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  • A trio of atmospheric horror tales about: A woman terrorized in her apartment by phone calls from an escaped prisoner from her past; a Russian count in the early 1800s who stumbles upon a family in the countryside trying to destroy a particularly vicious line of vampires; and a 1900-era nurse who makes a fateful decision while preparing the corpse of one of her patients - an elderly medium who died during a seance.

    - Written by scgary66
  • A trilogy of three horror stories. "The Drop of Water" concerns a nurse who steals a ring off a dead spiritualist, only to have the corpse seek revenge. "The Telephone" features a prostitute who is terrorized by phone calls from a dead client. "The Wurdalak" stars Boris Karloff as a vampire who feeds on the blood of his loved ones.

    - Written by Ray Hamel <hamel@primate.wisc.edu>
  • (1) "Il Telefono" - Rosy receives many phone calls threatening her. She believes her former lover, who has just escaped from prison, is calling her. She denounced him for a crime committed time ago and he was convicted. She calls her girlfriend Mary to stay with her. A secret is revealed and a tragedy happens in the end. (2) "I Wurdulak" - Vladimire d'Urfe, a young man, is riding a horse at night and finds a man with a knife in his back. He withdraws the dagger from the man and finds a house close to the place where he found the body. There, he meets a family composed of two brothers, one sister, one sister-in-law and one nephew, and he falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Sdenka. He realizes that the dead man was a criminal, probably killed by the head of the family Gorca, and he is advised to leave that place, before Gorca arrives back at midnight. The family informs him that there is a chance that Gorca might have been transformed in a Wurdulak, a kind of vampire who drains blood from the living persons. A few seconds after midnight, Gorca comes back home, and the afraid family does not know whether he was transformed or not. The family discovers later what happened in a tragic way. (3)"La Goccia d' Acqua"- Helen Chester is called to prepare the body of a countess for her funeral. She steals the worthy ring from her finger. The countess comes back from beyond to retrieve her ring, terrifying the frightened woman.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Note: this synopsis is for the orginal Italian release with the segments in this certain order. Boris...

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