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2 Jan. 1969
Minnow for a Shark
Israel finds himself in the middle of a plot by a British Commodore to use a box of gold to find a thief, who may or may not be his friend, the one-armed Capt. Jack.
9 Jan. 1969
To Slay a Giant
Gideon is accused of murdering Cyrus Blake and his revenge minded brother, Enoch, is determined to hang him now rather than wait for a trial.
16 Jan. 1969
A Tall Tale of Prater Beaseley
Prater Beasley is a teller of tall tales, but Israel and a disabled friend decide to follow him to see the mythical bear he talks about. Beasley may be just what the disabled boy, caught between an overprotective mother and an overly macho father, really needs.
30 Jan. 1969
Copperhead Izzy
Israel is abducted and forced to live with a group of street urchins who work as pickpockets. With Daniel away on business, Rebecca and her uncle Brian have to find Israel and rescue the other children.
6 Feb. 1969
Three Score and Ten
An elderly man, who has worn out his welcome in town with his tall tales, takes up residence with the Shawnee, who enjoy his stories immensely. However, they are more interested in his wagonload of rifle parts and have plans for their use.
13 Feb. 1969
Josh inherits a section of land and a slave to teach him how to farm. When two men show up in Boonesborough, one with a reputation as a fighter, Josh, who has no interest in farming, sets up a bout between the man and Jonah, who fought for Josh's uncle at one time, and risks his land. When Jonah refuses to fight, Josh must take his place and try to win the bet.
20 Feb. 1969
Bickford's Bridge
Boone has orders from the Army to blow up bridges along the western frontier to prevent a British attack. When he reaches the last bridge he is blocked by a farmer who must keep it open in order to transport his autumn harvest.
27 Feb. 1969
A Touch of Charity
To help out Jimmy McGill, a penniless young man swindled in a land deal, Daniel offers him a piece of land to be paid for over time. When Amos Brown's daughter Charity, betrothed to another, is attracted to Jimmy, Brown forbids her to see him and moves up her wedding to a local man. To claim Charity before she weds the other man, McGill decides to make a fortune overnight.
6 Mar. 1969
For Want of a Hero
On their way back home Daniel and his family plan to stop at a fort for the night. When they arrive they find it has been destroyed by Indians with only a few survivors. The surviving soldiers seem to be hiding some kind of secret.
13 Mar. 1969
Love and Equity
In a semi-comic episode, Prater Beasley is called back to Boonesborough to get rid of a ground squirrel problem. Unfortunately, his methods get him into trouble, as he gets accused of fraud and even witchcraft.
27 Mar. 1969
The Allies
Daniel and friends Mason and Cully are on a mission to stop an alliance between the British and the Chickasaw and Choctaw. To do this they plan to blow up a gorge on the route the British are taking, but on their way their horses are stolen by a vagabond family of three. When they catch the trio they decide to take them along, though they're not sure they can trust the crafty patriarch of the clan.
3 Apr. 1969
A Man Before His Time
A fugitive is being tracked through the woods where he is killed in a confrontation. The man's only son is now an orphan and, after Daniel takes him back to town, plots revenge against them.
10 Apr. 1969
For a Few Rifles
A man believes he has purchased land in Shawnee territory, but Daniel is certain that the Shawnee did not have anything to do with selling the land. When they go to meet the chief to try to work something out, he says he will give the man the land if the tribe gets twenty rifles. When Daniel refuses this offer, he finds out that Israel has been taken hostage in exchange for the rifles. While being held Israel meets a crippled and bitter Shawnee youth.
17 Apr. 1969
Sweet Molly Malone
Sgt. Malone is a hard drinking, pipe smoking veteran of the war. The Sgt. is also a woman, which puts her at odds with the town folk. Rebecca decides she needs a man and matches her with a peddler who once fought with the Hessians.
1 May 1969
A Pinch of Salt
While on a surveying mission for the Continental Congress, Daniel and David get caught in the middle of a dispute between two women and a man bent on destroying their salt mine operation.
18 Sep. 1969
A Very Small Rifle
A young Cherokee boy is shot and is near death. Daniel Boone must find out who shot the boy in order to head off the angry Cherokee tribe from retaliating against everyone, killing many innocent people.
2 Oct. 1969
The Road to Freedom
A runaway slave and his son are on the run from three bounty hunters. When the father breaks his leg the son continues on and turns to Israel and Ben for help.
9 Oct. 1969
Benvenuto... Who?
Visiting New Orleans to sell the furs they've trapped, Daniel and Josh become mixed up with a beautiful French jewel thief who is attempting to double-cross the rest of her gang. The gullible Josh falls for the scheming woman's charms, which allows her to hide the stolen bauble inside his guitar.
16 Oct. 1969
The Man
A former slave, now a chief of the Tuscarora, helps Daniel lead a ragtag group of soldiers on an operation against the British.
23 Oct. 1969
The Printing Press
Daniel and Israel Boone visit Benjamin Franklin at his home in Philadelphia. While there, they are forced to match wits with the British Army.
30 Oct. 1969
The Traitor
The British commander of Fort Detroit will turn over the fort's defense plan if the Americans will reunite him with his wife. Daniel and Cully escort her back to him but Daniel doubts the Colonel's willingness to be a traitor.
13 Nov. 1969
The Grand Alliance
Josh and Gabe are captured by a Spanish officer who tells them another Spanish officer is secretly building a base from which he intends to invade the U.S. He asks them to infiltrate the fort and steal his plans to prevent another war.
20 Nov. 1969
Target Boone
Daniel and his family find themselves being continually terrorized by an old man and his sons. The old man blames Boone for the death of his wife and for leaving him crippled, even though Daniel has no memory of ever meeting him.
27 Nov. 1969
A Bearskin for Jamie Blue
While trading furs Daniel acquires an indentured servant who was born in prison and has never been free. Daniel intends to release him from service but the young man has trouble adjusting to his new life.
4 Dec. 1969
The Cache
When a trapper is murdered Josh is fingered as the killer. Daniel encourages him to surrender with the idea that the real killers will be easier to catch once he is in custody. But will Josh be hanged before they're caught?
11 Dec. 1969
The Terrible Tarbots
While transporting a box filled with gold for the Continental army, Daniel is beset upon by thieves. Complicating matters is that Israel is taken hostage as protection from Daniel while they lug the gold over the mountains.
25 Dec. 1969
Hannah Comes Home
A woman long thought dead is discovered by Daniel living with the Chickasaw. Daniel tells her her husband is still alive and that she should come back. She does, but her husband has trouble accepting her Indian son.

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