komansky into a hero to boost her journalistic career. Komansky, an orphan, is having trouble coping with the sudden attention. Things don't get any easier as Komansky and Nesbit began to fall for each other.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Lois Nettleton ... Susan Nesbit
Lloyd Bochner ... Kirby Wyatt

Burt Reynolds ... T / Sgt. Chapman
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Anne Whitfield ... Pamela Hurley
Michael McDonald ... Staff Sgt. Weber
Steve Bell ... Sgt. Roberts (as Steven Bell)
Lee Farr ... Maj. Benson
Ira Barmak ... G.I. Reporter
Mike Doherty ... M.P.
Shawn Michaels ... Civilian Reporter
Charles McDaniel ... Control Officer
Pat O'Hara ... Air Raid Warden

Season 2, Episode 8: Runway in the Dark

1 November 1965
On a practice for night mission, they are being tracked by Vendry's unit They change course and evade successfully but "Chub" has to correct as he was off target. Chub is distracted because of his girl Kitty. On the actual night mission into Norway to pick up legendary resistance leader Arn Borg, they are told to look for the King Frederick light. It seems to be a trap as the Germans are waiting. The plane gets shot at lands and picks up Borg who brings his son Christian back with him. Gallagher is angry. Backs at base, Borg's map is impossible to read. Gallagher is ordered to fly another reconnaissance mission. Borg runs away so they decide to take Christian to show them the target. Borg comes back and flies the mission. They bomb what seems to be a heavy water storage facility and the mission is successful. Borg goes back to Norway.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky
Albert Paulsen ... Arn Borg

Jill Haworth ... Lt. Fay Vendry

Jack Weston ... Capt. 'Chub' Willis

Andrew Duggan ... Brig. Gen. Ed Britt
Dinah Anne Rogers ... Cynthia Finlay
Gilchrist Stuart ... British Officer (as Gil Stuart)
Peter Bourne ... Norwegian Civilian
Robert Dornan ... Co-Pilot
Donald Ein ... Sven
Pat Cardi ... Christian Borg

Season 2, Episode 9: I Am the Enemy

8 November 1965
A German-born U.S. bomber pilot insists on flying until every Nazi is dead or cowering. Colonel Gallagher despises his pilot Major Kurt Brown's disdain for crewmen, and growing fanaticism, but needs Brown's skills, while General Britt wants the Iron Major to head up a division. When Gallagher asks Brown to escort a British flyer's grieving widow home, the increasingly paranoid Brown sees it as a manipulative tactic by his commander. Brown's repressed fears begin to crack his defiant exterior.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

William Shatner ... Maj. Kurt Brown
Elen Willard ... Elizabeth Hoffman

Andrew Duggan ... Brig. Gen. Ed Britt
Barney Phillips ... Majo Donald 'Doc' Kaiser
Peter Marko ... Capt. Forbes
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Bob Fowler
Walter Gregg ... Lt. Daniels
Claude Johnson ... Waist Gunner
Richard Brander ... Tail Gunner
Tom Falk ... Young Officer
Tom Palmer ... Capt. Donalson

Adam Roarke ... Capt. Davis
Richard Schuyler ... Davis' Co-Pilot

Season 2, Episode 10: Grant Me No Favor

15 November 1965
The 918th is being chewed to pieces while attempting to bomb a target in Norway so secret, even Joe Gallagher doesn't know what it is or why it's so important. In fact, in it's latest try, the mission commander, Col. Christie, decides to abort and turn back only 4 minutes from the target after losing 8 out of 21 bombers, with 4 more heavily damaged including his own. Infuriated by the excessive losses and secrecy surrounding the missions, Joe alienates his superiors when he aggressively defends Christie against a looming court martial. To the rescue, possibly, rides his father, Lt. General Gallagher, who is hellbent on getting his son his first general's star. But Joe is in no mood to discuss promotion with his friend and the reputation of the 918th teetering on the edge of oblivion.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Barry Sullivan ... Lt. Gen. Max Gallagher

Frank Aletter ... Lt. Col. Bill Christy

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt
Barney Phillips ... Maj. Donald 'Doc' Kaiser
Paul Newlan ... Lt. General Bill Pritchard
Jacqueline Russell ... WAC Captain
Don Spruance ... Capt. Edwards
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Bob Fowler
Kirby Brumfield ... Aide
Mike Doherty ... M.P. Officer
Rick Falk ... Tom - Christy's Co-Pilot (as Ricks Falk)
Robert Hathaway ... Wounded N.C.O.
Gilchrist Stuart ... RAF Wing Commander (as Gil Stuart)

Season 2, Episode 11: Storm at Twilight

22 November 1965
The XO, Harvey, and Lieutenant Colonel Rogers, the 918ths acting commander, watch the latest mission come back very chewed up and missing at least 6 six planes. Harvey feels responsible. Sandy hands him a telegram, his son is an MIA. Harvey goes to see General Britt and requests to go back on flying status. He gets an age waiver. Gallagher comes back and is furious with Harvey. He passes his physical by memorizing the eye chart. Gallagher puts Harvey through the wringer but Harvey passes his flight test. On the mission to bomb the marshaling yards at Antwerp, they make the run then get attacked by Bf-109's.

