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7 Jan. 1966
The Dippy Blonde Affair
Thrush is conducting an operation using a mortuary as a front. One Thrushman appears to commit suicide. Another is falling for the "dead" man's girlfriend. UNCLE is using the girlfriend, whose name is Jojo Tyler and the "dippy blonde" of the episode title, to break the operation.
16 Jan. 1966
The Deadly Goddess Affair
Solo and Kuryakin lock horns with Colonel Hubris, a Thrush operative. They also run into trouble with the local police.
21 Jan. 1966
The Birds and the Bees Affair
Thrush wipes out UNCLE's Geneva station with a strain of small, almost invisible, killer bees. The criminal organization next wants to use the bees on UNCLE's New York headquarters.
28 Jan. 1966
The Waverly Ring Affair
Thrush has a mole inside UNCLE's New York headquarters. All signs point to George Dennell, a good-natured UNCLE employee who envies enforcement agents such as Solo and Kuryakin. Dennell protests he is innocent and Solo takes a big chance on George.
4 Feb. 1966
The Bridge of Lions Affair: Part 1
A scientist has developed a machine that reverses the aging process. UNCLE races Thrush for the device. An aging British politician and his manipulative wife will be key players in the outcome.
11 Feb. 1966
The Bridge of Lions Affair: Part II
A British politician's career is suddenly rejuvenated after he's been exposed to a device that reverses the aging process. But he's also a prisoner. He needs additional treatments and the machine is now under the control of Thrush and the politician's manipulative wife.
18 Feb. 1966
The Foreign Legion Affair
Kuryakin, who has photographed Thrush codes needed by UNCLE, is captured by the criminal organization. He parachutes, with a stewardess, from a chartered aircraft over the North African desert. They end up at a Foreign Legion post, still manned by Basil Calhoun, who doesn't know the legion has been disbanded. Both Solo and Thrush are trying to get to Kuryakin.
25 Feb. 1966
The Moonglow Affair
After Solo and Kuryakin are sidelined, Waverly turns to two agents: April Dancer, a young woman, and Mark Slate, a veteran operative who, it turns out, is older than 40, the retirement age for enforcement agents.
4 Mar. 1966
The Nowhere Affair
Solo, on the verge of capture by Thrush, takes Capsule B, which induces amnesia.
11 Mar. 1966
The King of Diamonds Affair
The title refers to criminal Rafael Delgado, an expert diamond thief. He's involved with a band of criminals, who dress in British style (bowler hats and umbrellas) but who speak Italian. It's implied they are Mafia types trying to pass themselves off as British. Delgado, even while in prison, has pulled off a stunning robbery with the help of the gang. So many diamonds are missing it could affect the world's economy.
18 Mar. 1966
The Project Deephole Affair
Thrush mistakes Buzz Conway for a scientist. Solo and Kuryakin use that to their advantage while trying to smash a Thrush operation headed by Marvin Elom. Narcissus Darling, a Thrush femme fatale, also is involved.
25 Mar. 1966
The Round Table Affair
Mafia types have taken control of Ingolstein, a small European country. The tiny nation has no extradition treaty, providing criminals with refuge.
1 Apr. 1966
The Bat Cave Affair
Count Zark, a Thrush agent, operates out of Transylvania and has developed a worldwide menace involving bats. Meanwhile, UNCLE is checking out a young woman who seems capable of reading the minds of others. Solo and Kuryakin discover how both events are related.
8 Apr. 1966
The Minus-X Affair
Professor Lillian Stemmler is collaborating with Thrush. She has developed two formulas: Plus X, which heightens the senses, and Minus X, which temporarily transforms people into child-like morons. Thrush intends to use both to steal U.S. military secrets.
15 Apr. 1966
The Indian Affairs Affair
Thrushman L.C. Carson has kidnapped Chief Highcloud of the Cardiac tribe of Indians in Oklahoma. The criminal organization also is menacing the chief's daughter, Charisma, who dances in New York. It turns out Thrush is working on a hydrogen bomb on the Cardiac reservation. Solo leads a group of Indians, all riding motorcycles, in a climatic fight with the Thrush forces.
