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13 Sep. 1964
The Personal Touch
Alec masquerades as a wealthy Australian millionaire to extract a million dollars from ruthless shipping magnate Rodesko but the job is complicated when Alec's affection for Rodesko's fiancée grows.
20 Sep. 1964
The Day They Gave Diamonds Away
Tony, Marcel and Timmy sell a worthless diamond making machine to a greedy mine owner who hopes to make his own diamonds, thus controlling the market.
27 Sep. 1964
The Stefanini Dowry
The rogues get word the President of San Luco has arrived in the US to sell the Stefanini jewels. Miss Harnkness explains how the jewels originally belonged to their family and decide to get them back.
4 Oct. 1964
Viva Diaz!
Alexander Fleming decides to go after the fortune amassed by General Diaz during his despotic rule of his country. The rest of the clan see real value in stealing his 6 million dollar fortune.
11 Oct. 1964
House of Cards
When Uncle Bertie is swindled out of his life savings at a posh, but crooked, gambling house, Tony is enlisted to break the bank.
25 Oct. 1964
Death of a Fleming
Marcel finds a young Irishwoman hiding in the back of his car. He determines to save her from the attentions of a nefarious Arab potentate.
1 Nov. 1964
The Project Man
Tony and Timmy learn that officials of a Texas town plan to unscrupulously influence the placement of a space launch site to profit from land they have bought so the two plot to replace the true government officials and collect the bribe.
8 Nov. 1964
Two of a Kind
Marcel encounters Arlene, with whom he had partnered with in the French underground during WWII, and takes a special interest in her son Jamie while pursing a scam on a corrupt foreign official.
15 Nov. 1964
Take Me in Paris
In Paris, Margaret, Timmy, and Tony come up against a swindler and his charming cohort who coax money out of unsuspecting, worried parents. They set up an elaborate scheme to try to expose them.
22 Nov. 1964
Fringe Benefits
Alec agrees to go to Rio during Carnival to pick up a package for a couple of shady men and finds himself, in a plot twist, working for Scotland Yard.
29 Nov. 1964
Plavonia, Hail and Farewell
Tony and Margaret scheme to separate a very wealthy Plavonian, known as Mr. Smith, from some of his money, gotten through ruthless, cut-throat tactics. On the way to do so, Tony, posing as a well known international financier, is kidnapped.
6 Dec. 1964
The Boston Money Party
In Boston, a friend of Tony's loses his business to a wheeler-dealer named Mannix. Tony schemes to raise the money to buy it back for him by selling Mannix a company he doesn't own.
13 Dec. 1964
The Computer Goes West
In Budapest, an old friend engages Marcel and Timmy to smuggle a intelligence computer. When the friend is murdered, corrupt official forces the pair to do his personal smuggling but the two plot to accomplish the original task.
20 Dec. 1964
Hugger-Mugger, by the Sea
Tony buys an entire lot of 22 ships sold by the US Navy, then offers to sell them to a crooked shipping magnate by convincing the man that on one them, $2 million worth of gold bullion is hidden.
27 Dec. 1964
The Real Russian Caviar
The family concocts a scheme in which Auntie Margaret pretends to be Anastasia so that the Russian government will believe that she knows where the Romanoff fortune is hidden in order to collect a fee for the fortune's surrender.

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