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The Man from Nowhere
The Golden Crown mine is being re-opened for the first time since 1902. The mine has a reputation for being unsafe. Mike is the only one who sees a mysterious man clad in black waistcoat and top hat driving a horse and buggy and calling himself a doctor. The man repeatedly warns Mike that there will be a terrible accident at the mine. The doctor carries a pocket watch that plays The Skye Boat Song when opened. There is indeed an explosion at the mine which traps two men inside. The doctor appears and leads Mike to another entrance. The doctor goes inside while Mike ...
Indian River a Go Go
Chub has bought a new guitar and is determined to play for his pop idol Rocky Webb. While practicing, Chub is unaware that his discords are being broadcast over every radio set in Indian River. Meanwhile, Rocky Webb and his Silver Spiders are appearing at a one-night stand in Chapman's Landing. But flooding causes the bridge on the only road to wash out, stranding the band in Indian River. The musicians set up their equipment at the fort, and Chub finally gets the chance for his big audition.

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