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12 Jan. 1967
The Williamsburg Cannon: Part 1
Virginia's governor, Patrick Henry, assigns Daniel to escort a somewhat nervous artillery captain and his cannon through hostile territory, and the fact that the cannon is large and hard to maneuver is making the journey more difficult.
19 Jan. 1967
The Williamsburg Cannon: Part 2
Virginia's governor, Patrick Henry, assigns Daniel to escort a somewhat nervous artillery captain and his cannon through hostile territory, and the fact that the cannon is large and hard to maneuver is making the journey more difficult.
26 Jan. 1967
The Wolf Man
A wolf plays a role in an important decision by the settlers of Boonesborough. A vote for Taggart, who just bought two slaves, is a vote to officially legalize slavery; a vote for Daniel is to outlaw slavery and free the young men.
2 Feb. 1967
The Jasper Ledbetter Story
Daniel and Mingo find an old colonist named Jasper Ledbedder who claims that Native Americans abducted his wife and child after his party had a massacre. They agree to help him, even though they suspect his story is not entirely true.
9 Feb. 1967
When I Became a Man, I Put Away Childish Things
Israel's pet fawn Rosebud is growing up. She destroys the new pastor's crops. Israel builds a pen but she escapes. Daniel says she is too tame to set free but too wild for a pet. Israel has trouble accepting this and runs away with Rosebud.
16 Feb. 1967
The Long Way Home
Birch Kendall, widely known as an Indian hater and accused of killing a chief traveling to a treaty council, is about to be tried and most likely sentenced to be hanged. When he escapes, Daniel, an old friend, sets out to bring him to justice and prevent an Indian war.
23 Feb. 1967
The Young Ones
Daniel comes across three children whose parents have just been killed by Indians and decides to take them to Boonesborough. The eldests theft of their only horse is just the first of the problems the children cause for Daniel.
2 Mar. 1967
Delo Jones
A fugitive from Virginia, Delo Jones, comes to Boonesborough ahead of a British contingent determined to arrest him for a murder. Daniel believes he may be innocent and plans a trap to catch the real killer.
9 Mar. 1967
The Necklace
A dying man confesses to murder and theft, producing a pearl necklace as proof, and tells of the innocent man to be hanged for his crimes. Against townsfolks' wishes, Daniel takes the necklace to New Orleans to secure the freedom of the accused man.
23 Mar. 1967
Fort West Point
The commanding general of Fort West Point tries turning the fort over to the British, as Daniel Boone tries preventing such a treasonous action.
30 Mar. 1967
Bitter Mission
After a retired general attempts to kill Boone to cause a war between Kentucky and Virginia to gain Kentucky land from the Spanish, a badly wounded Boone takes the general captive and forces him on a trek to stop the war.
6 Apr. 1967
Take the Southbound Stage
Mrs. Abigail Adams entrusts Daniel Boone with a satchel containing $100,000, which is the ransom demanded to release her kidnapped husband, President John Adams.
13 Apr. 1967
The Fallow Land
Ignoring Daniel's warning, three trappers violate the peace treaty a second time by encroaching on Cherokee land and wounding Chief Nefromo. Canuda, Nefromo's son, kidnaps Rebecca and Israel and then gives the settlers one day to leave or be driven out. To avert a war Daniel must fight, and beat, Canuda.
14 Sep. 1967
The Ballad of Sidewinder and Cherokee
A large gang of outlaws rob Daniel and Mingo of their haul of beaver pelts. Daniel knows of another gang nearby and he hopes to play one against the other and thereby recover his stolen pelts.
21 Sep. 1967
The Ordeal of Israel Boone
Now that Israel has turned 10 Daniel thinks it's time he starts learning some wilderness skills. They get more than they bargained for when they encounter hostile Indians, wild animals, and for Daniel, a rattlesnake bite.
28 Sep. 1967
The Renegade
A former Indian chief breaks out of prison to reclaim his son who has lived with a white family since he was a baby.
5 Oct. 1967
Israel befriends Tanner, an addled and confused woodsman who confuses the past with the present and reality with fantasy. After he kidnaps Israel Daniel sets out to rescue him.
12 Oct. 1967
A French theatrical troupe is secretly smuggling gold for the American revolutionaries. Daniel and Mingo get involved and try to help them avoid being captured by the British.
19 Oct. 1967
The King's Shilling
When a villager's son is sentenced to hang by the British, the father kidnaps an injured British soldier to trade for his son, leaving the soldier in the care of the villager's daughter. Daniel Boone then sets out to free both young men.
26 Oct. 1967
The Inheritance
While Daniel attends the Virginia legislature in Williamsburg as Kentucky's representative, Becky and Israel decide to visit the house she recently inherited from an uncle on nearby Oyster Cove. The Boones discovers that the building, even though it was supposed to have a tenant, is vacant. Investigating further Becky discovers a secret passage that leads to a cave under the house that's being used by smugglers. Before she can return to Williamsburg to report the illegal activities going on her property, the smugglers capture Becky and her son and prepare them for a ...
2 Nov. 1967
The Traitor
Daniel is about to be hung by the British for treason, but the colonel's daughter is kidnapped by Indians, and Daniel is needed to help get her back.
9 Nov. 1967
The Value of a King
A group of runaway slaves kidnap Israel and Daniel Boone must deal with a slave-hunter to set both the slaves and his son free.
16 Nov. 1967
The Desperate Raid
The colonials must get a flat boat up river past a British stronghold. Daniel conceives of a plan to destroy the British cannon but the two men with him have other ideas.
23 Nov. 1967
The Spanish Horse
Daniel lends a hand to a lame thoroughbred horse and his owner, Cal Trevor.
7 Dec. 1967
Chief Mingo
When Chief White Cloud is murdered by a trapper, Mingo, his appointed successor, is duty bound to bring him back to the tribe. Daniel thinks he should stand trial in Salem and their friendship is put to the test - a fight to the death.
14 Dec. 1967
Secret Code
A man, whose secret code cyphers are vital to the Americans, is held captive by the British. Daniel is sent behind enemy lines to rescue him and bring him back.
28 Dec. 1967
A Matter of Blood
A dying Indian chief wants Boone to bring back his daughter, long living with whites, to be queen. She is very unsure about coming back, and there are tribe members who don't want her to return.

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