Season 2, Episode 12: We're Not Coming Back

29 November 1965
The 918th Bombardment Group bombs a target in Wesselhaven, Germany and evade Nazi fighters by flying south into North Africa on the first leg of a shuttle raid. Luftwaffe Colonel Falkenstein, enraged by the American's new tactics, takes four fighters after Col. Joe Gallagher's group. In the meantime, Gallagher's plane has developed engine trouble and is forced to temporarily land in Yugoslavia, hopefully to repair two damaged engines. On the ground after a harrowing landing, Gallagher and his crew are captured by a menacing band of Yugoslavian Partisans.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky
Ina Balin ... Mara Vellich

George Voskovec ... Nicolas Vellich
Gunnar Hellström ... Col. Falkenstein (as Gunnar Hellstrom)

Michael Forest ... Mikhail

John Hoyt ... General von Leyden
William Arvin ... Capt. Lowell
Charles Kuenstle ... Sgt. Garnet
Sasha Harden ... Capt. Gunter
Hans Heyde ... German Soldier
Peter Coe ... Gregore
Walter Friedel ... German Officer

Seymour Cassel ... Capt. Johnson
Gabrielle Rossillon ... Sophie
Rick West ... German Guard

Season 2, Episode 13: The Jones Boys

6 December 1965
Lt. J.D. Jones is a pilot with a serious problem; with each mission he flies he loses more of his self-confidence and composure. Finally, he causes his bomber to crack up on takeoff, killing or injuring several members of his crew, including his severely wounded co-pilot. His flight engineer, Sgt. Chapman, gets into hot water over black-market trading in weapons, and he needs an alibi. Chapman convinces J.D. to cover for him in return for shifting the blame for the crash on the comatose co-pilot. J.D.'s older brother, Frank, at first protective, becomes disillusioned with J.D.'s deceit to the point of washing his hands of the matter entirely.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Andrew Prine ... Lt. Jaydee Jones

Burt Reynolds ... Tech. Sgt. Chapman

Bruce Dern ... TSgt. Frank Jones

Peter Mark Richman ... Col. Kendal Hunter (as Mark Richman)
Susan Seaforth Hayes ... Lt. Jan Warner (as Susan Seaforth)
Burt Douglas ... Co-Pilot
Noel Drayton ... The Briton
Logan Field ... Captain Mason
Ted Gehring ... Sgt. Fazio
John Ward ... Sgt. Peters
Ed Deemer ... M.P.
Robert Bolger ... Gunner
Garrison True ... Gunner
William Arvin ... Capt. Lowell

Seymour Cassel ... Capt Johnson
Peter Coe ... Gregore

Michael Forest ... Mikhail
Walter Friedel ... German Officer
Sasha Harden ... Capt. Gunter
Gunnar Hellström ... Colonel Falkenstein
Hans Heyde ... German Soldier

John Hoyt ... General Von Leyden
Charles Kuenstle ... Sgt. Garnet
Gabrielle Rossillon ... Sophie

George Voskovec ... Nicolas Yellich
Rick West ... German Guard

Season 2, Episode 14: Between the Lines

13 December 1965
On a mission to transport two generals with important secret information pertinent to the Normandy invasion, Gallagher's bomber is forced down in the no-man's land between German and Russian battle lines. Hampered by a severely wounded General Stace and his aide, Sgt. Trask, who appears to be afraid of everything including his own shadow, Gallagher hunkers down in a bombed out church until they can make good an escape. Unfortunately, the Germans return to the village, and Gallagher has to find a way to slip past them with the vital info to reach the Russian lines.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Donald Harron ... Master Sgt. Trask
Larry Gates ... Maj. Gen. Stace
Philip Bruns ... Lt. Gargas
Ken Drake ... Brig. Gen. Krasker
Sasha Harden ... German Captain
Norbert Meisel ... German Sergeant
Peter Coe ... Russian Major
Lydia Markova ... Anya
Eric Forst ... German Lieutenant
Richard Brander ... Right Waist Gunner
Steve Wolfson ... Rescue Pilot
Hans Heyde ... German Soldier

Season 2, Episode 15: Target 802

27 December 1965
Limping home on two engines, Col. Gallagher is trying to reach the English Channel to safely dump his bomb load before landing. Unfortunately, a German fighter attack triggers the bomb release early, with one finding its way onto an occupied French town that is key in helping downed Allied fliers escape to England. The explosion kills the leader of the local resistance group, angering townspeople into cooperating with the Germans. It also injures the son of the leader's daughter, who brings him to England for treatment...and to find the man responsible for the bombing and exact vengeance.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky
Lisa Pera ... Claudine Corbelle
Lou Antonio ... Capt. Pollard
Harry Townes ... Brig. Gen. Marteen
Wright King ... Maj. Coefield
George Brenlin ... Lt. Parks
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Jean-Michel Michenaud ... Jean Paul Corbelle (as Gerald Michenaud)

Anthony Zerbe ... Capt. Burgdorf
Monique LeMaire ... Fishwife
Bobby Pickett ... G.I. Patient
Rees Vaughn ... Lt. Davis
Robert Dornan ... Co-Pilot
Jean Del Val ... Pierre Fecamp
Jacques Roux ... Marcel Lenoir

Season 2, Episode 16: Falling Star

3 January 1966
On the way back from a mission, a mentor of Joe Gallagher's, Colonel Gus "Pappy" Wexler is flying as an observer. Gallagher asks Fowler to let Wexler fly in the co-pilot seat. They are attacked by ME-109's and Joe is wounded, Pappy takes over calling Gallagher "Bernie". At HQ General Pritchard asks Harvey Stovall's opinion of Wexler. General Britt is away in Washington and if he is not back, Pritchard will be looking for a new Wing Commander. He is thinking of Wexler or Gallagher. Gallagher is on the sick list so Wexler becomes acting Group Commander, and Gallagher the acting Wing Commander. Wexler wants things run by the book. On the next mission, he takes 3 planes and turns too early and aborts. He calls his Bob Fowler, his co-pilot "Bernie", and when Sandy questions him, Wexler orders him to stand down and report to the Flight Surgeon when he is back. Later in the Star & Bottle, the pilots celebrate with Wexler and he makes a good show of it. He arm wrestles Captain Banazek and wins.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

James Daly ... Col. Gus 'Pappy' Wexler
Barbara Shelley ... Mrs. Clyde-Bryce

David Macklin ... Lt. Booth
Paul Comi ... Capt. Banazak
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Paul Newlan ... Lt. General Pritchard
Robert Dornan ... Lt. Fowler
Jayne Massey ... WAC Sergeant
John Luce ... Lieutenant Clark

