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15 Sep. 1964
Episode #1.1
Dr. Michael Rossi arrives by train in the small New England town of Peyton Place. He is greeted at the station by teenager Rodney Harrington and his girlfriend, Betty Anderson, who drive him to the local inn. Rodney catches his father, Leslie Harrington, wealthy head of the Peyton Place Mills, kissing his secretary Julie Anderson, Betty's mother. Betty is confused by the sudden change in Rodney's demeanor and his conflicted silence. They break off in anger and Rodney drives away. He encounters virginal Allison MacKenzie, a special friend of his shy younger brother, ...
17 Sep. 1964
Episode #1.2
Norman learns that Rodney is after Allison. Leslie urges Rodney to forget what he saw last night. Dr. Rossi gets settled and meets Constance, whom he's sure that he knows, which worries her.
22 Sep. 1964
Episode #1.3
Dr. Rossi tells Betty she may be pregnant. Laura decides to stay on as Rossi's secretary. Matthew urges Connie to tell Allison the truth about her birth. Betty tries to talk to Rodney. Dr. Rossi remembers Connie and the circumstances of her pregnancy.
24 Sep. 1964
Episode #1.4
Lesley Harrington tells July Anderson he loves here. July says she cannot leave George, because she still loves George, despite things he does and despite she is afraid of him. Constance visits Mike Rossi to tell the truth, about the birth of Allison After breaking up with Betty, Rodney has a date with Allison. He puts all his charms on her to make her feel special Betty is desperate because Rodney left her, she tells her mother she thinks she is pregnant. George comes home angry and beats his wife.
29 Sep. 1964
Episode #1.5
After George beats up Julie, he asks for help with doctor Rossi, to whom he tells she fell off the stairs. Later, he tells to his daughter she is too good for Rodney. Michael confronts Constance with the fact she is shutting him out of her life. Meanwhile, Leslie asks Rod why he broke up with Betty. Leslie's affair with Julie comes up, which Norman hears. They are interrupted with George, who visits the Harrington house, tells Leslie about Julie's situation.
1 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.6
When Andrea Nichols asks Norman out for a date, he blames Rod for setting them up. Rod did this so he can go out with Allison. When Betty finds out Rodney went out on a date with Allison, she is shocked. Meanwhile, George feels guilty about hitting his wife and tries to make up with her. Matthew visits Constance and urges her to tell the truth about her father. Meanwhile, at the party Betty steals the attention from Rodney, which does not please Allison. She ends up dumping Rodney, after she sees Betty flirting with him.
6 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.7
Rodney makes up with Allison and they end up almost kissing, before they are interrupted. Meanwhile, George wants to make up with Julie and she purposes to go in therapy, which makes George angry.
8 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.8
Constance comes back from her night out with doctor Rossi and invites him in. Rodney thinks Allison is not interested in him. She ends up going home crying and blames her mother for her being afraid to love someone. The next day, doctor Rossi tells a shocked Betty she is pregnant. She next is afraid to tell her father. Julie forces her to tell Rod about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Rodney invites Allison over for brunch. Michael is introduced to doctor Robert Morton. Norman is sad when he sees Rod and Allison together.
13 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.9
It's the yearly Peyton Place Founders Festival. Allison is at the Harrington house for a family brunch. Leslie finds out Catherine isn't feeling well. Rod tells Allison he loves her and they kiss. Meanwhile, Julie forces Betty to tell Rod about her pregnancy, but he doesn't want to talk to her. Catherine becomes suspicious of Leslie's long working hours and thinks he has an affair with Julie. They admit to each other they are unhappy. At the festival, Connie becomes jealous when she sees Michael with Laura. So is Betty, when she sees Rod with Allison.
15 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.10
Doctor Rossi asks Betty for a cup of coffee. George, who doesn't know about the pregnancy, sees them together and isn't glad with it. Doctor Rossi asks Betty why she won't tell Rod about the pregnancy. Betty responds she thinks he will think she is trapping him into a relationship if she does. Meanwhile, Julie tries to make Connie want to split Rodney and Allison up. Betty goes to Leslie's office to ask why Rod suddenly broke up with her after he visited him at his office. Leslie denies knowing the cause but tells he was with Julie. Betty was told by her mother she ...
20 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.11
While the fireworks of the festival are shot in the air, Rodney and Allison kiss. They are interrupted by Betty, who says she wants to talk to Rod. Meanwhile, Constance joins Michael and Laura for dinner. While Rod is talking to Betty, Allison is being harassed by biker Jimmy. She is rescued by George, who then finds out she's dating with Rodney. When he gets home, Julie tells him she has quited her job. Back in the car, Betty asks Rod what his feelings for Allison are. She tells him she knows about the affair of Leslie and Julie and confronts him with her pregnancy. ...
22 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.12
Matthew tells to Allison and Constance Rodney and Betty were involved in a car accident. He says Betty is badly injured and is in surgery in the hospital. When George finds out, he is enraged and takes out on Leslie, blaming his son Rodney for the cause. When Leslie confronts Rodney about the accidents, Rodney admits he planned to run away town with Allison, but can't anymore now because of Betty. Later, doctor Rossi doesn't want George around the recovering Betty. He leaves and demands Leslie to force Rodney to get back with Betty. Meanwhile, Matthew asks Allison not...