16 Sep. 1966
The Her Master's Voice Affair
A school on Long Island has a study body made up of teenagers of scientists and other prominent people. Thrush is secretly running the facility and programming the students to steal secrets from their parents. Kuryakin acts as bodyguard for the teenage daughter of a scientist while Solo gets inside the school.
23 Sep. 1966
The Sort of Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair
Solo is attacked by a cyborg (a mostly electronic being with some human organs) while on a mission. Later, it's discovered that a Thrush front company is seeking a $1 billion loan. Eventually, Solo and Kuryakin uncover a plot to mass produce cyborgs.
30 Sep. 1966
The Galatea Affair
Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Kuryakin (David McCallum) narrowly escape an attempt on their lives in Venice. Solo has caught pneumonia as a result of a swim in the Venice canals. As a result, he is replaced on the mission by Mark Slate (Noel Harrison). Slate is to prepare a stripper to take the place of a woman in the employ of Thrush (Joan Collins in a dual role).
7 Oct. 1966
The Super-Colossal Affair
Mobsters are using the production of a movie as a front for an operation involving Las Vegas -- dropping a giant stink bomb on the city.
14 Oct. 1966
The Monks of St. Thomas Affair
Thrush is operating out of a monastery it has taken over. The criminal organization plans to destroy the Louvre with a ray gun.
7 Oct. 1966
The Pop Art Affair
Thrushman Mark Ole has developed a chemical that induces fatal hiccups. He operates out of Greenwich Village in New York City and uses a gang of beatniks.
28 Oct. 1966
The Thor Affair
Munitions magnate Brutus Thor intends to assassinate a Ghandi-like figure who protests for peace. Solo and Kuryakin must stop a plan to blow up a disarmament conference where Thor's target will deliver a major speech.
4 Nov. 1966
The Candidate's Wife Affair
Thrush kidnaps the wife of a U.S. presidential candidate and substitutes a double.
21 Nov. 1966
The Come with Me to the Casbah Affair
UNCLE and Thrush are seeking a Thrush code book in Algiers.
18 Nov. 1966
The Off-Broadway Affair
Thrush is planning to tap into UNCLE's main computer in New York City. To do so, the criminal organization is bankrolling a musical play that will provide cover for the group's real plan.
25 Nov. 1966
The Concrete Overcoat Affair: Part I
Thrush, led by the nervous Louis Strago and his assassin secretary Miss Diketon, has embarked on an ambitious project. The organization has recruited a Nazi scientist who once theorized by changing the Gulf Stream, you could make Iceland into a lush, green country and make Europe into a frozen wasteland. Thrush is prepared to make the scientist's dream a reality. By the end of Part I, Napoleon Solo faces a forced marriage to a relative of retired gangsters while Illya Kuryakin is being tortured by Miss Diketon.
2 Dec. 1966
The Concrete Overcoat Affair: Part II
Napoleon Solo sets off for a Thrush island, from where the criminal organization will fire nuclear missiles to alter the path of the Gulf Stream. During the course of events, Solo enters into an uneasy alliance with retired gangsters; Miss Diketon betrays Thrush leader Louis Strago; and Illya Kuryakin nearly drowns.
9 Dec. 1966
The Abominable Snowman Affair
Solo and Kuryakin investigate a plot in Ghupat, a nation in the Himalayas.
16 Dec. 1966
The My Friend the Gorilla Affair
Kuryakin is captured while investigating a mysterious threat in an African country. Solo is sent to pick up his trail. The agent encounters a woman simply named Girl who has a pet gorilla named Baby. For reasons not readily apparent, Solo at one point dances with the gorilla.
23 Dec. 1966
The Jingle Bells Affair
The leader of a country (who appears to be modeled on Nikita Kruschev) is visiting New York City. Solo and Kuryakin must protect him from assassination attempts.
30 Dec. 1966
The Take Me to Your Leader Affair
Scientist Dr. Adrian Cool informs UNCLE that his radio telescope is showing a spaceship heading to Earth. At the same time, Dr. Cool's daughter is kidnapped. All of this has been devised by evil industrialist Simon Sparrow as a means to grab power for himself.

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