Judy Carne ... Doris

Season 2, Episode 17: The Slaughter Pen

10 January 1966
With Allied bombing operations stymied by mysteriously improved German radar capabilities, Col. Gallagher becomes involved with a multi-national, multi-service commando mission aimed at knocking out the enemy facilities and stealing the technology for study. The undertaking is put at grave risk, however, by a combination of poor coordination between the different units involved, Nazi spies, and the reluctant participation of a key expert, Captain Deel, who happens to be a problematic acquaintance of Gallagher's from his past. And now Deel is having a fling with the sister of an important British officer involved in the task who is not at all happy about it.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Major Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Harry Guardino ... Capt. Barney Deel

Juliet Mills ... Sydney Vivyan
John Van Dreelen ... Gen. Reger (as John van Dreelen)

Michael Rennie ... Gen. St. John Keighley
David Frankham ... Col. Percy Vivyan
John Alderson ... Sgt. Dunbar
Paul Newlan ... Lt. Gen. Pritchard
John Lasell ... Colonel Thom
Walter Friedel ... Col. Mahler
Robert Dornan ... Lt. Fowler
Rees Vaughn ... Capt. Kelly
Pat O'Hara ... Postman Heinrick Smith
Ted Dudomaine ... Capt. Eddington
Peter Hellman ... Orborst - German Radarman
Heinz Brinkmann ... German Radioman
Christopher Riordan ... Soldier (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 18: Underground

17 January 1966
Col. Gallagher's plane is shot down, and he parachutes into Switzerland. As a neutral party in the war, the Swiss are obligated to intern Gallagher for the duration, but he has important information about a vital target, and so American agents direct him to the French resistance to get him to the English Channel to safety. However, his escape is complicated by the tag-along of the daughter of one of his contacts who has been shot by the Nazis, and a German deserter trying to evade being executed by his own troops or by the French who still see him as the enemy. The question now is whether the Underground can deliver Gallagher, and whether he can trust everyone who seems to be on his side.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Robert Walker Jr. ... Sgt. Karl Weigand (as Robert Walker)

Claudine Longet ... Liane Godin

Whit Bissell ... George Richardson
Émile Genest ... Leduc (as Emile Genest)

Frank Wilcox ... Wilson Sechrist
Robert Boon ... Train Guard
Sasha Harden ... Winery Guard
Tom Palmer ... Capt. Peter Wright
Maurice Marsac ... Foulard
Norbert Schiller ... Clioche
Norbert Meisel ... Bridge Guard
Jacques Roux ... Emile
Horst Ebersberg ... German Sentry
Bud Walls ... The Shadower
Erik Holland ... Patrol Captain

Seymour Cassel ... B-17 Pilot
George Perina ... Swiss Officer
Nickolaus Kopp ... Swiss Officer
Chuck Courtney ... Francois

Season 2, Episode 19: Which Way the Wind Blows

24 January 1966
Weather plays havoc with the 918th in their attempts to disrupt German naval operations based in Hamburg, forcing multiple aborts and reducing accuracy even when they can glimpse the target through overcast skies. Badly needed help arrives in the form of a meteorologist from the States with the expertise to more accurately predict weather conditions at the target. As it turns out, the meteorologist turns out to be a rather attractive woman. The combination of Gallagher's views of the weather as an enemy, his sexist condescension to her despite her abilities, and his overactive libido, threaten to undermine her efforts. Her panicked reaction to air combat doesn't help matters much either.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Dina Merrill ... Capt. Patricia Bates

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt
Robert Yuro ... Maj. Fitzsimmons
Med Flory ... Capt. Blodget
Michael Macready ... Lieutenant Rogers
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler
Jack Greening ... Air Raid Warden
Richard Schuyler ... Capt. Blodget's Co-Pilot

Season 2, Episode 20: The Outsider

31 January 1966
Lt. Wilson, a young, inexperienced fighter pilot, is so eager to get his first kill and fit in with his flying mates that he manages to shoot up Gallagher's plane while chasing an enemy fighter. Gallagher is willing to chalk it up to youthful exuberance and let the matter drop, but Sandy takes it personally and makes Wilson's life miserable. To make up for it, Wilson volunteers for a dangerous mission and ends up saving Gallagher's life at great peril to his own. This makes him an instant hero, especially in Sandy's eyes. It also leaves him craving even more attention, but at what risk.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

James MacArthur ... Lt. Wilson

James T. Callahan ... Maj. Temple (as James Callahan)
Sammy Jackson ... Lt. Mikler

Patrick Wayne ... Lt. Gabriel

Lee Meriwether ... Capt. Phyllis Vincent

Dabney Coleman ... Capt. Robbins
Paul Newlan ... Lt. General Pritchard
Robert Dornan ... Co-Pilot
Vikki Harrington ... Agnes
John Newton ... Steve Harkness

John Garwood ... Right Waist Gunner
Ollie O'Toole ... Barnes
Lee Millar ... Toley

Season 2, Episode 21: Back to the Drawing Board

7 February 1966
Frustrated by heavily overcast skies that make precision bombing impossible, the Allies are at wit's end, until Dr. Rink arrives with a new, top secret technology enabling them to "see" through the clouds: airborne radar. The first missions employing the device are wildly successful, especially since the Germans cannot effectively intercept the bombers with fighters or anti-aircraft because of the cloud cover. Unfortunately, the Germans quickly devise a counter-measure that actually uses the signals from the device to trace the bombers, allowing them to pinpoint the Americans with deadly accuracy. Only Dr. Rink has the knowledge to turn the tables once again, but he is virtually catatonic at the apparent failure of his technology.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Burgess Meredith ... Dr. Rink
Alf Kjellin ... Col. Ehrland

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt
Robert Doyle ... Master Sgt. Zemler
Robert Boon ... Capt. Schiller
Walter Friedel ... Capt. Schmidt
Robert Sorrells ... M.P. Lieutenant
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler
Barry Cahill ... Capt. Curt Douglas
Hal Stalmaster ... Lieutenant Gurney
Richard Brander ... Lt. Butler
Lee Farr ... Maj. Rice
Susan Denberg ... German Girl
Mark Russell ... Captain Clark (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 22: Twenty Fifth Mission

