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In the mud fight scene, a person is seen in the background wearing a modern business suit. In the same shot, there's also a person wearing sunglasses.


During the rodeo scene you can clearly see a 48 star flag (6 rows x 8 columns). If this area is still a territory, we know it's not Alaska or Hawaii. Before Arizona and New Mexico became states, there were 46 stars.
In the scene where John Wayne is hunting with a shotgun, you see him reload the shotgun, but it appears that the shotgun shell that he is using is a plastic hulled shotgun shell, not the paper ones or wax impregnated paper ones that would have been common during the time when this movie was supposedly set. In fact, plastic hulled shotgun shells did not come around until Remington introduced them in 1960. Remington used green plastic in their shells, so the moving was more than likely using a modern Remington plastic hull shotgun shell.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When the band is playing upon the arrival of McClintock's daughter, you can hear the music and the drums play but the drummer's beats are no where near hitting the drum; he misses by several inches.
When Junior Douglas is singing with Becky at the McClintock house, he isn't really playing the instrument. His hand movements are completely out of rhythm with the music.


In the music of the band that welcomes Becky home at the train, a clarinet can clearly be heard; however, there is no clarinet there.
When McLintock shoots Devlin Warren, he 'shoots' him in the lower abdomen. When Devlin gets up to clean himself off, the 'shot' is in his upper chest.
A tipsy McLintock is trying to walk Katherine upstairs while swigging from a full whiskey bottle. They fall to the bottom of the stairs and the bottle clearly spills. Katherine picks the bottle up and bops McLintock on the head with it, then it amazingly becomes a full bottle again just before she throws it against the wall and it shatters.
After McLintock hires young Devlin, McLintock drives off with Drago sitting to his left. The wagon turns around (off-screen) and heads out of town. After the off-screen turnaround, the characters have traded places in the buggy and Drago is now on McLintock's right.
In the opening credits there is an artist's rendering of the town of McLintock, with signs for every building indicating that every business in town is owned by McLintock. The sign on one of the buildings misspells McLintock as "McClintock."
SPOILER. When McLintock shoots Devlin Warren, we see a close up of Devlin as he raises his hands and backs away. We can see that his right hand is clearly empty in this shot, but in the next shot he's holding his hat in his right hand as he falls.
When Agard falls from his horse, his glasses are on his face at an angle. When getting lifted up he has them in his left hand. But when he gets into the buckboard they are back on his face at an angle again.
When Katie runs into the store and is covered with molasses and feathers, she calls G.W. into the store. His scarf is in one position and when he comes back out it is in a different position.
At the start of the "the hell I won't" scene, just before Jones (Leo Gordon) pushes at Wayne with the shotgun, McLintock's (John Wayne) pants are clearly wet up to his knees, as if he had been walking around in the water at the bottom of the mudslide. The next shot the pants are dry.
In the long fight scene at the end, Katherine flies out of a window and lands in a trough of water. After that, trying to escape G.W., she falls into the dusty and muddy road. But still, in the next scene her underwear are clean white - and dry.
After the mud fight when Mrs. Warren is carrying Katherine's breakfast tray the teapot spout is pointing to her right at the bottom of the stairs but is pointing to her left when she knocks at Katherine's door.
After McLintock hires Dev Dev rides a horse to the encampment. First the animal is wearing full harness, next Dev mounts and as he rids away there are stirrups visible; last view entering the camp Dev seems to be riding bareback - no harness under his seat.
At the beginning of the movie when GW and Drago leave in the buggy, the back cushion of the rear facing seat in the buggy falls out of place when they take off. When the camera angle changes the seat cushion is now back in place.
In the morning, towards the end of the chess game at Birnbaum's store, Sherrif Lord's position changes in the background between camera angles.
When Mrs. Warren asks if anything is wrong, and Ching says, "No birdsnest soup," he sets down his chopsticks next to his plate. In the next shot, he sets them down again, resting on his plate.
When G.W. is dancing with Mrs. Warren at the party, and Ben Sage sees Katie watching them from a distance and getting jealous, he is several feet to Katie's left. When the camera angle changes, he walks up to Katie from the opposite side, on her right, to talk to her.
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During their fight, when Devlin knocks Ben Sage against the wall, there's a visible crease in it, but in the very next shot, the wall has a crack in it that runs to the top of the panel.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the fight at the mudslide, when Agard is in the mining cart headed for the slide, the cable pulling the mining cart is clearly visible.
In the famous chase scene near the end of the movie, when Katherine tries to escape from G.W. into an alley behind the general store, the shadow of the camera as it zooms in for her closeup is clearly visible against the store wall on the left side of the shot.

Factual errors 

The greeting in Comanche is "maruawe". But the "Comanches" greet each other (and are greeted by McLintock) with "yatahe", which is a Navajo greeting.
GW suggests to the shopkeeper that the solution to his chess problem is "queen's bishop to king 4". This is an impossible move, regardless of where the pieces are.

Revealing mistakes 

During the scene in the store where McLintock is chasing Kathrine,the fall where McLintock crashes into the baskets is very clearly done by stuntman Chuck Roberson, not John Wayne.
When Devlin is driving the buggy to take Matt home from the McLintock's with Becky the scenery is passing by much faster than a horse could possibly travel.
The first punch that was thrown by G.W. at one of the spectators is obviously a fake punch. The fist was 2 inches away from the spectator's face.
When McLintock (John Wayne) goes sliding into the mud pit during the brawl scene, as he reaches the bottom his hat comes off for a brief moment - revealing that he was not wearing his toupee. He immediately replaces his hat, and it remains on for the rest of the scene.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.


When GW shoots Devlin Warren, the shot appears in the middle of his stomach as he is backing away. When the camera changes and Dev is sitting on the floor, the shot is higher and to the right, on his left breast.

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