27 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.13
Doctor Rossi informs Julie and George that Betty had a miscarriage because of the car accident. Julie later visits her daughter and tells her George knows about the former pregnancy. Rodney tells Allison he has to be with Betty. Meanwhile, Leslie visits Betty and she gives him a hard time. She comes to his point and says he wants her to leave town and put the baby - he doesn't know about the miscarriage - up for adoption. She later tells to her dad about her conversation with Leslie and he swears revenge. Rodney drops in and suggests for them to marry. She knows he ...
29 Oct. 1964
Episode #1.14
Rodney and Betty have a fast marriage. When George tells Julie about the marriage, she is devastated. Rodney tells him he will get a job. Betty suggests he should do college and he gets mad at her because he is afraid she would want to control his life. Meanwhile, Allison feels sad about her break-up with Rodney and talks to Constance about it. The next day, Leslie and Catherine find out Rodney hasn't returned home after visiting Betty and confronts George. He admits he has given his daughter and Rodney his blessing with them moving to New York. They soon fight and ...
5 Nov. 1964
Episode #1.15
Betty tells Allison she and Rodney are married. When she tells Constance, she is mad and wants to do something, but is stopped by Michael. Constance becomes mad at her. Before Rod and Betty go to the Harrington house to inform them about their marriage, they stop by the Andersons. Julie confronts her daughter with not telling about her miscarriage. Meanwhile, Catherine again confronts Leslie about his contacts with Julie. When Rodney and Betty arrive, Leslie welcomes Betty in their family. When Rodney is out to get some champagne, Leslie tells her he only married her ...
10 Nov. 1964
Episode #1.16
Catherine looks down on Betty, which Betty notices. Norman tries to support her, but Betty still leaves the Harrington house. She next goes to doctor Rossi, but he is at Connie's bookstore. There, he arranges a date with Connie. When he's back at his office, Betty tells him she hasn't told Rodney she has lost the baby. Michael persuades her to tell the truth to Rodney. After she leaves, Laura tries to figure out why Rodney and Betty got married and tells to Michael she thinks he knows the reason. He leaves for his date with Connie and takes him to his home, which once...
12 Nov. 1964
Episode #1.17
Leslie tells Betty he accepts her as a Harrington member. Next, doctor Morton comes over to check on the sick Catherine. She asks him to spy on Betty, whenever she visits the hospital. Meanwhile, George visits Leslie at work to come up and get Julie's stuff. He apologizes to Leslie about hitting him. He also tells him he is going to open his own agency. Leslie doesn't want to lose him as a salesman, but George declines. Michael asks Connie out on a date again and she accepts. Allison is being gossiped about by classmates. Robert runs into Matthew and tells him he has ...
17 Nov. 1964
Episode #1.18
Eli gets a letter from his son and when he reads it, he looks shocked. Betty visits her mother, who tells Betty she wishes she would've stopped her from marrying Rodney. Meanwhile, Eli visits doctor Rossi and tells him his son Elliot might be released from jail anytime soon and he wants his son to live in his old house again. When Michael asks him why he is so sure Elliot will return to Peyton Place again, on which he responds Elliot wants to find the man who murdered his wife on which Elliot himself was found guilty. At the same moment, Catherine tells doctor Morton ...
19 Nov. 1964
Episode #1.19
Catherine is in a lot of pain and when Laura said she has called doctor Rossi, she demands to be treated by only doctor Morton. Michael comes over anyway and he knows the disease Catherine is having. Leslie doesn't believe him, because doctor Morton never found anything. Michael tries to take Catherine to the hospital, but she refuses. He says she will die if she won't and she finally gives in. Meanwhile, Allison comes back from her night out with Norman. Constance interrupts them to send Norman to the hospital. Norman blames himself for not being there when she ...
24 Nov. 1964
Episode #1.20
Rodney and Betty get into a serious fight, when Rod is interrupted by the information of Catherine's illness. Michael tells Leslie his wife will die if he won't operate now, but doctor Morton won't arrive until another thirty minutes. Norman arrives in the hospital and Leslie tells him Catherine will be all right. Meanwhile, Rodney has left and Betty decides to leave town, packing everything she has. At the bus station, Allison runs into her and when she realizes Betty is leaving town for Boston, she tells Betty she is worried about her and asks her not to go on the ...
26 Nov. 1964
Episode #1.21
When Eli Carson suffers an angina attack, he is helped by doctor Rossi, who instructs Laura to have Catherine Harrington's autopsy rescheduled. Meanwhile, a depressed Norman Harrington tries to buy liquor at Ada's place but is refused because of his age. He after wards blames doctor Rossi for the death of his mother Catherine. It is Allison who comforts him home. She is being bothered by Betty, who wants to thank her for preventing her leaving the city. She wonders if Allison and she could be friends after she admits she doesn't have any. Allison responds that maybe ...