14 February 1966
Major Parsons has apparently just completed his 25th mission, making him eligible to be rotated back to the States, out of the fighting, something he celebrates with great relish. However, Gallagher has formulated a plan to knock out an exceptionally difficult target, and it requires a pilot with qualifications that match Parson's to a tee. The Major is definitely not inclined to volunteer with a guaranteed return to safety in hand, especially since the assignment has the earmarks of a suicide mission. No amount of persuasion budges him, that is until General Britt discovers a technicality that leaves him at 24 completed missions, instead of 25.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Bradford Dillman ... Maj. Tom Parsons
Don Galloway ... Capt. Bruce Cowley

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt

Antoinette Bower ... Naomi Rockford

Tom Skerritt ... Lt. Paddy Gialella
Wade Graham ... T / Sgt. Sperling
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler
Barry Cahill ... Capt. Curt Douglas
Don Spruance ... Parson's Co-Pilot
Ron Kramer ... Gunner
James Drake ... Colonel

Garth Pillsbury ... Colonel

Season 2, Episode 23: The Survivor

21 February 1966
Capt. Bradovich arrives at the 918th as a replacement pilot. He immediately gains a reputation as an arrogant, by-the-book officer who has no interest in making friends or participating in the camaraderie of the Group. His dubious standing is seriously worsened when he is apparently the only survivor after his bomber is shot down. As it becomes harder to find crewmen willing to fly with him, Col. Gallagher must get to the bottom of Bradovich's exclusionary attitude or risk dangerously undermining the morale of his command.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Don Gordon ... Capt. Ernie Bradovich

Jill Ireland ... Sara Blodgett
Don Quine ... Lt. John Tourneau
William Sargent ... Lt. Ainsley (as Bill Sargent)
Carl Reindel ... Lt. Dickey
Burt Douglas ... Lt. Stan Williams
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Bob Fowler
Peter Marko ... Tech. Sgt. Braack

Seymour Cassel ... Left Waist Gunner
Tom Symonds ... Barkeep
Wally Strauss ... Tourneau's Co-Pilot

Season 2, Episode 24: Angel Babe

28 February 1966
After 49 successful missions, Angel Babe is the Grande Damme of the 918th bomber fleet, and to some like her flight engineer, Sgt. Willets, she even seems to have a soul (and mind) of her own. Her endurance has earned her the label of good-luck charm to the men of the Group. Upon completion of her 50th mission, the Army has decided to retire her from active service and return her to the States for a life of leisure as a recruiting icon. But Angel Babe seems to have other ideas, as she suddenly develops a multitude of mechanical ailments that thwart that final-mission goal. Not only does this strange turn of events recast her as an albatross, it also casts a shadow of suspicion over Willets due to his insistence that she's not ready to withdraw from combat.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Roddy McDowall ... T / Sgt. Wills Willets

Frank Aletter ... Sgt. Ben Prinzi
Lee Patterson ... Major Budd
Les Brown Jr. ... Sgt. Harker
Tom Stern ... Lt. John Drennan
Don Dubbins ... Lt. McKennon
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler

Jonathan Goldsmith ... Sgt. Bonneyman (as Jonathan Lippe)

Michael Murphy ... Sgt. Marven

Season 2, Episode 25: Decoy

7 March 1966
While returning from a planning session in Scotland, Col. Gallagher's plane is shot down over the North Sea. He ends up in a rubber raft along with the only other survivor, Capt. Powell, a rich kid who happens to be a pilot Gallagher drummed out of the 918th because of a propensity to avoid danger. Now they wait out efforts by Allied rescue units to find them. Bad luck intervenes, however, and they are picked up by a German U-Boat. Surprisingly, Capt. Wessel, commander of the sub, treats them with gallantry and returns them to the island where he found them. Unfortunately, they soon discover that his intentions were far less than honorable as they become the bait in his trap.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Michael Callan ... Capt. Tony Powell
Steve Harris ... Sgt. Johnny Miller
Carl Schell ... Capt. Wessel
John McLiam ... Fisherman
Dinah Anne Rogers ... Margaret
Len Wayland ... Capt. Bolling
Robert Ivers ... B-17 Pilot
Bill Zuckert ... General Hardy
Vikki Harrington ... Girl
Nigel McKeand ... British Soldier
Eric Micklewood ... Hammond
Karl Sadler ... German Sailor

Season 2, Episode 26: The Hollow Man

14 March 1966
Lt. Bolen returns to the 918th after escaping from a German prison camp where he was brutally interrogated by the Nazi SS for five months. Despite being given the opportunity to return to the States due to his ordeal, he insists on returning to active duty as a pilot and is promoted to the rank of Captain. He also has valuable information about a target that the Allies keep missing, and so he is included in a risky mission to pinpoint the plant for the rest of the Group. While training for the mission, however, the psychological damage from his torture contributes to a midair collision that kills the crew of another bomber and members of his own crew. The guilt of his actions combined with the emotional scars from his internment threaten to destroy his sanity and gravely endanger the vital mission.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Robert Drivas ... Capt. Wally Bolen

Paul Carr ... Capt. John Lewis
Marian Thompson ... Ruth Wagner
Cec Linder ... Ken Shaw
John Anthony Hayes ... Capt. Robert Stewart (as Anthony Hayes)
Alan Reed Jr. ... Lt. Nielsen
Curt Lowens ... SS Officer
Peter Baron ... Co-Pilot
Barry Cahill ... Doctor
Jack Raine ... Rector
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Bob Fowler
Laurie Mock ... Surgical Nurse
Richard Brander ... Waist Gunner

