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Lounge singer Eddie Livingston and comedian Tommy Sweetwood work at Joey Maxim's Roaring Twenties nightclub in downtown Miami. One day, Tommy is thumbing though a nudist magazine in a local drugstore and making wisecracks to Eddie. Tommy tries to pick up an attractive blonde woman who responds with walking out of the store with disgust, followed by the apologetic Eddie.

Later that evening, while Tommy is on stage repeating a routine he worked up about the nudist magazine, Joey Maxim brings the offended blonde to a table. Eddie learns that the woman is Alison Edwards, the club's new publicist. Eddie tries to elect the reason for Alison's indignation, but Myrna, Eddie's girlfriend and agent, jealously intervenes.

Eddie begins to date Alison, and Tommy begins to date Cynthia Martin, a photographer friend of Alison's. Both men become curious as to why their new girlfriends refuse to see them on the weekends. Tommy follows both women one day and discovers that they spend their Saturdays and Sundays at a nearby nudist camp. Eddie becomes very uncomfortable and jealous when he learns that he is dating a nudist and he openly resents Alison's subterfuge. As a result, Eddie publicly embarrasses her during a live radio program.

Cynthia and Alison get together and invite the boys to give nudism a chance, so Eddie and Tommy accompany the women on a fun-filled weekend at the camp. Afterwards, Eddie and Tommy realize that nudism is not so bad after all and decide to remain together with their women.


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