Hud (1963) Poster


Plot Keywords

rodeo cowboy neo western
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
leaving home reference to mars candy bar
tractor mourning
loss of grandfather church
hearse sadness
death death of grandfather
dying whiskey
crawling falling off horse
lying down in the middle of a road rear ending a pickup truck
apology cook
holding back from crying tears
crying reference to continental trailways
bus suitcase
looking at self in mirror mirror
gunshot face mask
shovel lime
stampede burying a dead cow
raincoat bulldozer
pride oil well
hand on throat choking
face slap door lock
anger incompetence
aging watching tv
money bull riding
rodeo bitterness
morality self centeredness
respect death of brother
loss of son loss of brother
brother brother relationship guilt
splashing water drink in a paper bag
punched in the face fight
jukebox 17 year old
spiked drink competition
microphone bumping heads
dance contest twist the dance
dancing dancer
loneliness kitchen
feather duster womanizer
kiss watering trough
jack daniels lemonade
cowboy boot carried on shoulders
head injury kicked by a cow
injection divorcee
husband wife relationship abandoned by husband
flower poker
lighting a cigarette passing out
falling asleep old man
hamburger cafe
song singing
singer sing along cartoon
watching a cartoon longhorn cattle
cattle herding epidemic
expediency integrity
ranch hand disease
killing a cow veterinarian
sleeping in the nude bare chested male
teenage boy loss of mother
reference to from here to eternity the book paperback
book reference to dr. pepper
saddle train
cigarette smoking rocking chair
porch swing porch
peach ice cream pipe smoking
making ice cream ice cream
eating food
fig newton infidelity
unfaithfulness adultery
orange the fruit chanel no. 5
beer changing a flat tire
blown out tire listening to radio
transistor radio modern western
drinking drink
dead cow horse riding
horse shooting
rifle reckless driving
cowboy hat pickup truck
alienation cynicism
anti hero honking a car horn
sex cow
doughnut cadillac
family relationships drunkenness
pig wrestling ranch
innocence lost generation gap
deliberate cruelty corruption
americana alcoholism
psychopath dysfunctional family
second generation barroom brawl
uncle nephew relationship grandfather grandson relationship
foot and mouth disease cattle shooting
extramarital affair buzzard
movie theater cattle ranch
1950s pig
small town herd slaughter
loss of father underage drinking
car accident texas
quarantine convertible
rancher father son relationship
drygoods store selfishness
cattle bar brawl
orphan cattle disease
cuckold diner
housekeeper bus stop
teenager attempted rape
bar kiwanis
death of father death of son
based on novel title spoken by character
character name in title

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