Season 2, Episode 27: Cross-Hairs on Death

21 March 1966
Thomas Carpenter, a pilot who washed out of flight training and was subsequently dishonorably discharged from the service for insubordination, finds his way to England as a civilian and proceeds to infiltrate the 918th and masquerade as a captain. Desperate for replacements, Gallagher puts him to work as co-pilot on several missions to test his mettle while waiting for confirmation of Carpenter's status that will never come. Carpenter is eager to command his own bomber before his ruse is discovered, but his impatience keeps his evaluator, Capt. Perry, from recommending him. As his veil of lies begins to tear apart, he becomes ever more desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his mysterious goal.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

James Franciscus ... Capt. Thomas Gaines Carpenter / Stone

Roger Perry ... Capt. Enright

H.M. Wynant ... Sgt. Holcombe
Barry Cahill ... Dr. Curt Douglas
Ross Elliott ... MP Major Bart
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler

Garth Pillsbury ... Captain

Rand Brooks ... Finance Officer
Victoria George ... WAC
Raoul Perez ... Seaman
Paul Aaron ... Corporal

Season 2, Episode 28: Day of Reckoning

28 March 1966
The 918th gets a bitter taste of its own medicine as the Germans carry out a surprise bombing attack on the base at Archbury. During the raid, Capt. Archer, the Group Chaplain, loses his sweetheart and proceeds to kill a defenseless enemy parachutist, leading him to a serious loss of faith. Meanwhile, another trio of Germans, captured after their plane goes down, hatches a plot to escape and complete their original mission - blow up the Group's ammunition depot.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Charles Aidman ... Capt. Archer
John Van Dreelen ... Maj. Schindler (as John van Dreelen)

Eric Braeden ... Maj. Bentz (as Hans Gudegast)
Jan Malmsjö ... Sgt. Luchen (as Jan Malmsjo)
Dinah Anne Rogers ... Winifred Broome
William Cort ... First Soldier
Barry Cahill ... Capt. Curt Douglas
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler

Jordan Rhodes ... G.I. Workman
Gerald Hauser ... 2nd Soldier
Walt Davis ... Guard (as Walter Goodrich)
Thurman Brown ... Guard
Martin Bolger ... Guard (as Marty Bolger)

Season 2, Episode 29: Siren Voices

4 April 1966
Employing a new fighter interceptor strategy based on concentration and coordination, the Germans are taking a frightening toll on American bomber operations. To add insult to injury, they taunt the frustrated flyboys with radio broadcasts from a sultry British female turncoat who seems to know almost as much about the mission plans as Allied Command. However, Gallagher devises a plan to turn the German strategy against them, but it requires intelligence information that only a deeply infiltrated spy can provide. Success of Gallagher's plan puts the agent at great risk as the Germans scheme to turn the tables once again.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Edward Mulhare ... Kurt Halland
Victoria Shaw ... Patti Conboy

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt

Juliet Mills ... Helen Conboy

Rhys Williams ... Maj. Ian Conboy
Michael St. Clair ... Mayhew
Curt Lowens ... Ludwig Hofstein
Sasha Harden ... Muller
Byron Keith ... Col. Cameron
Peter Brocco ... Waiter
Peter Hellman ... Gestapo Officer (as Peter Hellmann)
Hank Brandt ... Sgt. Froelich
Lyn Peters ... Sue (as Lynn Peters)
Mischa Hausserman ... German Radioman (as Michael Hausserman)
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler
William Wellman Jr. ... Sgt. Ellers
Rena Horten ... German WAAF

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Gauntlet of Fire

9 September 1966
After a grueling series of 21 missions in 30 days, the 918th is finally ordered to stand down for a badly needed 10-day rest. Unfortunately, the order is rescinded almost immediately as the Group is to be included in a force-wide campaign in preparation for a highly classified mission. Hamstrung by the secrecy, Gallagher is forced to order his men back into the skies without explanation or promise of respite. To make matters worse, the 918th is given the ungratifying task of dropping leaflets instead of bombs four times a day for three straight days. As the losses and casualties mount, the morale of the Group collapses into near anarchy, and the men start to take their frustration out on each other, as well as the apparent source of the senselessness - Col. Gallagher.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

William Windom ... Lt. Col. Christy
Linden Chiles ... Capt. Bluitt
Tim McIntire ... Lt. Wallach

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt
Barney Phillips ... Doc Kaiser
Ron Foster ... Capt. Borega
Paul Newlan ... Lt. General Pritchard
Richard O'Brien ... Sergeant
Ivor Barry ... Air Marshal Kingsford
Byron Morrow ... Brigadier General Adcock
Walter Friedel ... Wounded German
Michael Harris ... Duty Sergeant

Roy Jenson ... Master Sergeant Fraser
Eric Forst ... German Officer

Chuck Hicks ... Mechanic
Chris Anders ... 2nd German

Season 3, Episode 2: Massacre

16 September 1966
The Americans resurrect the "shuttle" tactic of bombing a target, flying on to a base on the other side to refuel and re-arm, and then bomb another target on the return flight. This time, however, the turn-around base is in Russia, a determined but wary ally in the war against the Nazis. The situation becomes dangerously complicated when a Russian observer plane, piloted by a highly decorated Soviet hero, is accidentally shot down by one of the American bombers on the first leg of the mission. The suspicious commander of the Russian base refuses to release the supplies Gallagher needs to make the return flight until the man responsible for the act is identified. In the meantime, the Germans have pinpointed the location of the base, and are slaughtering the 918th with waves of air attacks as it sits helplessly on the ground. The situation only becomes more muddled as Gallagher discovers the overzealous shooter was the Soviet liaison who hitched a ride with the Group.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Kevin McCarthy ... Major Richard Baladin
Kathleen Widdoes ... Irina Zavanoff

Michael Constantine ... General Vorodenko
Barney Phillips ... Major Donald 'Doc' Kaiser
Jan Merlin ... Colonel Grulov
Paul Comi ... Major Simpson
John Zaremba ... Lt. Gen. Owen
Byron Keith ... Capt. Doane
Archie Old ... Himself (as Lt. Gen. Archie Old)
William Wellman Jr. ... Aide
Sacha Berger ... Woman Officer
Glenn Sipes ... Archibald
Thad Williams ... Gunner