1 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.22
After Mike talks to Connie, he returns to his office where Laura informs him a patient has backed out because of Catherine's death. Doctor Morton talks trash about Michael to Leslie, who sticks up for doctor Rossi. Meanwhile, Rodney tells his father Betty won't get a baby. He offers him to divorce her, but he responds it's more complicated. Betty interrupts them and tells Leslie she has hired a lawyer. At the same moment, Allison tells Matthew she doesn't want to write teen columns for him anymore and he responds she isn't allowed to miss another deadline anymore. ...
3 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.23
Leslie tells Betty to not make a big deal out of her future divorce with Rodney, but she tells him she isn't planning on divorcing his son. He then goes to her parents George and Julie to talk about the divorce, but he is annoyed with George, who thinks there is nothing Leslie can do. Meanwhile, Laura flirts with Mike, but he tells her that there is no future with the two of them together. At the same moment, Allison and Constance discuss about Mike being a suspect of Catherine's death. Robert talks to doctor Morton and he tells him the boarder has decided the ...
8 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.24
Betty is still being looked down on by Leslie and now Rod also doesn't talk to her anymore. She has had enough and says she is to move back in with her parents again. He offers her money to leave town, but she rejects it. After he is convinced by Constance and Matthew, Rossi - who has recently lost his privileges at the hospital - pursues vindication of the charges against him. Meanwhile, the Harringtons are gathered when the will of Catherine is revealed. When attorney Theodore Dowell starts to read her will, he is called by William Kennerling, who has a codicil to ...
10 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.25
William Kennedy comes to visit Leslie Harrington, while the will of Catherine is being read out loud. There are problems when it appears Martin Peyton, Catherine's father, is included in the will as well. George decides to also go the reading of the will. Meanwhile, Betty tells Julie Rodney has offered to pay her if she leaves town. She accuses Julie for not loving George, but Julie tells her she does love him. At the book store, Matt tells Constance he is to visit Elliot and that Elliot most likely will come to Peyton Place. Allison asks her about Elliot and ...
15 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.26
Matt visits Elliot in prison, where Elliot makes it clear he is determined to return to Peyton Place and prove his innocence. Rodney flirts with Allison, but is embarrassed when they run into his ex-father-in-law George. George later goes to Mike after physically hurting Julie and asks for pills to prevent him of becoming violence. Meanwhile, Rodney has a fall out with Betty. Laura tells Mike Dr. Bradley was once a surgeon, after which Mike confronts him. Dr. Bradley lies to him and calls Dr. Morton.
17 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.27
Laura accepts a date with Dr. Joe Bradley. Bradley was the final surgeon of her deceased husband Donald Brooks. She wants to know if Donald told him anything about the surgery on Matthew Swain. Bradley tells her Catherine has died because of the shock and if Michael didn't pressure he in the surgery, she might still be alive. Meanwhile, Eli is glad when he finds out his son is coming home and shares the news with Constance. Michael asks Matthew about his surgery and they soon get into a disagreement. When Michael asks him if he thinks if he belongs in Peyton Place, ...
22 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.28
When help is looked for, Mike turns to the Anderson home. He soon worries about the domestic violence. George is taken to the Doctor's Hospital, where Mike and Dr. Morton anger each other about who is in charge. Julie temporarily stays at the MacKenzie house. Here, she is visited by her daughter Betty, who blames her for the situation. Bradley seeks out Morton and reveals that he lied about the Harrington autopsy out of a sense of obligation to Morton for having saved his career after the Swain surgery. Morton sends Bradley into "hiding".
24 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.29
Norman overhears Leslie urging Dr. Morton to proclaim Catherine incompetent when she ordered the codicil to her will, but he refuses to. Laura tries to help Mike out in the hospital, but he feels manipulated into spending time with her. Matthew stresses Connie when he tells her Elliot has his parole hearing tomorrow. Norman asks Allison out on a date and she accepts. Dr. Morton comes to Dr. Rossi's office and admits Michael was right and he was wrong and promises him he will reinstate him at the hospital and make a public apology.
29 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.30
While Mike tells George that Julie is staying at Connie, Julie insures Leslie she is leaving her husband. Leslie offers Julie her job back, but she refuses, saying it won't solve anything. Connie wants Allison to sign up for college, but she tells her mother it is too late to enroll in college in winter semester. Eli meets Elliot in prison. Meanwhile, Matthew asks Mike about his reinstatement, but Mike doesn't want to tell Matt about it. Betty doesn't want to go to a psychiatrist.
31 Dec. 1964
Episode #1.31
It's now winter and Allison tells her mother she doesn't think Elliot Carson has murdered his wife. When Betty visits Julie at the MacKenzie house, Julie tells her she is going to leave George. Later, Betty goes to her drunk father and he calls her Julie. Connie reveals to Mike that Elliot is Allison's biological father. Betty talks to Rodney and finally realizes that there is no love between them. Rodney offers her the divorce. She decides to leave town, but is stopped by Allison. She is not able to change Betty's minds and promises her she won't tell anyone about ...

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