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6 Jan. 1966
Daniel and Mingo are taken prisoner by a Spanish officer named de Vaca while on a trip out West. De Vaca mistakes Daniel for someone named Gabriel. After he discovers his error, he forces Daniel to track Gabriel by holding Mingo prisoner.
13 Jan. 1966
Seminole Territory
Daniel and Mingo travel to Florida and meet a traveling magician named Cameron. His illusions impress the Seminole's chief who considers him a god. Cameron then tries to use the same tricks to win over other tribes-hoping to rule them all.
20 Jan. 1966
The Deserter
In Salem, Boone is mistaken for one of two army deserters bounty hunter Simon Harman is searching for. Harman intends to return both men to Fort Savage until he learns of Daniel's true identity. He can get much more money for Boone if he turns him over to the British in Quebec.
27 Jan. 1966
Crisis by Fire
Col. Barr, recently court-martialed in Virginia, comes to Boonesborough to start over. When Mingo finds an Indian baby with smallpox, which threatens everyone with an epidemic, Barr uses it as an excuse to seize power while Daniel is away.
3 Feb. 1966
The Gun
While Daniel's in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to have a rifle made, an unscrupulous tavern owner tries to obtain his quipu. Given to Daniel by a Shawnee chief, the quipu guarantees him safe passage through Shawnee territory, which the man needs so he can transport, to New Orleans, gold he plans to steal.
10 Feb. 1966
The Prisoner
As the execution of Edward Eliot is carried out under the supervision of Colonel Calloway, his brother Matthew Eliot, watching from the stockade where he awaits the same fate, vows revenge. After escaping jail, Eliot, and his confederates, kidnaps Jemima and Israel to force Daniel to bring Calloway to him.
17 Feb. 1966
The Fifth Man
In order to stop the British from taking Fort Cumberland, Governor Patrick Henry of Virginia recruits Daniel to lead a small group of men to blow up a bridge at Stover Station. In order to get there in three days they must travel through dangerous Tuscarora territory with the help of Tuscarora Chief Catahecassa.
24 Feb. 1966
Gun-Barrel Highway
Cassady was supposed to build a new road in the wilderness around Shawnee land. But when he decides there isn't enough time before winter to build the longer route, he decides to go straight through Shawnee land and into a possible war.
3 Mar. 1966
The Search
Daniel is taking a boatload of furs to New Orleans when he is jumped and pushed off his boat. When he comes to, he heads to New Orleans to track down the thief. The plot thickens, however, involving a pretty woman, a fight in a hotel lobby, and a search for buried treasure.
10 Mar. 1966
Fifty Rifles
William Blunt, an old friend of Boone's, steals a wagon carrying fifty rifles and powder, which he intends to sell to the Shawnee. Daniel, along with Mingo and Jericho, must find Blunt and recover the rifles before a deal with the chief is made.
17 Mar. 1966
The Trap
A group of renegade scalp-hunters led by Rafe Todd robs Boone's cabin and heads upriver. When Daniel finds out, he goes after the men because Mingo and Israel are also upriver retrieving a cache of furs.
24 Mar. 1966
The Accused
In Mecklenburg, Daniel is accused of killing the man to whom he sold his furs and is promptly jailed. Mingo frees him and the two set out to find the real killer and why Daniel was set up.
31 Mar. 1966
Daniel and Mingo find an old man and a small boy while fur trapping. The boy speaks no English and says one word,"Cibola". The old man believes the boy is named for-and knows the location of-the legendary lost city of gold.
14 Apr. 1966
The High Cumberland: Part 1
It's the year 1775, and Daniel Boone is blazing his Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains - from North Carolina and Tennessee into Kentucky. With Boone is a wagon train of settlers. On the way, he meets and befriends Mingo.
21 Apr. 1966
The High Cumberland: Part 2
Daniel Boone continues his trek to Kentucky.