Season 3, Episode 3: Face of a Shadow

23 September 1966
The 918th is temporarily reassigned to a newly liberated airbase in Italy which is still perilously close to the battle front as well as a town with some residents who are still loyal to the Germans. The commander of the base, Col. Yates, happens to be a former chief of the 918th who was relieved after a series of brutal, ineffective missions. He has grown lax and allowed security to deteriorate to the point that the Germans are able to inflict serious damage with the help of intelligence from the collaborators in the town. When Gallagher dresses him down and takes charge, Yates retreats to his Italian countess lover for emotional support, without realizing she may be part of the spy ring.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Jack Lord ... Col. Yates
Phillip Pine ... Maj. Shull (as Philip E. Pine)
Alan Bergmann ... Maj. Holtzer

Luciana Paluzzi ... Carla
Joe De Santis ... Elmer (as Joe DeSantis)
Daniel Ades ... Luigi
Kit De Santis ... Boy (as Kit DeSantis)
Michael T. Mikler ... Gruber (as Michael Mikler)
Joseph Gazal ... Paulo (as Josef Gazal)
Peter Hellman ... German Officer (as Peter Hellmann)
Don Spruance ... Dolan
Nickolaus Kopp ... German Soldier

Season 3, Episode 4: Fortress Weisbaden

30 September 1966
The Germans have developed a new radar technology that makes their anti-aircraft flak deadly accurate against both night and day bombing operations. Col. Gallagher is tasked with ferrying a British commando team to destroy the radar center, but his plane is shot down shortly after the team jumps, and he and Komansky are forced to parachute to safety and join forces with the Britons. Their brutally efficient methods disturb his sensibilities, but he recognizes the need to subordinate his feelings in favor of protecting the mission. However, as things start going wrong, he and Komansky must step in to salvage the operation.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Christiane Schmidtmer ... Frieda von Heurtzel
Lloyd Bochner ... Maj. Mallory

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt

Bernard Fox ... Sgt. Maj. Higgins
John Levingston ... Wing Commander
Keith McConnell ... Hank
Peter Church ... Spievers
John Winston ... British Co-Pilot
Frank Oberschall ... German Guard
Steve Shenton ... Cane
Alex Reichel ... German Corporal
Norbert Siegfried ... German Sergeant
Rick West ... German Soldier

Season 3, Episode 5: A Distant Cry

7 October 1966
Capt. Paul Pridie, a tough-as-nails, by-the-book instructor assigned to the 918th to evaluate the pilots' instrument flying, rubs everybody the wrong way, including his childhood friend and highly regarded pilot, Capt. Johnny Eagle. When Pridie gives Eagle an especially dim appraisal, threatening his impending promotion, Eagle takes out his disappointment on his old pal, until he realizes that Pridie's uptight attitude is due to the fact that he has never flown a combat mission and is deathly afraid to. When Eagle assures him that all the pilots feel the same fear, Pridie loosens up, that is until a tragic mission crushes his fledgling courage and leaves him wallowing in self-pity.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Roy Thinnes ... Capt. Paul J. Pridie

Robert Blake ... Lt. Johnny Eagle

Wayne Rogers ... Lt. Fredricks

Jim McMullan ... Lt. Morton (as James McMullan)
Don Ross ... Surgeon
Richard Niles ... Staff Sgt. Ludlow
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler
Susan Seaforth Hayes ... Sheila (as Susan Seaforth)

Season 3, Episode 6: Practice to Deceive

14 October 1966
Col. Gallagher is shot down over Germany, and is captured and severely interrogated by the Nazis. Quite unexpectedly, he is rescued by a group of Germans who have devised an elaborate plan to kill Hitler and seize control of the government for the purpose of negotiating a surrender to the Allies. In order to carry out their plot, however, they will need to convince the Allied leaders of their sincerity and garner support. The leader of the conspirators, Admiral von Kreuter, believes that if Gallagher flies him to England, it will bolster his chances of winning the cooperation he needs. Unfortunately, the Nazis are aware of something afoot, and are rapidly closing in on the scheme.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Eduard Franz ... Adm. Sigfried von Kreuter
John Van Dreelen ... Col. von Datz (as John van Dreelan)
Diana Hyland ... Heidi Voss
Jan Merlin ... Major Paul Strasser
Curt Lowens ... Father Berthold Krieger
Sasha Harden ... Gestapo Officer
Walter Friedel ... Ralls
Robert Boon ... Cpl. Schmidt
Horst Ebersberg ... Koch
Barry Russo ... Col. Gibbons
Ted Dudomaine ... Strohm
Maria Schroeder ... German Woman
Peter Markus ... Doctor
Gilchrist Stuart ... Shullendorf (as Gil Stuart)

Season 3, Episode 7: The All-American

28 October 1966
Lt. Ted Masters, a handsome collegiate sports hero, is assigned to the 918th, along with his mentor, Maj. Praeger, to enhance his image as a symbol of American manhood. However, his brusque introduction, manipulated by Praeger for publicity, rubs the veterans the wrong way, especially Gallagher and seasoned pilot Capt. King. Gallagher assigns Masters to desk duty in an effort to protect him from possible harm in combat, but he chafes at the role and hounds Gallagher into giving him a chance to pilot, much to Praeger's consternation and King's grudging respect. But Gallagher finds him lacking and assigns him to trivial flight duties, forcing the All-American kid to find a way to prove his combat worthiness.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Mart Hulswit ... Lt. Ted Masters

Norman Fell ... Maj. George Praeger
Robert Doyle ... Capt. Glen King

Susan Brown ... Shirl Pinkerton
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Bob Fowler
Peter Marko ... S / Sgt. Mintz
Richard Peel ... English Reporter
Peter Church ... British Tommy
Ron Doyle ... G.I. Reporter
Steve Harris ... Lt. Rogers

