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7 Jan. 1966
Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama
Two weeks of unfavorable weather (blue skies and sunshine) keep the Addams stuck indoors where Morticia and Gomez believe Fester and Grandmama spoil the children too much. With Hurricane Zsa-Zsa threatening the Gulf coast, Gomez and Morticia decide to enjoy it at their favorite watch spot, the dilapidated Last Chance Motel. They hire Thudd, a governess, to watch the children, which infuriates Fester and Mama over not being entrusted. They thereby divide the house in half with a white line while preparing to move out. When Thudd arrives, she seems tailor-made to the ...
14 Jan. 1966
Fester Goes on a Diet
For his impending visit from pen pal Yvette of the Folies Bregeré, Uncle Fester is secretly trying to whip himself into shape, even recruiting guidance from fitness guru Jack LaLanne himself. With all the sudden dieting and exercise going on, Morticia and Gomez know something's up but think Fester's trying to join the space program.
21 Jan. 1966
The Great Treasure Hunt
Discovering a treasure map in the sea chest of Great-Great-Grandfather Peg-Leg Addams the pirate, Gomez and Morticia decide to hire a boat to go look for it.
28 Jan. 1966
Ophelia Finds Romance
Ophelia brings a new beau to show off, but the Addams believe him to be a fraud.
4 Feb. 1966
Pugsley's Allowance
Pugsley wants to find a job to the horror of his parents.
11 Feb. 1966
Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump
Morticia and Gomez are beside themselves to understand how the annual charity bizarre could have overlooked them this year. It's for the good cause of building a retirement home, but Gomez has plans of his own for a retirement home, complete with a polo field, skateboarding ramps and tennis courts, to put theirs out of business. Simultaneously, it's Granny Frump's birthday (Morticia's mother). Morticia and Gomez have her visit so they can surprise her with a trip to a beauty spa for her birthday. Granny Frump knows something's up and, by the plans laid out on Gomez's ...
18 Feb. 1966
Morticia, the Decorator
As part of the National Beautification Program, Morticia decides to avail herself as a home decorator. She needs a showcase to model her abilities. Fortunately, the Digbys, who've lived next door for only three weeks (and can't wait to move away from the Addames), are looking for a home decorator. What could be more perfect? Mrs. Digby is understandably reluctant to turn her house over to Morticia, but when Uncle Fester secretly unloads "attic junk" on them (namely a Sheraton sideboard) instead of the beloved stuffed vulture he was supposed to deliver, Mrs. Digby ...
25 Feb. 1966
Ophelia Visits Morticia
Ophelia's upset that her latest beau, Montrose, has gone off to join the Peace Corps. His looking so much like Uncle Fester gives Fester the idea to join the Peace Corps as well. Ophelia's all excited that Fester, once in, can look for her Monstrose, but can Fester pass the entrance exam?
4 Mar. 1966
Addams Cum Laude
After the children's tongue-lashing at school for setting off dynamite caps at recess, Morticia and Gomez enroll them at Mockridge Private School headed by their "old friend" Sam Hilliard. Headmaster Hilliard's none too happy about having Addamses in his life again. Gomez takes this to mean he's under too much pressure from his board of regents, so he surprises Sam by buying Mockridge Hall, changing its name to Addams Hall and having it run "as it should be run " with courses in head-shrinking, taxidermy, do-it-yourself dentistry and demolition by dynamite.
11 Mar. 1966
Cat Addams
Kitty-Cat, normally a good eater, has no appetite, leaving the family to speculate over what could be wrong. Finally they call in Dr. Gunderson, a veterinarian who is woefully uninformed that Kitty-Cat is a full-grown lion. Morticia believes the doctor's skittishness around Kitty is entirely due to a lack of self-confidence. She therefore makes it her mission to have others in the family feign ailments so the doctor can have a series of examinations followed by ego-boosting miraculous recoveries, but the poor guy just wants out.
18 Mar. 1966
Lurch's Little Helper
Morticia believes they're overworking Lurch, so Gomez builds a robot named Smiley to help him out. Lurch is initially disturbed by this new situation but grows to accept it before taking complete advantage of it, relegating all his duties to Smiley. Though the family isn't pleased with Smiley's capabilities, they praise them for Lurch's sake, but perhaps overmuch. It effectively has Lurch looking at Smiley not as helping him out but as helping him right out of his job.
25 Mar. 1966
The Addams Policy
Uncle Fester's mishap with a new flame-thrower sets the stuffed bear afire in the Addams' living room. Morticia calls the Double-Indemnity Insurance Company to have it replaced, but head of the company A.J. Henson is reluctant to comply. Eventually it leads to company agent Mr. Digby getting the boot for failing to cancel ALL the Addams' policies and not backing Mr. Henson in all things. Now the Addams feel compelled to help Mr. Digby establish his own insurance company.
1 Apr. 1966
Lurch's Grand Romance
Morticia's school chum Trivia visits. Lurch is obviously smitten by her, but Trivia's interest is entirely in show business. Moticia decides to change Trivia's mind by making Lurch more exciting than show biz. She enlists others in the family to help, including Grandmama, whose love potion makes the biggest and wildest impact of all.
8 Apr. 1966
Ophelia's Career
Ophelia visits, upset as usual. He latest boyfriend has left her, as usual, and the family tries to find something she's good at.

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