15 Sep. 1966
Dan'l Boone Shot a B'ar
Cletus and Wilse Mott have been tracking a bear ever since it killed their pappy three years ago, but after it kills Wilse, Cletus' obsession becomes a mania. Daniel and Mingo decide the bear must be killed when it threatens Boonesborough, but Mott warns them off saying the bear is his. When Daniel kills the bear to save Mott's life, he turns on him.
22 Sep. 1966
The Allegiances
Mingo hears of a British organized uprising of Indian tribes in western Kentucky. He fights the other chiefs in allowing this uprising to occur, because failure to either support the uprising or warn the settlers and Daniel of the danger is a betrayal he can not live with.
29 Sep. 1966
Boonesboro gives $100 to Otis Cobb for an errand, but he ends up spending it, under curious circumstances, on a slave, Goliath. The town wants Otis to work off the debt for fifty cents a day, but when a wrestler and his manager come to town seeking to fight for money, Goliath ends up fighting to pay off the debt.
6 Oct. 1966
Big Zack, a bear hunter, comes to Boonesborough to trade a prime grizzly pelt for supplies. Unbeknown to him, a band of Shawnee led by a man bent on avenging his brother's death at the hands of Zack is tracking him.
13 Oct. 1966
First in War, First in Peace
Daniel is puzzled when he received a letter from President Washington replying to a letter Daniel never wrote. The letter requests Daniel to come to the capital, but both he and Mingo suspect a trap.
20 Oct. 1966
Run a Crooked Mile
Daniel and Israel ride on a stagecoach that becomes hijacked. Daniel ends up going to fetch a ransom for something on the stage, while Israel and the stage driver wait with the highwaymen. Will Daniel return in time?
27 Oct. 1966
The Matchmaker
Daniel and Mingo are entrusted with an Indian princess and asked to escort her to her betrothed in order to unite the two tribes and avert war. The young princess does not want the arranged marriage and fights them every step of the way.
3 Nov. 1966
After Daniel rescues a young black girl from a river, he and Mingo have their hands full returning her to her mother, who is part of a group of slaves heading to Canada and freedom.
10 Nov. 1966
The Loser's Race
Daniel and the other settlers in Boonesborough will lose their land if they do not pay a new tax of one shilling per acre within two weeks. As Daniel is about to take the money to Williamsburg an old friend shows up offering to help.
17 Nov. 1966
The Enchanted Gun
Red Sky, a Shawnee brave, thinks he is invincible after Daniel gives him his rifle for saving Israel's life. When several white men kill some braves, Daniel wants them brought to trial but Red Sky is determined to mete out Shawnee justice, which could start a war.
1 Dec. 1966
Requiem for Craw Green
Kanati Green is shot and killed in front of Mingo after telling him of Indians being driven from their own land and giving him the title to his land at Logan's Fort. The title has been transferred to his father, a stubborn man who will not be driven off the property. Before delivering the deed Mingo stops by Daniel's cabin for a make-over.
8 Dec. 1966
The Lost Colony
The puzzling discoveries of a hundred-year-old grave marker and a mysterious young woman set Daniel and Mingo on a course that leads to the descendants of the lost colony at Cape Fear.
15 Dec. 1966
River Passage
The government gives 1000 pounds of gunpowder to Boonesborough, and Daniel has to pick it up and bring it back by boat. There's only one man, Bill Sedley, that he wants to hire to help him with the boating, but Sedley is as un-trustworthy as he is tough.
22 Dec. 1966
When a King Is a Pawn
A young boy, the future king of France, is kidnapped in New Orleans by agents of the new French republican government. Daniel is hired to guide them to a secret rendezvous point but soon realizes the boy is hiding a secret.
29 Dec. 1966
The Symbol
Count Alfonso De Borba is looking to curry favor from the British and offers to give them the Liberty Bell, which he has managed to capture. The British are interested but insist that he also deliver Daniel Boone with the Bell.

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