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4 Jan. 1968
The Scrimshaw Ivory Chart
A visit from a talking crow leads Israel into intrigue with a motley group of gold hunting pirates.
18 Jan. 1968
The Imposter
Mingo, with the help of Rebecca and a backwoodsman, dresses up like a British major in order to steal a shipment of rapid-fire rifles that could be used for the Revolutionary War.
25 Jan. 1968
The Witness
Israel witnesses a murder. No one, including his parents, believe him. His father demands that he apologize to the accused. Meanwhile, the killer goes after Israel.
1 Feb. 1968
The Flaming Rocks
Daniel, Mingo, and Jeremiah encounter the Garth family, whose patriarch is forcing the local Indians to mine coal ("the flaming rocks"). The chief of the Tuscarora threatens to kill them all if Daniel doesn't intervene and stop him.
8 Feb. 1968
Then Who Will They Hang from the Yardarm If Willy Gets Away?
A young sailor named Willy Crawford is on the run after participating in a mutiny on a British ship. After befriending Israel he goes to Boonesborough to start a new life. But it isn't long before his past catches up with him.
15 Feb. 1968
Fort New Madrid aka the Spanish Fort
Boone is captured by Spanish soldiers and sent to a forced labor camp to build a new fort.
22 Feb. 1968
Hero's Welcome
With help from Daniel and Mingo, they set out to prove that Simon Jarvis isn't a coward to his family and friends.
29 Feb. 1968
Orlando, the Prophet
While the Boones befriend a medicine showman, Mingo and Israel try to free his Gypsy bond-servant.
7 Mar. 1968
Far Side of Fury
Indians kidnap the son of Daniel's old friend Gideon. He blames Daniel for the loss of his son and decides to take Israel in revenge.
14 Mar. 1968
The Boone family is on the trail when they are beset by a rogue group of hostile Indians. When Daniel is captured Israel must find a way to rescue him.
28 Mar. 1968
Thirty Pieces of Silver
A wagon load of guns is headed for Boonesborough with Daniel and Mingo in charge. An outlaw named Dekker plans to steal the wagon using information bought from Amos Fargo. Unknown to Fargo, his sister is traveling with Boone.
4 Apr. 1968
Faith's Way
A local woman is looked upon suspiciously by the townspeople because of her "different" ways.
19 Sep. 1968
Be Thankful for the Fickleness of Women
When Josh tries to play a trick on a friend at an auction, he accidentally wins, and finds himself stuck with the one thing he can't handle - an indentured servant who happens to be a very attractive young woman.
3 Oct. 1968
The Blackbirder
Daniel and Cincinnatus follow the trail of their friend Gideon who has been kidnapped by a ruthless bounty hunter with plans of selling him at auction.
10 Oct. 1968
The Dandy
Daniel agrees to a request of a friend to take his son, whom he regards as spoiled and irresponsible, and teach him the ways of the wilderness and learn something more manly than the painting the young man seems most interested in. Daniel and the young man both get more than they were bargaining for in the process.
24 Oct. 1968
The Fleeing Nuns
Daniel, Josh, and Mason come across two nuns, only to discover that they are actually a young French countess and her aide, who are fleeing a group of revolutionaries who want the young woman dead.
31 Oct. 1968
The Plague That Came to Ford's Run
When his guitar is accidentally wrecked, Josh travels to a small village in search of the German guitar maker who he bought it from, hoping to buy a new one. But the attitude of others in the town when asked about the man cause Josh to suspect that his friend may be dead, and he wants to find out how it happened and why.
7 Nov. 1968
The Bait
While on the road to Richmond Daniel is robbed by a pair of highwaymen, one of whom is a woman. Once free Daniel and a fellow traveler, a constable, set off in pursuit.
14 Nov. 1968
Big, Black and Out There
Two Boonesborough settlers are attacked and robbed, and both describe their assailant as a "black Indian". Daniel and Gideon track and find the man, who claims to be an escaped slave who fled and joined the Indians after killing the brutal master who had killed his wife. But Daniel wonders if he is telling the full story.
21 Nov. 1968
Flag of Truce
The US Government wants to negotiate a right of passage through Wyandot land. Daniel agrees to help by escorting his friend Chief Campuits to Gen. Grosscup. But once in the fort Grosscup double crosses Boone and throws them both into jail.
28 Nov. 1968
Valley of the Sun
While on a hunting trip with Daniel, Josh Clements meets mad collector Sir Hubert and is then held prisoner in a cavern filled with treasures of the Aztec sun god.
5 Dec. 1968
The Patriot
John Gist had gone to Canada rather than fight the British. Now, after American independence, he wants to come back and live again on his land. Daniel is caught in the middle trying to help his friend against those who see him as a traitor.
12 Dec. 1968
The Return of the Sidewinder
Highwaymen - known as "buckaroos" - are robbing people around Boonesborough. After the British offer a rich reward for their capture, Daniel discovers the man responsible is an old adversary from a time when he and Mingo were robbed.

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