Season 3, Episode 8: The Pariah

4 November 1966
American bombers keep missing an important target in the heart of Germany, but Allied command produces an ace up their sleeve in the form of a German-American GI, Sgt. Reiniger, who knows the area well and can pinpoint the elusive objective - as long as he goes along for the ride. Although his attendance produces the desired result, Reiniger and Gallagher & Crew are forced down at the Russian front, but just a little too close to the German lines where they are captured and interrogated. Now Reiniger becomes a liability as both the Americans and the Germans close in on his closely guarded secret that could get him and Gallagher's men executed.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Robert Walker Jr. ... Master Sgt. Reiniger (as Robert Walker)

Albert Salmi ... Maj. Brunner
Kurt Kreuger ... Col. Gerlach
Les Brown Jr. ... Lt. Phelan
Peter Duryea ... Staff Sgt. Hunter
Steve Bell ... Staff Sgt. Bellingham
Sasha Harden ... Aide
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler
Peter Hellman ... Sgt. Hornig (as Peter Hellmann)
Peter Coe ... Russian Colonel
Michael Barrier ... Lieutenant Lawson
Keva Page ... Melva
Walter Friedel ... German Officer
Walter Alzmann ... SS Noncom

Season 3, Episode 9: The Fighter Pilot

11 November 1966
Straight from the Pacific, a trio of hotshot fighter aces roar into Archbury field, instantly making a bad impression with Col. Gallagher. Their leader, Capt. Dejohn, a seasoned veteran with a burning desire for combat and little discipline, bristles at his new commander's reprimand, setting the stage for a battle of wills between the two. Things only get worse after Gallagher flies rings around Dejohn in a simulated dogfight in an effort to acclimate him to the differences in the European air war. Dejohn takes the lesson as a personal affront and launches a vendetta against Gallagher. The situation approaches critical as evidence starts to appear that the new pilots arrived at the 918th under very scandalous circumstances.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Don Gordon ... Capt. Dominic Dejohn

Marlyn Mason ... Sgt. Margo Demarest

Stephen Young ... Capt. Jerry Clinton
Mark Roberts ... Major John Davidson

Jonathan Goldsmith ... Capt. Franz Rausch (as Jonathan Lippe)
Ron Husmann ... Lieutenant
James Devine ... Jimmy Storm
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Fowler

Seymour Cassel ... Mechanic

Season 3, Episode 10: To Seek and Destroy

18 November 1966
The Germans threaten to turn the tide of war back their way with a new super-weapon, a guided rocket bomb capable of devastating vital parts of England. One of the rockets misfires on a test flight and lands in neutral Sweden intact. When the Allies learn that a Swedish underground group has retrieved the rocket, they enlist Gallagher and Komansky to clandestinely fly over to get it. They also procure a British rocket specialist, Group Captain Carmichael, a former RAF fighter pilot. Unfortunately, Carmichael bears a grudge against Americans because he was accidentally shot down by one, ending his flying career. Besides hostility toward Gallagher and Komansky, he also manifests his annoyance by drinking excessively, making him a potentially fatal liability as the team races a group of Nazis with the same goal.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky
David Frankham ... Group Captain Anthony Carmichael

Richard Anderson ... Brig. Gen. Phil Doud
Elen Willard ... Katie Henshaw (as Ellen Willard)

Karl Swenson ... Karlsen

Martin Kosleck ... Col. Ulrich
Patrick Horgan ... Wing Commander Neil McBride
Paul Sorensen ... Lindstrom
Peter Bourne ... Svensen
Ivan Triesault ... Tanzman
Martin Braddock ... American Airman
Eric Forst ... German Lieutenant
Steve Lander ... Swedish Official
Ashley Cowan ... Waiter

Season 3, Episode 11: Burden of Guilt

2 December 1966
Having failed to destroy a German U-boat base after multiple attempts, Colonel Hollenbeck is relieved of his command of the 52nd Bomb Group and reassigned to the 918th as General Doud's liaison with the hope he might redeem himself by helping Gallagher knock out the target. However, he uses Gallagher's absence from Archbury to take command of the mission, only to fail yet again. During the attack, Major Stovall spots a U-boat heading for a different destination than their target and leaves formation to investigate, but with his radio out of commission, he fails to hear Hollenbeck's order to return and is subsequently shot down. Now under extreme pressure due to his repeated failures, Hollenbeck tries to divert attention from himself by bringing charges against Stovall. Based on his adjutant's sighting, Gallagher becomes convinced that they have been bombing the wrong location all along, but now he has to prove it and clear Stovall.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

James Broderick ... Col. Roy Hollenbeck

Richard Anderson ... Brig. Gen. Phil Doud

Wesley Addy ... Maj. Gen. Fox
Edward Knight ... Maj. Werth
John Ward ... Flight Engineer
Diane Strom ... WAC Sergeant
David Armstrong ... Guard (as Dave Armstrong)

Season 3, Episode 12: The Ace

9 December 1966
The Germans have surrounded a secret atomic research facility with a prison camp full of high profile POWs, believing the Allies will never bomb for fear of a major public relations fiasco. The Americans have an ace up their sleeve, however, in the person of Colonel Harry Connelly, a wizard at pinpoint precision bombing with 43 successful missions under his belt. But, unbeknownst to his comrades, Connelly is feeling the fatigue from so many crucial missions, and his first attempt ends in the very tragedy the Germans had foreseen, causing him to crack under the stress. Gallagher steps in to try again, but he lacks the training and experience Connelly had, foreshadowing a disastrous repeat of the previous effort.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

James Whitmore ... Col. Harry Connelly

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt
Joe Maross ... Brig. Gen. Ken Chandler
Ben Wright ... Col. Ted Curry
Robert Ivers ... Reporter
Ron Stokes ... Radio Operator
Jerry Ayres ... Airman
Robert Bolger ... Mechanic
Mark Harris ... Barkeep
John Levingston ... British Officer
Eric Forst ... German Lieutenant

Season 3, Episode 13: Six Feet Under

16 December 1966
During a lightning strike deep behind German lines, the Americans capture a forward operations base for the Luftwaffe in a small Belgian village that contains a trove of potentially valuable documents. Gallagher and Komansky are sent in to evaluate and retrieve the information, but they have three major problems; their assigned translators have been killed, an enemy survivor has emerged to cause trouble, and the Germans are mounting an all-out counteroffensive to retake the base. One of their problems might be solved by a Belgian boy who speaks German, but he blames the Americans for the destruction of his village and the wounding of his brother.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Martin Milner ... Maj. Tony Dimscek

Richard Anderson ... Brig. Gen. Phil Doud
Rudy Solari ... Sgt. Battalana
Barry Robins ... Emile
Richard O'Brien ... C.O.

