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7 Jan. 1965
Werewolf of the Timberland
In the Canadian woodlands, the Quest team encounters French-Canadian smugglers as well as a Native American guardian and his canid companion.
14 Jan. 1965
Pirates from Below
Foreign agents hijack Dr. Quest's new Underwater Prober, taking Race, Jonny and Bandit prisoner.
21 Jan. 1965
Attack of the Tree People
Marooned after a boat fire, Jonny, Hadji and Bandit are taken in by friendly island apes. Two poachers, hearing of a reward for their return, seek to profit by turning the Quests' misfortune into a ransom demand.
29 Jan. 1965
The Invisible Monster
A fellow scientist accidentally creates living energy that only lives to feed on more energy, including that from living organisms. The Quest party answers his plea for help.
4 Feb. 1965
The Devil's Tower
In Africa, the Quest party is threatened by a psychopathic German war criminal and his obedient troop of all-male Neanderthals.
11 Feb. 1965
The Quetong Missile Mystery
Someone goes to great lengths to keep activities in the Quetong swamp lake area private. Dr. Quest gets involved when asked to determine why local fish are suddenly starting to make area fishermen sick.
18 Feb. 1965
The House of Seven Gargoyles
En route to a Norwegian castle, Jonny can't get the others to believe he saw a periscope following their boat through the fjord, then later seeing a stone gargoyle move.
24 Feb. 1965
Terror Island
A mad scientist's sloppy handling of growth bacteria results in giant animals running amok. He abducts Dr. Quest to ensure his help, forcing Race to turn to an old friend to find him.
4 Mar. 1965
Monster in the Monastery
Dr. Quest's surprise visit to his friend Raj Guru in the high Himalayas of Nepal coincides with a storm having driven the yeti from the mountain into the old palace nearby, or so it would seem.
11 Mar. 1965
The Sea Haunt
The Quests land themselves smack dab in the heart of a seafarer's fantastic and nightmarish yarn, complete with a ghost ship, a prowling sea monster, a hold full of coffins, and hidden treasure.

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