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  • A Nazi scientist invents a time machine enabling him to go back to alter the events of WWII.


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  • When a teenage couple's car breaks down in a Texas town on the way to a football game, they are confronted by some men in Confederate uniforms and think it's a joke until one of them shoots a musket wounding one while the other, the sister of a local club singer disappears. When local Police Lt. Partane (Tim Holt) is called in to track down the missing teen he is joined by a news reporter Jim Crandall (James Britton) who is intrigued by the mystery. Crandall tracks down the sister of the missing girl, Sandy De Mar (Ann Pellegrino), and together they investigate the mystery. When Crandall and Sandy are transported into the laboratory of Professor Ernest Von Hauser (Jack Herman), a Nazi scientist from the 40s who has created a time machine designed to transport Adolf Hitler from the moment before he died to present day to start the Fourth Reich. Crandall and Sandy do all they can to save the day and escape but they may become victims of the Yesterday Machine.

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