Lawrence Montaigne ... German Corporal
Jason Wingreen ... Surgeon
Jimmy Hayes ... Radioman

James Sikking ... Capt. Rand
Walter Alzmann ... German Colonel
Horst Ebersberg ... German Orderly
Jean-Michel Michenaud ... Jacques (as Gerald Michenaud)

Season 3, Episode 14: The Duel at Mont Sainte Marie

23 December 1966
The 918th is tasked with bombing a strategic target the Germans may be using as a spotter post for artillery that is blocking the Allied advance across France. Gallagher is highly disturbed, however, when he finds out the target is a monastery housing a convent occupied by nuns and refugees. He wrangles permission to personally attempt to sneak into the monastery and convince the civilians to leave before the attack, and has only 24 hours. However he runs into a resistant Reverend Mother (or Mother Superior, the leader of the convent) who refuses to abandon the historic building. Being German herself, the wily German commander cajoles her to stay, convinced the Americans will never bomb the area while she and her charges remain. Meanwhile, the 918th is on its way, ready to bomb the target.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Lilia Skala ... Sister Marthe
Joseph Campanella ... Father Roman

Richard Anderson ... Brig. Gen. Doud

Edward Mulhare ... Col. Schotten
John Milford ... Staff Sgt. Jamieson
William Bramley ... Col. Farnum
Émile Genest ... Francois (as Emile Genest)
Adrienne Hayes ... Sister Anne
Paul Mantee ... Capt. Rice
Éva Szörényi ... Sister Chlotilde (as Eva Soreny)
Horst Ebersberg ... Capt. Hiller
Pieter Bergema ... German Soldier
Kaaren Verne ... Woman Refugee (as Karen Verne)
Phil Adams ... German Sergeant

Season 3, Episode 15: Graveyard

30 December 1966
Gallagher and Komansky, along with critically wounded passenger General Chandler, bail out over a recently liberated Italian island with a small airfield manned by just two African-American soldiers and a handful of German POWs. Komansky is suspicious of Major Luke, the commander of the base, with good reason. Luke turns out to be an AWOL private who doesn't mind serving as long as he doesn't have to shoot anybody. The situation becomes dangerous when a German pilot parachutes onto the island, takes Gen. Chandler prisoner, frees the POWs and radios for help from the Luftwaffe. PS: The Tuskegee Airmen make an appearance.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Ossie Davis ... Major Glenn Luke
Joe Maross ... Brig. Gen. Ken Chandler

Jon Voight ... Capt. Karl Holtke
Don Marshall ... Sgt. Earl Conklin

Paul Lukather ... Staff Sgt. Pargon
William Arvin ... Shadrack Ellis
Horst Ebersberg ... Bruno Zemler
Dallas Mitchell ... Major Cook

Lloyd Haynes ... Chase Mayhew
Geoffrey Deuel ... American Pilot
Chris Anders ... German Pilot
Garrison True ... Technical Sergeant Banning
Mark Russell ... American Pilot (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 16: A Long Time Dead

6 January 1967
Captain Dula is assigned as a pilot to the 918th, and in only his second mission, his plane is shot down with the loss of his entire crew. This earns him a reputation as a jinx, and Gallagher restricts him to non-pilot duties. On a subsequent mission, Dula takes umbrage at critical remarks from Komansky. When Gallagher and Stovall are wounded, Dula takes over the piloting and gives Komansky an order which he ignores while trying to save Stovall. Dula demands that an entry be made to the log noting Komansky's "mutiny". Later, Komansky comes into possession of a letter from another survivor of Dula's previous mission who is in a POW camp in Germany that implies that the captain abandoned his crew and plane without warning. He shows Dula the letter, after which he tries to play down his log entry. On their next mission, however, Komansky is seriously hurt, and his very survival may be in Dula's hands.

Season 3, Episode 17: The Hunters and the Killers

13 January 1967
Army vs. Navy - 1944. The 918th is picked to assist the Navy in an operation to find and destroy a German U-boat wolfpack operating in the Atlantic. Gallagher is concerned to learn that he will be working with and taking orders from Commodore Crompton, an old nemesis of his father. Crompton is even more upset by the arrangement, but grudgingly accepts the pact in order to recharge his failing career. Gallagher becomes incensed when he learns that his planes are not to carry bombs in order to maximize flying time. They are simply to spot the enemy and guide the Navy to the kill. However, the strategy doesn't work quite as planned, and the animosity between Crompton and Gallagher comes to an explosive head.
Paul Burke ... Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher
Chris Robinson ... Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Frank Overton ... Maj. Harvey Stovall

Ralph Bellamy ... Commodore Leon Crompton

Andrew Duggan ... Maj. Gen. Ed Britt
Michael Witney ... Seaman Obie Sorenson
Ahna Capri ... Terry Cahill (as Anna Capri)
Barney Phillips ... Major Donald 'Doc' Kaiser
Byron Keith ... Capt. Collins
Ken Drake ... Communications Officer
Robert Dornan ... Capt. Bob Fowler
James Secrest ... Lt. Gusky
Gilchrist Stuart ... Barkeep (as Gil Stuart)
Mark Russell ... Co-Pilot for Gallagher (uncredited)

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